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Agreed topics:

A) All combat situations are T1 standard default. If T2 is wished, then it must be agreed upon by both players. If T2 is not agreed upon by either party, then T1 remains default.

B) A level playing field must exist. Even though this war spans the infinate realms and dimensions within existence, this entire war is based within a fantasy setting dealing with magic as a norm. Tech is allowed and so are other various things.

Dark War Discussion wrote:
Agreed, a level playing field must exist. This is mostly fantasy and magic based so Tech is welcomed but to a certain point. We can't have star-ships sending huge blasts from space onto an army that has no way to attack the ship. In other words, if tech is involved it would need to be able to be affected by magic. This is more of a situational decision made by the players of what to accept and find a common ground to use.

C) For a GM to become involved in a disagreement between two or more players, all players involved will have to agree to bring the issue in question to a GM for a review and decision. GM's decision will be final on these.

If an agreement to bring the issue to a GM is not agreed upon, then the issue in question should be settled amongst the players. A GM can still be asked if an agreement is not made, but the GM can only give advice, not a ruling.

For a GM to step in and make a ruling even though a full agreement is not made by all parties involved, it would have to be conversed amongst the fellow GM's and decided upon whether to make a ruling.

For large questionable issues that are brought to a GM, it is that individual GM's right to bring it to conference with the rest of the GM's to discuss.

Still in discussion:

PC's involvement within the plot

Possible chara alignment settings

More indepth GM involvement within the plot

Other issues and topics that are brought up by the players and GM's themselves.


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Topic 1) Short-hand titles and terms

A) RIRP=Rude and ignorant rp'er.

This is the suggested term to use for anyone that is as the name states. One who is mostly rude, ignorant, and immature no matter their length of time rp'ing. This is the suggested replacement for the degrading term "Newb"

B) Newb/Newbie=A person who is new to the rp setting, basically starting out.

Newb and Newbie are no longer used in dedgrading fashion, and their name means exactly what it's true meaning is.

C) RC=Regular Character

This is the regular playable player characters in rp.

D) PC=Power Character

A player character that has slightly to greatly more power then the standard RC's.

E) NPC=Non-Player Character

Self explanatory

Topic 2) PC's

A recomondation of dividing PC's into sub-types based on class type of PC.

A) Different level types of PC's are Type 1, 2, 3, and 4.

A1) Type 1 PC

A Type 1 PC is a RC that has slightly more power then those around them. Dragons, Vampires, and other stronger type charas are listed in this category. Their strength and power are normal for their species type, but their level of strength and power is still considered stronger then other characters, namely humans, warriors, ect... Type 1 PC's still carry their species or character's main weaknessess that would consider them similar to RC's but with slightly more power.

A2) Type 2 PC

A Type 2 PC is one that has more power and strength then a Type 1. The Type 2 PC maintains character balance with achievable weaknessess that can be taken advantage of by RC's. A Type 2 PC's power and strength has limits as well. In other words, these Type level PC's are not all-powerful and they have an equal balance of weaknessess.

Example, a dragon with more power and/or strength then a standard dragon of the same species, yet carrying the same weaknesses as their species.

A3) Type 3 PC's

The Type 3 PC is one that has even more power then a Type 2, and even less achievable weaknessess that can be taken advantage of.

These are the more difficult type of PC's for an RC to handle, but they can still be taken out by an RC if done right. This level of PC has lots of strength and power, but less weaknessess, but a good possibility that their power is not infinate. These PC's can be destroyed as well if done right.

A4) Type 4 PC's

Type 4 PC's are considered to be God Level Characters. They are ones with extremely more strength and power able to reach infinate levels, and extremely little to no weaknessess. They are commonly known stating they are indestructable, and/or all powerful.

B)Limits to the playability of the different PC types

B1) Type 1 PC's

A Type 1 PC is allowed full play within the Dark War, and don't need to submit their character for review to the GM's.

B2) Type 2 PC's

A Type 2 PC is allowed full play within the Dark War as well. The difference is that they are noted to be slightly more stronger and powerful then a Type 1 PC. A Type 2 PC is slightly encouraged to hold a position as guide instead of combatant and direct participant. A Type 2 PC does not need to submit their PC for review to the GM's.

B3) Type 3 PC's

A Type 3 PC is more limited on their play within the Dark War. They are strongly encouraged to hold a level of non-interferance and be in the rp as guides. They are allowed to fight, but there are guidlines for such encounters.

B3A) A Type 3 PC can only fight a RC-Type 1 PC if challenged by an RC-Type 1 PC. A Type 3 is forbidden to issue a challenge for combat to a RC-Type 1 PC.

B3B) A Type 3 PC can challenge a Type 2 PC and above for combat if they so choose to, along with accepting challenges from a Type 2 PC the same as directed above.

A Type 3 PC must be submitted for review to the GM's. They are highly encouraged to hold roles as guides following a strict-non interferance status. They can only fight if challenged as stated above.

B4) Type 4 PC's.

A Type 4 PC is strongly encouraged not to be involved in the Dark Wars unless they agree to a %100 non-intefereance status. If they agree to such, they can only be as guides. A Type 4 PC is forbidden to fight in the Dark War for it would be a highly unfair enviroment for everyone around them. A Type 4 PC must also be submitted to the GM's for review if they so wish to join in the Dark War.

To come in future post: Topic 3) Interaction amongst players.


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Ullery: I remember most of it, but I am very glad you found what was most important.

Licker: I copied the info you were able to pull and find and saved it to disk. Thanks. I'm still working on the rest at home. Thanks again Nick, plus if you can find all the creature info we all came up with so far then you truly would kick ass. Smiley Laterz.

Mith: T its looking like the hidden forums stayed hidden but I am working on seeing if I can find them somewhere also I found this in mny archieves.

Let's get this Ball rolling, I think the first thing we need to do is plot out the main story line of the beginnings of the war, Otherwise we start off with nothing more than a war is coming but no one knows of it.

So I am thinking the war has already taken down two lands one being the one Robin made mention of the other being my characters homeland. Thus we have word of the destruction of those power bases sent across the lands of the free peoples of Ayenee, and the other realms.

Next we should cap the powers of the sub-generals, Because anyone fighting to end everything else will not follow something weaker than they themselves are. Also lets give the generals a Back story plain and in the open of how they were recruited and why they choose the side they did.

Next we need to post where each Sub-general is moving allowing people to place their characters in the way of the armies. Next we need to Name at least three kingdoms that will Fight against the coming darkness someone that the people can rally with.

After that we need to narrow down what kind of creatures are in the armies of the Darkness, specifically and why they sided with it . Also should one general use High-end tech , another magic and another using swords and crossbows kind of level of tech ?

Lastly the armies will need to stop here and there and halt their advances to collect supplies and have supply lines move up.

Licker: Sorry for the long hiatus from the Dark War, but as you know things were busy around here at home and I needed to take a long break from work on the war itself, and the work I'm also doing for a new clan called Reapers. Now tis time to call forth us three GM's and continue our deliberations for the DW, but not let's put too much time into it for we all have our own personal lives to think about first and foremost.

Nick, I've actually concluded in not having a set leader for the armies of the light, letting the rp'ers themselves find and pick their own leader whom they will follow if they choose. I'm also getting rid of the sub-generals. Those that want to have a sub-general for the DW will have to create one and work their way up to that rank, same as finding a leader for the light.

I'm going to continue working on the story lines for the war which include; before the war in the time before time, the start of the war in the time before time, the Nameless One's minor story, the great leader's story, the lone brave warrior's story, the general's story, the end and coming of one time into another.

I'm also working on creating creatures for the Dark Army whom it will compose of from the time before time, but the DA won't be limited to only those creatures.

I'll let you guys know more when I finally get more together, and I'll post the final works when they are done, then we can go over them and hammer it out before we re-release the war upon all Ayenee, even if it's limited the current rooms in Yahoo.
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