Type 1 or 2 combat?


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I remember stumbling in after just having written my character’s bio down. Being a 14 year old I was obviously trying to be OP, so I think I was a Baatezu pit-fiend? Anyways ran into a Tanari and of course he immediately engaged, said 1 or 2.. I didn’t know any better, so 2? Ten seconds later I was cursing as I started a new character. This one actually. RPed on ayenee for at least a year, don’t really remember any names but one or two. But it’s been Over 20 years. Glad to see someone dedicated to keeping the early history of internet alive in some way!
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So sorry that you lost your first character. That is always hard, but we do learn as we go on.


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I always preferred Type 1 because I like the literary aspect fo text RP and I want people to spend time crafting their posts. Type 2 is high intensity and I get why it's appealing to some but it was never my cup of tea. I'm glad I'm able to help preserve Ayenee by keeping this board maintained. If you'd like, maybe you could immortalize some of your characters (dead or alive) by adding them to the Ayenee wiki. :)


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Always.. Always Choose T1! I remember the first few fights I had were never style specific and when I ended up encountering the difference, I was given an ooc tutorial about T2 from my potential opponent as was the entire room, which may have been helpful for all involved, because if you threw an idea into any room wildly you ended up having a massive argument with the whole room. Which I have to say saved my bacon because at that time I was not a prolific or fast typer. I then went to the forums which at that time for my experience were the Mausoleum and the Deathboard respectively and looked for information about different types of combat. Which lead me to the Kellindel page or might have been Ayenee Is. Either or point being it gave me a better grasp of what I had already been doing just clarified reasoning and ways to interact.
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