The Town Hall

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The Town Hall, as a building, is fairly boring. It is a standard square building with double-doors opening from the front, and a single door at the back east corner. There are rows of pews lining the Hall, allowing enough seating for anyone who wishes to attend when there is a town meeting.

At the front is a raised stage. Typically, this stage holds a table where The Town Council sits. Sometimes, the table is replaced by a single podium for special speakers.

The roof is vaulted, and with the pews, The Town hall ends up resembling a church in many ways. The walls of the hall are lined with a series of tapestries depicting pictures taken from various Myths and Legends of Ayenee.

On the back west side of the building is another single door, which leads to a private room. This room remains locked at all times. The Town Mayor has the key. A small sign on the door says 'PRIVATE'.

At the back wall near the double-doors is a list of The Town Laws posted for all to see. Under the list is a warning that anyone who breaks the law may be subject to imprisonment by The Town Guard.

The Town Laws

1. Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder. Self Defense is acceptable.

2. Thou Shalt Not Steal.

3. Thou Shalt Not destroy Public Property. Any Private Property destroyed must be replaced to entirely and completely, or to the satisfaction of the owner.

4. Thou Shalt obey The Town Guards at all times. They alone have the ability to Imprison a Citizen of The Town. Resisting will give the Guards right to use lethal force, if they deem it necessary.

5. Thou Shalt Not Auto. The deities of The Town frown upon this act.
Gryphon Steward
The Town Mayor

Gryphon walks out of the door marked private carrying a piece of paper. He walks to the main entrance and turns to face a bulletin board hung on the wall. He tacks the piece of paper to the board and then retreats to the area behind the door marked private.

The paper on the bulletin board is marked "Job Openings"

The Town Census Taker

The Town Guard

Merchant Laborers

Apply within.
Gryphon Stewart
The Town Mayor

Gryphon escorts the lady from the tavern to the town hall. He opens the door for her. "So, what sort of business brings you here, if I may ask?"
Upon entering inside the Town Hall building, she looks about and then smiles back to Gryphon as she returned her attention to him, "Well, I am looking to try to establish my own tavern with an Inn , including a resturant added into the same I imagine my first start of action would be to check out some building sales, and from there perhaps some building permits if it looks as if I may need to do some repairs and or additional renovations" she ended all this with a pleasing smile back to Gryphon.
Gryphon Stewart
The Town Mayor

Gryphon nods and asks the lady to wait while he dissapears into the private area. A moment later, he comes out holding three sheets of paper. One is a map of the town. The other two are the requested permits. One for business ownership, and the other for building ownership and maintenance.

"Alright, here are the open buildings available for sale of a business or home.

If you can tell me more details about what you are looking for regarding location, I might be able to help you find something you'd be interested."

{OOC: The map can be seen on the Visitor's Guide thread.}
With a lovely smile she takes the sheets that are handed over to her, she reads over the permit papers, but studies for a bit looking over the map of the town's layout quite carefully. Taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly she was having a bit of a problem with where she would like the location of her business to be..she glances back over to him with another smile, "I seem to be having a bit of a problem with choosing where I would like the set up of my establishment..I am wanting to set up a tavern with an Inn and restaurant."
Gryphon Stewart,
The Town Mayor

"I think I have the perfect spot for you. This building is just south of the market place. It has enough floor space on the first for a decent seating area for tavern and restaurant. And the upstairs has several rooms which can be renovated for use as an Inn. What do you think?"
Hearing this she smiled back to him and after a brief thought, she then gave a slow nod.."Sounds good, when could it be possible for me to see the place ?" She did like the description of the building, and the very idea that it was located in town and across from a Market Place was even better.
After checking out the park to guarantee that all was back to normal Jayliss made her way to the Town Hall to report her findings to the Mayor.
Gryphon Stewart
The Town Mayor

Grypon nods to the woman and says "Sure." He looks up as Jayliss comes in. "You're timing couldn't be better, Jayliss. And neither could your news about the Park. I'm glad things are starting to clear up. Lets hope that there isn't a resurgence.

Could you do me a favor and show this young lady to the building across from the marketplace? She wants to have a look around. Maybe buy it and open up her own little business."
Assuming Jayliss agrees, Gryphon will fetch the key for the building and hand it to Jayliss.
Rises to her feet from where she was seated as she heard yet another entering into the room, she turned and flashed a warm smile over towards the young woman, Jayliss, "Hello.." Veta could hardly wait to see this building, from the sounds of it, it seems to be a good location in the town.
"Sure Mayor, I'd be more than happy to help you out."
Taking the key Jayliss turned to the woman and extended her hand, "Hello, I am Jayliss and I will be your tour guide today." Laughing some she shook hands with the woman.

"If you will follow me we will be on our way."
Smiling yet again to Jayliss , Veta reaches out her hand in greeting.."Hello, Jayliss, wonderful to meet you..My name is Veta." then after a nod, Veta takes up her jacket and purse from the chair she was seated at earlier and followed Jayliss out the door to view the building that she may be purchasing to begin not just her business here, but a new start in life...
"This is a very lovely town, and the people are charming...I think I'm going to like living here."
She loved the tour of the building , and she loved the location that the building was in of the town, the building she is purchasing is the one across from the town market place...Veta had so many ideas in her head on the furnishings and even ideas of landscaping..
Upon returning to the Town Hall, "Well, guess all that is left is for me to sign my name upon the dotted line of the contracts..which when Jayliss slides the papers on the table, Veta then stepped forward and signed her name to it, and officially made the purchase of the building with a check.
Veta then extended her hand to Jayliss and thanked her for the tour and of her patience with the sale of the place .
So now Veta has a job in front of her to getting the inventory of all that she needs to begin furnishing the tavern as well as the inn and resturant of the Blackbird.
She gathers up her purse and her jacket and stepped out from the Town Hall and heading now with key in her hand to her newly bought establishment.
Passing through the gates of Town, Morian stops to take a look around.

"Hmmm, this looks like it finally be the place where I might be able to settle down", he says to himself.

Walking through the Town, he admires all the happy people walking by. Thinking to himself "This sure seems to be a safe and fairly happy place. Maybe my skills can be put good use here."

Coming upon the Town Hall, he stops to read the signs and notices.

" Well maybe I could setup a small shop somewhere, or maybe a small library, or a school, or.... oh heck maybe I should just find a place to call home and then find out what this Town needs first."

Brushing the road dust off of himself and trying to make himself presentable, Morian opens up the door and heads inside, to find out what he needs to do obtain residency here.

"Well", he thinks to himself, "Heres to starting a new life."
Walking inside the Town Hall Morian takes look around.

"Wow", he wispers, "Looks like a small town church in here."

Looking around he admires the tapistries and beautiful woodwork. Seeing no one around he decides to leave a letter for whom ever works here. Dropping his backpack to the floor he rummages around for a piece of paper, a pencil , and a small figurine of a pidgeon. Using the small table he seen, Morian begins his letter.

To who it concerns,

My name is Morian Grey. I am a traveler that has just come upon you small Town here. Allow me to say that it looks like a beautful place and I would like to inquire about residence. Please let me know when it would possible to meet up wit you. I'm not looking for much, just a small building i can use for a home and possibly a business. I thank you for your time.

Morian Grey

P.S. Please send your reply via the Pidgeon I have left. Just tie your reply to his foot and tell him "Home". He will find me where ever I may be. Thank You again.

He folds the letter up nicely and lays it on the table, placing the figure on top if it. Picking up his backpack he takes another look around. Still seeing no one he makes his way to the door, closing it tightly behind him.
Mithrandir had in essence been idle for a while as had the town it seemed strange that the twon had gone so quiet, the farmers and what not remained but seemed closed off to interation and the mayor Mithrandir had not seen in weeks. Slowly walking over towards the Town hall he pushed open the doors and saw something upon a small table. Walking over he read it slowly and smirked it was a few days old at most it was truely strang the mayor had not responsed to it but considering the ammount of time since Mith had seen him he felt it was insulting to allow such a message to be unheeded for so long. Pulling out a quill and a bottle of silver ink he scribbled on the a piece of parchment.

Dear sir, there are numerous places with in this town that would work for a shop and home, while I am assuming a standing in postion till the Mayor returns feel free to contact me at the Forgotten Eclipse Tavern and Inn and from there we can work out your residence information and what not.

Mithrandir Olorii

Looking at the figurine he tied the roll of parchment he had just written to its leg and setting it down before speaking clearly "Home". Then he turned and made his way towards the mayors office, if he was out of town for now someone would need to fill in for him till he returned and he remembered the forms that one needed to fill out.
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