The right now crazy ride of life.


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{He walks out of the shadows and takes a look around.}

Well Ayenee, it has been a long time and no see. I tell ya, life definitely has it's curve balls, and sucker punches. I know many of us here already have their fair share of stories.

{He sits on a chair with a soft chuckle as though laughing at a private joke.}

Almost everybody that read already knew that me and my family was in the process of making a big move, well the move has happened but it has a large load of lessons and upper-cuts of it's own.

We had to sell our house due to large financial reasons, which I'm very sure that we've all heard and/our felt personally, and paradise definitely was not excluded from that. Minimum wage pay for close to full part-time, and huge loads of the regular normal bills.

We all know that routine very well. Well we had to make a decision and move forward from there. Our house was on the market for five months in an area where high costs of homes is the normal. We ended up having to put in on the market for a third of what it's appraised value was, due to housing market and it had to match the selling/buying value of neighboring homes of that area around that same age.

We're in the process of keeping our mortgage barely paid with fricken hurricane insurance included, it's the law for our here. For of those that don't have it, it's almost $4grand a year out here and mostly paid full up front. The bank that bought our previous mortgage company decides that it wants to read the very fine print and add a few things to our mortgage, ending up tripling our monthly payment. That means one entire paycheck is going to pay our mortgage, and they are threatening to foreclose on us.

{He chuckles again with a flat face-palm into his hand.}

We were trying to work with them and the government funded company to help us with a re modification of our mortgage with the H.O.P.E team due to legal financial hardship.

We sent every single form of paperwork to them that they required, including a very strange one asking of my wife was ever convicted of a class 1 felony. That blew us out of our minds for a moment, but we sent it in anyways and not missing a single form, and calling them two times a day along each step to make sure that we know everything that they require, and following their steps including major redirections of phone numbers to call.

From there it gets even more normal, each number has no fricken clue as to what the other numbers are doing or going. We finally got every single piece of paper for the underwriters sent and faxed. We called and confirmed, and they had every single one and noted on their system.

We wait, and call periodically to check on our paperwork while things at home continue to grow harder with more curve-balls of life hitting us with other issues at the same time.

Three months later we finally get an answer, we are declined due to failure of sending all required forms of paperwork. Temperatures instantly hit solar flares. We called immediately, their system did not note that they received everything and they are still waiting. We then fax in with the second copies of the paperwork. We get a call back a month later stating that they are still waiting for the documents, and due to the set time required, our request for modification was denied and returned to our bank.

We then become very livid, and we maintained our calm as much as we could as we talked to our bank holding our mortgage hostage. We now end up owing additional fees for late charges and now threatening full payment of back-owed before initiation of foreclosure proceedings.

{He slides back into the chair more with a sigh.}

Well during this long time, we finally get an offer on the house with a sold As-Is condition. We are finally feeling a little relief coming. That ended up only a brief breather before true nasty colors showed of the buyer's wife.

She was strait up nasty and always complaining in her mischievous conning way that made her sound cold-hearted and mean. I'm not going into detail about that lady and her personality. What ended up happening was us being backed into a corner and forced to lower our selling price a large chunk of much needed money. They kept doing this and demanding more money off and the cost of some of the stuff for the house out of our pocket.

All this was becoming very angering funny in it's own way as though it were some sick twisted joke. Here's the funny crap, they were threatening with backing out and canceling the contract even when they were fully locked in. If they continued, it would of been a lawsuit against them, that would eventually end up with another four months in our house, and that would have been perfect for our bank to snag it and leave us with nothing and completely homeless. We were already in this situation for around six months.

Finally a little relief did come, they finally compromised and we just took a huge load of salt and just ate it. We wanted the nightmare to end and for us to move forward in our life.

That only happened for a couple days when it was final upon the compromise, over something very silly but the biggest-pain-in-da-butt. That is when my family got into work mode. We had fourty-five years worth of items that my family has collected over the years. Me and my wife had the most minimal while our daughters had a good %85 collected over their 24 years of life. They had virtually saved everything they had collected through their entire life, and it took a lot to get rid of.

We did have some help by a neighbor guy who just stopped by, and he was a blessing. He worked with me all the way through carrying large loads of furniture and various household items either to his house for him to sell at his swap meets. The rest he was taking to dump for us, and I was right there through it all. After all was cleared, he even helped us move our save stuff to our neighbor's house.

We finally were able to breathe, and me and my wife were already up for twenty-four hours strait. My knee-caps were already suffering what we had just gone through, due to already being shattered years ago from past lessons of life. I'm able to walk even after all that years ago, and now they were reminding me and yelling their complaints to me. I'm about to pass out at the breakfast table where our cousins brought us after we finally said good-bye to our home.

We are waiting for a couple hours before we can go pick up our check, then to the bank, and finally to the hotel where we can finally recover seven years worth of slowly down-spiraling into a harsh lesson of life before me and my say g-bye to our daughters who are staying on the island by their own choice, and me and my wife fly off to the mainland to my first-home. The home which I grew up in, and my parents while my biological mom remained a ways away from me.

We say g'bye to our cousins and head on our way, and we get the check with no problem and then make our way to our bank, to open a new account with them, and paying off our previous account that we owed. We nod and smile and start working with them, to help us open our account, even applying more into the account then what we wished. Well we dealt with it and accepted it. We then directed to a guy specializing in the sale of their program, and we are listening, and wanting it done already.

The clerk is then suddenly shocked for a second. Credit check just came back with a large red-flag on my report. Apparently I was being investigated by the IRS for tax evasion of $244,000!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I can imagine your reaction, and I did refrain from ripping someone's head off. All I did was a brief, shocking fully awake, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In all of my working life, I have always done my taxes, and never failed to file in my 18 years of working life. My wife has always known me to do my taxes, and I do them the moment we get my W-2's. We are already paying off some bills with our refund before anyone else thinks about filing due to it still being February. We are that serious in not wanting to get worse in our financial. More strongly, I have never made even remotely close to that amount in my entire life!!

Most importantly, I knew above all in my entire life is that YOU DO NOT F**** WITH THE IRS!!!!!!!

I took a deep breath and got the number to call to get this information strait. I head outside to make the call. It ends up being an automation, just gathering information so it can mail me my report and the complaint filing, in three weeks! We just moved out of there, and we can not wait for it to show up. The phone number is just for a request to have it mailed to you while the e-mail way is just the same, and not a single person ever on the other side.

Well while I was outside on the phone, the moron of a sales man decides to ask my wife if I was ever in prison. My wife wanted to deck the moron right there for that was something very personal, and something that she knew was not true, being insulted to her highest degree. This guy would of not stood a chance, neither would any cops that would have showed up.

The clerk lady suddenly chimed in with a very helpful idea to help us get through the day and weekend till it got all straitened out. We had to go to the check's originating bank and work with it to help us get cash and a way to help us secure it somewhat and easier to work with. That plan works, and we are finally able to breath again, somewhat. My brain is firing overdrive and we finally make it to our destination with a very minor slaps.

We both were finally able to crash after being awake for a solid thirty-eight hours enduring a gauntlet of mind-numbing uppercuts. By this point, I'm put of severe light limited duty for my knees are about to give out, strict ordered by my wife. I listened. Two days later, we make out way to our local branch of the IRS. They gave no hassle and the guy pulled up my report, I am free and clear and have always been paid and cleared.

We head back to the bank with proof that I do not owe them a single thing. We get more good news when we get there. They chose to investigate the matter fully to find out where the glitch happened. They tried to call us, but our phone went fully dead of service, and could not make any calls till the next day. They waited till we showed up. They were happy to see that I did see the IRS and had the proof. They also showed us what they found.

Some idiot in Florida with a name close to mine, but three letters completely different, a medical practitioner arrested and serving time for the tax evasion. Apparently some dumbs**** did not compare social-security-numbers and decided to slap the idiot's tax info on my report, deciding it was me because our names were close together.

You can imagine what thoughts were running through my mind about that dumbs****. Well that was done with and settled, and we are finally able to breathe.

It did end up a good three week stay for our last days home, for our plan was living on da mainland for a few years while I attended school and we rented out here. That was the plan. We would start with flying out, landing and visiting my parents for a couple week and finally rest now that a huge chunk of stress was gone. That part went good, with a brief unexpected rush through an airport, resulting in eight hours without a smoke for either of us.

That same day, my dad and mom were at a funeral burying his brother who died three days before. We made it and we shared our condolences, and we started to settle in and a lot of catching up was done, and meeting. It was my parent's and wife's first time meeting in person.

During this time, we are freezing and going through our body's adapting to the change in environment, but we are enjoying it with the beauty of my first home, and the change of everything. One of the strange adjustments, watching the sun setting five hours later then what we know. It's still light at 11pm while at home it gets dark around 6:30pm. I had completely forgotten about this, and our bodies are thrown even more out of wack.

Well for the next four day we are talking and planning, and also observing and learning of the area. We made a decision, due to the employment rating of out here, for financial security, we decide that we are going to move back home. I already have a guaranteed job about there. We know that it is going to be a little rough, but it will be with a better footing then what we would have out here.

Our initial plan was to go back home to da island anyways after a couple years, we are home there and that is where we belong. Well it became instead a much needed vacation for a month before our next large step in life.

Part of the decision was also the area, it is a beautiful and remarkable area that I had loved while growing up through my teens. It was too country to us from what we were used to, and we did miss home and know that we can make it. A lot of plans to make, but we are ready and sure about our decision.

The fifth day, half hour after I wake up on Sunday, a week ago. My oldest sister calls my cell phone, my biological mom has just passed away that morning. The only family that knew that me and my wife were coming out here was my mom and dad, and oldest sister. The rest of my family did not have a clue, and we only wanted to surprise certain ones while other we chose to not see for our reasons.

That same day, I'm riding down with my uncle to my birth-city while due to a very small truck, my wife waiting behind for the service is on Wednesday, and my aunt going to drive her down.

Everything a flipping whirlwind in my head while I felt completely numb. The day passed, and more family is seen and time caught up. The next three day were nothing but a rush of thoughts and emotions, and none were anger for I was at peace. My biological mom was finally at peace after her own nine years of physical pain. I love my mom and I miss her, and she lived her life as she chose and I was living my life as I chose. Her last giving grace to me was helping me get home to my wife. Despite our issues together, we were good. The last I spoke to her was six years ago as the last time I saw her was seven years ago.

I was living my life as I knew that she wanted me to, and to be happy. Despite all the struggles that my family endured, I was truly happy to have and be with my family for they are my life and soul. The emotional pain is still heavy and fresh, and I know it will be that way for a long time. It will never heal, but it does get easier, and it will have it's moments. I know that and accept it. I finally met back up with my anxious wife, it was our first time apart in seven years since I moved home to her.

The service happened and my family got together for a remembrance and celebration of life for my mom. Very good for me and my wife, it was one of the very rare times that my family actually provided a complete drama-free environment. The only time my family gets completely together is when someone in our family dies, too many issues run amongst and between them for many silly and some serious reasons.

We then finally made it back up north to my parent's house, and my wife watching me as I continued to dealt and dealing with the loss of my mom.

{He slides back into his chair more with his eyes closed.}

During this time, our concern over my parent's here is huge. During the years since I last saw them, their health has dramatically gotten worse, especially my mom's diabetes. Their own financial struggle that slammed them hard has had it's own effects upon them. Now after my mom's funeral, I have my share of the nightmares of loss, and not wanting to lose my mom and dad shortly after losing my biological mom. Also are the nightmares of losing everyone that I hold close to my heart.

My wife is by my side every step of the way, and I know that she is deeply worried and concerned about me for she knows me, my strength, and how fragile my heart is with the compassion that she has always known me to have. My physical ailments don't make it easier for her either, but we are dealing with them and all that is coming as it happens, doing the best we can with what we have.

Yesterday when I was taking another nap due to large amounts of emotional and mental exhaustion, my mom starts to have a reaction and I helped grab her glucose drink to help her. She became better fast.

During the next few hours me and my wife are talking even more serious, especially about my parents, and all that has been going on. My wife knows that this has been a large load of slaps, punches, uppercuts, kicks, and all sorts of hits that life has been throwing at me, and us together.

We finally had a good relaxing but deep thought day a week after getting the news about my mom passing, and a good night with my cousin whom I have not seen in twenty years. We hung out with him and his girlfriend and had a good time, and then came home.

We talked some more, especially about my parents and our concern about them. We came in an hour later, and right when we are going up the stairs, I hear my dad waking up and reacting to my mom going through a diabetic reaction.

I have been through two of them before while growing up, and my dad is right there with me through it. He has been dealing with the on a growing consistency for the past few years, even more so in the past year. We both got my mom through it while my wife waited in our room with her mind swimming with more worry and concern, especially about me. She is hoping that I don't start to lose it, but readying herself it if ever happens for she knows things can instantly become worse without warning.

Me and my dad got my mom through it and she is doing better. I did remain calm and focused through the touchy twenty minutes. My wife is now sleeping fully for the first time in a week, and I'm actually unable to sleep as my mind thinks and types this.

I have a lot to be thankful for during all of this, the love that we have seen within my family and all those around us through these times that we have faced. I'm also very thankful and blessed to have my wife in my life. She has been here with me every step of the way as we travel this path together, and she has been a great rock during all these times. We have been through so much together as most couples do, and we continue to travel together along the road that life unfolds before us.

Thank you all for reading, this was something I just had to state and get off of my chest. I'll be back around, trust me on this. Only time will tell. Till then everyone, take care and catch you around. Life goes on, so must we.

{He sits up, then gets out of his chair before walking into the shadows and disappearing into the darkness.}
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