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Novelly Skyefyre

Queen of Oblivion
There were few things in this world that would cause her countenance to soften, and he spoke of one of those things. Not even the death of her children caused her face to display emotion- not even while it was her hands around their throats. Could a tyrant truly be capable of showing such emotion? And such was the question that caused her to snap from a dream-like state and stare 'pon Darren with newfound hatred. It would soon, however, turn to laughter; maniacal, crazed laugher. "You honestly expect me to believe such rubbish? I may be a fool but I was not born yesterday, Darren. He left the Hidden Lord because he wanted to carve his own legacy into the world, and not Gargauth's. He wanted people to fear him, his name.. not tremble when he came around that Gargauth was up to something. I know, I was there. I followed him to whatever ruin he made for himself. I abandoned one mark and was given another one. With each new betrayal I'm marked for the last." The end of her sentence rolled into a fiery hiss. With such anger, it was hard to keep the beast caged inside. So very hard.

"Do not come here and say that I am the reason he is dead. I never begged him to run off with me into some paradise and forget everything we'd leave behind. He made the decision and I followed."

The corner of her upper lip began to twitch, and she'd soon turn away from him and begin in the direction of the doorway. She softly laughed- as emotionless as it was, there was minor humor in it for her. Her head would turn to look back at him. "I didn't discriminate when I used my son's innards as decorations on my bedposts; neither did I flinch when I heard my daughter's screams echoing down the corridor. Monsters don't discriminate. We kill whatever makes us weak." She'd turn back to the door and begin to take a step toward the frame. "And the only way I'd help you, is if I helped you to your grave."
Darren Darglore

For seconds he watched. eyes collapsed against her own, bore through her and diminished against her own deepened iri' he waited. Begging her with his posture, tearing at her with his words. As harsh as they were, they were the truth in his own mind whether this beautesque fiend wanted to believe or not, but alas' Vaticus was unpredictable. Perhapse the truth is...noone knows why he left Gargauth.

"He was my flesh and blood lady, don't you EVER tell me what I do and don't know about my family, you believed what he wanted you to believe, you heard what he wanted you to hear, and if not for your own ignorance I may have not have had to kill my brother."

Perhapse she hit a soft spot, even causing him to rise from the stool he at one time occupied, advancing slowly 'pon the leaving vixen, that siren that at one time touched his heart, now as cold as ice.

"I may still have a wife and kids and I may at this very moment be at peace eating dinner by the fireplace, but instead I am here looking for answers to theese visions knowing in the end I'll find your lover and the end of my life."

Though he caught himself before he did something he'd regret, oh the arcane torrents consumed him, that invisible barrier vibrated against his flesh, that tingle pushed his blood just that much faster, his hair even seemed to move on it's own...but the giver of all were his eyes, once hazel now consumed in an onslaught of infernic red, almost demonic...for he was a pyromancer through and through, prone to short tempers yet somehow kept in check.

"Just go...before I do something we'll both regret.."

And he turned from Novelly, grabbing that glass one more time, it's contents already fogging over from the heat expelled by his fingers..

When he assumed she was readying herself to leave he more time.


Thrown over his shoulder, more like a command, or perhapse a plea?

Novelly Skyefyre

Queen of Oblivion
Again that derisive snort exited her nostrils, followed with the violent twist of her form. Those eyes- no longer recognized reason, or any forms of sanity. They were as black as the fathomless pits of the abyss. Lips matched the hue swirling within her pools, and streaks of white wove within golden tresses. A hiss escaped those sable lips- poison dripping from a maw decorated with elegant points. "You speak so lightly as though your very being is innocent of sin. Don't you ever presume to lecture me, old man. You are farther from the blessing of innocence than I am. You made pacts with demons to persue your lusts and your desires, so don't you tell me I've wronged you because your brother destroyed what was left of your pathetic family." Digits curled, nails thickened and grew to twisted points. Those eyes traversed over her hands, and they fell to her sides, curling in on themselves to draw her own lifesblood to collect at her knuckles. "I am not at fault for the actions of your brother. I did not coax him to kill his own family, I did not tell him to leave The Hidden Lord. I did not tell him to try and kill you. Do not blame me for crimes I have not committed. I may or may not have been the reason, but I wasn't the one that drew the blood."

Another hiss, venom and spittle mixed together, dripping forth. "You're no better than any other tyrant that has walked this world... so do not threaten me. There is nothing you could do to me, not with your parlor tricks. Playing with fire.. reading minds. If you know my history so well, you'd know nothing short of divine power far greater than my own could harm me. Your 'tyrants' made sure of it."

Wet snaps emanated from within her flesh, and this was the last straw before she'd turn back toward the door frame and proceed to it. Droplets of what seemed to be oil followed.. trailing behind as though drawn to the woman's anger.


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Mithrandir Looked to Tyrsis first and smirked as he watched her walk across the floor his eyes keeping a mark on her as she moved to the counter waiting for her to notice whose tavern she had walked into granted it was the third of his taverns but they were all similar in style and floor plans the only difference was the security at the third, that would even make most arch-devils flee from it when it was activated. When she finally noticed him behind the counter a kind smile over came his lips " Ah so you finally noticed aye ? Welcome back to the Forgotten Eclipse Tavern and Inn " He said with a smile, his eyes not looking from her for a moment, before he thought back trying to recall what she asked to drink at the first Eclipse, but his mind seemed to have forgotten, or she didn't order. " So what can I get you for your return ? " he said softly before his eyes narrowed in the corners looking at the two whose discussion had seeming heated a bit.

It was not that Mithrandir Cared if people got into heated discussions in his tavern but massive demonic and telekenetic battles always ended up getting blood on the rug. Watching carefully he hoped he would not need to prevent a fight or more to the point join in the fight between opponents he didn't know. He had heard the Name Gargurath before but it was not a name that seemed to be of all that much importance at least when he traveled abroad and often. Licking his lips his eyes keep a lock upon the two of them the vixen and the elderly. Looking at the glass the man took a hold of his eye brow raised as it seemed far more interesting. Clearing his throat as the woman turned towards the door he grabbed another glass of water and set it before the old man.

He knew full well that if the old man said something wrong he may need to prevent his from being skewered or roasted with a demons fire, neither of which appealed to Miths sense on duty but under the same point having his tavern touched by flame would at least summon a few water elementals that would at least prevent the whole thing from catching. He could feel the tension in the air and knew Tyrsis only slightly from the days she, the arrogant mage Arimas, and the blue fae woman hung around his tavern. Shifting his shoulders he waited it was all he could do at this time wait and see what they would do if a fight broke out he would have to jump in or so he thought till he looked at the rug noticing it was stained and burned with his blood and the blood of the woman in his office. Then there was the question of Tyrsis if she would join in the battle and on what side. The Odds certainly didn't seem in favor of himself against all three, and they seemed almost as dismal as himself against the two involved. It reminded him of the days when he had actual bouncers and how he missed having them around to deal with such a thing.
(To all of you undead, vampires and what not in this tavern. The Luminex does emit holy light which would act like the rays of the sun to most vampires and stuff. And for clarification it can do more than one form of light.)

"Divine Intervention..."

He chortled, turning to this woman who's backside now faced him.

"Isn't it a coincidence that I just happen to have your divine intervention right here, far more powerful than you could be..."

Those hands cinched, picking up that divine staff, the judgement behind his name. The Luminex, hefting it before him, crystaline edge leveled against this womans back side.

"Don't you ever... Turn your back on me again Novelly, tyrants may have made you, but I can destroy you just as easily as they destroyed what you once represented to me."

What was he doing?! How could he be doing this?! He was one of the good guys. Shakey legs, quaking knees. He lowered the staff, so far, he almost went through with it.

"Don' it...Darren..."

The Luminex wained, it's divinity enveloped not only him but the interior establishment. It's divine light consuming the tavern in it's entirity before it diminished into but a flicker and then...nothing.

Darren fell back into the chair, the glass he had previously picked up now shattered against the floor with his decent if only to raise the newest glass of water to his lips and down it's contents in a steam laden swig.

"Look what you've....done....Novelly." Head lowered he looked to the floor, staring at this womans feet 'fore slamming, not setting, shattering the glass he at one time held in his hand against the floor. Curse that temper.

"Now he knows...where I am..." Those words whispered "You've already helped me into my grave." Looking into the ceiling. into the floor, into Novelly...Vaticus was everywhere..."And he's coming for you..."

Mithrandir was acknowledged, a shake of his head sorry.


Lurker of the Shadows
Tyrsis had turned around for a second, taking apparent interest in a bickering that had seemingly started previously. A smirk played apon her lips with what would seem to be amusement. She then turned back around to Mithrandir. "After so many years of traveling, every tavern tends to look the same." She shrugged her shoulders ever so slightly. She laughed lightly at the question of drink. "It has been quite a while, hasn't it? I couldn't expect you to remember. Besides, it's changed since then. Fire Water would be excelent, if you don't mind." She smiled, her multi-colored eyes twinkling with delight before looking back to the two who were bickering.

She wasn't going to pretend that she knew what was going on. Or even pretend that she cared in the least bit. Such arguments were none of her concern. But still... It was mildly amuseing to watch. Tyrsis noticed that the woman appeared to be trying to leave and she knew that if it were her in this womans place, she would have just left without a word. But everyone is different.

Her eyes shifted towards the man then. What was his part to play in all this, she thought. It almost seemed as if they knew each other. How interesting. It was then that she noticed the staff. She could sence the divine power within it; a strong power. She chuckled to herself as she thought of the staffs her father once weilded. The light that errupted from this mans staff blinded her temporarily. For the first time in years she actually felt a type of relief that she was her father's child; that light didn't hurt her as it would any normal vampire.

She turned back around, then to look upon Mithrandir. She wondered for a brief time what he was thinking. Of course, of this whole fiasco turned for the worse, he would have to do something about it. But what if he did need help? She shook her head slightly. There was no use in speculating, she thought. It's always better to find out what happens when it happens.

Novelly Skyefyre

Queen of Oblivion
"One broken man with broken faith can do no harm to anyone. You need faith in order to weild divine power." She continued walking toward the door. His idle threats did nothing to stir fear within her. "Destroy this shell, tear it to pieces. It'll regenerate, eventually." Her top lip curled upward, one of the protrusions digging into her flesh. She felt the burn that staff exuded, it charred holes in her attire, revealing burnt flesh. Ash fell from the burned spots upon her form, and her footing fell short of the doorway. Her hand pressed against the frame, still burning flesh decorating her limbs. Her breathing increased, the backside of her form almost completely crispy. What little protection she had lingered upon her clothing, and even that gave little.

When the pieces of charred flesh fell from her form, turning to dust in the wind, new, reddened flesh began to emerge. Although- it didn't look like human flesh.

Look what you've done, Novelly.. Again her eyes narrowed. "I thought you killed him, Darren? So how can he know where you are?" Another breath was drawn inward; it was hard to breath after the flash of light. Yet- she still lived. "Then I put both of us into our graves, if he is the monster you claim."

Her hand fell from the frame- the cracking and crunching of charred skin emanating from the foyer. Her right hand lifted from her frontside, drawing her fingertips against the jawline that happened to be in the path of the divine light. It too, was scathed.
Darren Darglore

Silence was a broken moment, worry, caution and concern crossing his features. A lost temper, lost control, a slip up, the first in his life...what has he done?

Awe concerned, staring across the room, staring at the door. He saw the scathed, scorched, crispy flesh of what he once called eye candy reduced to the grotesque outcome of his divinity, The Luminex playing it's role perfectly. Smiting the un-pure, sending them to the abyss from whence they came.

"Amen..." The first word spoken, concern was lost, he saw the repetition, the truth unfold, the rebuilding flesh, the living immortal beneath burning to the surface, clawing to the edges of mortality itself...his words an affixed memento to the destruction of the un-pure, the scourge of this land.

The Luminex, staff bourne justice, the second hand of righteousness itself touched his chest, hugged against his form. Snapping out of the shock, the spurr of the moment, those infernicus red eyes dwelling down intot he remnants of a hazel ordeal, he spoke, less imposing, more concerned, as if explaining himself with out passing blame, disregarding what he had just done, moving onto the next sentence.

"Oh I killed him, I kept his skull in a box, I told his story to children."

Those words spoken as if he were in a drunken stupor.

"A myth to keep them in line, I lived his legend, and then some bitch pillaged my families mansion, killed my father and stole his skull, who knows where it is now. But I see him, I feel him, I know him...once again, he lives."

Head lowered, fingers scraped his brow, flicking a cinch of hair from his eyes before he looked back up to Novelly, gazing apon those fingers running the course of a scathingly charred jaw line...he winced.

"Only time will tell whether he will forgive me, or kill me.."

"Are you alright..." Those words spoken out of pure concern, some broken man with no faith, eh?

Novelly Skyefyre

Queen of Oblivion
His words fell upon deaf ears; she paid no attention to the ramblings of an old fool. Vaticus was the subject of many horror stories told to children before bed, as were half of the monsters that decorated Tenaria. Slender digits crawled toward the jawline that lay scathed. She pulled her fingertips over the cheek and pull down. Flesh began to tear, adhering like glue to her fingers while they pulled away. The blood beneath was nothing more than gelatin, and the skin itself like putty. What was left were the pairs of fangs fitting so snuggly together within her maw- the entire structure of her jaw lay visible to those that wished to look. No tears threatened to fall, but one could clearly see the evidence of irritation spreading across her features.

The loose skin was rolled against her fingertips, molded into a tiny ball that began to shrink as time went on. Small pores in her own flesh began to devour what remained. Against the sable backdrop of her pools, crimson began to circle around where her irises would be. Slowly, they turned toward Darren. "Don't speak to me with such a level of concern in your voice.. Not after what you've done." She hissed- the cruelty in her voice only accentuated the horrific beauty she had become. She was, a master piece in the eyes of many, afterall.

Her form slowly turned toward the doorway, pulling herself outside. Muscles grew taut- she was trying to keep herself from tearing apart that man and his damned walking stick. The beast didn't like pain, though the monster within reveled in such things. Every step caused her top lip to curl upward, and every advanced allowed a little more charred skin to be brought to the breeze. "Then I'll see you in hell, Priest."

She'd find a tree and perch beneath its branches, though keeping a keen eye 'pon the tavern and the patrons entering and exiting the building. Meanwhile, inside the tavern, droplets of what appeared to be oil began skittering across the floor. They were eating what little pieces of flesh managed to fall off unscathed. It was as though they were cockroaches feeding on pieces of food left behind from the night before. They'd leave no stain, and allow no blood to remain on the floor- it would be so, until they'd begin their trek toward the woman that now lay comforted by the tree.
(Some of this response is in response to a post started here by Derrik Darglore)

Darren Darglore

Hefting his form back into the chair he leant, back pressed firmly against the bars lining. He took her slander into consideration, he took her deviant words of anger and frustration into accountability, and in the end he decided she was..wrong, after all she did push him over the edge on her own, it's not like he goaded her into the harshness of her nature. Ah well, she was gone for now.

"Mithrandir...something a little stronger please..."

He was ready to drown his sorrows the old fashioned way, ready to divulge of his secrets and rid himself of his worries over a bottle or two.

"Women...are impossible, especially the hotter ones."

A snicker begot his lips before wiping them with the back of his hand.

"Especially that one." Waited, a pause to his words. "She's lucky you know, and soon she'll find out just how lucky."

Lidding eyes reminisced over the passing moments, his mind expanding, a barrier leveling the multiscape of reality as he looked further than the eye, perceptive to the nether, and the twisting. He saw the aura of those near, he saw the shadows of those far, he saw the spirits that surrounded, the dead from past wars and brawls in a bar. Novelly, so close, a breath drawn, her scent lingered, charred flesh mixed with this mornings perfume, disgusting...he gagged, and then he screamed.

Those metallic fangs wrent, covered his eyes, obscured his vision, fear intoxicated his perception, smothered his courage...he fell, head slamming against the back of the counter before he beant over, leant against The Luminex...he got the message and in response he shivered.

"Vaticus..." Whispered words.

Pulling himself to his feet, luminex his support he rose. Staring, eye to eye with the devil, an aparition of sin, hate and anger. "!" Those eyes, pyres of red infiltrated his very soul as the luminex was leveled at this aparition.

Airborn, the ground beneath his feet quaked. STOMP! his sandaled foot made impact, seconds later the aparition became gelatinous goo, not where it stood but beneath his very foot.

"A darkling...someone or something toys with me..."

Thin lips creased into a frown. "I am sorry sir, you've been a gracious host, I've been nothing but trouble... I was wrong to bring my problems into your establishment..." Tossed, a flick of his finger bending up against an odd shaped coin sent it spiraling towards Mithrandir's general direction. "It's more than just money, think of it as a gift." With those words being said he waited for no response, he was gone.

Swift winds carried him, a waining flicker in the air, he was gone, yet he was there. Staring at Novelly, heavy eyes, emotional eyes, worried eyes. They spoke tomes where his lips spoke words.

"He came to me.." Sure she heard his scream, the truth to end all skepticism behind that statement. "Or something sent him to me..."

He didn't come any closer.
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Novelly Skyefyre

Queen of Oblivion
From her comfortable perch beneath the darkness of pine tree, she heard Darren's scream and only managed to draw her eyes toward the establishment. Lips peeled backward, only to offer a snicker before her limbs curled back into her form. The oil-like material that was previously inside the tavern slithered toward her and latched onto any exposed section of skin. It snaked its way toward her fingertips and then began to purr. Mild affection was given to this material, softly rolling it between her digits. "Hello there...I've missed you too." Her lips offered a slight smile, though her attention still lingered back toward the tavern.

Time rolled by with nothing but silence to comfort her, and the harsh chill the environment bestowed upon her. She hated the cold- even Heaven wasn't hot enough to house her. Thick lashes kissed and for the moment she was alone. Her range of sense expanded after those eyes fell shut, drawing to the brink of the tavern and around her sanctuary. Nothing short of a bug would get by without her knowing, not with her concentration lingering on the detection of that which would compromise her rest.

And of course- such a wish was short lived with the man that now invaded her circle of solitude. She gave to him, a chuckle. Nothing more, nothing less. Her arms drew closer to herself and her head tilted upward as though she would look at him. She wouldn't, but she'd speak anyway.

"You, best of all, should understand what guilt does to a human mind. It rots all reason and causes visions and nightmares. The guilt it caused you for killing your own brother may very well be the reason why you believe his spirit haunts you and spectres are out to get you. Such are only the delusions of a withering, old man."

She, best of all, knew half the time that such things were real.. and it wasn't the mind making up elaborate tricks. But- it was fun, never the less, to let others think that they are completely safe.. and only their mind is against them.


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Mithrandirs reaction to the luminex's light was almost as if where the light hit he seemed to age, but that was but a mereeffect of pushing the vampirism back for a moment or two. He felt no discomfort from such a weapon, but it was clear that Novelly seemed to be rather well effected by it. The Problem was simple he would just wait for the cleaning appiriations to remove the ass and all. Or so he thought till he watched some black goo start dowing the same thing his little enchantment did. It was interesting to see it expelled from someones flesh, yet in Ayenee you got used to things being interesting in a matter of moment his eyes returning to Tyrsis and then to the old man.

Watching Novelly leave he was aware she did not go far and was merely outside the tavern letting out a soft sigh noticing that there was at least no war in his tavern he turned his eyes on the old man again as he prepared Tyrsis' her drink and set it before her with a smirk and then spoke " Not all taverns look alike, besides mine is the cleanest tavern in Ayenee, thank you very much" he said with a smirk. His eyes narrowing a moment as he gave some thought to the price " and that will be three gold " he said with a smile before hearing the old man speak to him

" How loaded do you want to get ?" He asked an eye brow raised before he noticed the old mans tune had changed and he tossed him an odd coin. Glancing it over a moment he raises a brow but the old man had already started to scamper off towards the door way. Letting out a long sigh he shook his head. " Being a bar tender theres never a dull moment " he said more to himself than anyone else. Watching the slidge find little it seemed to be readdying its migration towards the door.
Darren Darglore
Steel smile, that's what one might call it. Belittling those before and around him with that stare, a stare that could be surmised as promising and intentive.

" much as I want to believe you, as simple as that would make my life I can't, I've seen and done things not meant for...mortal dabbling, human eyes and hands."

Mortal..he hated that word, by all means he was, and yet lived their life. The life of powers and planars, fought their wars with nothing to gain. Oh in his time he had the satisfaction of striking fear into the very hearts and souls of lower planar fiends and villains of the night...turning more than one vampire into ash. A time in his past, sorcery and adventure.

Imposing before Novelly. Forward strides, small yet large brought him with in feet of a tempting beauty.

"Listen...why not let me buy you a drink? Perhaps talk about something a little less grim than my brother."

Leaning 'pon the Luminex, a walking stick with it's ass end in the ground he'd look over his shoulder, staring at the tavern's entry and the sign that said welcome.
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Novelly Skyefyre

Queen of Oblivion
Her digits continued to roll around within the black goo, eyes occassionally rolling in Darren's general direction. She was far more facinated with what she held in her hand. "I've long since abandoned human food and drink, Darren. I've not been mortal for some time and my body will no longer harbor any of that foreign matter." More tendrils of sable slithered from her shadow, coaxing her to their song. She listened, comforted by the very thing she once feared.. To her, it was beautiful.. to others that tried to weasel in by using some kind of psionics or something that read thoughts or waves.. would only find painful static... at which point would almost cause insanity in lesser creatures.

Softly she chuckled- the curl of crimson lips only began to show more normal, square-looking teeth. "To me, talk of your brother is not grim. Ill was his fate, but I do not fear him like you do. If you could use the word love, I'm sure I would.. otherwise I would never have followed him out of The Hidden Lord's service. What else would we talk about, Darren? Both are lives are far more treacherous and grim than any other I've yet to encounter. I doubt speaking of should haves and If only would amuse us any. There are a lot of things we could have done different, and if we had.. You and I wouldn't be original super powers now would we?"

A tendril, like a leach it latched onto her flesh where she had been burned by the light. She probably could have saved herself from the Luminex's light, saved herself the agony of burning within its beams... But how else would she tell if she's even alive?
Darren Darglore

Listened...intent ploying across. Speaking, hidden reasons and meanings. He didn't try to corrupt her mind, he didn't try to play with her thoughts or wash her weariness away, he simply closed the distance.

"There was love, at one time there was love. But that was also his downfall. Like so many other powers a woman caused his collapse."

Settling under the shade, Luminex would be withdrawn, absorbed, awaiting the time when it would once again be loosed 'pon the un-pure. He felt no fear or worry...he was safe for now. Safe next to Novelly whome he sat side by side with. The prior object of his affection.

"There was a time when I fell in love with someone I wasn't meant to have, and then there was a time when I wanted to kill the woman I felt responsible for my brother, a time I knew I'd never be able to forgive her. But now...I can't hold that hatred or thirst..."

Silence followed those words, thought out and quoted as if rehearsed.

"super power..." He chuckled "I wouldn't consider myself a super power...Just lucky, I've little to no doubt that I could put up much of a fight against the creatures I at one time hunted with out The Luminex, I'd become the prey."

Novelly Skyefyre

Queen of Oblivion
"We are the thing that vexes all men." Nothing more was spoken- nothing else needed to be.

The sable tendrils that latched onto her form hissed softly- they didn't like the closeness of the two.. especially the man that previously rended her flesh out of mindless hatred.

"We are all prey, to something far greater than ourselves. Something always hunts us, and when it finds us something else will take its place." Her fingertips stroked the tendrils, but they still vibrated with mild anger. Could such a thing even feel, or were they a mere reflection of their hosts' emotions?

"But you do realize that I did nothing. Your brother was a free man, and I did not coax him to do anything. He chose to become what he became. And whether or not he lives now, should he come back to reap revenge.. this body will be destroyed for I will not raise a hand to defend myself nor fight. And if he is dead and I die by some other means, then I'll see him in the darkest recesses of Hell... For I will not try to be a hero like you and try to stop a crazed rampage. He may be able to raise a hand to me, but I could not do the same."

A sigh, and the continuation of her digits combing along the sable strands. She had nothing more to say to the man that scarred her flesh- not at the moment, anyway.
He had little else to say. He'd spilled his heart, apologized and gave excuses...He was now at a wits end to respond and so he merely stared into this woman's devilish eyes and conniving thoughts.

What else was there to play with in this mysterious beauty, in this short tempered damsel. Was her heart really that cold to the ones she knew or would her thoughts give way to the falsities of that cold shoulder?

Purposely? Perhapse, but mistakes do happen...he brushed, shoulder against shoulder with this wicked vixen...Purosely? yes, Novelly'd soon find herself playing as a resting place for his head and back... he was leaning against this foul tempered temptress.

"I don't know if I believe that you would simply allow yourself to die by his hand, lover or not."
The voice of Vaticus rips through Darrens.


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Novelly Skyefyre

Queen of Oblivion
Brows drew upward as confusion clearly drew itself upon her countenance. What the hell did he think he was doing?! Her lips curled back, rather disgusted instead of comforted. Two fingertips would press against the back of his head, and push him forward. There was enough strength in those two digits to push his spine forward, and prop him up against the trunk of the tree. "I'm not a pillow, old man. All you need do is ask Scorn DarkTide what happens when you touch of my flesh without permission."

She'd stand up, and release her hold on his form. He could fall back where she was sitting, or simply stay upright. Her fingertips would brush agains her form, smoothing the remnants of her gown that weren't charred, and stepping toward the west. Her eyes narrowed at the voice that drifted from his lips... but she'd continue onward.

"Seems you have more demons that I originally thought." Her head turned back to his form, intent on answering his last line he spoke. "Then your faith in me is far greater than it should be."


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She liked small towns. Learnt her way around faster than those sprawling, utopian empires she had come across in the early days.

Sliding into a booth amongst the dusty gloom of the dimly lit establishment, she bent her face over the torn menu and trained lavender eyes upon the scrawling writing, deciding on a meal..
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