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Mith gave a warm and kind smile to Gryph as he explained how the town was coming. It was an interesting venture and one that caught Miths attention from the start yet he preferred to be an observer of things rather than the instigator of them when he could help it. "Well warm weather should increase tourism I suppose but as for residents I cannot see that really jumping unless something bad happens in a major city, or summer, people and education you know" He said with almost a nostalgic tone.

Mithrandirs eyes moved from the Mayor to the man of the shadows. It seemed to moderately entertain him the collection of people he had gathered with in the tavern with in its first evening of business. " Tavern Owner ? Hmmm I suppose you have good ears, that can be a handy ability in a few trades I hear, but please Call me Mith, it catches my attention a little faster than Tavern Owner, besides this fine woman you have noticed also owns a tavern or two as I recall " He said with a smile looking to Veta. " As for entertainment I am afraid at the moment what you see is what you get, conversation and alcohol, Oh and I have a few decks of cards in my office , and a chess board if that would suit your fancy " .

He said that with a smile before grasping a glass then the top shelf whiskey which was Hirsch reserve spinning the bottle in his hand before stopping it and aiming the brown liquor into the glass filling about half the glass full before spinning around and grabbing another glass and following the same suit with it, and then turning setting the bottle back on the rack. Next he grabbed the lemon juice. Adding the proper amounts of lemon juice to each before sliding the juice under the counter before grabbing two pinches of powdered sugar and dashing it over the liquor and lemon juice before grabbing two slices of lemon and adding them to the sides of the glasses.

Just as soon as Veta spoke of needing a refill he set the glass before her and Tsaimon with a smirk. " Alright, there you are and that will be six gold pieces " He said with a kind nod before turning around slowly and grabbing the bottle of Vodka and a glass setting them on the counter looking at the three of them as the Samurai left with out even a word. Mith would have felt truly insulted, but he had seen people who would just ask what they wanted and leave before. Filling the glass to the brim he smirked and grabbed three shot glasses and lined them up before grabbing a bottle of Apple Pucker and Goldshloger. Shaking the Goldshloger briskly before pouring about half the shot glasses before adding the apple pucker and setting the bottles down before sliding one to each of his clients " For being my first customers in the newest Forgotten Eclipse, they are called Hot Apple Pie. " He said with a bright smile looking to them before picking up his massive glass of vodka and holding it up for a cheers.
"Hot Apple Pie eh?" He said with an almost amused smirk. "What a name, what a name.."

With out much more than a thought he allowed his fingers, slim, akin' to skinny to remove the shotglass from the counter top and lift it towards Mithrandir's own in a cheerish fancy before the small chink of glass on glass would resonate with in this small area, assuring himself and everyone who witnessed the small, almost inconsequential event that the liquids would mix from glass to glass, but he did not drink..

"Do you know Mithrandir, how the toast was invented?"
Again, she turned only slightly on the bar chair as she then watched one of the gentlemen leaving, she gave a slight frown, as she drifted for a few moments in thought, guessing the one who has left didnt find the conversation to his liking..but then he did mention he was looking for she just figured that, that was what he was rushing out to look for..
Then her attention was brought back around to what Mithrandir was doing..and she just smiled with a light laugh as Mith set on the counter a row of small glasses and filled to each one in front of them.." apple pie..sounds delicious..I don't believe I have ever had one of a drink that is..but if it tastes as well as the name..I'm sure it will be a welcomed treat for us all." she then reached out to her glass, lifts it up and holds to it gently in the air first she raised it towards Mith and then towards Darktide...then bringing the glass to her lips, taking a taste, letting it sit to her mouth , then after the swallow is followed by an Mmmmm.. then once more she looks over to Darktide as he began another conversation on the history of 'toasts' which she keeps her attention fixed to Darktide in wanting to know of how it all began.
Gryphon Stewart
The Town Mayor

Gryph finishes the last of his drink and stands up from his seat. "I guess we'll just have to see how it goes then. I'm afraid I've had enough to drink as well. I'm a little light-headed already.

I'll be heading home for the night. I'll see you this weekend, sir."
Mithrandir smirked at Tsaimons question and nodded slowly, however his glass dwarfed the meer shot glasses he was one who liked his vodka preferably over the other types of drinks unless it was a special occasion or he just needed to get floor faced where he would slamm half his stock of Demons Red. " Ahhh a historian, yes yes, but that would only work if I poured my drink from the same bottles as the drinks you, Veta, and Gryph have been poured. So its entirely possible your drinks have been poisoned and mine is fine, however it would not do well for me to poison my customers nor serve them cheap alcohol that needed a hunk of toast added to remove some of the less than pleasant flavors. " He said with a smile.

Turning his eyes slowly in thier sockets with a singular fluid motion they settled upon Veta " Indeed it was a drink that came about a christmas or two ago here, it takes very much like a hot apple pie and warms your toes as well ". Looking to the Mayor as he avoided the shot glass Mith nodded to his words and nodded " Probably the Dwarven Ale, stuffs pretty stoute, but tastes good in my opinion, thank you for your patronage Gryph, and I hope I'll see you before the weekend " He said with a kind smile before turning his attention to the shot that the mayor had left and pulled his vodka to his lips slamming it in a single gulp before picking up the spare shot and slamming that as well.
Just after the man left you hear a commotion! A woman screams then you hear steel on steel and almost see sparks from outside. If you look outside you will see Mori clutching his side it was covered in blood from a battle wound. You also see several other average peasents franticly looking about. "I couldn't stop him, he was to fast," Mori says looking back at you.
She looked to the Mayor and smiled in his direction, "It was a pleasure in meeting you sir.." then just as she turned in her chair to direct her attention back to Mith when suddenly she stopped herself as she had heard the sounds of screams from outside, she gave Mith a quick look as if to say, "what the hell is going on out there?" she then sets down her glass to the counter and slides down from the bar chair now heading across the room..opening the door and looks outside and gasps as her eyes fell upon the samurai who is lying there with a wound to his side..she turns back to call out to Mith.."Mith..there is someone hurt out here..come quick!"
She then steps outside and kneels down near the injured man, "what's happened? "
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"A creature came out and started attacking people. I managed to drive it away but without price," The samurai says loosing blood from his wound at an alarming rate. It is clear he would need healing fast.
Mithrandir heard the commotion and shook his head it was at least good there was no fighting in the tavern at the moment but still what happens on the street usually ends up spilling into the closest bar in Miths experience. Looking back to Scorn he smiled a moment before he leaped over the counter and ran towards the main door, Celerity was a wonderful thing in times like these. Looking at the wound the blood spilling from it and the sweet sent on the air made Mithrandirs mouth water, but he held his less refined urges back and looked at Mori as he spoke. "Stay still if you want to live"

Sliding over the ground and dropping to a knee as he slid his eyes seemed to erupt with white flames as he started to speak in a Silvian Elvish dialect. His Hands held together over his solar plexus. the space between his hands slowly grew, as a feint blue light started to emerge from between his hands, sadly it was not his better healing spell but it would work in a pinch and that's about what he had left from what he could see from Mori's wound. He knew full well this was going to hurt like a bitch, but at least the man would live a little longer. Slowly pulling his hands from his solar plexus a feint blue cord seemed to extend from his chest connected with the light in his hands.

Breaking the chant he spoke clearly as he could with small silver drops that looked much like mercury falling from his eyes " Do Not Move a muscle!" He said quickly while he thrust his hands at Mori's chest quickly attempting to link the cord to the life force of the samurai. It would ,if permitted , connect to Mori and infuse him with Mithrandirs own vitality and in essence heal Mori while inflicting the same wound Mori had suffered upon Mith.
Mori stood perfectly till. Then his wound magically disapeared and apeared on Mith. Said wound was a deep gash on the left side just below the ribs. "Thank you, but now your hurt. Unless you have some bad ass self healing ability, we still need a doctor or at least a healing potion," The samurai said apprasing the situation.
As Mithrandirs hands impacted Moris chest the wound slowly filled in on Mori side at the same time a slow ripping and burning appeared upon Mithrandirs side. The Wound appeared as the two chains of vitality were linked but the moment the wound had healed upon Mori Mithrandirs hands were pulled back. As soon as the chain was broken Miths eyes stopped weeping the burning silver tears and the flames extinguished. He Slumped forward a little catching himself with a nearly inaudible groan. The Blood from Mithrandirs wound was silver pouring out in a steady torrent upon the ground and leaving a burnt smell upon the air as he turned and began to walk towards the doors of his tavern .

As he moved slowly up the step to the front door he addressed Mori "You'll need to buy a drink next time you enter my tavern and at least say good night when you leave " With another groan he pushed the door open and leaned upon it before sliding against it allowing the door to support his weight before glancing to Tsaimon. " How's your drink ? " he said with a half smirk before sauntering forward and catching himself on the table his silver blood falling to the floor as he spoke. The Wound was closing a lot faster than it would have on a human but it was still a decent wound. Pushing himself from the table he walked towards the counter and leaned upon it again looking to Tsaimon expecting an answer. It was obvious Veta would be following him in soon, but for the moment it seemed he had a few seconds to check on the customer.
When she saw Mith arriving outside to the aid of Mori..she quickly rose to her feet and stepped aside, she had seen many a times Mith performing his healing..and knew he needed his space..but when she noticed that Mith was taking on Mori's injuries, that she didnt like..she awaited till Mith looked as if he was done with the spell, when already she was slipping off her light jacket, folding it over and over..she then went to her former husband to place the garment to Mith's wound.."Come, let's head back inside so I can take care of this.." she said softly looking up at Mith. She then smiled at Mith, "That was a wonderful thing you did , Mith..but then as long as I have known you , you have done lots of wonderful things..I know that took alot of inner power to be faced with his blood like that.." she didnt go no further in speaking of it..right now , that Mori was healed, her main concern was in helping Mith.
As she returned back inside, not far from behind Mith, she had seen him slump forward, but before she could step up to his aid, he was already stepping behind the bar..she frowned as she too approached the counter, looking to Mith with concern.."Mithrandir...why don't you sit down , take a rest till your wound has healed..I think I can help managed the bar for awhile."
As she awaited for a responce from him, she already picked up her purse, opened it and removed enough to well cover the drinks she had ordered, and some left over for a tip. Closing her small purse, she slipped it underneath her jacket and sat it to the chair next to hers.
Watched, amusement perhapse crossing over his imagination yet concern covered his features. A distraction was what he wanted but did he really want anothers blood to be spilled today? No... that wasn't how he operated.

"The drinks fine...alot better than you are doing right now..." He chuckled, trying to lighten the mood with a bad joke.

"You know...If you need some help while you heal I could probably help the lovely lady here in running your tavern in due time. Whattaya say?"

After all, what better way to get to the goods than actually handling them?
Sitting there at the counter, her attention turned from Mith over to the stranger after speaking of his offer to 'help' tend The Forgotten Eclipse", it would be a complete shock to her if Mith would agree, ..for as long she has known Mith..he has never just allowed a stranger help with behind the counter of his establishment. She then just sat back comfortably, and took another sip of her drink, but reached up and pushed her money she had placed on the counter towards Mith which was to pay for her drinks.
Mithrandirs eyes shifted in their sockets from Tsaimon to Veta and back again. " Well I cannot assume I look too good, but I am fine there's certainly no need to worry " Slumping against the counter he sauntered around it till he came between the bar and the booth and looked to both Veta and Tsaimon " There's no reason I cannot look after the bar my friends, besides all anyone has to do is know how to mix drinks properly to work this job, the rest is well pretty much automated, and while I know one of you two can mix drinks there's no need to force that kind of work on you Veta, nor force you to work here my good man though I appriciate the offer" He said calmly as the skin started to scab over the wound.
Gryphon Steward

Gryphon comes back to the tavern sometime, and finds Mith. "Mith, Jayliss wants to see you. She's the warden at The Park. Think you can stop by?"
Lifting up her glass to take another swallow of her drink, she suddenly pauses as she heard another entering in through the tavern's front entrance, she glanced over to look to the direction of the doorway to eye the gentleman she had seen earlier that day to return and calling out to Mith..she couldnt help but wonder out of curiosity of why Mith would be needed over at the Park..but no sooner had the curious thought entered her mind, it only entertained for a brief manner of time before vanishing as she turned her attention back to the bar to take the swallow of her drink and place the glass back to the counter, ..she then slips down from her seat to retrieve her purse from the other seat, reached in to pull out a few extra coins and stacked them neatly beside her glass as payment in full for her drinks as well as a few left over for a good sized tip to Mithrandir..
Slipping the strap of her purse over her shoulder, she gives a nod and a smile towards Mith as she then heads to the door to leave.."Thank you Mith, and it's been nice in seeing you again, perhaps I will pop back soon..and we could chat more.."
As she approached the door, she gives a nod to Gryphon as she steps past him..but paused to look back to the gentleman, "pardon me, sir..but could you direct me to the town hall? " she asked with a most pleasing of smiles.
Mithrandir heard Gryph call to him and his eyes spun in their sockets to find him the wound was getting better but at the same time it seemed an odd time to call let alone to require a bar owner in the park. " Alright I shall head there with in a few moments" he said kindly before turning and looking to his Clientele as he looked to Veta catching her placing money upon the counter with a mild look of annoyance he set his jaw and collected the money dropping it into a hole in the floor boards behind the bar counter. It an impressive idea if he did say so allowing gravity to carry the money to a large underground vault, and magic to refund the change. He hoped in a few years he would have a portal spell that could be open indefinitely so that he would not need to have such a vault.

Looking around his eyes moved to Tsaimon" I am afraid I must close the tavern my good sir, but as I must force you out without allowing you to finish your drink its on the house" He said with a curt nod before walking back along the counter his eyes seeming dull and listless. " Now then I would suggest everyone sally forth to the new day or your skin may be ripped from your bones by invisible fingers and parts of your bones may as well vanish in a most displeasing fashion. " He said as he walked towards the main doors looking behind him to make sure everyone was walking out before he would lock the doors and head to the park
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