The City of Glass, Planar Metropolis

Laying beyond the bounds of the various and countless Prime worlds that existed, touching upon the various elemental planes that were the building blocks of the Multiverse, sat an island born of Earth, buffeted by Air, floating on Water, and warmed by Fire. The City of Glass was a neutral planar city, in which all who sought to trade, recruit, or rest could be found. Nestled near the center of the miles-long metropolis was the Market District, where all manners of mercanes and hags argued and dealt fast with wares of...questionable ownership.

"You see that over there?" a planar asked of some fresh Primes, serving as guide for a few coins. "That right there is the Trueforge itself, an ancient artifact that dates back to early creation itself. No one knows who made it, no one knows who wants it, but it's one of the reasons we're here in this city."

"Why's that?" one of the Primes, clueless as ever, asked.

"Listen here berk. See that man working the forge? That obsidian skinned gentleman being overseen by about a dozen Glassblades and a blue-skinned mercane? That there is Grent, Prime. He's a companion of the Magister Josiah, an elf that is a leader of the city. The mercane? Probably commissioned some magical item of some potency if the Glassblades are present in those numbers."

"What's that mean?" another of the Primes, probably thought of himself as some tough warrior, snarled. "We're paying you good coin to walk us around and tell us the know!"

"Easy kid," another voice whispered, stepping out of the shadows. "You're paying for the whole tour. Give Theo there some time to earn his money."

"Fuck you want Plane-touched?" Theo snarled, snapping his fingers to conjure forth a sword of shadowstuff, taking up a defensive stance. "These here are my outsiders, so mind your bone-box!"

"What's a Plane-touched?" a third Prime whispered, eyes darting from Theo to the other.

"That's a Plane-touched," Theo hissed. "In particular, that blood right there is Amalfryn, which is drow-speak for 'Divine Weapon', ain't that right Amalfryn?"

Amalfryn stepped out of those shadows, eyes glowing crimson, his white hair styled into spikes. Pushing back his cloak, displaying the fact he wore no armor yet had a sword sheathed at his hip. The skin, black as night, showed nary a flaw, yet the teeth that were displayed in a fierce smile were fanged, some serrated. The hilt of his weapon appeared to be a flame carved out of some planar mineral, sparkling lightly. The obvious heritage of Amalfryn, both drow and planar, were on display as he stared at the blade Theo held.

"You got two choices Theo," Amalfryn said through gritted teeth. "Apologize immediately, or let that blade go and keep on escortin' the outsiders. If ya don't, you'll find yourself in the dead-book right quick. Tumble to?"


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The voices of a small number of the Elder Council rang in his head. But, he flatly ignored them. It was supposed to be a unified group of wisened elders. Some members certainly still fit that bill. Others, the younger members mostly, had taken to trying to push their own agendas on the rest of the council. It was something he was going to have to deal with, alongside the other senior members, of course. But, for now, he let the 'Elder Youths', as he'd taken to calling them, vent whatever frustrations they wanted into his mind. They were too inexperienced in dealing with him to realize he wasn't paying them any attention. Nor did they realize he had another method of communicating with the older members. Even amongst ancient dragons, youth could equal foolishness.

For now, though, the humanoid form of the true neutral elder dragon traveled about the City of Glass. with the Sky Palace overlooking everything. He considered the structure a grand display of frivolity. Of course, there had been a time when he'd lived in the Crystal Palace before SilverTears had vanished. He hadn't given it a second thought, back then. More evidence of the wisdom of age.

As he walked, currently leaving the spire of the city behind him, he noticed the oncoming skirmish happening within the Market District. At this, the voices trying to crowd into his mind quieted some. Other, more familiar ones moved into their place.

"Elder Fang, please do what is necessary to intervene in this situation. This city is one of the few bastions of neutrality in this section of the Multiverse. An open confrontation in the heart of their commerce region would damage that balance."

"Of course, Council."

Fang took a few steps toward the group, his eyes glowing red, as per normal. At least in a place like this, that wouldn't be terribly unusual. He raised his right hand, the one with the gauntlet on it, and spoke aloud, his voice echoing upon itself as the words came out, betraying absolutely no emotion whatsoever.

"I would urge caution in the threat of violence. This is a poor time and place for such actions."
Theo was so focused on Amalfryn possibly poaching his jink that he didn't even notice the other one come up and add a third party to the situation. Theo spun towards the newcomer, giving a quick once over, lips changing from the snarl to a more neutral expression. The weapon of shadowstuff vanished as he looked back at the primes he was escorting and blew a breath through his nose. "C'mon berks," Theo said, straightening his worn apparel. "No need in gettin' involved with either of these ones. Can't turn your back on a drow, and this one's probably an addle-cove. C'mon, we'll take a trip to the Market. Spend some of that jink you have."

"What's jink?" the fourth and final member of the troop asked as the tension was finally lowered.

Amalfryn took a moment to breathe, push that ever-present anger out of his mind. Didn't matter if he'd developed his name as a planewalker of no small renown, leading forays in the Blood War for and against each faction, didn't matter if he'd been the one to disrupt Orcus' most recent attempt to obtain true divinity. To those whom couldn't see past his skin tone, he'd always be a drow. Berks, all of 'em. He let his gaze move up and over from where Theo was to the newcomer, arching a bit of an eyebrow.

"Can't say that I know you offhand, but glad you came along. Amalfryn, of no House any longer. And if you overheard, it's drow for Divine Weapon. Been in the city long?"

Amalfryn was casual in the conversation, offering neither obeisance nor aggression. Should one seek to delve into his mind, they would find it akin to an unassailable fortress, for his own abilities with psionics were not without merit. However, the tall, lithe figure would be casual and keep the peace, lest the Glassblades, the city's guards, take notice.


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Fang watched Theo change his demeanor enough to take the wiser course of action, then turned his attention to Amalfryn and nodded.

"Greetings, Amalfryn. Extended formal greetings aside, I am most commonly called Fang. Though, I have spent some time amongst the drow. If your outward appearance is an accurate depiction of your roots, you may find L'Jess a more comfortable title. It makes little difference to me."

Fang didn't bother explaining how he was able to detect anything other than a drowish presence. If he took the time to reveal all he was capable of doing he'd never get beyond an introduction. Some things were simply left unsaid. If they discovered something about him, so be it. Otherwise, he was perfectly content to remain a mystery. In turn, Fang didn't bother inquiring as to Amalfryn's particular dialect of drow. With those he'd spent time amongst, 'divine weapon' would have translated to 'Trelao sarol'. But, of course, it had been a good deal of time since he'd been amongst them, and language was an ever-changing aspect of intelligent races.

"No, I have not been here long. I spend very little time in any one location, any more. Still, it seems I am unable to go anywhere without having to intervene in one way or another."

Fang's voice never wavered from its flat, echoing tone. However, he did make a point of moving his head to at least appear as if his focus were shifting between Theo and Amalfryn until the former finally decided to lead his charges away from the area.

"Ever the guardian" The memory of the voice rang in his head. So many centuries, so many responsibilities, and still, ever the guardian.
"A pleasure, Fang," Amalfryn said, inclining his head without ever taking his eyes off the fellow. "Well if you are new, you should allow yourself to wander a bit. Depending on where you choose to go and what you wish to do, there are plenty of opportunities to be had in the city. Prince Rivas in the Cloud Giants District is hospitable, and if you're adept in the arcane, he's always up to discuss magical theories."

"Withermaw, a neutral, of all things, kraken in the Coral District has interesting insights. The Reverie is where you'll find those akin to me, the outcasts of various societies, including some from the upper and lower planes. Being a half-breed such as myself, I find the company better there than the Deeps. If there's anything of magical potency you desire, it's likely to be found in the Market District. The city truly offers a plethora of things to do."

He paused for a moment, taking a few moments to catch his breath once more, before letting his gaze turn from the person before him. The slight mental tug he felt was taking him offguard, since it came from the Reverie and the proprietor of the Redeemed Devil, Jezebel. A quick mental response, and he'd once again take a moment to incline his head to Fang.

"Pardon me, I have a friend asking for a visit. She's the owner and operator of the Redeemed Devil, a home base of sorts for those who tire of the Blood War and other conflicts throughout the planes. I've recently been out of the city on a job and she's demanding I come for a visit. One doesn't say no to a woman whose claws can shred worked adamantine like cloth."


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Fang thought about his wedding with Wyndra. He'd had a difficult time saying no to that gorgeous queen of DarkShadow. Then there was SilverTears. Had he ever denied anything to her? Not that he could recall, anyway. Of course, both of those had been due to his relationship with them, rather than for fear of their prowess in combat, though they were, in fact, quite able fighters. He simply nodded in response to the observation.

"I appreciate the advice. Theoretical discussions are not something I generally attempt to have. I must admit I am intrigued by the prospect of the group you have described. If you would be willing, I believe I may accompany you to the Redeemed Devil."

The other elders had once chastised Fang for his style of interaction with humanoid lifeforms. The "two-leggers" don't understand draconic ways, was their explanation. So, they advised Fang to be more personable. It was difficult. Despite starting his life amongst them, he'd never fit in. Still, he'd gotten better.
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Amalfryn gave a bit of a nod towards Fang, looked up, and judged where they were. Closer to the center of the Market District than not, he began striding east along the roads, passing the multitude of stalls and a few permanent shops before reaching the road that would would allow their travel around the city with ease. The path was mostly clear, save for other wanderers that made their way around the city.

"Hey Amalfryn!" a vendor in one of the permanent shops called out, raising a hand. The vendor was giantblooded, based on his size alone, standing close to twelve feet in height. The merchant carried a parchment in his hand, not quite thrust forward but coming close to.

"Hello Kendall," Amalfryn replied, raising a hand in greeting. "Showing a newcomer around, heading to the Redeemed Devil."

"Good good," came the reply as the merchant looked from Amalfryn to Fang. "I was hoping to see you today. Need a bit of assistance if you can find the time. All written down here!"

Amalfryn took the parchment that was offered, gave it a quick glance, and folded up the document. "After I visit with Jez, I'll see what I can do. I'll get back to you."

Kendall gave a not, looked over at Fang, gave a raised hand in greeting, then proceeded to return to his shop. Amalfryn started walking again, saying over his shoulder "These types of things happen more frequently than I care to say. Once a planeswalker has a bit of a name for being efficient, you get flagged down and given more than a few jobs. The nature of being good at your job here in the City of Glass."


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Fang raised a hand and greeted the merchant with a pitch perfect accent.

"Helsingen, Kendall. Am callt Fang."

He wasn't sure of Kendall's dialect, but it was the base language for most giant languages Fang had encountered, and it was a simple greeting. He was fairly sure the point would get across, at least.

At his guide's explanation, the armored man nodded. He took a moment to inventory which council members' voices were still trying to get his attention. Several had stopped, a few of the very youngest members were still at it.

"Yes." He responded as much to them as he did Amalfryn. "I am all too familiar with excessive demands on one's time. Prioritizing becomes crucial to maintaining a healthy state of mind."
Amalfryn gave an inclination of his head as a response to Fang's words. The path turned shortly thereafter into the Reverie. Whereas most of the rest of the city focused on trade and mercantilism, the Reverie was eerily quiet and calm. It was here that those outcasts from the rest of the planes would spend time with each other, trading on the city's neutrality with the other planes and assisting with the magocracy.

Amalfryn would pause shortly after entering the range of the Reverie, as there were a number of creatures of power that would view him as an intruder. "We have to pause here a few moments," Amalfryn said quietly. "Within the Reverie are some...potent creatures of the planes. That I know of, at least one balor that's taken up residence when his liege was slain in an incursion. Rather than serve under the new one, he's moved here. And while I'm confident I can hold my own for a brief time, I'm still mortal. Outside of the Abyss? He isn't."

There was a brief malevolent laugh that echoed around them both before the menacing presence disappeared. Amalfryn would bring a fist up to his chest and thump it once, a warrior's greeting, before walking further into the Reverie. "Now, I don't know how the Archwizard handles all the egos that exist in this city, but Josiah's from Faerun and the last conversation we had, he remembers before the fall of Myth Drannor. So I'd ballpark him as being over a thousand years old. So, powers only know what kind of power he has at his disposal."

With that said, Amalfryn turned slightly to avoid touching the pair of kytons that were standing in front of a building, chatting casually between themselves. A bit more travel brought them before what looked to be a gothic chapel. A sign hung from above the entryway, upon which was what appeared to be either a succubus or erinyes knelt in prayer, provocative clothing enhancing rather than hiding, with a halo above its head. A fitting sign for the Redeemed Devil.


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Fang went through the motions, letting Amalfryn lead the journey. All the while, Fang performed as he was expected. There was no need to instigate unnecessary confrontations. "Potent creatures of the planes" was an understatement for some of the familiar essences Fang was detecting. If they knew who he was, some would give him a wide berth. Others would make a point of confronting him and starting a fight. Still more would be excited to see him, again. But, all in all, most would have no idea who he was.

~Does this two-legged plane jumper think an elder dragon has something to fear from a mid-range tanar'ri?~ The voice of a few members of the lawful side of the Elder Council rang in his head. ~Elder Fang, have you not defeated a trio of Myrmxicus before? Why wait for this single balor to pass?~

At Amalfryn's next statement, it was the turn of some of the more chaotic members to express their viewpoints. ~A thousand years? What kind of hatchling does he think himself to be escorting!?~

~Peace, Elders.~
And there it was. The familiar voice of Darahnil, the oldest member of the Elder Council. While he was, technically, on the lawful side of The Balance, he was much closer to the neutral point than most of the other members. And, as one of only two members who were older than Fang himself, he demanded a great deal of respect from the rest of the Council. ~This Amalfryn does not yet know that Elder Fang is even of draconic heritage. Much less is he aware of the age or power the neutral warrior controls. Elder Fang is more experienced than any of us in dealing with these types of situations. Let us continue to observe.~

"There are not many locations that can boast such a wide variety of patrons. Interesting that you choose companions who happen to frequent such establishments, Amalfryn. I would be interested in discussing how you have come to find yourself in such a place in life."
Fang looked around as they moved along. "After you have had an opportunity to meet with your intimidating lady friend, of course."
Amalfryn would simply pause, take a breath, and turn towards Fang. "We all have to use a guise of sorts, eh?" He'd quietly and quickly channel psionic energies through his body, layering himself with protection before stepping through the entrance of the bar. Should Fang sense such things happening, it would reveal the depth of power that he could enact in a short period of time if needed. While no creature of age and power such as Fang, Amalfryn could hold his own in any confrontation.

"I never know what kind of mood I'm going to get when I see Jezebel. Might as well ensure my reflexes are up to snuff."

Within the Redeemed Devil were a variety of creatures, most from the rank and file of the Blood War. A cornugon sat at the bar, casually discussing strategy with a fallen planetar, both appearing to take pleasure in the discussion of various battles within the great Blood War. A trio of imps sat near the fire, playing a game of dice. Behind the bar was Jezebel, standing all of half a foot over five feet, batlike wings folded against the back of her blouse.

She eyed Amalfryn before turning her gaze to Fang. She turned slightly, feigning innocence and sweetness as she called out. "Good eve, milord. Pleasant day I hope. I see you have brought a cur into my bar, though." When she spoke the word cur, she looked directly at Amalfryn. He just folded his arms over his chest, arching an eyebrow, and waited to see what was next.


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It wasn't so much that Fang didn't understand humor or even feel amusement, any more than he didn't understand compassion, happiness, frustration, fear or any other emotion. He felt emotion. He'd simply gotten to the point where he didn't express anything. Anger, on rare occasions, was the exception. And, given that his prowess with mental energies was unmatched, there were none who could accurately distinguish his emotional state. At least...not any more.

All the same, Jezebel's joke was received easily enough. However, Fang's complete lack of alteration in facial features would likely make it so he didn't get it. He nodded to Jezebel before responding.

"It has, indeed, been a pleasant enough day, madaam. Thank you."

Turning to Amalfryn, he motioned toward her.
"Your hostess awaits, it would seem. I believe I will occupy my time amongst some of the other patrons."
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