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Dakkon looked to his mother as she stood and watched her as she crossed to the bar, his eyes narrowing with curiosity, yet he noted the time displayed with in his lens and nodded to himself before standing up slowly feeling his legs pushing back against the seat of the chair at the table . As he rose he kept his eye upon his mother and then cast a glance down to his brother who remained seated and spoke softly " I'll be back in a little while, you should stay with her" He said as he turned moving around the table and heading towards the main entrance. Looking over his shoulder hearing his mothers inquiry he spoke to her directly "No Thanks Mom" . Turning back towards the front doors before speaking to the room at large " I'll be back in a bit mom, I have to get back to the lab to set up some things, while also informing my employer that I shall be taking some personal time to stay here with you " As his words slid into the silence he pushed upon the front door stepping out in the cool air a small smile upon his lips as he moved out into the night. Moving towards his car he looked around the street his eyes flicking from point to point on the high-rises in the distance, and the taller building around the area his lenses taking three dimensional measurements of the surroundings allowing the uploading of information to his lab while his computers were processing his telemetry into helping clarify and define the satellite images so help define the best places someone would put observational locations. As he stood there for a moment his left hand swatted at his leg allowing the muffled click to engage his anti-magic defenses as he pressed his right hand upon the roof of his car . As his hand settled upon the roof the door popped open and the engine turned on although it was silent as a wraith. Sliding into his car he engaged it driving back towards Murakumo Laboratories.
Azrael looked to his brother for a moment as their mother rose and headed towards the bar counter his green eyes flicking between the two as if attempting to figure out a difficult situation as if he was in a room with mutual strangers and attempting to make small talk. He was never sure precisely how to deal with Dakkon when he got into this kind of mood and his mother moving towards the bar was perhaps nothing but it seemed to resurface some of his memories from his childhood before looking at what she was picking up as his brother rose and spoke softly to him. He nodded to his brothers words. He pondered responding aloud but decided a simple nod would suffice and would not make the situation any more awkward. As his brother made his way across the room he witnessed their brief exchange along with his brothers general explanation of where he was going which put his hackles on end. His eyes flickered around the room looking for anything out of place, certainly the tavern looked much different than it had in their childhood, somehow cleaner even though it was almost always clean, his mother was rather determined to keep the place in good order, but it was as if his words seemed like they were directed to someone else, in the room, almost too convenient as if daring someone who was unseen to follow him, but he sensed nothing. Attuning his magical senses he flicked out his consciousness to the building in general attempting to find or feel what ever presence his brother was attempting to bait. As he did so he spoke to his mother his tone almost a lifeless monotone, " I would take a glass of water Mother " he said his focus on his senses. Could it be his brother had found something he himself couldn't sense, had magic been beaten by technology as his brother always claimed would happen.


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She caught the narrowed glance of Dakkon thrown in her direction. She had an idea what that was over. Alcohol. Yes, she did like a glass of wine, even a glass of Disorrono. But she never considered herself an alcoholic..if that was was she was being stared down about..she has had some weekends when she would let her hair down so to speak..She also felt she didn't owe anyone anything..if she wanted a drink, she shall have one. Just because she ran a place that is stocked to the gills of alcohol never once gave her the want to over indulge..even if she felt she would have liked to at times. She hardly raised the glass to her lips when she couldn't help but overhear Dakkon telling Azrael to 'stay with her' it made her feel like they thought of her as feeble who NEEDED taking care of..supervision..the brink of becoming a new resident to a home. Perhaps they thought she would have a hoorah with a bottle of hooch and finding her dancing on a table...It was now her turn to cast a narrowed glare but it was short lived.." You going to away long ? What am I saying, of course you will will get tied up with things at the lab...which really is ok. " a quick pause she then threw in, " Honest.." she even held a hand up like a scout making a pledge.

As Dakkon had left, she turned her attention to the look on his face, an expression of 'what do I do now'..the expression made HER not only uncomfortable, but sad. She sat down her glass on the counter, taking the liberty of making his water in a tall glass. She dropped a few cubes of ice..taking up her glass and carrying her own she steps out from behind the counter heading to the table. Doing this brought good memories of when she did had waited on tables. Setting the water in front of Azrael she then slipped into the chair on the other side of the table..she gazed at Azrael as she sipped on her drink. More of a studious gaze. There was an unsettling atmosphere in the room..quite silent except for the soft tinkling sound of ice cubes against glass. The silence seemed quite loud. Then finally she broke that silence.. " Azrael, I have picked up that you seem uncomfortable around me..It makes me sad that you have a sort of barrier when it comes to me...i never quite understood that.."
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