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Outer Surrune

Upon the fields of Surrune, the forces of the Dac'kelacha Military Arm (DMA) had assembled. Their diversity was bolstered by the eager members of the Ae'Harga Umarian Military Swarm (AUMS) that had arrived with the Emperor and Empress in support of their ambitious Prince. From the armored soldier armed with a battlerifle or construct weapon to the swarms' insectoid horde the diversity was astonishing and truly a testament to an Empire that had absorbed so many others through assimilation. These great forces were embued with the asune exotic weave of the void; their appetite ferocious and unsatiated they sought consumption, destruction, and simulation - but above all the indulgence of war itself. Mindhive Battle Placements hovered among the divisions which linked their leaders to the meld of some of the Leviathans as well as the greatest minds within the Empire's war machine. With Bathosar out of the way, none stood in opposition as Prince Minjun Kiri took his place as leader of the Dac'kelacha Military Arm. He stood atop the outer walls of Surrune and admired the illumination of lanterns that far exceeded the historical armies that had made their mark upon those plains. While his parents enjoyed their time in the observatory, Minjun met with his generals and the decision had been made as to which territory outside of Surrune would be the first to their blitz of conquest.

Supply drones, transport shuttles, and containment cell dropships continued to fall the soils of Surrune as the number of troops on the ground continued to increase. While upon the top of the Gate, Tower Minjun stood within the circle of his Generals and revealed to them his plan. The map of Ayenee unfolded in projection around them and filled the entire top of the tower. The massive emerald grassland stretch of the Ulian Veldt was ahead of them, along with yet another territory that had once belonged to the Norians. "Wa verr bakorr srak vesr o soksa uk sraer uvm kadecema. Wesrem sra cumkemak uk sra comaeum vorrk vrecr dakcamd su sra Ureom Vards sra siordeom Marrio-zumae krikbark, omd va krorr emkaks rek omd roeka rek iv su ika ok uir kerks kuus vesrem sraka romdk, va verr koda sraer vrusacsur uir rorbemsar," [["We will befall them with a taste of their own medicine. Within the confines of the canyon walls which descend to the Ulian Veldt the guardian Melhua-zonei slumbers, and we shall infest him and raise him up to use as our first foot within these lands, we will make their protector our harbinger,"]] Minjun explained. "Ha verr raod sra voae kur uir sruuvk suvord sra Ureom Ssrumsrurd vrecr va verr suvvra ok om axokvra kur sruka vru voscr cukkursobrae em sraer rixirae ovorskamsk em sra Aaeamaa Covesor Cesae." [[ "He will lead the way for our troops toward the Ulian Stronghold which we will topple as an example for those who watch comfortably in their luxury apartments in the Ayenee Capital City."]] They could have taken the entire planet from orbit, and yet Minjun insisted upon this almost nostalgic course. He wanted the people of Ayenee to see who it was that conquered them, to see the flag of the Empire flutter from their flag poles in the days which followed their subjugation. War was simple to avoid, opportunity given to surrender and assimilate would always be given, after all soon that blue and white swirling orb would fall within the light of the luminaries.

The celebrations had begun to taper off within Surrune itself, the new tainted leaders of the former Norian nation would have to assemble before Minjun and swear their loyalty, their broken people respun into even more soldiers for his sprawling forces. If anyone questioned that Ayenee had undergone a change in recent weeks, all it would take was a look up to see the intricate glistening bellies of the Leviathans that were visible along with Ayenee's broken, boring moon. Preparations were made, and resupply vehicles ripped across the landscape as the divisions prepared their move toward the Ulian Veldt.

Surrune - The Observatory of the Expanses

Arm in Arm Koshiro walked with Xytrinah. The intricate golden arrays of the Observatory of the Expanses surrounded them in all of their splendor. The facility was designed as a place for the Norian colonists that had come to Ayenee to look back to the worlds they called home. It had always been viewed as a place of beauty and awe that displayed the Norian expanses across the spirals. It was now something else, a window into the abandoned debris-choked fields and less than naturally formed nebulae that were the result of shattered homeworlds. It had its beauty that destruction, but the unleashed nature of Morggho's forces like the Craethel and Quell had gone far enough and Koshiro had not only put them within their place, assimilated them into the Empire; he hung their so-called gods in containment orbs upon his bookcases. "He has grown up immensely since the days he swallowed his fear and walked up the steps of Cyotha-Ysa to reunite with you," he noted in observation as his opulent midnight eyes reflected the plasmatic swirls of the debris field that had once been Noria displayed before them.

Koshiro had always noted that moment as one that had changed both Minjun's path and his own. It was the bravery of his son which had reunited them, which had brought together again two who were made for each other. So many over time had tried to claim one heart or the other, but no one had ever come close. There were those who feared their union, the Shen which had been a topic of the evening had gone as far as to try and rush Xytrinah into marriage before his return. There were even those within the sprawl of their military arms now who sought to fulfill personal goals far above their station and would gladly seek to unhinge him. It would be in vain, for it was obvious that short of complete annihilation he was there to stay. "I think we should stay for a time, to observe and when it is not to his disadvantage, we should assist him," he suggested which had been in contemplation before they had even left the K'ctha-Zotha home system. It was a thin line they had to walk, for if they contributed too much to Minjun's campaign it could be seen as his weakness which would cultivate more and more ambitious members of the military arms which would try to unhinge him. He was off to a rocketing start having tricked Bathosar so easily to his death within the Kagami Spiral.


Guardian Melhua-zonei of the Ulian Veldt
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··I ɢɪᴠᴇ ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴇsᴛɪɴʏ ᴏғ Fᴀɪᴛʜ﹐
ᴀɴᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡɪʟʟ ʙʀɪɴɢ ɪᴛs ᴍᴇssᴀɢᴇ ᴜᴘᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ғʟᴇsʜ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ғᴀɪᴛʜʟᴇss.··

Xytrinah remained quiet during the walk towards the observatory, although she wasn't exactly thrilled about being back in Ayenee let alone Surrune and made no attempt to hide the fact, the presence of Koshiro held a greater significance. The observatory was of typical Norian design, perhaps considered opulent in their culture, it was simplistic in architectural structure; but no doubt it served its purpose aesthetically to its people. She held no affection nor respect to their nations. Their nations where the knife was constantly at the back concealed behind the multitudes of smiling faces, courteous in their treasons, contrite in their declarations of spite, sweet in their transgressions of malice. "Thara werrr fashefr wasa e dhailr ull faeidirr du ru nelirr, irrad du na dhairr esa er dselrrisald er dha ssirrailr cailrr whu rdairr nuisl dha raiyar I duuc llsun dhan. Yui eln I heya lu ruya ull dhair wusrn!" ["These walls perhaps were a thing of beauty to so many, yet to me they are as translucent as the crying kings who still mourn the lives I took from them. You and I have no love of this world!"]

The delivered words were accompanied, embraced and caressed by various ‘hival’ ethereal whispers that transcended the spoken, echoing within the long empty aquifers of their eternal bond. Every phrase spoken softly in a darkness’ emotion suitable to the revelry, issued in such aurally mellifluous tones to which the atmosphere carried a crystalline clarity. "Tha llidisa wa aineraila, sesarirr illlurnr fallusa ir - wa layas wiaida aineraila dha enuild ull faira dhed nird fa cairran iful dha derda ull uis raifr llus aid'r hesyard..." ["The future we imagine, rarely unfolds before us - we never quite imagine the amount of bile that must be kissed upon the taste of our lips for its harvest..."] Black Lotus eyes with a tinge of mercurial sheen, a gaze reminiscent to the onyx pastures of interstellar space eternally ice-bound in this starlight fixed intensely upon Koshiro, she did not look upon those broken spheres not even to relish at the downfall.

"Ofrasyedaiul air err I aildaln du nu. I wairh lud du fa seirhd if ail dha elllleaisr ull dhair wusrn. Mailshil cluwr uis riffusd air adasler." ["Observation is all I intend to do. I wish not to be caught up in the affairs of this world. Minjun knows our support is eternal. "] Chiaroscuro in contrast with the ophidian tri-dimensional shades of her eyes, drinking in and observing every detail perceived and concealed upon the face of her husband. In her regard all her attentions were placed where they should be, she dared not look upon the adorned skies towards the East, the stars were a painful reminder of home. Longing for the towering pillars of home and the spoils of what a lifelong of devotion and sacrifice had brought, where she yearned to be. Standing there, motionless like the portrait of the silver moon beneath the cold chrysochrous sun where darkness and the hues of russet embers of dying worlds whispered their laments to the voids; she heard the requiems of those dead worlds above despite not looking upon them. "Tha sunailr neirrr wairr rhuw dha faraillailrr ull e law ase..." ["The coming days will show the beginnings of a new era..."]

Even with the evolution of new worlds, Ayenee's taboo of the past due was always fear of change, that now had come to bare its celebrations of liberation in the face of a new reformation. "Ha raeslan runadhailr ull hainrarll. Pashefr aid ewuca runadhailr naaf llsun waidhail? Tu llaes na wuirn fa du llaes hainrarll." ["He learned something of himself. Perhaps it awoke something deep from within? To fear me would be to fear himself.] A sense of calmness bestowed over her features or that which could be interpreted as an unnerving tranquillity to others. The entireness of the situation filtering through her mind going over the events which had befallen, she definitely wasn't about to dance around them either with sweet dialogues. The cradle of her thoughts faded away from all decode, clouding themself amidst the ebony vapours- retreating to the obscurity of her inner darkness. "Wa esa hasa waidh eln llus uis rul, eln dhair air err dhed neddasr!" ["We are here with and for our son, and this is all that matters!"].

As if to offer herself consolation that the situation wasn't so terrible and her inconsequential discomfort- fools could play their power games, trading the destinies of civilians in exchange for selfish ambition and what they believed to be the right course, it was a game they both had already played, and the universe had grown boring in that sense. The culmination of life, the cultivation of its riches blossomed only in its continuance. Some would walk blindly, the obscurity of so-called absolution of self and power -- accelerated in their desolate journey. Others walked towards the light, embraced existence for what it was worth and dredged forwards into the undiscovered frontiers unified and unbreakable.

Norians believed themselves to be complex people, varying in opinion and specialty. From the traditionalists of the Xythael who lived their life devoted to sword and magic to the officers of the Star Navy who had left the mark of their nation upon the stars, roamed the vast empty blackness and disturbed the remnants of the very dusts that had assembled to form worlds and life. Xenophobes and progressive reformists, argued but all resounded as one when it came to one thing, the love of their nation and their Ysi. It made absolutely no sense to her, that they had abandoned all they had known and fled cravenly to other foreign spaces. It perplexed Xytrinah to a degree- afterall she was not foreign to Norian or Lorenzian ideology, faith and beliefs. Emotional energies beheld charges that resonated through the clusters of mindhives and connected members of the Urstholloshian Congress and her remaining contacts in the Ayenee Federation- to thoroughly investigate her suspicions.

In the silence where her last words had left them, her gaze drifted from the utopic depths of Koshiro's eyes to the clear cloudless night bore the sight of nebulae and constellations, the banners of distant stars- the faint flickers of euphistic magenta cast light from the Leviathan's played upon Xytrinah's flawless achromic complexion. Watching as the insectoid cruisers and leviathans changed their formations in the flood of vessels that accompanied the massive behemoths, they were surrounded by representative military arms which worked in cooperation to maintain their hold upon the spirals they had recently just conquered. Nothing was secreted, they could have jammed all communications to and from the glistening orb they called home, if they wished it so. Nothing was hidden, everything was in full view of all onlookers that settled with envious or admiring eyes.

"Tu errina dha wusrd ail err ssaedaiul, air du lleair du haes aid'r fesd ull dha rirrnfhulirr." ["To assume the worst in all creation, is to fail to hear it's part of the symphony."] Both her and Koshiro there showing a strong support for their son but not intervening showed a greater strength and family unification- the belief in his cause, granting vocal advocate in council and guidance but not interjecting in his decisions. There was no scolding, no vociferation in the difference of rulership strategy- his victories would be his, but also any failures should they befall. They would be there to provide what was needed to rebuild, but that would be her only role unless the severity of events required other actions. They would disagree or agree, they were both very intelligent and complex beings with their own minds and methods yet unified as one. Turning once again to face him, a delicate hand rose to grace the side of her husband's elegant handsome features, "I ruya irrui Kurhaisu Kaisai, fairruln err wa raa eln err wa cluw."
["I love you Koshiro Kiri, beyond all we see and all we know. "]
Koshiro wholeheartedly agreed with his wife's sentiment. Love for these worlds was something he lacked, perhaps that would change when they sucked them into the luminary's light, or it would be just another acquisition. Although not quite what she was, he was still an Espra just maybe the one and only of his kind to have broken from the tragedy of the so-called rule of the Builders. His passion for the Norian artifacts was something else together, rather than a fascination with the ancients which had come before them. Ayenee was like a looming dark cloud of mixed perception and emotion, it all had happened before him before her with him. To what end would this all transpire? Unspoken words had gathered now within a novel of their own, lost within a grander orchestration to which he lived.

"I verr ubkarqa, omd kivvurs, bis I verr orku odqeka kruird sremsk su suu kor. Oir kivvurs koae ba asarmor bis kae voseamca ek mus, srara cukak o seka vram aqam cumpiaks omd kibiacseum kiks aeeard su o kura kemor kuriseum. I'k cumsams su raov sra rarec kvuerk ek uir kum ku sroceuikrae emsamdk su krora srak, bis I'k mus ku dakvarosa kur srak sros kruird es cuka su srek vurrd baems daquirad vrurrae sros es verr ba kukasrems vrecr rurdk ka bocd. Oir srosesida, uir samarukesae su sruka Nureomk vru roqa cuka cesezamk vesrem sra vukbk uk U'rksrurrukro ek dakarqad um sraer vors em sraer dareqaromca kruk Eesom ur Coaaeoro rira, bis I'k okroed I dum's kemd kaekark sros kuseqosad su daav axsamdems sra ukkar vram Aervem kaakad ku cumsams su krov kae romd ovoae," [["I will observe, and support, but I will also advise should things go too far. Our support may be eternal but my patience is not, there comes a time when even conquest and subjection must yield to a more final solution. I'm content to reap the relic spoils if our son so graciously intends to share them, but I'm not so desperate for them that should it come to this world being devoured wholly that it will be something which holds me back. Our gratitude, our generosity to those Norians who have come citizens within the wombs of U'rsthollosha is deserved on their part in their deliverance from Eitan or Caeyara rule, but I'm afraid I don't find myself that motivated to keep extending the offer when Airwin seemed so content to slap my hand away," ]]Koshiro said in a somber tone as he traced the risen arch of her cheek in a cherished manner."If they are or are former MERM, I shed no tears as they burn upon the pyres of the aftermath of our son's conquest. My mercy extends only so far," he said in the somewhat conflicted resolution.

The entire observatory trembled as one of the Ath-lakegn burst from the soil nearby, its ominous black distorted body rippled within the augmented reflections of the moon's rays. The magnificent horrifying "Void Dragon" was the reason for it all, the reason their son had sent Bathosar to die pointlessly before the Yamataian Fleet. As the tremble faded, still locked upon the image of Noria smashed and broken Koshiro said in observation, "He moves, I have to admit I adore his dedication." It was almost as if the previous sentiment had been wiped away as the sound of engines roared overhead and boot falls hammered against Surrune's soil, Minjun's armies moved now towards the Veldt, and as a vivid reminded of an old reply, the Leviathans visible in the night sky painted in projection displays of their royal banners. Another misunderstood omen by those so primitive they thought of them as gods.

Koshiro said silent goodbyes to his Niha-Oguaclat honor guard as they now followed his son's call across the lands. "I love you too, with all that I am and will be..." his words trailed off as his eyes moved from the image of Noria's broken remains to the projection of Lorenz's half-planetary shell busted within its orbit, "Now while he commits to his duty we will do our own. I was thinking about the Ayenee Federation. I was considering maybe this could be a good time to call Amy Lao to us, the good Admiral could help us see clearly where their broken forces stand. We can see how much our last encounter with them has fallen in terms of their conscience." He had little faith in the so-called Federation, they had how many conflicts over the years? They were gutted, dependent on aid from the Laeyrians and the now out-of-the-fight Norians. It was a shame Minjun couldn't be in two places at once, something about having him sit there with the Sword of Ayenee at his side was more than just mildly entertaining.

Outer Surrune

Minjun had chosen to walk with his Soldate Divisions rather than be idle in one of the command units. There was a perspective that being on the ground brought that helped him center his thoughts. He had found himself curious about what his parents had discussed with him. This Shen woman was going to have to be something special, they had only one chance to get it right and they not only had to reach his expectation but his mother's as well. This woman was going to have to be worth him, and worth the dynasty he carried with such dignity. His armies moved toward the upper reaches of Outer Surrune and towards the Canyon walls where Melhua-zonei slumbered in wait for him to awaken him. The first Ayenee Guardian was going to be something worth remembering and his plans for it carried the continued hope for symbolic projection as he refrained from attacking the world he could of cracked like an egg from space.
The sculptured rise of cheekbone nestled into her husband's touch, savouring the ecstatic sensation of it, a gentle murmur ushered like a lullaby resounded behind closed apertures in exuberance, how she adored these intimate moments that were just betwixt them. Even his voice, his words echoed throughout her epitome in energies none could fathom, traversed the very threads of the tapestries and reverberated beyond that time and space. She could only hope that words would not sour the ambiance, but it became more apparent as the moments passed that it was not going to be a peaceful hour. It wasn't a delicate situation, but it was one that had to be played a particular way to have the advantage no one or thing could refute or contest unless it was by combat and war. War could easily be thwarted if that was not the truthful of intentions, all it would take is for the cowardly to stay pinned to the stars they hid behind and pray to their Gods that the pleonectic void would not seek the ultimate of tributes.

"Tra Eesomk. I krorr corr srak Eesom, bacoika sros ek vru omd vros sraae ora, omd mu komcae moka verr aqar cromsa vru omd vros sraae ora. Traae roqa sodam aqarae uma uk sraer curumeksk omd ku-corrad baruqad omd crarekrad vauvra kruk uma amd su omusrar vrera kisorcuosems es ok omusrar emqokeum ur emcirkeum kruk kuka kurca uiskeda sraer uvm, vram em srisr sraae roqa baam baremd aqarae kemsra uma uk sraer duvmkorrk. I suud sra Umkae vauvra kruk Lou'Toim bakura ra rod o cromca su ika srak ok o suur em rek vromk. I suud srak uis uk omae apioseum su ba ikad kur vrosaqar kaomk bae omaeuma. Traae roqa sraer reqak, sros I cuird roqa aokerae sodam omd vros ek em kae qarae mosira su du. Bis vros vuird sros bamakes ka ur ik? Wa soda vrosaqar ksuma ur vabbra va com kemd emksaod uk srruvems srak, omd kruk aocr ksuma ur vabbra va bierd om akvera. I duibs sraka mav Eesomk ur vrosaqar rumaaead moka sraae ika, aqam dmuv sraer uvm ocsior reksurae? Du sraae dmuv sra srisr uk es?"

["The Eitans. I shall call them Eitan, because that is who and what they are, and no fancy name will ever change who and what they are. They have taken every one of their colonists and so-called beloved and cherished people from one end to another while sugarcoating it as another invasion or incursion from some force outside their own, when in truth they have been behind every single one of their downfalls. I took the Unmei people from Lao'Taun before he had a chance to use them as a tool in his plans. I took them out of any equation to be used for whatever means by anyone. They have their lives, that I could have easily taken and what is in my very nature to do. But what would that benefit me or us? We take whatever stone or pebble we can find instead of throwing them, and from each stone or pebble we build an empire. I doubt these new Eitans or whatever honeyed name they use, even know their own actual history? Do they know the truth of it"]

There had been a lot of history Xytrinah knew and shared with the Eitan Ysi, though she never spoke of it; just as Koshiro had his history with them. Unknown to the direct natures of such, she never felt the need to rehash the past and bring up events neither cared to recall. Despite the little mentions here and there, it had never been a topic of discussion until now. Xytrinah could only hope that wherever they had found comfort or consanguinity and continue on their journey forwards with what little they had and rebuild it unrefutably was in their best interests to forget that Ayenee existed... and find peace in their failures. That would be the intelligent thing to do, they were outnumbered, outmanoeuvred, out of their league. They barely could even defeat the Nepei, the Umarians had eviscerated some of their worlds with next to no effort; she doubted they were capable of even defeating the Shen let alone the present force on the horizon and that smothered the heavens above were the embodiment of supremacy.

"Dakvesa sra seqems uk okmaksae, I vokm's ku bamaqurams su ubkarqa reka, vreur, I vok ku dadecosad su arodecosems omd cumkikems es omd dakvesa sros ovvasesa sros iiks ekm's kosad, I raorms o srems ur svu. I odqomcad varr baaeumd kae kurabaorark vru ora kserr duems sra koka srems sraae vara duems bakura sra kerks ksor kruma em sra erraqucobra dordmakk omd kuum oksar sra sreksamems urbk sros domsrad reda urmokamsk um uir srraodk ok sremdask omd vroaesremsk. Oir brocd roqamuik samdrerk kruvrae cuerad oruimd, raekirarae okvraexeosems srak, ekbebems orr omd raoqems musrems. Samkarakk. Ekuseumrakk. Naqar kosekkead. Tram vros ek sra virvuka uk omaesrems?" ["Despite the giving of amnesty, I wasn't so benevolent to observe life, prior, I was so dedicated to eradicating and consuming it and despite that appetite that just isn't sated, I learnt a thing or two. I advanced well beyond my forebearers who are still doing the same thing they were doing before the first star shone in the irrevocable darkness and soon after the glistening orbs that dangled like ornaments on our threads as trinkets and playthings. Our black ravenous tendrils slowly coiled around, leisurely asphyxiating them, imbibing all and leaving nothing. Senseless. Emotionless. Never satisfied. Then what is the purpose of anything?"]

There was always a larger entity, a greater omnipotence of the processes in which creators utilized to make all that was and is. Those who took forth from the fabrics of the universe and created, manipulated the spaces upon which life and demise was set. Yet, political and opinionated divide had forever taken up sly legions amongst the miscreants willing to cloak them and accept them with their differences of opinion. The sharp stings of betrayal and political resolve that fell short of explaining the powerful shockwave of emotion and raw foundational, expulsions even they would feel tremble within their thin crimson blood. The only way life could truly be celebrated was to live, to have purpose in that existence beyond the mundane of need and it sometimes came with duty when one possessed a title that civilizations looked to in times of need and peril. And the same could be said for death- that cold embrace of the taking of life, it bought satisfaction for a time until the next cull itched beneath the veins like a toxin.

"Sukasrems vok koed su ka umca. I krorr mus ravaos es ur vrekvar esk uresemk ok sraae ora emkesmekecoms su ik. Bis I roqa rums vruqam es korka omd roqa rod sra roks roisr. Is'k umrae corread ok o rakemdar su vros I vok omd vru I ok muv." ["Something was said to me once. I shall not repeat it or whisper its origins as they are insignificant to us. But I have long proven it false and have had the last laugh. It's only carried as a reminder to what I was and who I am now. "] Confident that Koshiro knew her well enough to speculate the meaning of that dialogue, spoken in soft mellifluous lilt- symphonious in the seductive plumes of quintessence. Elaboration of personal moments openly shared to place emphasis on the situation and the weight of this world on shoulders that wished not to carry it- it was a mutual passion communicated quite unmistaken. Despite anything done and said, she moved with him and if they were one, a united unit that could not be divided by any force, action or opinion. There were not just responsible for worlds, systems or universes; they governed spirals and voids that were the first to blossom creation from seismic tarry depths and with them countless beings thrived, excelled and connected allegiance to them. There was little in the means of real resistance.

"Tra Fadaroseum ora iiks vovmk sros srirae kruird ba rakuqad kruk sraer vrocak um sra crakkbuord. Huvaqar, I com amsarsoem srek. Traae com emkurk ik uk kicr brudam kurcak, omd va com rakemd srak uk sra vukeseum sraae ora axocsrae em omd sros srara ek umrae uma voae sraae com kuqa muv. Nu cukvrukeka. Traae com amsarsoem ik bae sra rakuqor uk omae Eesom kivvursark, ur omae em uvvukeseum uk Memiim emdakemesarae ok o kesm uk suud koesr, kruird sraae vekr su rakoem um sraer cukkursobra vadaksork sros va biers sra kuimdoseumk kur." ["The Federation are just pawns that truly should be removed from their places on the chessboard. However, I can entertain this. They can inform us of such broken forces, and we can remind them of the position they are exactly in and that there is only one way they can move now. No compromise. They can entertain us by the removal of any Eitan supporters, or any in opposition of Minjun indefinitely as a sign of good faith, should they wish to remain on their comfortable pedestals that we built the foundations for. "]

A Federation was only as good as the governance it provided its people, to serve the people of Ayenee and not themselves- on several occasions now her eyes alone had witnessed as well as his. If there was ever a hell on a singular planet, this was certainly the place. Superstition was no longer the religion founded by its old and dusty books—it had been replaced by illogic and science (argued usually by the senseless, the scholar or the power-driven zealot). Citizens openly clashing over boundaries and ‘claimed territory’ rights, and those alien to this world, had no official pull there. Unable to tender negotiations between either the minor government or the Ayenee Empire regardless of its state of ruin and fall within the federations causing a breach in defence hegemony- an old headache and evidence speaking, still was. The Federation had already received the brunt of a squirmish assault during the First Umarian War; and that had only just been a tickle to the fun spots in comparison to the possibilities should one provoke the wrong entity. Perhaps they could smooth it all over with a cup of tea?

The notion of what she referred to as "tea" made Xytrinah chuckle at the reminiscence.

"Parrovk suu, va kruird kamd o vukscord ur svu omd rurr uis sra varcuka corvas? I'rr varcuka sra dacroroseum uk uvvukeseum- varrovk sraae'rr brems o kries bokdas! Wa roqa mu maad kur sraer cumkurkesae, orreomcak ur vaavems kur axumaroseum. I du ruvaqar kissaks o sruruisr kcom uk srek vurrd kur dmuvm kesmosirak; sraae koda sra keksoda uk iuemems sra UAR, omd rard vukeseum em sra keresorae imdar Lou'Toim, va com ika sruka ok crukk rakaramca?" ["Perhaps we should send a postcard or two and roll out the welcome carpet? I'll welcome the declaration of opposition- perhaps they'll bring a fruit basket! We have no need for their conformity, alliances or weeping for exoneration. I do however suggest a thorough scan of this world for known signatures; they made the mistake of joining the UAR, and held position in the military under Lao'Taun, we can use those as cross reference? "] Moving elegantly to bring her back to Koshiro's front, leaning back into the muscular torso of her husband and jewelled adorned digits seeking his hands with intent to be engulfed in his embrace and breach any distance twixt their elegant physiques.

"Sruird omae uk srak rakoem rara, omd I dmuv o kav rakoem kserr, bacoika sraae dmuv mu bassar, bis ras'k ruva sraae kpiaodad ukk uma ressra kakkosa bakura sraae sas kris duvm. Ik sraae voms su dmuv, sraae com cuka omd kaa es kur srakkarqak. I kemd srek crerdekr rubbae uk kakkosak bocd omd kursr sadeuik." ["Should any of them remain here, and I know a few remain still, because they know no better, but let's hope they squeaked off one little message before they get shut down. If they want to know, they can come and see it for themselves. I find this childish hobby of messages back and forth tedious."] Drawing back harshly the oxygen she did not require to fill lungs but more to emphasis the sound of displeasure. "Or kae ruqa, du va ras srak rim ukk kpiaodems su sarr sraer ksureak?" ["Or my love, do we let them run off squeaking to tell their stories?"] Resting now the back of her head against Koshiro's chest as Stygian eyes closed gently beneath ebonized lashes, "Yie hiz, I msixi siri shiiv ririleis mili ih es ii rith fisixiv, eh iel isilsith vsiiths." ["You know, I have some good memories here of us too my beloved, in our early days."]

The tremble of the earth and observatory aroused her perception to return to the present, relishing in the disruption and panic the Ath-lakegn must be causing to the unsuspecting citizens and whatever was remaining of Ayenee's military arms. "Tho Dlukav naxok uvk ik vadh ad e dokadudaav, doladadav uvk ukkodado." ["The Dragon moves as do we in dedication, ferocity and appetite."] Quietly uttered in reply to Koshiro. Once again closing her eyes and just listening to the acceleration of engines and marching formation assailing the barren terrain beneath them. "Muav ho ko xaddalaaik, uvk dho kiulkauvk davol rav av kiknakkaav. I urnakd door ovxaaik I un vad dholo da koo adk uidinv kid dirr ad klako ud adk rukd koukav." ["May he be victorious, and the guardians cower low in submission. I almost feel envious I am not there to see its autumn but full of pride at its last season."] With Minjun "blessings" were sent, it was conjured in the black sanguine veils that clashed like angry tides against the cliffs of eternity- a "dark gift" should it be needed to call upon. A piece of her, given to him, covertly.

Granting a moment to smooth the nature of topic with the endearment of how much she truly loved him, no care for whatever was listening or spying at any given point of their arrival. Allowing the tone of his voice to reverberate, drift through the spirals and tapestries to coalesque, speaking as if lost somewhere between a dream and some other dark place, "Wo khurr nood vadh dhak Anav Lua, hakodirrav kho huk kano avkakhd da vholo dhoav kduvk av davkivddaav vadh ik uvk...." ["We shall meet with this Amy Lao, hopefully she has some insight to where they stand in conjunction with us and...."] Not caring to repeat the name again after having mentioned it despite wanting to bite her tongue. Wanting to keep a graceful calm resolve for the sake of their son. "I un kilo dhud ail kav varr vad akkodd da avai kakkokkavk dolduav vakdurkad loradk. Ho kvavk ad avail kukkaavk da akduav dhon uvk da ukk da avail darroddaav, I un kilo ho vairk ko havailok da khulo dhak vadh avai, nav hould." ["I am sure that our son will not object to you possessing certain nostalgic relics. He knows of your passions to obtain them and to add to your collection, I am sure he would be honoured to share this with you, my heart."]

There was much to organize and discuss with other Empires, the proposals of the Shen Empire and other business of Corporation and further progress in their own military upgrades which we all underway back in the Ursthollosha Spiral. Business at least could be taken care of there without hinderance, and she was sure the Shen would use her time away to their advantage but with the military arms just outside their system they certainly would not lack a response to demands. The coronation would go ahead as planned, there were only a couple of foresights to be cleared up leading up to the procession and festivities. She would glance over production in the later hours of the oncoming day as well as other financial assets and gains. There was a moment of concern for the welfare of Minjun, but Xytrinah maintained her complete faith with conviction.
"Eitans, Caeyara, Wraithen, all sides of the same coin. It is like a brand that continually has the need to reformat its label, though I have to admit I may finally have come to the conclusion that Caecyan was less of a tool, I'm still not totally convinced about Te-heh Airwin or whatever is calling himself now. I can't help but look at the orbs on my shelves back home and blame those bloated Espra and Builders for it. You know how they are about their scandals, the Eitans make the perfect uninformed buyer, of course even if that went sour in the end, of course, due to some unsightly hold on Airwin's privates," he said with little regret for his word choice. He knew his wife's understanding of the social romantic ambitions of the Eitans. "I wonder what these promiscuous catgirls have that entice the Norian, wonder what diseases they carry. A bad case of the fleas?" he said with a chuckle.

Koshiro was amused by his own bitter humor, though her assessment of her own progress brought less of a smirk to his face. "I will surprise you at every turn my love. I will show you the purpose that lies beyond purpose. Just remember, the purpose is beyond simple perception - people may think they have it, but it turns out to merely be a wind like something passed through the hind cheeks. You just are above common perception, and your presence is hard for mortal fools to process. You've evolved with every step and you are leaps ahead of them. Fools that don't even know you have written accolades by even they have mistaken their wishful thinking for an understanding of a woman and being their little broken minds could possibly understand," he said, was it finally ego? That answer he supposed was up to her.

He reflected himself as the conversation moved back to the task at hand, "You made strides when you attempted to bring Ayenee together in a Federation, they're like little babes in the daycare. Perhaps they are teething or nursing? An infant government seeking to find its purpose. Then again at least half their body has resorted to shitting itself for attention. They're not a government at all, they do keep all their bullshit to the capital and what little space they can occupy. Their fleet remains to be the older ships we helped them design. If we take a look at the reality of the situation, the only reason they aren't dying yet is that removing the former MERN presence is so much more of a priority," he said with a slight shrug, "It should be rather easy for us to get Amy Yao to visit, her daughter serving in one of our own divisions is the perfect lure. Come and take a very important notice back to your leaders or we devour your daughter in front of you. Lots of love, the Kiri," he said in an announcement-like voice. "Perhaps a chance for her daughter to get a promotion as well? Her last test of course would be to dispatch her mother when we're done with all this?" he hummed a little at the end of what he said in contemplation.

He felt warmth at the mention of her memories, "I too have fond ones, though I believe there are still times when you forget even the bad memories were good. Time and our son ensured a good ending to it, and too many memories to come. I will arrange for the visit with the 'Admiral' with hospitality and a tongue coated in honey."

Outer Surrune - Approach to the Veldt​

Gunboats drifted overhead as the dark clouds of the suppressed dawn filled the sky. Another lesson taken from the assimilation of the Umarians is the tincture of the sky to darkness as their occupation began. The light that trickled occasionally through the clouds represented false hope. Upon one of the plateaus the division with Mijun split off as they approached the cliff space with the resting place of Melhua-zonei's Tomb, where the dormant Guardian awaited to be revived. Mijun ordered Ath-lakegn to the ground, where he ruthlessly cleaved a scale from the void entities' flesh, it dripped black glossy blood which caused the grass where it spilled to turn and wither a deep brown color. It was things like this that would have been prevented had Bathosar lived, but that entire military arm was his now. Within minutes Minjun and two of his generals along with a few of the dark priests had descended into the tomb. It was not simply about waking the Guardian, rather he fully intended to have the delicious blood of that void dragon to assimilate it.

"Soon you will be mine, another item on my wall of ills and ails. You're going to carve a memory of violence and treachery into the hearts of these foolish people. They're going to get lost in your eyes, the mirrors of your scales and spines, and be forced into madness that makes them devour their own. My battle ram into this new territory requiring a remembrance of who they truly belong to," he said to himself as he took his place behind the priests that were about to awaken the guardian what would soon be just as he had described it. Thankfully there were not many civilians to offer amnesty to, not that it mattered to him. He mulled over the amusement that this creature's parents told their children about that would always protect them.

Heavy hover tanks, and artillery rolled into position for the descent into the Veldt, and gunships formed patrol loops which gave them time to scan the settlements.
...Walk forever bold, never hide amongst the thorns of shadows or the contempt of stars.

Xytrinah simply smirked, receiving certain intel through an elaborate encrypted atemporal hive-mind and the inviscid flow of the spiral tapestries betwixt the Umarian fleets and Leviathans that smothered "controlled space" surrounding the planet. Communications essentially clandestine. Shaking her head at the displayed sheer ignorance. Insects always come crawling from dark places when the light is applied in the right places. The swarm of fleets in witness commenced shifts in formation, behind the nature of such shifts could only be left to speculation. Such things were not hard to miss when gazing upon the celestial firmament, the comings and goings of vessels outside of the Z'shoth Arm and the 𝐍𝐠𝐚𝐡𝐚́𝐤𝐳𝐡𝐚 𝐅𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐭 which "dominantly" held space since their arrival... Vespae X-6 and the Class II 182's unobserved on sensors pierced through the icy hued vapours of the celestial giant's upper atmosphere. Nothing ever goes, unnoticed or ignored.

Progressing forwards, the Utukku Scanners manoeuvred at certain points of focus that utilized their efficiency. Further hidden communications between herself and Eydis Zavaleta final but also cloaked beneath matters concerning the Shen having also received intelligence of questionable movement. A strict belief in stratagem, keep everything off balance and in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind the truism of actions. Guide them far enough down the wrong path, led them through the tainted valleys of false security or doubt, envelop them in enough shadows, darkness and smoke, and by the time they will intentions, it's too late. But she was no fool either, cowards always crawl back with tails twixt legs or with company just as tedious and just as untutored.

Responding with an almost apathetic tone, "Sfesa Cedr eln Sfesa Eryar. Hn, huw wieaild! Pashefr dhairr rhuirn shird rdeirr ail dhaais raiddasfuz?!" ["Space Cats and Space Elves. Hm, how quaint! Perhaps they should just stay in their litterbox?!"] Turning towards her right, chin tilting upwards slightly, presenting her countenance towards a more definite and regal deportment. Fine-chiselled beauteous features bathed in the opalescent radiance of the natural light beckoning down from the skies above. "I hen wairhan dhed I wuirnl'd heya du sard nirr airrar ul elirr ula ull dhan ayas ereail." ["I had wished that I wouldn't have to rest my eyes on any one of them ever again."] The recalcitrance in her statement wasn't hidden and it echoed throughout the vespers without reserve.

"I'n lud wiaida risa whu us whed air helrailr ullll hair fesdr, lus dha llersailedaiul waidh rfesa sedr eln whedayas udhas lulralra ha'r shizdefuran hainrarll duu, fid I en furaidaiya dhed whedayas aid air, aidr shird eludhas ula ull dha Eaidel'r ludshar ildair ha rsuwr fusan ull aid, us aidr ira lu rulras rasyar. Id'r hinusuir du raa dhed ayal ail dhaais uwl lessairrairn; dhairr heyal'd llairisan aid err uid irrad. I riarr lud ru aildarrairald elldas err. Huwayas, I'n risa dha azsira llus aid wairr fa afais." ["I'm not quite sure who or what is hanging off his parts, nor the fascination with space cats and whatever other nonsense he's juxtaposed himself too, but I am positive that whatever it is, its just another one of the Eitan's notches until he grows bored of it, or its use no longer serves. It's humorous to see that even in their own narcissism; they haven't figured it all out yet. I guess not so intelligent after all. However, I'm sure the excuse for it will be an epic one."]

Thanaterosian breath on a soft exhalation within the air caught in seizure like ice cracking a mirror's surface; even the sound shrilly scraped harshly across the visuals. Depicting the coquettish harbinger in a seemingly phantasmoric whorl within an ensorcelled darkness' mien. An energy that drew many to its blackened fires. Her thoughts were of the calmness of the void, fluctuating and rippling around them even as she rolled her eyes indicating she was all too familiar. "I'n risa wa rherr llailn uid whal dhairr llailerrirr llairisa uid huw du ira dha nuusfarr." ["I'm sure we shall find out when they finally figure out how to use the doorbell."] A whisper of annoyance that transgressed into an audible sigh, expressing the truth and nature of it.

"I hufa dhed whedayas esdaiul irrui shuura du neca ail saresnr du dhair Anirr Yeu eln has neirhdas, air hairhrirr aldasdeailailr. Pasrulerrirr I'n ruya du raa dhan err ayairsasedan. Lerd dhailr I weld du ailyurya nirrrarll ail air eludhas rhaidrhuw us nsurr ull dhair wusrn. Thairr rhuirn fa ersaenirr warr ewesa whu dhaais rifasaiusr esa, eln whu fidr lluun ul dhaais defrar ail dhaais reyairh raillardirrrar whaira dha sard ull dha Erirrraiin dwaisrr ail aidr ufraiyaiuirlarr. I wuirn raica du neca whedayas firailarr wa heya waidh dhair Fanasedaiul, fsaiall. Siffusd du uis rul air nirr ulrirr ufshasdaiya hasa." ["I hope that whatever action you choose to make in regards to this Amy Yao and her daughter, is highly entertaining. Personally I'd love to see them all eviscerated. Last thing I want to involve myself in is another shitshow or droll of this world. They should be already well aware who their superiors are, and who puts food on their tables in their lavish lifestyles while the rest of the Elysium twirls in its obliviousness. I would like to make whatever business we have with this Federation, brief. Support to our son is my only objective here."]

Calm... unnervingly unemotional- the dispassionate salaciousness of Xytrinah's voice audible. Resounding twixt an oracle's revelation and the seductive lips of a woman who held vast power over many intergalactic federations and empires; not to mention had seen everything born from the art of war. Lengths of zibeline rivulets became stirred by a sudden rise of chill in the atmosphere, motioning over her form like waves of iridescent darkness, shaking her head with an amused smirk venturing over rubicund crescents. Rosewater cheeks took on a phantom flush in the dim lights of the screens, voidic orbs sparkling with the gleam similar to mortuary tapers. Chrysalid and deathlike, yet perceptions and heightened senses loomed far beyond that of just this vessel, location or galaxy itself.

"Tra baoks'k ovodamems ek os romd." ["The beast's awakening is at hand."]

Languidly, voices caressed the psychic pall of her mind, filtering like electromagnetic waves of high-pitched transmissions. Features tensed at the jawline, head tilting to the side, features lacking expression but manicured brow bore the stress of her visions. It was evident whatever swayed attentions certainly did not help the disposition before temperament fell straight back into that moment and place. As far as she was concerned, the topic of the evening was now a finalised conversation that she would not re-enter into. Thoughts now turning to what was indeed more meaningful, their son.

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To Koshiro the location of Airwin and his Caeyara were of little consequence, the stave of betrayal had already been driven deep into his emotions on the matter. He knew how his wife felt about the former Eitans, his own hand had been tipped one too many times it was merely that it was more recent for him. He had extended invitations to Airwin, but Airwin had chosen to go to those in the Kagami Spiral instead. Still their ignorant 'gods' sat upon his shelf. He merely nodded, lost within the opulent luster of her eyes. They were both there to support their son as he made this act, which undoubtedly was for them. It didn't matter who stood in opposition it merely, they were the ruin within their son's wake. Koshiro gazed within his wife's eyes and lost himself within them, they had left their home and the comforts of it for this; not that either of them were accustomed to being idle for long. He admired her passion, even though for now it was disrupted by his mention of fools that needed no more attention then he had already given them.

Koshiro fitted his arms around her frame a little more tightly and said quietly, "I love you, more than anything in the verses. You truly are magnificent, a bloom of unimaginable beauty and I am glad we get to share these moments. Beneath the stars of this world or any world, you are the very epicenter of my universe." He declared lovingly as his fingers lightly traced the curvature of her cheek. He could sense the change though, the processes at work among their people above. Surely this meant they would be pulled to something else? He didn't care to speculate, his attention remained locked within her eyes and her within his arms. He exhaled, that professional veil he kept up among their followers exposed him only to her. He leaned in and pressed his lips to hers in a firm and lovingly kiss, his entire form tangled within the bond that existed between them.

The call to other fronts came not oblivious to him, for he as Emperor shared the common threads of information that passed through the military arms. Yet he held her there in his arms, another moment or second could not be long enough to truly cherish the embrace they shared. He sought those few moments further and deepened the kiss. "Tell me what do you wish to do now?" he asked quietly, eyes locked on hers in unwavering connection. "How will we deal with these things ahead of us? Should we delay the conversation with Miss Yao?" he asked, patiently he awaited her decision on what their next move would be. Change was in their air, and it would be up to them to decide how to proceed.

Koshiro took a moment, he issued a communication to their son to update him that he had been watching the progress of their troops as they moved into the Veldt.

Upper Veldt

Minjun watched as the priests unlocked Melhua-zonei's slumber and awoke the beast to the drowning black lacure of symboite infused liquid. They poured it through the open crevaces into the tomb, a trickle at first but within a moment the vile blackness flowed within at a rate unmanageable and the beast opened its mouth to let out a roar it was soon drown within the flow of the infusion. The microrifts into the eternal darkness, and blinding beacons of dying stars gave the liquid a strange spirit-like vapour as it flooded below. The Ayeneean Guardian was swamped with the abomination serum that Minjun had developed just for it, the sound of flesh augmenting,, bones snapping and change echoed from beneath the chamber as the beast had begun to under go the change that had been designed for it. Soon it would be a weapon to the young Kiri, his battleram into the Veldt's nations.
“Bow down: I am the emperor of dreams;
I ornate myself with the million-coloured suns
of secret incredible worlds,
and take their trailing skies for my vestments when I soar,
Throned on the mounting zenith,
and illume the spaceward-flown horizons infinite.”


Her eyes moved to admire the handsome structure of her husband's features, admiring the contours and masculine beauty, tracing the artistry with her nebulous nigrescent eyes, admiring and drinking in the very essences of him, until they met with his gaze. Relishing the firmness of his grip around her lithe frame, it brought a smile of contentment across sanguine apertures. The entire of existence could cease and they would still be there in the nothingness around them and still have everything. This very same pattern had repeated itself more times that she had lost count; organic civilizations rise, evolve, advance and then at the apex of their glory, were extinguished... and through those ashes, much like the phoenix, life would continue to flow on the ebb and tides of oblivion's dreaming.

"Rinainaldesirr ssaedisar ull fruun eln llrarh. Thairr duish nirr nailn, llinfrailr ail airluselsa, ailsefefra ull ilnasrdelnailr. Sdinfrailr esuiln ail dha nesclarr ayal whal e rairhd air fsaraldan, dhairr esa rdairr frailn. Thairr heya lu ilnasrdelnailr ull whu wa esa, whirr wa esa hasa, fid dhairr dsaif uyas dhanraryar dsirrailr du llairisa aid uid, rasuln riarrailr, ilanisedan.... ereail, wairr ulrirr ereail fsuya nirr fuaild. Thairr sellud ayal rserf dha ledisa ull uis azairdalsa. Thaais lluurairh errinfdaiulr esa shird er anfdirr er dhaais fsaralsar." ["Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh. They touch my mind, fumbling in ignorance, incapable of understanding. Stumbling around in the darkness even when a light is presented, they are still blind. They have no understanding of who we are, why we are here, but they trip over themselves trying to figure it out, second guessing, uneducated.... again, will only again prove my point. They cannot even grasp the nature of our existence. Their foolish assumptions are just as empty as their presences."]

In those words, messages were radiated through the visceral tapestries of the Leviathan's above, and the Z'shoth Arm's as they manoeuvred into several purposeful synchronized 'pincer' formations above like thousands of red flowers growing in a black garden. Cynosural powergrids already surging as communications were exchanged between the chain of command including that of the Magistra Harbingers and the Vespae X-6 and the Class II 182's in low orbit towards the West whilst some remained on standby above the eastern sector. Already the Leviathan's were communicating amongst each other. Their complex oscillations and echolocations symphonies travelled even into the further voids, a call into the vast and limitless oily midnight oceans. An ancient, darker and formidable resonance harmonized back through the tenebrous darkness to their eldritch songs of shattering reality and insanity- it's terrifying dry whispering from beyond the outermost circle. In the dark limbo of the unsphered time and space; through black sepulchral ages. Sometimes it seemed at the ear of Xytrinah, and then it ebbed away as if sinking into profound subterranean vaults. But there... was where it stirred and crept, and it's coming was foretold amongst the 'Titans' orchestras and siren-sorrowful requiems twixt the stars.

There was much to consider but only a couple appeared viably logical since their "tranquillity" had already been disrupted to an unacceptable irreparable degree. “Tarr na nirr ruya. Whal llaisa fislr, air aid ed wes? Ir aid ail sulllraisd? Os air aid rainfrirr nuailr whed aid wer ssaedan du nu?" [“Tell me my love. When fire burns, is it at war? Is it in conflict? Or is it simply doing what it was created to do?"], Xytrinah asked almost dreamily whilst gazing transfixed at the galaxies within Koshiro's eyes. Hues coiling and uncoiling in darkly-lit dawns; tossing tumultuously under vast suns; swaying and weltering in rich twilights, in aurora-curtained nights. They resembled fields of nightmares dancing eternally to an other-worldly music. Formal speech trailed off into a soft dulcet murmur where she could dwell in those lands for all of eternity and become oblivious to anything else. Koshiro's pledge of love and affection for her is the only thing which returned her to that sordid place. The only things which made it less intolerable was him and Minjun.

"Tha ulrirr wusnr I heya du narssaifa irrui ail dhura aesrirr neirrr, wer dhed irrui wasa e fsainusnaier rae, ssirrrder-surn rdesr eln dha fresc azfelra ull ayasirr rcirr. I nuya nuwl naaf aildu irruis frirrsha, dislailr uyas ayasirr wusn irrui ayas reya na raica e shawar. Luucailr llus naelailr, raacailr uid dha nirrrdasaiar ull irrui. I nainl’d sesa aill I rurd nirrrarll ail dha fsusarr." ["The only words I have to describe you in those early days, was that you were a primordial sea, crystal-cold stars and the black expanse of every sky. I dove down deep into your psyche, turning over every word you ever gave me like a jewel. Looking for meaning, seeking out the mysteries of you. I didn’t care if I lost myself in the process."] Highly defined cheek tilted into the cup of his hand as it trailed along to explore the detail of Xyrtinah's face, her eyes closing softly in response to the soothing qualities it had to the maelstrom that threatened to unleash itself from within. His touch destroyed the coming of that "darkness", and if anything of it had remained, the embrace of lips would have burnt it from existence. There was no sensation to be its equivalent.

"Tha ralra ull irrui air nusa dhel rairhd us einaialsa, dha dhuirhd ull irrui raiar naafas dhel dha sraes rfsailrr ull sasurrasdaiul us dha naafard deslr ull nsaenailr. Yui llruw e rdsulras fruun waidhail nirr fruun, fuisan llsun e haesd whura firrar rillllira dha yaailr ull Daniaisra, dha Gsaed Taidelr eln dha Oidas Gunr dhanraryar. Tha wusn ruya shird nuar lud alsunferr aid sussasdrirr, fid aid'r dha ulrirr wusn ail azairdalsa du azfsarr nirr nanaisedaiul du irrui, enusedaiul eln naraisa llus irrui. Wa heya lu wusn llus ruya whasa I en llsun, fid irrui heya rhuwl na aidr naelailr eln azairdalsa." ["The sense of you is more than sight or audience, the thought of you lies deeper than the clear springs of recollection or the deepest tarns of dreaming. You flow a stronger blood within my blood, poured from a heart whose pulses suffuse the veins of Demuirge, the Great Titans and the Outer Gods themselves. The word love just does not encompass it correctly, but it's the only word in existence to express my dedication to you, adoration and desire for you. We have no word for love where I am from, but you have shown me its meaning and existence."]

Dialect that ended with the soft embrace of lips, delicate like butterfly wings, inhaling the very quintessence of his being and drawing in the scent of his flesh. Deepening into that moment, tongue not trying to win a battle but seeking union and closeness, one sensation, one timeless and passionate moment. A muted groan escaping at the mention of business once again, but she stifled that with a gentle chuckle at the ending of that intoxicating moment.

"Id wuirn fa aissarfulraifra ull ir du lud llirllair uis fsunaira du uis rul, eln aid wuirn fa ail fen derda ail e nairfreirr ull fuwas du lud alrisa du dha Fanasedaiul ail dhaais suufasedaiul er fas dha sirasrhaif ull Airralaa, er aid her faal eln er aid rherr fa saresnrarr ull dhaais nusder fsusrenedaiul du fa llus dha faufra whaish ayainaldrirr, dhairr heya lud. Thairr heya rulr fsucal Haranulirr eln dha Tsaedaiar rulr fid ail fresa ildair dha irisfas'r rcaiffan erulr dhsuwailr faffrar, suirnl'd ayal fa sussasd ail dhaais naerailrr eln ailrdaen sarusdan du dulria-ail-shaac desdaisr. Ill dhair air whed Mailshil wairhar du nanulrdseda, I heya du caaf nirr fsunaira dsia, narfaida nirr uwl ruedhailr.... wa heya surulaird'r hasa dhed suna ilnas uis shisairnaisdaiul eln raica dha nairraiulr ull "usairailer" Nusaielr eln Lusaielr ul dha Ulnaai wa rherr aaidhas raiya dhan e huna us wa deca dhan huna. Bid lu relsdiesirr wairr fa fsuyainan du dhed wsadshan llenairirr. Nud firr nirr heln. Eyas."

["It would be irresponsible of us to not fulfil our promise to our son, and it would be in bad taste in a display of power to not ensure to the Federation in their cooperation as per the rulership of Ayenee, as it has been and as it shall be regardless of their mortal proclamation to be for the people which evidently, they have not. They have long broken Hegemony and the Treaties long put in place until the usurper's skipped along throwing pebbles, couldn't even be correct in their dealings and instead resorted to tongue-in-cheek tactics. If this is what Minjun wishes to demonstrate, I have to keep my promise true, despite my own loathing.... we have colonist's here that come under our jurisdiction and like the millions of "original" Norians on the Unmei, we shall either give them a home or we take them home. But no sanctuary will be provided to that wretched family. Not by my hand. Ever."]

Closing her eyes abruptly as if stung by some venomous creature that threatened the serenity that was her countenance. "Wa rherr naad waidh dhair wunel. I fseirr aid air e fsaiall alsuildas, rena er I hufa uis firailarr waidh dhair wusrn air erru shird er fsaiall. I wairh du neca risa dha ward air rasisa, er aid her faal uisr railsa dha newlailr ull dhair suscr faisdh. Ois raed ull dha Ward rdairr her esdallesdr eln saraisr farulrailr du na dhed I wairh du sasreain, eln I en ilnasainan whed I aildaln du nu waidh dhed fresa ull fsardaira. Idr nanusirr air lleaild. I riffura I sel ed raerd saraera dha raldailarr dhed heya erweirrr riesnan aid. Aln farainar, dhasa neirr fa saraisr hasa, whaish air e ferraiul ull irruisr." ["We shall meet with this woman. I pray it is a brief encounter, same as I hope our business with this world is also just as brief. I wish to make sure the west is secure, as it has been ours since the dawning of this rocks birth. Our seat of the West still has artefacts and relics belonging to me that I wish to reclaim, and I am undecided what I intend to do with that place of prestige. Its memory is faint. I suppose I can at least release the sentinels that have always guarded it. And besides, there may be relics here, which is a passion of yours."]

A slight shift of nonchalant shoulders ascended into a shrug, offering a compromise that hopefully would bring a solution for she was not a selfish deity, nor a trivial and idle woman. "Whal sel wa neca dhair heffal?" [ "When can we make this happen?" ] There was a meagre hint of impatience in the question, there was no point delaying the matter. Nudging into his hip playfully, "Bid irrui'sa ruailr du uwa na!" ["But you're going to owe me!"]. The meaning behind that, would be left to his imagination. "Irr ulrirr sawiard air, I nu lud wairh du rdeirr waidhail dhara werrr lus ul dhair faffra, fid uis uwl sunllusdr enulrrd uis ruirrer faufrar, yardaifirar eln dsaifidar. I nul'd wairh dha deaild iful na dhed air hasa." ["My only request is, I do not wish to stay within these walls nor on this pebble, but our own comforts amongst our loyal peoples and tributes. I don't wish the taint upon me that is here." ] Unless Minjun extended the welcome to lodge within his comforts, which of course she would not refuse.

The mention of "taint" seemed befitting and could be translated in many colourful arrays of meaning- all would likely be accurate. Postcards had been sent and received, and with those actions' signatures had been identified and the intel already dispersed including locations amongst their immediate military arms, Minjun, herself and Koshiro. It bothered her that at the moment they were separated from Minjun, but Xytrinah was confident victory would see her son with yet another trophy; it was only claiming something which had gone neglected and left to the earth much as the entire world itself. When autumn and its little leaves scatter to the breeze only to be gathered by the scythe and scrapped into a pile along with all the other harvested trash laid to compost throughout the cosmos. Their garden was very well tended never left to neglect. Already the ichors began to augment, twist and boil beneath the earth- the process was irrevocable.
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