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Varsinax recently said a truism that "Ayenee started in a tavern" and that made be think of all the various taverns that made up a large portion of the landscape of Ayenee's rooms. Other common rooms were forests (often magical), castles and/or people's personal mansions. I was thinking that I should try to get that wiki set up soon and that one of the first things we could do is create some articles for the "set pieces" of Ayenee, such as the taverns. The articles would have things like:
  • General overview
  • NPCs that tend to be in the location
  • Floorplans and layout or maps, if available
  • A suitable illustration, if available
  • History section about what happened in the place previously
  • For taverns, a basic menu would be good (Bloodwyne?)
  • Local rumors
  • OOC Notes like credits, trivia, etc
Here's a basic example of a tavern from my other site: The Inferno Wind

Having a collection of common locations would help create a sense of history for Ayenee, because characters would be able to walk in the footsteps of their ancient predecessors and also they'd be able to become part of that history that future Ayenee people might learn about.

For the locations, we could make some ones based on the stuff we remember. This would also be a great excuse to crawl through old RP archives on a quest to gather descriptions about the places our character visited.


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Look at this great art by Banzz for Vampire Tavern! Next is Starlight Forest.


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