RP [Surrune Ayenee] Deck These Dark Halls


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Occupied Jahae City, Surrune, Eastern Ayenee​

The sound of strings played in the harmonious ambiance as the clanging of musical bells joined the choirs which sang of the Chrystmas festival in Surrune. It was like any other year before it, save for the massive pyres on the city's boundaries stacked with the bodies of MERN soldiers that had given their life honorably in defense of the last Ayenee state of the Norians. The civilians however were not condemned to such death, but rather preserved similar to those who had lived under U'rsthollosha since the Unmei had come under the protection of Xytrinah and Koshiro decades before. Hymns of the builders replaced with dedications to the outer gods were almost a mockery and yet with glossy black eyes, B-lalhutsa the spinner of tapestries was praised along with his brethren. With promised futures of prosperity and the testimony of those who had gone to K'ctha-Zoth the propaganda was an easy sell once the MERN remnants had fallen, agents of Minjun darkened every alley and street in the city and the massive insectoids which made up the Dac'kelacha Military Arm entrusted to him by his infamous parents.

There was something poetic about the multicolored lights which hung from the bows of evergreens that surrounded the courtyards of Cathoacha Palace where the epicenter of the celebrations was held. Even as it all unfolded, a night of reveling and celebration the constant rumble of dropships roaring towards the surface could be heard. What better place to stage the beginning of what was to come than there? For far too long things had been quiet, a docile slumber as those like Xyrinah and Koshiro made investments away from what was once the melting pot of the multiverse. Vile things were released from containment cells and allowed to burrow beneath the soil to await the call, their estranged dealings merely whispered insanity within the growing tainted hivemind which were but reclaimed technology of the Umarian Astral Raquamothla were diverted to their proper and rightful purpose, a common of discord within the great orchestration of the voids.

Eithara Troopers stood guard over the palace along with several members of the insectoid representation of the Dac'kelacha moved on intermittent patrols, proud that their Camakrtih stood on either side of the Crowned Prince's throne who sat in amusement with the festivities. The Dark Priests made their offerings near where the revelers danced and the rifts beneath released the spiraling tendrils of inhabitation into the selected individuals who had been purposely invited to the dance - after all free will was just not enough for Minjun, he trusted the word of the non-U'rstholloshan Norians about as much as his father did. There just had to be assurances before they would be militarized again. The iconic Sword of Ayenee, claimed by his mother Xytrinah/Atra'Lamia from Varsinax leaned up aside the throne, even though a continent away from Central Ayenee and Castle Ayenee and the ACC it was only a matter of time. The Sclauth Achakega Leviathan in orbit alit almost as if it was just another of the planet's moons, a luminous violet burn within the heavens above as anyone with eyes would look up and notice.

Minjun watched the festivities, longing to return home the next day to K'ctha-Zoth and the true 'comforts' of the palace. Rotations would be frequent, as more rifts would need to be opened to support the successful deployments of troops. This Norian enclave was just the beginning of the storm he was brewing. The Devourer Bothosar had been slain, a truly magnificent part of his plan to gain the support of more of the elite for this campaign. That was just the reality of war, especially when it came to the complex webs of society that existed there within the midnight tapestries. He sipped his wine, a silent wish that his parents could have been there to enjoy his first victory - the one that was more about strategy than anything. Either way, the U'rstholloshan flag flew above Surrune now and there was nothing that could be done about it by the now-broken Teslanese forces which had fled with Airwin to the Kagami Galaxy in the SARPiverse.

"In excelsis deo..." he whispered in mockery of the human mythology of the season with a laugh.

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"A victorious army wins its victories before battle.
An army destined for failure fights in the hope of victory."

The O'ognathatlzo Eththotsha Leviathan eclipsed even the omnipotent Kassogtha in size and ferocity. The only one of its kind and any who "managed" to somehow witness its ascendance would be the first to ever see it. Carrying the strongest shields of any Imperial, Federal or Destroyer known, equipped with thousands of hybrid turrets and weapons beyond any understanding of the inner galaxies and galactic worlds; for it was not of these worlds or any other. A Leviathan Orchidaceae designed bilaterally symmetrica, a void-being of wicked design, bearing a central spire of spider-like veins attached to a whorl of brilliant gleaming sepals where labellum extended like ravenous tendrils. An architecture none had ever laid witness to, even the most widely travelled voyager outside the first of the wombs, and the darkest of the deepest tapestries had never seen such a beauty of ultimate horror.

In accompany with the O'ognathatizo came her legions and the Ae'Harga Umarian military swarm, the relatively smaller leviathan Baftu'ag Bftathk O'thhug. Endo-arachnidic reverberations echoed through its dark chambers, a cold and emotionless air followed and shadows continuously moved in the plethoric threads of the dimly lit bridge where a lone figure sat. Watching the events unfold with excitement and perhaps even disappointed that they were not among the glorious bringing their enemy hard upon its knees. Batfu'og; an old formidable rememberance to the Elysium Spiral, and the rifts that had devoured the majority of this systems resources. All flocked towards the Sclauth Achakega Leviathan to be reuinited.

Two elegant figures emerged, entering the massive dome-like structure, each of the viewports here were oval in design and surrounded the entire deck, quite expansive, far more so than in most other sections of the vessel, providing a wealthy view of Ayenee below which was small in striking comparison to the eldritch horror. Blackness around them littered with debris, drones and other smaller salvage Brachyura-like craft were busy clearing space and of the stars glistening within the distance. To touch the glass, it would be discovered that the surface was warm and permeated outwards, something exceptionally rare. Microscopic filaments embedded in the glass generated a constant supply of heat, and the material in the windows was specially mixed to conduct it well, providing a more ‘atmospheric’ and ‘comfortable’ warmth from the aggressive coldness of the deep ‘Outer Darkness’.

The odd shaped foyer bore nothing but Imperial flags of their prominence and family insignia. Each banner swaying discretely, gently wafted by air ducts subtly planted in the walls behind them; passing monolithic gill-like vertical ports that permitted view of the Apophis interceptors at an admiring distance. Strong lights illuminated through the metallic black corridors, banishing the darkness and shadow, banishing the malevolent and forbidding ambiance that it provided to which no doubt suited some of its personnel rather comfortably. Not everything wished to remain in the light nor dwell it is simplicities.

The Orocrmedeom soldiers did not even flinch as Xytrinah and Koshiro passed them... appearing more like obsidian statues glistening in the eerie illuminations. Her crystalline -clawed adorned right hand of surgical blades snaking twixt her husband's fingers- if only for her own personal comfort, "Bftathk ta'anusx huftgt sha tath'ast ur sha ra'sha' tlha'at, ang athhuat thaiaghs r'un sha asa'naft tuiangt shas latt aftft aa'shftx ang guia'naft ftuiangt, a'a txnlhunuat iansu asa'naft ts'ungt." ["Black serenity holds the secrets of the farther spheres, and echoes caught from the eternal sounds that pass all earthly and diurnal bounds, are symphonies unto eternal strings."] Spoken in a dulcet mellifluous voice, only to articulate the actual detestation of Ayenee that only her husband, Koshiro would be privy to. Yet, she also held a somewhat appreciation for Surrune- it was her son, and his militant efforts and accomplishments brought a strong respect and sense of heartfelt pride, it overshadowed the other things brewing beneath the surface in regard to personal affairs.

There was not even a blur to suggest they had moved to a different location from the dark comforts of their imperial leviathan, the surroundings seemed more to just ‘melt’ away and surroundings were ‘instantly’ there, more opulent and prestigious arriving within the Cathoacha Palace. Differently attired hybrid-humanoid officers in full blacks looked up from their duties curiously, watching both her and Koshiro step down from the black crystalline podium. Xytrinah placed a single digit against the full pout of her apertures to signal absolute silence, a dark smirk hid behind the action. Intended to be a hopeful surprise but knowing her son's senses would be sharp and likely he knew of their manifestations long before they hit these old shores.

As she walked, draped in flowing black silk that framed the elegance of her lithe form, long nigrescent streams of hair flowing over achromic shoulders. Her head tilted slightly to rest against the arm of her beloved, not ever wanting any distance to exist betwixt. Stygian glances barely swept along the walls where reminisce hung like blackened smoke upon the pall of her mind, obscuring more recent matters- a calm to the storm... at least she didn't have to entirely step on that worthless clump of rock and bile. Surrune had been theirs, they had built it- it was only befitting that Minjun had reclaimed it, and the Sword of Ayenee consolidated that claim to undisputed lore.

"In excelsis deo", echoing hauntingly through the inviscid flow of the voidic tapestries, the cradle of her thoughts faded away in that moment and brought his meaning into prospective, clouding amidst the ebony vapours, retreating to the obscurity of her inner darkness, but only for a flicker in the time her eyes rested upon her son and then drifted up to admire the handsome features of Koshiro. "Nas ni'aril ui'au ras uhphs as zi'as suil raiss, suil sa uhs usi'airu suil zi'ars sa; i'ars nars i'au ra uhsui'a zi'as suil zi'ars- arsil zi'as suil suhrh suil zi'ars. Lishuhsil, zu i'asu ras airs i'anarphrs ghu'shftatt aftuant." ["Not many behave nor fight for what they should, they do it because they want to; and most have no idea what they want- only what they think they want. Luckily, we are not found amongst these scattering fleshborns"]

Embouchements swept up into the crescents of a smile beguiling a snicker of her own... "Ha'rlo as a' ha'rlo llho llo oamo oanoam." ["Home is not home when we are apart."] No other statement could be truer, Xytrinah was not about to leave her son here alone; unlike what her own family had done so many eons and moons ago. Minjun's victories were something to indeed partake the festival itself was foreign to her sentiments, but it would be the first they would ceremonialize it together; and there definitely would not be a shortage of "gifts". In response to the words of Xytrinah (formerly known as Atra'Lamia to the Ayenians), elements collided, emerging from the varying shades of immaculate fluorescence and shadows within the palace court. Wispy garlands {swarming} {slinking} {creeping} awakening to the scintillating lucent-hued ornamental tendrils entwining. Seeds of whispers woke in faint hums and drowned out by symphonies of modulation (voice of legion). A multitude of harmonious voices, all seemingly to speak as if they were one and the same, "I an tu l'uiag ur xuia, Minjun, nx tun" ["I am so proud of you, Minjun, my son."]

Xytrinah's starless gaze fixated upon Munjin, the weight of that gaze in conjunction with her words spoke volumes of sentiment twixt family and estate, and which bore the greater significance.



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To most the song of the Leviathan was foreign to the ears;
but to those endowed with a legacy hatched within the endless honeycombs of clandestine wombs.
It was but a melody, a few pangs of discord tossed between the bars,

a reminder of the differences between those who bore witness to the birth of most stars that had already collapsed. and those reborn within eras of hypocrisy.

O'ognathatlzo Eththotsha Leviathan

Koshiro's presence was even more exclusivity than his accompanying beauty, the human-kin form but the most generous of vessels to express beauty and magnificence for always his handsome visage but paled before her elegance. He had long given up the Espran tradition of beholding a Norian-like form to their amusement, even if he did nothing to discourage his son from such traditions. The molecular world of the woven universe was simple from the perspective of the shroud of the void, it took the twinkle from a once curious eye to the analytic and perhaps jaded cruelty of a different level of understanding which seen beyond the pleasantries of worlds like Ayenee with their fluffy white plumes and continental impressions. It was almost tradition and merely a matter of some kind of ancient form of agriculture; the crop below ripened again and this time it was his son who had come to harvest it.

It was no surprise that words need not be shared during transit, rather purposefully withheld until that moment was perfect. Koshiro was a man of few words anyway, known for his endless patience to await that single vulnerable moment within the conversation to unleash the fruits of his more logical and disciplined mind. News had traveled quickly of the defeat of Bothosar, a devourer, to the hands of the Star Army in their space. It was no secret within the remnant Umarian arms of any other functional arm of the U'rstholloshan Imperial Forces that the only reason that Devourer had perished was that it had become a piece upon the Prince's game table. Surely another would take its place, plenty lay within the out branching arms of the outer gods most a lot more significant than that simpleton. Koshiro had shown no reaction when grumblings came from the underlings of the fallen, after all, it was the nature of things and treachery was their way. This was the start of a path of greatness that belonged to Minjun for he and Xytrinah had already paved their own way through the twinkle of those realspace banners. It was with a level of joyous revelation that he had taken his break from torturing the remnants of a certain "builder's" line within their respective containments. The audacity of such beings had just become a string at a frayed point in the fabric of their creation he couldn't help but give a tug.

Occupied Surrune, Ayenee

When Koshiro stepped from the transport alongside Xytrinah the complexities of the current realities in occupied Surrune would come to manifest in wide eyes which followed their form through the motionless attentive stance of their son's soldiers. The harvests of the past had left their mark, perhaps just horror stories told now by elders to keep the youngsters in place. Whatever was said it never gave the proper brilliance to the slaughter, it failed to capture the ever-visible beauty which now laid beneath a crown that was earned. He could count the dozens of times he'd heard some account of his wife and couldn't help but be amused by the assumption of motive or strategy. The Ayenee populous knew nothing of the workings of such beings, the threads of the void just wove so differently. It spoke volumes that the Norian citizens under their rule were cared for, in fact for the most part they made up such a small percentage of the population even with this last bloom of over three hundred million they were just a minority. Most were when it was taken into account the sprawling lineages of insectoids and other representative non-humanoid species which now fell beneath the crown and further resolution of what had firmly been Umarian. Surrune was more iconic than her people, it was more of a reclaiming than a conquering. The MERN's cultists which were now roasted were a blight to the Norians anyway, a product of poor choices by Airwin Caeyara and his Ysi. Koshiro had done what they could have only hoped as their forces subdued Morggho and absorbed even the Craethel within their masses.

Rather than break that mesmerizing silence that bewildered the courts back home, he merely replied to Xytrinah through his thoughts the link between them was constantly a flutter with collaboration and observation anyway, //"You a liberal in your allowance for calling our dealings with the former Eitans, or Caeyara as they called themselves now, a fight it was not; we merely finished the game that they were not invested enough to play to its obvious conclusion. This entire world is populated by many who at one time claimed to be a menace. They barely meet the amusement of a jester, for what they fight for is the admission they are unable to come to terms that they long for our domination. This is a path to how things should be, these Norians here put up a defense only for the sake of handling their own embarrassment. Like a crush of a lover finally about to take the hand of their rightful partner,"// he composed as he observed the masses beyond the lines of soldiers. This was one of those few moments that loosened the lid on shrouded opinions, //"A fool and his people part easy, and only those unable to see that will fail to benefit from what we offer,"// he said in an ever-adamant state that the descendants of Caecyan were only successful in compromising the very thrones they sat upon. A shame for even that elder achieved greatness only in their absence from them.

Those moments of reunion remained the seconds that etched the flow of time within this universe, his love's words could not have been more true even in fatherly conduct he would never leave his son truly alone. Koshiro considered this a rite of passage of sorts. Minjun had begun his own rise within the complexities of their society that continued its entangled dance beneath the U'rstholloshan throne. It was a world of brutality and a place where men who merely claimed to have power drowned like the Shen in their own blood before being served as the next feast. The festivities piqued interest as the almond-shaped eyes of Koshiro narrowed but briefly to those who reveled, he could feel the energies that emitted from beneath the soil and he couldn't help but a chuckle in amusement as his own eyes sunk into the glossy blackness of the now more familiar realms of home. Finally, he spoke aloud, "As am I," he said in support and agreement with Xytrinah's words to Minjun. He too caught the rather forward display of the Ayeneean artifact his eyes gleamed in amusement. It truly was all his son needed to truly declare himself a ruler of that little marble that rolled around its star. He could see himself in the ambition there just had to a reckoning. Perhaps the time had come for Ayenee to become another sphere within the collection beneath the eerie gleam of the luminaries. "We must not leave you in the celebration of this victory and the others to come, but I have a surprise; a gift fitting of your accomplishments to be delivered before too long," he mentioned, the reward an obvious tool in what was to come.


It was more than just etiquette that gave Minjun the prompt rise to his feet, it was a true adherence to respect. The presence of not just one of his parents but both had not gone unnoticed in its significance. His father had declined most travel out of the influence of the capital save through exercises of the military. A bitterness had held him since what they had considered a failure to adhere to friendship with the Caeyara. Minjun had brought order to the disorder, and adhered to his mother's lead when it came to the Norians in the stay of his blade rather than its thirst, only the MERN soldiers had taken the brunt of his assault. The people after all would join their fellow species among the citizens soon enough once the price of disobedience, rebellion, and hazardous loyalty to a fallen government were paid in full of course. This venture of his had probably taken many by surprise, and yet even his parents now stood before him. He held himself with the grace of posture, a true soldier evolved given the elegance of a Prince, he said in reply to them, "I bask in this moment of your pride in me, your faith in my proposal, and this glimpse of what results could come. I remind you though, I only stand here the man I am because of you. I am but a woven masterpiece of both of your threads. Welcome to Surrune, restored of course to your rightful hands." He had come a long way from the wide-eyed curiosity that had ascended the steps of K'ctha-Zoth in search to know anything of his mother and in fear of her rejection. They had grown close over time and even mended what had become strained between him and his father.

The Prince descended the steps from his placed "throne," or rather what had been Airwin's throne at Surrune that he had deemed a spoil of the annex. He took the pitched from the tray and filled a glass each of wine for his parents. Only the finest vintage, of course, pressed when K'ctha-Zoth was still known as Noctae. No servant served them, he did it himself for that in his mind was a duty of respect the same as he had eaten from their table for many years before ascending high enough within what was now his military arm of their Imperial Force. "Please enjoy, and feel free to wander after all these lands are now yours. Now ours," he added, quick not to lose the moment to claim that victory once again, for outside of their voices and ears he would not boast, merely give that stoic mystery which left those who dared to raise a voice to question if the answer would come with tongue or blade. The etched wings and intricate spider upon his pauldrons gave its own ohmage to them. It was good to see his Father, he had felt much closer to his mother since they had come to know each other as he worried about his father's obsession with unlocking every deep secret of the voids and the universe. "You look lovely this evening mother, the fire upon your skin seems to reflect what must be a torrent of mixed reaction to your return to this sphere, perhaps it is overdue or even if just for me. You are alit with brilliance even if different of that which the luminaries bring to you at home, I will claim this world in your names..." he said in admission and compliment. He admired the way his parents were together there was undoubtedly a constant flow between them that no one would ever understand.
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Upon the stark, blue blankness of the sky,
the assailing armies of the stars have swept,
And all the night is splendid with their spears.

Xytrinah could not help but covet a dark snicker, looking upon the very signature of Ayenee's rule... remembering all too well the exchange of words twixt an Empress and the realm's fool- "My sword suits you well", and the only possible reply in short that she gave, Xytrinah, had carried that sword many times into battles. Nostalgic to say the least. "Everything of yours's suits me well", (detesting the use and sound of the 'common' tongues), those words had a lot more implication and potency than any other considering where she had stood many times, and where all three of them stood now. Indeed, she had vowed, that if this world were to fall, it would be protected by the raptures of her gauntlets... it had been left to its own raptures and downfalls, previously seen by the void-oracles eyes- as she had foreseen the fall of the Norians and had been quite vocal on that very subject in her own twisted visions of it.

Regardless, the dark oracle had been right... and had gladly accepted the dark accolade of its coming to pass by the Cyotha-Yshian celebrations in joyous reverie. Xytrinah's history with the Eitan's was quite extensive... and she possessed a venomous loathing for the majority. Luckily, they experienced the claws of her son and his military arms... and not that of her own- however it seems that Minjun had dealt his revelations and desires of destruction upon in a rather justified manner. Pity a few of them still existed and were not being imbibed by the very goblet that graced the lips of her son. In response to the topic, Xytrinah typically avoided any participation and involvement.

No comment was even made regarding the latest moniker of title, this, 'Caeyara', she merely just slightly turned away while rolling her onyx-bejewelled eyes, refraining from questions as to why and instead not finding the interest. Her disgust for them was simply a response to all civilizations she deemed, disposable. Vocalizing it wasn't the time nor place to do so, and in poor taste in hindsight of the reason they were there, and it certainly wasn't to discuss, the Caeyara. Pushing such notions aside, Eitans, she held a silent respect for a select couple whom she had fought side by side with during the Ayenee wars, but they were insignificant to her now and were totally eclipsed by the victories of Minjun. The man was paving his own way in the whispering vaults of the void; of conquest, absorption and assimilation...

Nothing of these cities, kingdoms and barrens were not being thoroughly scrutinised; even while the lithe woman appeared to just be standing at the side of her husband, in reunion, conversing with their majestic progeny upon entrance. Coordinates relayed, and direct orders whispered through the intricate spirals issuing surveillance orders to the West, should there be an infestation issue. Some names of old just needed to sleep on the dusty tongues of the dead. Unspoken. Not remembered. None would inspire her with incantations and promises of lustful darkness and war- their offers would pale in comparison to that which had already been supped and the fruits of its wines were a continuous exchange twixt their embraces and triumphs on a level none could ever match. It bore its own seeds to blossom. When Minjun stood, Xyrtinah's slender black diamond adorned claws fell from Koshiro's hand, only long enough to embrace their son, cloaking him in the energies that complemented Minjun's own.

There are many marvellous tales, untold, unwritten, never to be recorded or remembered, lost beyond all divining and all imagining, that sleep in the double silence of far-recessive time and space. Their accomplishments would not be amongst these. Just as they celebrated at the toasts of Minjun's war achievements and strategy. Fingers furling around the long stem of the crystalline glass with a firm unyielding smile that made most uneasy;
"Gsenaenoivi pha's loiry a'voiritn ya'lvaeneraenaeil, Minjun" ["Gratitude for such opulent hospitalities Minjun..."], emphasis placed on 'opulent' with a coquettish dark ambiance. Raising the crystalline glass towards Koshiro and Minjun in the offering of a toast. Ascending the rim of glass to her luminescent apertures, wine finally finding the parched palate where some words still sat on the tip of tongue. Taste, sweetened acidity, tannins bringing forth the other sensations of the saccharine fluid.

Responding in kind and sophistication to his appraisal of her,
"Diphaetenirh voii na' nyi ra'dveth dh vesg yiesn" ["Definitely due to the company my dark heart."] Like a soliloquy came the sensual lilt of response, short and precise in answer upon a multitude of possibilities. For sure she was a beauty; an orchid of immortal bloom sprung from the fires and dusts of perished spheres- the illume akin to the stars streaming through the maws of the midnight oblivion. Each of them beheld an omnipotent beauty... unique to that of their constructs and complexities- she had always thought of Koshiro as the most aesthetic beautiful creation of all. Even upon their first encounter. He looked like a deity, the perfect balance of danger and charm, he was at the same time fascinating and inaccessible, distant because of his demonstrated flawlessness, and possessing such strength of character that he was dismaying and at the same time utterly attractive in an enticing and forbidden way.

Minjun not only a mirror of them both, but also regally upholding his own majestic, captivating dark allure.

Exchanged talk of 'gifts' and 'surprises', brought another smirk rising over those lips of lustre Dark-liquored eyes beaming with an exuberance that could only be described as enchanting and spellbinding, however digressing away from the topic entirely and counter-manoeuvring in the complete opposite direction.
"Prieli vesva't dh aekta'setri, moin deh I elg, zyen ael nyi tenoisi a'ph nyael Cshlndel ririmsenaea't?" ["Please pardon my ignorance, but may I ask, what is the nature of this Crystmas celebration?"] Xytrinah's nose scrunched up at the question, her statuesque features eclipsed by the inquisitive frown having never partaken in the celebrations of this particular world, other than what she considered as festivities which was conquest, consumption and complete obliteration. From what Xytrinah had gathered is that the celebration was similar to some seem in the Ursthollosha Spiral...but she wondered if it had some other sentimental value to Surrune.

Xytrinah had been assigned to this clump of vanity and gluttony for quite a considerable time, and yet knew little of its intricacies... if indeed it had any. Infiltrate, establish contact and then terminate; she had been given her targets and all but perhaps one had been assimilated- but that was another matter.

Returning to her husband's side and placing a kiss upon the perfect chiselled landscape of his cheek, eyes gently closing at the mere sensation of his closeness and the taste of his skin taunting her very senses. Xytrinah's lips whispering against the flesh of where they had just graced in all her open affections towards the love of her existence,
"Mh ra'sti, dh Edvisa's, dh URR!" ["My love, my Emperor, my ALL!"] His energy and presence was like an opiate to her, and if anything, he brought the only knowing of peace she ever dreamed of or cared to have knowledge of. They had everything that they could either create, take, dominate or manifest- during their separation both had obtained all the glories and spoils of war; and now together with their son, they were unstoppable.

Attentions turning back to Minjun as her digits once again sought to feel the warmth of his touch.
"Wo kaikhd dho dandaldk uvk dloukilok ad K'ddhu-Zadh da nuko avail dano holo darolukro, dhud avail liro lonuavk kanavudo, uvk da klaxako avail vudaavk vadh vhud dhoav lotialo." ["We bought the comforts and treasures of K'ctha-Zoth to make your time here tolerable, and that your rule remains dominate, and to provide your nations with what they need in order to thrive.'] Now whether or not she cared for the needs of any people or not; and was only using them as a continual source for whatever she desired, or other whatever indignant gossip fluttered from the mouths of uneducated twits, was immaterial.

It could not be disputed that it was provided, without spoken exchanges, and multitudes happily had given their lives "willingly" to the blackened flames in order for the greater to survive.
You have nothing if you do not have the love and support of your peoples; and if you do not stir their passions enough to die for you. Fear only poisons the meat. Lao'Taun had learnt this most valuable of lessons... perhaps others would be humble as to accept it and admit defeat with grace and gratitude.

She didn't know what other gifts Koshiro mentioned but she was sure it would be deliciously unpleasant. At least for those on the receiving end of it. There were many vessels yet to arrive carrying these treasures and bounties that no doubt would play an intricate role in his future campaigns and appetites. All fully endorsed and supported not only by herself and Koshiro but the entire Uachauguthlo, Da'knatt-Nacha, Vhlei-Nacha spirals.

Children run,
Just not as far as I, who have come,
to curse your steps away from home.
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Unlike his wife, Koshiro didn't require foresight of what had transpired. It was more an inevitable motion of events that his father, Uathotho, had pointed out. It was a sad chain of events because even though it was within the nature of what these beings were perhaps considered savage or unpredictable to the outsider who with all honesty didn't deserve knowledge of the voids. Koshiro had lived as an Espra among these people, at one time he had even considered Airwin or Tetsuya or whatever guise that being was under, a friend. The course of passage and progression took even the closest of kin on different paths. At one point Koshiro had even considered his former friend an exception to what had become a blight on the Norian people, he had since consumed those words bitterly and washed them down with wine and did so again as he lifted the glass designated as his. His glossy dark eyes met his wife's as he said quietly, "I find comfort in the fact we now harness the scourge of the Craethel and Quell, I consider them oddly as victimized as these herded souls before us. Playthings by misguided former outer minds that now sit upon my shelf moaning from their orbs about how they wish they could have done it all differently." It was perhaps the first time he had mentioned much of the data from his studies as he disassembled and reassembled the construct of what creation claimed as gods, they had become pathetic after their short ascension to greatness and piddled in the games of child races and unfortunately became the sirens which led all to not an honorable destruction but a senseless one. There was a difference between those harvested, between those who fought for ideals of their own, and those who dangled from the threads they thought were faith. After all, this festival before them had really been designed for the indulgence of Unya. Her likeness was replaced by their son and soldiers for beings of greater capacity, for Koshiro failed to even recognize them as gods, after all, they were something to be surpassed.

Koshiro didn't find much surprise in the origin of the wine, familiar upon his tongue. It gave him a sort of reassurance that his son would enjoy the comforts of home they had brought to indulge him before the next march. He paused for a moment to do the same as Xytrinah, merely through action, not words. He nodded in approval to his son, thankful for those precious moments of enjoyment and hospitality they were used to at home. After all, there is no place like it. Perhaps the boring painted skies of Ayenee would soon see a new scene, behind a much older and more confusing tapestry, however.

With war and the rumor of war came the pangs of preparation. It was without any doubt that already some within the world that bore the name of a Federation already within their clutch prepared to greet the coming tempest. Agents of the old plague circulated within the crypts of Yorkshire and other places - even the back alleys of Ayenee Captial City. To those who felt it, they were calling the summons had been made and hurried desperate calls for arms were but a foil ball for the waiting claws of a wiser and more dignified cat. Even Koshiro was tempted to take a swipe to scatter the rats back into their nests but he left that for their son, it was his time now but they undoubtedly supported him. Xytrinah made her workings within her former realms and he had already begun to prepare the gift that would bring a further advantage to the mass of Minjun's forces. Perhaps in addition to that intended gift of "support personnel", he could by facilitating the first deep scratch upon the Elysium world, a perhaps more volatile entry like a rift that would help to sustain those who required the comfort of at least the void itself, a reason most of the elite stayed within the confines and sent minions rather than appearing themselves. Neither Koshiro nor Xytrinah could ever find time to become bound to a symbolic throne, there was always something afoot even within the eclipses of dead suns in the voids. The fallout from their son's sacrifice of Bathosar to the Star Army and remnants of Airwin's following was somewhat of a laughable offense almost like comedy needed to be attached to the expected death of a weakening entity.

When Xytrinah mentioned the festival itself he could not hold back the snicker of amusement, "Well I believe it is originally a celebration of winter and devotion to the builders. Obviously, our son has made them consider a different riff upon the old revelations and introduced them to something more palatable or perhaps to some a marinade for the feast. I can see he has gathered those he wants, and those he's influenced and already they are within the clutches of influence." He had great humor in his insult to the foundation of the Norian faith. Thankfully those who had come to them before and now were citizens had long since shed the hopeless lies of a faith undeserved. These revelers were somewhat known though, Koshiro couldn't help but add, "Would be interested to reveal to them Unya's weak pleas from within her confinement, praise her holiness indeed. Much like the Espra who had bought into her false promises, she is but a tea bag to be steeped for a later brew." At least he and his wife shared a similar view of that 'pantheon'.

No further adieux though Koshiro merely motioned skyward in the reveal of his gift. A transport vessel breached the canopy of the dark hanging clouds and lit the sky and its vapors with bioluminescence and brilliance in an eerie illumination upon the pillows which looked so white from space in the day. The transports engines roared as it moved to set down on the outskirts of Surrune, but not before the flyover which revealed the crimson and black uniforms of Koshiros own Niha-Oguaclat, former humanoid representatives of the chao within the Umarians now dedicated as marines and honor guard to the Emperor. A legion strong of over ten thousand would be there at the ready to join his son's endeavor. "Let this world tremble at your name son, and we will send you the support you need. Surely the Senate can be swayed should they complain, consider this the affirmation of the permission I promised. Let this be another seed within what you sow at beginning of this harvest. This time let it be something lasting so that this world forgets not its rightful rulers," he said, the gift delivered from above. A mere drop in the bucket to the abundant resources and wealth brought by his wife in the same generous offering. Koshiro rarely showed such blatant membership to his military entourages but this was special, a gift from parents to an heir.

Koshiro moved a step closer to his wife, tipped the rim of his glass to the edge of hers, and toasted, "To you our son, we are here to celebrate you and your victories to come." He said it loud enough to ensure any of their heir's staff could hear just in case any of the more sneaky patrons of the darkness attempted to act upon ambition or false assumption, not that he believed they ever had a chance to dethrone their son. He took time then, eyes meeting Xytrinah's as he spoke a little more quietly, "To you my love, for to have you here with us is truly a gift in itself." Such solemn and intimate words revealed the opulent treasure that was the bond between him and his spouse and the fact that the spark between them only gleamed brighter as the years marched onward, or rather through the progressions of forces even beyond time itself, for where they were from it was a much different concept.


The crowned Prince observed and adored the words of his parents, the treasures and luxuries of home brought forward from riches to the very generous gift of soldiers from his father. It was a confirmation for the young man that his parents had given to his cause, and believed in what he was there to do. He raised his own glass as his father toasted to him, and then to his mother. Minjun said to his mother specifically, "I look forwards to placing some of the artifacts and treasures within the halls of Castle Ayenee or even within a tower in the Captial City. I wish to see your reaction then when our banners fly from the poles of this world and the sky forever dips towards the beauty of luminaries," it was almost like a promise, but more of a pledge that he was confident in his direction. His eyes remained on his mother as his father complimented her. He could only wish that someday he would find someone who complimented him as they did each other. It was a hard ask when the universe seemed it humor to present whore after whore, perhaps those were good enough for Airwin but not good enough for him.

Minjun looked up as the ship burned overhead and passed, it was just the kind of boost that was needed. After the ease of Surrune's crumble back into his palm to be remolded it allowed for the next steps in claiming the world of Ayenee to be bold. "Thank you both for your presence, even as your son I am honored at each audience I get. I know with the politics and games afoot at home it is never an ideal time to depart, but truly I am moved by your attendance," he said with hope that the trip would be worth their while and he would host them for as long as they wanted, even though the test and trials to come as a world that was once a primal landscape was shaken in hopes of wakening it from its slumber. "Tell me of news of what I have missed, what whispers do the entities of Senate have of all this?" He knew his mother would surely have an interesting take on the political nuances of what was very much still a Umarian system with added expansions and cultural complications of course. The Empire had absorbed many within their collection by now, state after state assimilated and bathed in a new flood of loyalty.
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I give to you the destiny of Faith, and you will bring its message upon the flesh of the faithless.

Any individual who happened to be observing the exact point in space between the fourth star of the celestial orchard of its 'Corpse Stars' (if one knew their Elysium astronomy). The visual discrepancy to the naked eyes would only have witnessed a delicate optical undulation against the pale glow of the stars. In the blink of an eye, the gravitational energy of a star was regenerated, constricting the fabric of space-time into a temporary singularity. Reverberation fluctuation of that mass, producing an isolated graviton pulse wave that deceived the physical laws of the universe; the flux subsiding, causing an anomaly that in conjunction with created a connection between two non-corresponding positions twixt two different galaxies: a wormhole between the Elysium System and the Hellspawn System. Variations of energy expanding across the events horizon instantaneously triggered initial warning sensors of the world below. Not out of 'threat' so to speak, but certainly a mass to behold.

Black silhouetted landscapes basking in the luminosity of Misu I, Ayenee's serene but singular unimpressive gold-fulgent moon.

With a scorching surge of decalescent light, and they came through, bulbous metallic vessels covered in wicked, asymmetrical spines. Numerous poured from the shimmering portal, covering light years of distance in an egregore-gesture to introduce the monolithic horror that crept from the screaming maws of the voids.... it instantly clouded the ebony firmament with its comparative size to that of the O'ognathatlzo Eththotsha Leviathan, their armada's strategically held formation pending a second advent of vessels to materialize from the wormhole in radioactive and sub-atomic sparks of excess energy, like illuminated shards of rhombus bearing a similitude of celestial fires. These new vessels were dissimilar from the first arrivals, absent of the hulking warp drives that had previously been what the neophytes referred to as elite. They were nothing in comparison.

Colossal anodized-glandaceous vessels, lustrously glowing from the calefaction of atmospheric refulgence. The dark firmament lit up with different violaceous auroras of plasma-like tails and radiant webs of spherical patterns filling the skies with an aurorae nebulous miasma. Power due to the mysterious unique 'necroetheria'/pellucid chambers that most of her designed warships now possessed. It was a "clandestine" more "efficacious" source of compulsion through the voids. These gifts announced formally the fruits of Minjun's investiture. But that was another discussion of preparation towards his formal coronation before the entire U'rstholloshan systems. Preparations and delegations had been a lengthy procedure- but the proposal wasn't met with much resistance outside of the Shen... and what was met was sanguine quelled.

The Shen were opportunistic, broken, yet still clung to their desires and gluttonies- despite being broken and broken again, they still held strong to their values of their ways and ecstasies. For that she held a base admiration for them, that had brought about a somewhat moratorium until after the proceedings. Of course, Xytrinah contemplated eradicating the beast while its head was bowed; but she was curious to see what their next strategy would be, or what they would provide as an offering to mend broken hegemony. She certainly was not going to be the one to extend exchanges and documents of truce. Truce did not benefit her, or the peoples of U'rsthollosha. It was more profitable to take all, and never permit an opposer or usurpers to live. That is what she directly thought of "that" Ysi and made no attempt in coveting it.

There conquests came at no price; at least not to them. Some sacrifices had been given, and some had received- it was the ouroboros of their births and existences. Their builders were only specks to her, infantile and too eager to act on whimsical needs and passions. Xytrinah had not delved into their mechanisms due to what she had witnessed with her own eyes of them falling from grace; and their worlds becoming ashes in the cosmic talons of oblivion's caress. There were those like her, her husband and their son that were more fearsome than the brittle chill of space.

Older and wiser, more broken in ways that creature's envy-pity-desire-fear... but not many would ever join their ranks or become one of them. Lessers races could only then bite their tongues and silently plot their fall of grace- a fall that would never come. There was no 'Great Divine' and they would never bow to no one.

"Wram aeui commus dea... daosr ekm's ku kaorkuka. Wram aeui commus dea, vor duakm's kaak ok voksakir, radicad su verrvuvar, rakuircak omd emsaraks. Wram aeui commus dea, aeui axeks rums amuisr su kaa orreomcak kreks, su cromsa, kisosa omd krix imser aeui ora kesrsems orumskeda aeuir vraqeuik amakae omd emksaod kocems aeuir baks kreamd ur brusrar ocrukk sra bossrakeard. Amd koaeba aeui verr kurseqa, omd koaeba aeui vum's."
["When you cannot die... death isn't so fearsome. When you cannot die, war doesn't seem as wasteful, reduced to willpower, resources and interest. When you cannot die, you exist long enough to see alliances shift, to change, mutate and flux until you are fighting alongside your previous enemy and instead facing your best friend or brother across the battlefield. And maybe you will forgive, and maybe you won't."]

Her words held a meaning that would mean different things to Koshiro and Minjun, they even held a poignant meaning to her own personal affairs, in the past and in the present. Xytrinah did not claim to possess the intricate knowledges of the Norian people and their beliefs; but she had listened to them during the times of the rapture; and when they were in discussion of how the Norian people would progress in the U'rstholloshan empires. There was no rule in religion or belief systems, but she had found most had abandoned their old ways for that of the new... why follow a faith led by the faithless... for that was how Xytrinah saw them through her own deific eyes.

"The Little Ones cannot understand us, though we share their forms, warmonger, emperor, industrialist, politician, pilot, farmer and a million-and-one other hats that we try out of boredom or curiousity. They cannot understand us, even though some may try, so desperate to pierce the veil between mortal-and-not, just trying to understand what makes us tick. And even having little knowledge of what that even is. They push, and prod, stare and wonder. Marvelling from afar and try to entangle us in their silly little errands that we fulfilled in a blink's effort." [
"Tra Lessra Omak commus imdarksomd ik, sruisr va krora sraer kurkk, vorkumsar, akvarur, emdiksreoreks, vureseceom, verus, korkar omd o kerreum-omd-uma usrar rosk sros va srae uis uk buraduk ur cireuikesae. Traae commus imdarksomd ik, aqam sruisr kuka koae srae, ku dakvarosa su vearca sra qaer basvaam kursor-omd-mus, iiks sraeems su imdarksomd vros kodak ik secd. Amd aqam roqems ressra dmuvradsa uk vros sros aqam ek. Traae vikr, omd vrud, ksora omd vumdar. Morqarrems kruk okor omd srae su amsomsra ik em sraer kerrae ressra arromdk sros va kirkerrad em o bremd'k akkurs."]

Xytinah referred to all now that was not them, as 'The Little Ones', in her intricacies of sophistication she refrained from the crass basic inane use of profanity when it came to lesser races that had not directly incited her wrath. A term of endearment through dark murmurings of promised eradication.

"Tra Lessra Omak... commus imdarksomd sros es ek mus sra ekkursoresae sros kodak ik secd, kodak ik oruuk, curdbruudad, kodeksec... omd es ek mus sra buraduk sros cukak vesr baems amdrakk. Isk sra emkemesae uk emkemeseak sros ksrascr bakura ik, uvam omd bresrs, kruzam omd dord, kerrad vesr rimsar, ruva omd vumdar, kumksrukeseak omd daosr. Umbuimd va ksrascr suvordk vros covseqosak, vros kokcemosak, vros dozzrak omd vros drovk. Tra imeqarkak, sra kverork, sra ksork, sra quedk os uir kemsarsevk. Am emkemesae uk emkemeseak. Amd rod I o raors sros cuird braod reda roem ok sraer saork kruird, es vuird roqa baam brudam rums osu, sros sraae srakkarqak rod mus kaam srek."
["The Little Ones... cannot understand that it is not the immortality that makes us tick, makes us aloof, coldblooded, sadistic... and it is not the boredom that comes with being endless. Its the infinity of infinities that stretch before us, open and bright, frozen and dark, filled with hunger, hope and wonder, monstrosities and death. Unbound we stretch towards what captivates, what fascinates, what dazzles and what draws. The universes, the spirals, the stars, the voids at our fingertips. An infinity of infinities. If I had heart for them that could break like rain as their tears should, it would have been broken long ago."]

Her experiences with the spoken topic had been far from warm or inspiring, and she simply did not wish to engage with it. However, she remained poised and unperturbed. Quietly spoken, soft and euphonious- with the grace of an Empress and a being that held herself completely unruffled.
"They were not capable of doing it differently without disturbing the flows of destiny and disrupting time. They had their chances, and still could not get it right. They were too immature to accept the mistake and make something better out of it; to learn from it and grow. Let us now keep the toys away from the children, hm?" ["Traae vara mus covobra uk duems es dekkaramsrae vesruis deksirbems sra kruvk uk daksemae omd dekrivsems seka. Traae rod sraer cromcak, omd kserr cuird mus sas es resrs. Traae vara suu ekkosira su occavs sra keksoda omd koda kukasrems bassar uis uk es; su raorm kruk es omd sruv. Las ik muv daav sra suaek ovoae kruk sra crerdram, rk?"]

A delicate hand rose to stroke Koshiro's cheek lovingly, nigrescent flambeaus staring into his.

The voids and tapestries would not be the playthings of primitives. For this night, there would be no more talk of these Caeyara or their Builders.

Smiling at Minjun as Koshiro spoke his toast, it cast away the other nagging less pleasant notions tugging beneath the facade of an elegant lady towards a less pleasant entity. It stirred within another entwined in the threads of creation that her other hand sought to be placed in order to still it... but instead rose to sweep away a wayward strand of ebony that traversed her features at the rising of the perfumed winds carrying with them the scents and songs of celebrations. She had been acting somewhat odd throughout the past shifts of time between the voids and circumventing the galaxies searching for the relics of her husband's research, and she had been taken up with the expansion of corporations extending outside galaxies, offering anything from weaponry, vessels to opulent luxury. It benefitted their ongoing finances and exchanges between other worlds and systems. Their empire had expanded immensely, and that was just the materialistic aspect of the bountiful harvests.

"I roqa orvoaek baam vesr aeui, kae ruqa!" ["I have always been with you, my love."] Moving to place a polite kiss upon the embouchements of her Imperial consort, a feathered press when they pursed in sweet crescents to adorn his. It was a tender moment... a reflective moment, and brief moment as this was their son's momentous celebration. "Not only this world will tremble in the accolades and ecstasy of his name... but all worlds." [ "Na' a'riy has lla'mrc llarr morlfaro a ho oaa'roacos oac osoasiy a'r has oarlo... faau oarr lla'mrcs."] Xytrinah knew the truth of it, Minjun's mark had already been made in one of the most significant places it could have been, and with that sword irrefutable. No argument of its origins could be made. It had been handed to her by the emperor's son himself and when she had offered it back to Varsinax... the Overlord of Ayenee... he entrusted it into her possession.

She did not wish to rule Ayenee, Minjun had expressed his desire to achieve his own glories and history, what better ruler than that of her admirable son? Her titles were amongst many within the Empire there, respected and feared. His ascension there too would also be supported; archaic things slept beneath the wastes and barrens of the West which could easily be summoned.

"Things have been somnolent Minjun. There are discussions of your coronation which we have been delegating and considering. The Shen have agreed to a time of amity- but I think this is more to do with the fact their backs have been broken over our laps. It could benefit us to entreat their desires, but it ignites my desires to completely eradicate them. I do not benefit at their longevity or their demise, entirely." ["Thaghs hoarro faoo sa'rla'ro Maliau. Thomo oamo casaussaa's a'r iya'aum a'ma'oaaa' llhah llo hoarro faoo coroghoaagh oac a'sacomagh. Tho Sho hoarro oaghmooc a' oa arlo a'r oarlaiy- faau I hann has as rla'mo a' ca' llah ho roa hoam faoanns hoarro faoo fama'nno a'rrom a'aum roans. I a'aurc faoora aus a' omooa hoam cosamos, faau a aghaos rliy cosamos a' a'rlnrooriy omoacaoao horl. I ca' a' faoora oa hoam ra'ghorraiy a'm hoam corlaso, oamoriy"] As it stood the Shen were not an issue for their alliances and connections had been severed, their militants greatly depleted and with it all of their resources to obtain efficient and effective machines of war and destruction. That was where her interferences with corporations and industries had blocked their assets and means to acquire any. Another aspect which made Xytrinah brutal in her business transactions and conquests.

"They will either tempt us with gifts, treasures, exchanges or flesh. Either way it will profit the cause. Fuel to the fire. It's not me they have to tempt or entreat. It's you." ["
Thoiy llarr oahom orln aus llah ghars, mooasaumos, ovhoaghos a'm rrosh. Eahom lloaiy a llarr nma'ra ho oaauso. Fauor a' ho ramo. I's a' rlo hoiy hoarro a' orln a'm omooa. I's iya'au."] Not elaborating any further on the meaning behind her words, it would be taken as it was said. Pointed and very directed in a clandestine way; perhaps they were planning advances in other spirals? Or was it something closer to home?

Stygian glances swept around the palace, and towards the outside where celebration echoed and painted the skies in an exuberance of sights and swirling nebula's that jewelled the firmament in array of beautiful phoenix-orchid like effigies. As if far away her voice ushered a question, "What are your plans of this world Minjun? What would you like me to do in order to help you achieve everything you crave and deserve?" ["Whed esa irruis frelr ull dhair wusrn Minjun? Whed wuirn irrui raica na du nu ail usnas du harf irrui eshaiaya ayasirrdhailr irrui sseya eln narasya?"] Maybe she didn't wish to leave him once the festivities were over, there was still gifts to arrive, and no doubt things to be discussed.



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Koshiro shifted slightly following the exchange of more intimate words. He took a moment to take it all in and returned the kiss with passionate resolve. A moment of reminder it always was with her, to which nothing else compared when it came to him. A treasure beyond value and a woman unfathomable to most men; the Shen had made quite the gamble in their attempt to acquire her as well. A shame their men had to die, it undoubtedly weakened the perception of their assembly to the point of no recovery unless, of course, something happened to change that. It was almost in the brief distraction of that alluring caress of flesh that would have made him miss the deeper meaning behind her words and that joyous twist of complex emotions as he settled upon a silent victory rather than some heralding outburst like he had become some kind of jackpot winner. They were after all celebrating their son, and he deserved it. There would be plenty of time to express things more privately, he had a feeling if not only to witness they would remain for at least a time. A chance for some indulgence as well, he couldn't help but consider that Airwin had stashed a relic or two in a moment of false safety during that stop in Ayenee. That thought went fleeting though too as the graceful hand touched upon his cheek to which he turned his head and placed a single kiss upon her palm.

The mention of the Shen again brought on some choice words from Koshiro, "I'k kira os srek kukams sraae ora ksrissrems su rim om occuims uk sraer samaseck em ruvak sraae com ukkar kukasrems iv baaeumd sra bromd varkurkomca uk sraer cuirs. Traae daav sraer vremems su sra bocd crommark, I sremd sraae kemd es rord su odkes koerira vesr umrae o srekkar uk vukkebra vrakarqoseum. I sremd sros sra irsekosa dacekeum em sros verr kemd srak rikbrad, aesrar sromdkir kur daosr ur srosakir kur o cromca su srreqa em uir kroduvk." ("I'm sure at this moment they are struggling to run an account of their genetics in hopes they can offer something up beyond the bland performance of their court. They keep their whining to the back channels, I think they find it hard to admit failure with only a glimmer of possible preservation. I think that the ultimate decision in that will find them humbled, either thankful for death or grateful for a chance to thrive in our shadows.") he thoroughly embellished his wife's statement with the usual laminated sense of reality. The switch to less-known tongues an obvious sense of privacy among open ears. If not obvious by his words the mere reverberation of exotic energies that filled his vessel would give a more emotional account of his opinion of the Shen and their situation after all had he returned to find Xytrinah forced into marriage with another he would have vanquished them from the weave and done far worst than what he had given to the Norian pantheon. Koshiro however had caught on that this too would come down to their son, for if the Shen could not produce something that met his standards they would face extinction. It was a mixed reaction within, a tie between the thought of the Shen dying or their realignment beneath a real leader.

As his wife so eloquently sought the more detailed inner considerations of their son for this operation that unfolded, he couldn't help but take it all in. Koshiro's connections to Ayenee were a little more obscure than Xytrinahs and less involved. At the same time, there was a vast feeling of a crowded world. It was near claustrophobic in its limitations so very different from the miraculous and near impossible nature of the place from which that had come. He would undoubtedly uncover ancient truths and mysteries from this world as well. So many that had assimilated into their collection had such fascinating histories buried deep beneath the wasteful glaze of whatever 'modern' or 'less modern' civilization that coated the surface.

There was an ambiance to the air, it felt alive and made one tingle with peaked interest. He remained quiet as he awaited the explanation from Minjun and a more detailed account of what he wanted for himself. Had Minjun caught on to his mother's words? Koshiro watched and listened with intensive attentiveness. He almost hushed the other revelers in hopes that he could hang upon the words of their son and visualize this future that he had intended to carve into Ayenee.


Even as composed as he was it didn't stop Minjun from downing his entire goblet when he caught onto the discussion at hand. Thankfully he could delay any type of confirmation that he understood beyond his already formed opinion about the Shen. At least if someone was to usher him toward some kind of future it would be with his mother's guidance. It left a smaller realm for error to exist and remained the pained worry he had for ending up like an Eitan. It would come as it would and it would end up the way it should be, he had confidence in that as he poured himself another glass and topped the vessels held by his parents. The news from home had him contemplating because it increased his urgency to lead his campaign across the sleepy lands of Ayenee. He glanced at his father in a knowing way, the man had few words but at least they were ones that held insight ad wisdom.

Minjun's own reaction to the mention of the Shen and what may come of them was muted. Much like his mother, he would unfold his hand at the right time. He was interested in the outcome, the Shen were desperate which might just entice them to offer up something worthwhile, or rather someone worthwhile. "Perhaps that will be a good interlude into the wait for these lands to wake from the slumber they have sunk into, may the Shen use this time wisely for I hold no account for mercy on their behalf. I trust your judgment mother, I hope while the discussion of my coronation goes on that they find it within themselves to swallow the coming spoils of yet another world," it was at least his own statement. He enjoyed the presence of his parents, and this had been an interesting topic of conversation which worked perfectly into the questions his mother asked.

"Ayenee is asleep, it needs to wake up," he said in an introduction to his explanation for his goals, "I desire its history, I desire the loyalty of its people as I bring them out of that slumber and into purpose again. I must forge extensions to my military arm before I strive towards much more lofty goals. I intend to become their conqueror and shape them into something anew beneath the forge of my workings. It is time this planet understood to whom it belongs, and I shall show them that they do and that they still have use. " he stated factually, "It will also be bittersweet to wipe the smug grins of less worthy souls that will undoubtedly need to be harvested, I long for what will be my first moment, mother. Then I shall look outward among the stars and begin a new age of reclamation and add to the expanse of our Empire," he concluded in an oath.

The Prince looked at his mother with intensity and said quietly, "I generously thank both you and father for your gifts and the things to come, it will be but days before we begin our crawl across the surface of this world and exhume from it, the very spirit which made it worthy of your attention in the first place." He then silently observed his parents for their reaction, hopefully, his words had not led her to disappointment. He craved her approval, for that endorsement of her worthy input.
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A loving smile graced the Empresses lips at the kiss placed exquisitely upon the perfumed palm of her hand. It was these intimate moments that held far more weight to thought and heart. Never again would these moments be taken. Shifting slightly in regal pose, long ebony spider-silk locks elegantly cascading in tempting ways over smooth silken shoulders and gossamer only to lap past sylphlike waist. Another delicate sip of the wine was consumed while Xytrinah listened to the exchange of dialect and proclamations of the present and the future of Ayenee.

She could only imagine what "critters" Minjun would discover hiding under rocks and in the dark cracks of a meagre egotistical existence. Her opinion of them was not in the highest of regards, but it was not her opinion that held weight or significance. Xytrinah simply would aid her son in whatever means necessary to maintain that hierarchy of ownership and sovereignty.

Western Ayenee still housed the legions of old, that had fought in every war that had scathed and ravished the lands of Ayenee, as primordial as they were, they still held purpose deep beneath the spires in the chasms below. They too could be summoned in sheer moments by just a thought or even a murmur of awakening from slumber, those old machines of war. Their histories and authenticity were still spoken in stories of horror and cautionary tales by the small folk of Ayenee to even the royals themselves; what little of them actually remained. Would they pay homage? Now that was a delectable notion.

"I hufa dhairr sel ssaeda runadhailr rfasdesires du ainfsuya dhura raladaisr. I en wiaida risa dhairr esa dsaiffailr uyas dhanraryar, firdrailr ail dhaais llrarh faidr eln yedr ail yeail raessh llus dhed yaider shawar du fawiard railla. Aln reya dhaais azairdalsar. I neirr fa cailn. I neirr lud fa cailn. Wa'rr raa ruul aluirh." ["I hope they can create something spectacular to improve those genetics. I am quite sure they are tripping over themselves, bustling in their flesh pits and vats in vain search for that vital jewel to bequest life. And save their existences. I may be kind. I may not be kind. We'll see soon enough."]

Benevolence had never been her forte.

"Osrark ruqa su bokd em aeuir kroduv ruqa, sra qeav ek ku kadicseqarae aivrurec!" ["Others love to bask in your shadow love, the view is so seductively euphoric!"] As the delivered words accompanied, embraced and caressed the blackest of threads that connected them to the utopic voidic spirals in coquettish symphonies. Spoken softly in a darkness’ emotion suitable to the revelry, issued in such aurally mellifluous tones carrying a crystalline clarity. Black Lotus eyes with a tinge of mercurial sheen- reminiscent to the onyx pastures of interstellar space eternally ice-bound in this starlight fixed intensely upon Minjun.

"Yui verr dmuv oduroseum ok va dmuv es em orr sremsk, em orr vurrdk, dekamkeumk omd quedk bis es verr ba uk aeuir cruukems- ok uirk vok." ["You will know adoration as we know it in all things, in all worlds, dimensions and voids but it will be of your choosing- as ours was"] A mannerism of refinement exalted and enthroned her above all other women of all kingdoms, terrestrial or extramundane; her son would not be thrown into any unwanted and unwilling situation, no bargain nor any agreement. They held the dominative place to agree or not. The price the Shen would pay however, would be a substantial one.

Celebrations rippled through the ambiance of the Cathoacha Palace, vibrations of energy and heightened senses perfumed the air with their own signatures and concupiscence, but it seemed the celebrations had not yet reached their zenith. Xytrinah articulated in change of the subject, momentarily, something she rarely canvassed, the Umarian Astral Raquamothla. It was in concerning one of their ecstatic tributes. There was still so much more to reveal, in due time.

"Oma uk sra kura oikveceuik Ukoreom, Gruks Fakseqork, suud iiberoseum em aeaork uk vor, kur sruka ksravm ocrukk sra umaex ksorrakk qoirsk uk sra carakseor kverork omd sruka axacisad kur sraer crekak osoemks ik— es vok o mesrs vrara sra kdeak brad, omd sra darecosa roimsems brukkukk vara ukkarad su sra vemdk su kvaasam sra rimsar uk sra Daav Omak." ["One of the more auspicious Umarian Ghost Festivals which took jubilation in years of war, for those strewn across the onyx starless vaults of the celestial spirals and those executed for their crimes against us— it was a night where the skies bled, and the delicate haunting blossoms were offered to the winds to sweeten the hunger of the Outer Ones."]

This was shared because Xytrinah thought that Minjun would find the festival of interest as it was a symbolic relic of dark veneration and antiquity. An exchange of histories. Another mouthful imbibed of the piquant dark crimson wine, tongue swirling the rich infusion against the palate. It had been some time since she enjoyed the marginal scheme of mere recreation without deceptive motivation, civil pleasantries or malignant intention hidden behind autarchic diplomacy.

"I du ruvaqar kissaks o ‘kraaza’ um orr Coaaeorom vromasorae omd curvuroseum occuimsk, kruird omae ba rard vesrem sra Eraekeik. I verr orku amdaoquir su du srek vesrem uir odqucosa kaeksakk." ["I do however suggest a ‘freeze’ on all Caeyaran planetary and corporation accounts, should any be held within the Elysium. I will also endeavour to do this within our advocate systems."] Uttered with the assumption this likely had already been sanctioned. Imperial fire was unpredictable, it burned with opulence and fervour that was unrivalled - but it was controlled and directed. Corporate entities permitted existence after the fall had been strictly confined in operations that benefited the UAR and was beneath its sanction. Even still within this system and should any have ignored its potency would soon find themselves as enemies of the delegation.

The problem rested within factional lines where it appeared some operated outside- due to whatever excuse or another, Xytrinah was certain that Minjun would rectify this; if he had not already. Innumerable years had passed since she had returned here, and like always the foundations of the strongest never broke or crumbled.

“Wa roqa svu imcroekad soroxeak su kuqa ocrukk, sra Moiurex XI- Sobik Arvro Saeksak omd sra Aasarmo Haeksarox. Busr ora ruksera zumak sros du mus varcuka braocrems omd verr ocs iiks ok borbad ok I krorr koda sra emsarocseum cissems omd kaomemskir.” [“We have two unclaimed spirals that anyone can cross freely, the Majorix XI- Sabus Alpha System and the Aeterna Hysterax. Both are hostile zones for most, that do not welcome breaching and will act just as barbed as I shall make the interaction cutting and meaningful.”] Sweeping apex of tongue to moisten the scarlet matte of opiate lips, changing spoken word to projected thoughts; bioencrypted communiqué twixt herself and their imperial arms still yet to emerge through the spiralling vortex.


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Within a strange yet comfortable light, Koshiro viewed the gripping surface of torrent within his wife and son, like two storms that ebbed into one another feeding their destructive natures. Though this was all much more than that, it was not simply destruction. The way they were worked in ways much more clandestine, and murky to the inward-looking eyes of the damned simpletons who believed they had a grasp of it. The suggestion of cutting off the Caeyara from their financial accounts outside of their new home, made Koshiro's lips tug upwards at the edges. He imagined that Airwin, being no fool likely was not completely invested in where they now were, no - he was at least more intelligent than that. Some future trip to Ayenee was likely going to come up with exciting results when the financial fortunes were simply inaccessible and frozen, perhaps it might lure an actual response. Koshiro was not keen on a war with Airwin, he merely wished him to suffer for the decisions he had made, fleeing to another universe was a damn show of cowardice. "Sirarae uir cumsrur uqar sra Aaeamaa Fadaroseum oksar uir roks emsarocseumk vesr srak, orums vesr sra axarseum uk uir keresorae vrakamca kruird ba amuisr su vikr carsoem bomdk em sra Aaeamaa Covesor Cesae su cukvrae vesr sra kekvra rapiaks su kraaza sra Coaaeoro'k rurdemsk. Sekvrae du ku imdar sra sieka, va kekvrae du mus dmuv ek Aervem ek rekkark omaekura - emkomesae remsad ivum rek kraaems su omusrar imeqarka," [["Surely our control over the Ayenee Federation after our last interactions with them, along with the exertion of our military presence should be enough to push certain banks in the Ayenee Capital City to comply with the simple request to freeze the Caeyara's holdings. Simply do so under the guise, we simply do not know if Airwin is himself anymore - insanity hinged upon his fleeing to another universe,"]] he said in reply to Xytrinah's suggestion.

The truth was when it came to the Kiri they had holdings now that stretched across spirals both in and out of the void. Their military arms sprawled out in such concentrations that even the loss of a sector would still bring about a reckoning for those who dared to challenge the supremacy that they had not only earned but shed their blood for. "Bikkar sarresureak roqa orvoaek rod om ekvursomca em kuqaraesmsae, varrovk Memiim srek com ba o ksrosasae rara um Aaeamaa ok varr. Rosrar srom rozems sra Covesor Cesae, aeui cuird dacrora es o mosiror vroca em vrecr aeuir emkriamca com ba kura kibsra omd seqa o korka kamka uk kaciresae. Sekeror su sra ruksera axvamkak vrecr va daav basvaam rara omd ...muvrara," [["Buffer territories have always had an importance in sovereignty, perhaps Minjun this can be a strategy here on Ayenee as well. Rather than razing the Capital City, you could declare it a natural place in which your influence can be more subtle and give a false sense of security. Similar to the hostile expenses which we keep between here and ...nowhere,"]] his words were chosen rather carefully, yet the basis of the suggestion was evident.

Koshiro considered another refill of his wine, he then said quietly to Xytrinah, "Perhaps we should give him some time love, we've indulged ourselves this evening. Perhaps we should retire? A tour of the observatory before we settle to our chamber would be nice, don't you think" he asked her. He didn't want to crowd Minjun further, they both had surely gotten their points and support across to their son.


Minjun's mind churned with the many suggestions and offerings his parents had given, the financial one from his mother and the idea of a buffer that evolved from her words his father gave him some things to consider. He was more of a man of the field, more comfortable with a weapon in hand or the power of a Leviathan within his yield. The financial angle was somewhat of a devious venture that had not yet crossed his mind, and yet at the same time it provided him with an opportune moment, it was their suggestion after all, and their contacts that would make it happen, "Parrovk sraka ora sremsk sros aeui com rarv vesr vrera aeui ora rara? Tros ek ek aeui verr ba ksoaeems vesr ka srruisr srek iuirmaae oraod," [["Perhaps these are things that you can help with while you are here? That is if you will be staying with me through this journey ahead,"]] he said, in hopes they would find themselves comfortable for at least a time to observe what plans he had for Ayenee itself. When it came to the "Ayenee Federation" or whatever it had become since their last encounter with them, there was no uncertainty that they had previously learned lessons the hard way from his mother - almost as hard of lessons that had taught this new generation of Shen a lesson.

"Im rasord su uir vraqeuik vurdk uk sra Sram, kusrar I ruud kurvord su kemdems uis axocsrae vros sraae roqa ukkarad ka. I sriks sruisr sros aeui verr amkira sros omae vrura ek kmossad vesrem aeuir vab omd aqekcarosad bakura srara ek om emsrudicseum su ka. I kekvrae roqa mu seka kur sra sroda uk vrura sros sra Coaaeoro kaak su komcae. I'qa kaam amuisr kruk o deksomca su imdarksomd vrae aeuir ksukocr crirmk kusrar os sra qarae kamseum uk srak. I kekvrae kaar rareaqad su dmuv aeui omd kosrar roqa aeuir romdk em srek vesr sra baks uk emsamseumk kur ka," [["In regard to our previous words of the Shen, mother I look forward to finding out exactly what they have offered me. I trust though that you will ensure that any whore is snagged within your web and eviscerated before there is an introduction to me. I simply have no time for the grade of whore that the Caeyara seem to fancy. I've seen enough from a distance to understand why your stomach churns mother at the very mention of them. I simply feel relieved to know you and father have your hands in this with the best of intentions for me,"]] he said, having had time to consider what his parents had previously stated.

The Prince had also noticed that slight change in the ebb and flow of his parent's bond since they had arrived, that little secret didn't seem to be such a secret anymore. He didn't say anything though, that would be up to his mother when the time came to make that announcement official. He simply bowed forward respectfully and awaited the outcome of his father's request that they retire for the evening. Minjun however still had a meeting with his generals. The threat he had made towards those who had helped the Caeyara still had a little bit of curiosity to it. This military facility they had on the planet, unfortunately, would be an obstacle they would need to overcome. Perhaps it could be done without a loss of life, rather a souring of the milk so to say with overly comfortable relations. He already knew, that there were at least two operatives related to Airwin on the surface of Ayenee - that would be a conversation for later, he was interested in how sour his parents would turn when he noted he found a certain guardian of the cause.


Listening to her husband, Xytrinah merely smiled, she had her own opinions and ideas on the topic at hand, deciding to keep those to her audience, trusting instead to follow the lead of Koshiro. For now. Afterall, Kohiro knew the Caeyara possibly better than she, interaction had only been with a couple throughout her histories; she had always regarded them as fodder, except for one or two... but for quite some time they had been considered as decrepit unsurpers- that give and take depending on who or what they were messing indecorously- or who was sleeping with whom. Simple-minded. Unsophisticated. Inferior. Such inklings did not even ruffle the surface despite an evitable churning from within the darkest depths of the void. In her younger years, keeping composure was unheard of.... however, these days her philosophy was more along the sentiments of 'you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar'. Persuasion (as she liked to call it) mixed with charm and class typically received better results than complete obliteration, (despite being her favourable pastime and preferred option).

"Tra Aaeamaa Fadaroseum I duibs verr ukkar kicr, ek omae rakeksomca. Aksarorr. I ok vru I ok, omd aeui ora vru aeui ora. Traae ora ricdae su kserr ksomd, ur kserr ksomd em sra maor kisira." ["The Ayenee Federation I doubt will offer much, if any resistance. Afterall. I am who I am, and you are who you are. They are lucky to still stand, or even still stand in the near future."] Xytrinah had no emotions nor expressed any in regard to the reasons or excuses of insanity or the apparent cowardice demonstrated in fleeing what some considered 'claimed' property. They did not even have to ask any federation to do anything but do it themselves- but she also understood from a political standpoint or veto that to appear as the lesser of aggressors held more in their direct favour, for the moment Xytrinah would follow the steps of her husband, respecting that it was her son that would be make any and final decisions.

Shifting in her composure, and speaking in a softer fashion, but the words carried the venom despite the sweetness of voice. "Is vuird ba em sraer baks emsaraks su cukvrae, rakvacskirrae" ["It would be in their best interest to comply, respectfully"] Other influences would be structured in outer spaces should holdings be held in any affiliated corporations or imperial bodies where influence could be discussed or enforced strategically and menacingly. Such was their insidious natures. No more would be uttered towards the topic, Xytrinah felt that Koshiro had spoken it probably more articulate than she would have given the ebb and flow of transcendence struggling with malignancy; being guileful may be the best stratagem to achieve total sovereignty and favour. In all hindsight... who would respect a milquetoast? And it wasn't the first-time citizens had been left to be slaughtered by the tongues of blackened flames while they ran. Acts such as that tend to leave a bitterness instead of sympathy.

Listening to the exchanges between Koshiro and their son, the slender digits of her fingertips tracing delicately over the inscriptions on the glossy black surface of the ring on her husband's hand, relishing the touch of static and power it emanated and then the sensual touch of his skin, resting her head against his shoulder. "Oh vaylri, pi' sazi. Tui izimemb uor xiim londylayr, dui liymehi'emb vedu ayl ram, omk uer zevdaleir. I op ryli oss okzevi vess xi libolkik, omk dui lebud vaylri ah ovdeam ovdik ynam em dui vaylri ah edr kyi depi." ["Of course, my love. The evening has been rapturous, the reunifying with our son, and his victories. I am sure all advice will be regarded, and the right course of action acted upon in the course of its due time by our son."] The conversation was indeed a weighted one, and a lot to consider in the present and in the future ahead.

"Tui Oxrilzodali' vaysk xi o vamkilayr rebud pi' sazi, ed uor xiim samb remvi I uozi bocik yn od dui visirdeos xakeir ah duer ri'rdip; uavizil, duii' oss nosi em vapnoleram da i'ay." ["The Observatory would be a wonderous sight my love, it has been long since I have gazed up at the celestial bodies of this system; however, they all pale in comparison to you."] Gaze shifting towards Minjun, Xytrinah's words hung in the air, like dew settling upon the petals of the rarest of flowers just before the break of dawn's sanguineous incandescence. "Wuodizil i'ay miik, kireli, vomd. Wi'ss poqi ryli i'ay liviezi ed." ["Whatever you need, desire, want. We'll make sure you receive it. "] The words had many meanings and implications, some belligerent and some inscrutable.

There was much to machinate and orchestrate before they would take their leave, so naturally the plan was to remain for a time... the matter of importance was the Prince's coronation so ensure the Ursthollosha Spiral denizens and devotees total obsequiousness and subjugation. Even if they considered that sycophancy devotion as free will, she had utilized the deceptiveness of seduction many conquers could never achieve without the deathkneel, and dichotomizing the chords of existence in order to nations, worlds, universes to bend the knee. The Ursthollosha Spiral was a hostile womb, an extremely violent anomaly with its seismic oily-tides torn from the primal fabric of the infinite ‘Outer Darkness’ or 'Oblivion'. Birthed by the Ever-Consuming, Magnum Tenebrosum (Eldritch Father of Darkness) not to mention it housed the worst abominations of nightmare and pure darkness; entities of almost unimaginable power—beings completely alien to humanity, both physiologically and spiritually. They were to serve or be "digested".

"Tui Suim oli em ma naredeam da vuaari al lixyhh veduayd keli vamrityimvir. I byirr dui Boresevo omk Libeammoeli Hezir I uozi gyrd aydreki duiel dilledaleir pebud xi poqemb duip milzayr. I ka mad ovvind hsavilr vedu veduilik nidosr. Suaysk ami ahhilemb izim saaq seqi edr nidosr uozi xiim nsyvqik izim amvi, emrdlyvdeamr oslioki' bezim da pi' okpelosr oli hemos." ["The Shen are in no position to choose or rebuff without dire consequences. I guess the Basilica and Legionnaire Hives I have just outside their territories might be making them nervous. I do not accept flowers with withered petals. Should one offering even look like its petals have been plucked even once, instructions already given are final and cannot be modified. "] No scraps would be accepted from another's table, so whatever was offered would want to be spectacular. As for whores, the had their "uses" in the fleshpits in the outer provinces or the ravenous vortices but within the Imperial Houses, they were not tolerated and rapidly terminated regardless of insignia or title.

"Yay uozi pyvu da lihsivd omk ma kayxd nlinoli hal dui amvapemb koi'r. Wi ruoss lipoem hal dui depi duod vi vom. Glodedyki hal ruolemb duiri hirdezedeir vedu yr Minjun." ["You have much to reflect and no doubt prepare for the oncoming days. We shall remain for the time that we can. Gratitude for sharing these festivities with us Minjun."] Slender form shifting from Koshiro and moved with an uncanny grace, every move of her feet, hands and body was deliberate and looked like the arranging of the most delicate flower upon the water's surface. There are many things which define a woman, but some women are superior to others in that they manifest themselves in a more progressive manner as she did. Xytrinah moved to embrace her son with slender arms, while whispering to his ear, "Tui oxesedi' da xi oxsi da rii zosyi em oss rdobir ah raveidi' vapir vedu dui ymkilrdomkemb ah dui dlyi modylir ah edr linlirimdodezi emkezekyosr..." ["The ability to be able to see value in all stages of society comes with the understanding of the true natures of its representative individuals..."]

She knew Minjun would take meaning out of those words for things needed for days to come. Placing a kiss upon his brow and simply giving salutation for the closure of the evening, "Foliviss hal duer izimemb pi' ram. Moi' edr imk xlemb o miv londyli." ["Farewell for this evening my son. May its end bring a new rapture."] Sensing there were still discussions to be had, naturally the tides here never ran smoothly- one would have to be a fool to think that some would leave Ayenee entirely; histories spoke of their stories, claims, failures and egotistical heights of fancy. Known presences would be whispering to her senses on every tendril of the breeze, in the silky embrace of shadow, the taste life and death teasing the lips, the shift and sigh of its terrain and sung amongst the stars themselves.
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