Do you guys have any suggestions for me? I know this is a quiet place these days but I'm still interested in improving Ayenee.

Some stuff I introduced on Star Army, the other site I run, and could do here are:
  • Xenforo Media Gallery
  • Structured data for the wiki
  • A Suggestions/Ideas Forum where members can upvote or downvote suggestions
Other ideas:
  • Merge inactive forums
  • Get those Tavern Tuesdays events going or any sort of events to draw people in


Owner of the Blackbird Tavern
I love the idea of sparking some sort of life to this board. I really like it here, and yet I have tried to get something started, but I suppose ppl have lost or found no interest in.
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Perhaps maybe invite a friend and kick something off together that may encourage others to join in. My limit is work, I work 2 full time jobs.

But my writing partner(s) and I will be kicking something off. Problem is, we all work quite demanding jobs and lead very busy lives.

The other factor being location. It’s all under discussion.

Hopefully you find something, or maybe contact those who are active and discuss some possible plot to get you involved.


Pure Abyssal Misfortune
I've got SOOO many characters that NEED to let loose from time to time that it's not even funny anymore. JUST hit me UP if you NEED someone to write with!!!

I'm always OPEN!!

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