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Former Minatu Empire Embassy - Ayenee Capital City

Nira and Lithia had arrived from the Akina System in the Kikyo Sector of the Kagami Galaxy a few weeks before. They had spent time making observations, optical images, and recordings of the massive tide of U'rstholloshan under the command of Minjun Kiri into the Surrune region of the planet. With the prospect of those forces on the move, and the need for better connections to send information to Airwin Caeyara and the Star Army the duo and their remnant crew decided to set up in the former embassy of the Minatu Empire. The avoidance of the incoming forces in the capital was interesting and concerning. Nira couldn't figure out why it was that an obviously superior force, with the sheer level of domination, didn't just bombard the planet from orbit. They wanted something, and that was obvious - the question was what. He also knew it was very likely that he, Lithia, and their crew had already been made even if they had not shown any opposition, it was no secret they were Caeyara and loyal to Airwin. Nira had begun to contemplate why he had not just joined SAINT, it appeared he was doing the job anyway as he ensured information was sent back to Airwin who undoubtedly had begun to share with their hosts within the Yamatai Star Empire. Messages piggybacked on remnant MERN stealth satellites, hyperspace relays and other hubs that had survived the fall were a gamble the Kiri after all had designed most of the technology.

Wars deceived their venues and Nira knew that as he leaned against the frame of the massive window which overlooked the Capital. There would be those who questioned the lights on, the Empire that had once dominated the stars was but ashes of remnants. Most had moved on to Tsenlan within the safe cradle of Yamatai. In the past Nira would have had an army of his own, but now he had Lithia and a small crew that was not ready to settle down in safety that had joined him following his meeting with Airwin. "I wonder what the perspective is from up there," he couldn't help but take in the magnificent yet terrifying sight of the Leviathans close enough to Ayenee that they were visible within the night sky. "I think they enjoy the fact this world can see them, like an omen in the night sky. Surely some of the primitives believe their gods have returned to them," he said in observation, unsure if Lithia was even listening to his thoughts and considerations.


Former Minatu Empire Embassy, Ayenee Capital City

"We know the view from up there. The shoe is just on another foot," Lithia reminded him, a fresh steaming cup of tea in her hand which she offered him when she joined him at the window. "This is the view the Laeyaians seen, those from Ayem'vu and other worlds seen as we once committed these same actions," she clarified, "I'm terrified," she admitted as she took a sip from her own cup and nested herself against him. She diverted her eyes from the skyward view and more towards the glistening skyscrapers of the capital. There was no doubt Minjun had agents of his own there. Just because their main forces had avoided the city so far, didn't mean there would not be some kind of recourse for them being holed up there.

Nira accepted the tea and took a rather deep sip of the hot liquid. He kept his other hand propped around her petite frame, and said with an encouraged tone, "Fear not, in the end, things will come to be as they are meant to be. We just have to keep a low profile until Airwin or the Star Army decides on the best course of action. I believe though any direct confrontation would be in vain, anyone who denies the supremacy of these forces which have come is a fool. Koshiro and Xytrinah and their son, are without a doubt the most competent opposition, and even their enemies should have respect for what they are capable of," he said, then paused before he continued, "We're here to observe, I doubt anyone saves the primitives will want a war," he suggested before another sip of the hot liquid.

Xue'mei's House of Impossible Oddities and Spectacular Teas​


Nira felt the cold of the blade against the back of his neck. His palms were wet as he pressed them down on the woven carpet. He had demanded several times for his captors to identify themselves, but nothing had come. He could hear the chime of the bell every time the door to the shop opened and closed, the voices of the patrons as they looked over trinkets and stocked up on fine teas. He had considered screaming, but the blade's pressure against the back of his neck had not let up and no answer had yet come as to where they had taken Lithia or disposed of her - she didn't feel dead yet so that something. The language was Nyshakrlzhao, similar to one of the ancient oriental languages on earth likely one of the many slips the Umarians made across the universes during their time. It seemed Umarian in nature all of it and yet at the same time it seemed unconnected and distant from everything.

"Let us go," Nira said, then sucked in air with a seethe as he felt the pressure of the blade increased sharply. He couldn't tell if it had nicked him or if his own perspiration had caused the wetness on his neck. He blinked and stared at the obvious hand-woven ornate carpet, crimson, and gold dominated the scheme with leafy scroll and the images of dragon scales upon its surface. No reply came however someone else had entered the room. He had caught the flow of the hanfu-esque robe as it crossed close, yet far enough that he did not get to see a face to put to the boots. "My people will..."

"Shh," an unidentified whisper made him cease his words.

He could see as the man sat down with his back towards him at the tea table. The clink of a clay pot, that tranquil sound of liquid pouring and steam releasing before the ceremonial tap of fingers on the table followed.

"Well?" the male's voice came, the single words made it hard to make out if Nira knew him or not.

Nira felt the pressure of the blade against the back of his neck let up, yet he only raised his head slightly to see the back of the regally robed individual, and beyond the red hair that matched the carpet, there was little recognizable save for that signature point of the ears. Another Norian? Who would dare interrupt him? "Well, what? My people will eventually find me....us, where is my..."

"Shh," was followed by the healthy slurp and sip of tea. "Your people will find you. Just which of your people is the question? They seem very divided these days. Lots of unanswered questions when one is not tied into the system," the man's words seemed to hold knowledge or at least insight into the current events.

Nira tried to get a better look at the man, but could not get a good look from where he was on his knees. "I work for Aestaesys Air..,"

"Do you want some tea, old friend? Dear brother? Would be a shame to bitter the leaves by speaking the name of a head with a neck too weak to hold the crown. I am but a simple man you see, Nira. I'm just a simple man..., I am your savior and I am here to save you from yourself," the words the man spoke made Nira go pale, so pale as ice seemed to fill the blue of his eyes, and complete terror and fear with it.

Oh no.
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