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What The Duck?

The Skeleton: Walks into the tavern and sits at the bar, he stuffs his face with the food, and pours back a few drinks. He was so thirsty and hungry! he looks about the room.

[09:27] Kaminari Exonar turns his head ever so slowly towards the new arrival to the Lion's head. A skeleton. Sitting. At. The. Bar. Devouring everything in it's path. "What land am I even in?" The look on his face is priceless, absolute and complete bewilderment. "And where do you keep it all? You're not but skin and bones, well not but bones. Where does it go?"

[09:28] )<SF>( Rum Seller (GA Coins) whispers: Please pay 3 GA_Penny

[09:28] Ďishan Çalder (teer.latzo): Dishan is staring over at the Skeleton and nodding his head to the questions that Kami has put forth. "There is pie on the table." he gestures to the pie.

[09:28] )<SF>( Apple Pie whispers: enjoys a scrumptious piece of Apple Pie!

[09:29] )<SF>( Bread Seller (Plated) (GA Coins) whispers: Purchase time has expired. Please touch again to begin again

[09:29] )<SF>( Rum Seller (GA Coins) whispers: Purchase time has expired. Please touch again to begin again

[09:29] Keira Alzael flutters into the tavern looking for some quick refreshment before she flies to Taure Ru for the wedding ceremony.

[09:30] The Skeleton: "Mm apple pie my favorite. Why are you looking at me like that though? You look like you've seen a ghost or some other strange thing." He continues to eat, though he stops and puts his hands to his arms and shivers. "Its so cold in these lands."

[09:32] Ďishan Çalder (teer.latzo): Dishan raises his brows at the Skeleton, he glances over to Keira, "Its that damn duck," he says softly, looking between the three and the duck.

[09:33] Keira Alzael smiles to her friends then gazes at the strange sight of a skeleton which eats. She looks down at the floor to see if it just falls straight through. Hearing Kami she looks over to see her toy, still sitting on the table where she left it. "Ah, I've been looking all over for that duck!" she flutters over to pick it up but before getting there she answers "I took it to Zoskia and if I ever get my iv... um, payment for it, I'll learn its secrets."

[09:35] The Skeleton: he looks at the duck on the table in confusion. "What is with the duck fellas? Its odd don't you think? Its just staring at me with its soulless eyes."

[09:36] Kaminari Exonar: ((I can't even right now))
[09:36] Kaminari Exonar: ((Y'all gotta give me a minute... I can't stop laughing))

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[09:40] Kaminari Exonar simply felt his mind shattering. This could not be possible. "Remind me to stay out of Samar's herb garden." he muttered to Keira before speaking up, "What do you need to learn them? What? Money? Jewels?" He looked back towards the skeleton, "We think it's possessed of some demonic force, or perhaps enchanted to enfeeble the mind to the point of enslavement, but it is obviously dangerous."

[09:40] Ďishan Çalder (teer.latzo): Dishan shakes his head and drinks the remainder of wine, "Another," he says simply setting the cup down, "Keira, look what your duck is doing." he nods a bit to the skeletal. "Cant just leave, things, like that laying around, it couls cause chaos." again he looks to the skeletal then takes his fresh wine and gets a good drink off it.

[09:43] The Skeleton: He looks at Dishan, though it can't be seen, his brows are furled in confusion. "Why do you keep looking at me?"

[09:45] Ďishan Çalder (teer.latzo): Dishan looks to the Skeletan seeing as how has been caught with his looks, "Your, bone, strcture.. Its very, good." he manages to get out before he goes back to his wine.

[09:47] The Skeleton: "The duck is very unnerving, its definitely some sort of ill omen. I wouldn't doubt it was the favored bath toy of some demonic overlord. Who knows how many blood baths that duck as soaked in, lathered in the suffering of thousands of souls." He shakes his head trying to banish the thoughts. "The brandy is good here.." he takes a sip from his cup, "it has a very rich bouquet."

[09:49] Kaminari Exonar pokes at the duck with his fork trying to shoo it away from his plate, "Beat it duck, before you end up in Cook's pot!" He couldn't hold it in anymore more, he had to address the 800 lb bright pink gorilla sitting in the middle of the room. Turning to address the skeleton, Kami speaks, "We try to keep a good variety, though some of the ales are bit thin for my tastes, but then again, I would have expected a walking talking skeleton to be more of a bourbon type. From where do you hail good Ser?"

[09:53] The Skeleton: *he looks at himself not sure why he is being called skeletal, he may be thin, but that's not a crime is it? " I got them ol' travelin bones, they say. I am a bit of a wanderer. My lands are very very far away, but I have no intention of going back soon. I shall have to try the bourbon if it is as good as you suggest."

[09:54] The Skeleton: savors an iced glass of the famous Blue Mountain Whiskey.... Mmmmm!

[09:56] Ďishan Çalder (teer.latzo): Dishan looks between them all again, the only skeletal beings he has seen is on the battle field, "Bourbon," he nods, "Good choice, the honey wine isn't bad either." Dishan pinches himself below the counter, yup, he's awake. "Your planning to reside in Sylvhara then?"

[09:59] Kaminari Exonar reached for his glass of whiskey and took a sip, "You honestly can't ask for a better land in terms of beauty, can be a bit raucous on occasion though, and apparently we have a duck problem, but there is no other land I'd rather reside."

[10:01] The Grand Summoner (astraljeff): He sighs, "I'm not going to let this duck get under my skin, I'll just stare right back at him, he'll give. As for staying here, its a nice place. I've been thinking of settling down somewhere nice. The winters where I'm from make my bones ache, looking for a bit more pleasant weather."

[10:04] Kaminari Exonar looked towards Dishan, "It snowed last winter? Honestly I was trapped in Faery by an evil Fae, forced to wear a ridiculous costume while fighting against creatures of nightmare." He turns back towards their guest, "Good Ser, do you have a name by chance? What do we call you?"

[10:05] Ďishan Çalder (teer.latzo): "Yes, the duck," he says glaring at the strange thing, "Good for you, I have been ignoring it as of late, but maybe I should just stand my ground with the damn thing." he sips at the wine and wonders of Kamis winter nightmare, but listens for the fellows name.
[10:08] The Skeleton: "My name is Bob, I come from a long line of Bob's. My father was a warrior, but I lack the guts for that type of life. If I have a bone to pick with someone, I simply like to talk it out." He sips on the bourbon and nods his head, "that's some pretty damn good bourbon!"

[10:14] Kaminari Exonar raises his glass, "Then here's to you Bob. May your belly stay full and your heart be unburdened." He drank the rest of his whiskey and grimaced just a bit, "It is a fine brew, indeed." He looks toards Dishan and smiles, "If the duck is evil, then it is evil, we get a priest down here, they say some prayers, we're back in here for dinner."

[10:16] Ďishan Çalder (teer.latzo): Dishan stands holding his wine in thought, he nods to kami, "I think that would be wise to do, and I will be at the Drow wedding for dinner." he says with a smile looking at Bob, "I hope they are serving something I can, digest."

[10:19] Bob the Skeleton: Raises his glass in salute to Kaminari, " Aye there is a toast I can drink to." He looks to the drow, and nods. "I enjoy a good feast, I just dig in and say bone appetite, I never have trouble digesting. Maybe you have a more delicate constitution than me though."

[10:23] Ďishan Çalder (teer.latzo): "Could very well be, Bob, I hear the Drow prefer some different foods, I may eat something lite before I go, just in case." Dishan turns to another entering, "Archmage Linn," he gives him a polite bow.

[10:24] Kaminari Exonar sits back and rubs his stomach in fullness. "I am looking forward to it myself. I'm hoping for some excitement, perhaps at the reception, you know how... they are." He looks over at Bob and nods, "Eh he was just freed from a transformation curse, he's still getting used to not having the epic bowels of a Satyr."

[10:27] Ďishan Çalder (teer.latzo): Chuckles at Kami, "This is true, epic indeed." he says with a grin, "As for the Drow I dont know how they celebrate such things, but..." he nods to kami, "might be some good skull cracking, ey?

[10:27] Linn Darkwatch walks past those gathered, nodding a greeting as he passes, and settles on the couch, pulling his hat down over his eyes

[10:30] Bob the Skeleton: "Transformation curses can be quite tricky. I can only imagine the disturbances that has caused you." He listens to the conversation and grins. "I've never known drow to have a funny bone. I can only wonder what they consider a celebration? Though I have only met about four drow and they seemed to avoid me."

[10:32] Ďishan Çalder (teer.latzo): Chuckles a bit at Bob, "Well, its been a pleasure, Bob, but I must take my leave." he sets his wine down and gives a polite head bow to all, "Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone." he moves to depart.

[10:34] Linn Darkwatch lifts a lazy hand as Dishan gives his farewells

[10:35] Kaminari Exonar raises his empty glass to Dishan, "Until next time brother." He looked to Bob and chuckled, "Would you believe that I am Drow? And I Ser am hilarious."

[10:36] Ďishan Çalder (teer.latzo): Laughs his way down the steps hearing Kami

[10:37] Bob the Skeleton: "I would believe most anything these day." He shakes his head and sips on his bourbon. He looks at the duck on the table and is caught in a sort of reverie and he just smiles and nods. "Strange days indeed"
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