[Semi-Open] Sorin's Destiny


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Bastion Citadel, New Noria Sector Command

Sorin picked up a model of an ancient sailing ship from his desk, he examined it for a moment, then placed it into the box that contained several other items from his office. He looked at his desk, and let out a long sigh as he exhaled. He was not bitter over the fact his Uncle returned from wherever and had been given control of the military by the new Xyr, he was more frustrated that it had almost been a week and still his own orders had remained in a state of limbo. He was asked to vacate the office, and he complied without a fight. Sure he could have protested, but there was little point of ending up on the bad side of the new administration. He had turned down the offer of marriage given by the Orinas Ysi, passed it to his younger brother and for the most part assumed he had somehow fallen out his father's favor because of it. Sorin stood behind his decisions, being the heir or not he would not let his family dictate his life. He closed the lid to the last box and scanned the room for anything else that belonged to him.

The door chime rang, and he crooked a brow, it was the middle of the night. Who could it possibly be? He closed his eyes for a moment to collect himself and then instructed the mindhive to release the door. It was Ethan Orinas, yet again the elder Imperial had somehow managed to catch up with him. He figured since Adrin was leaving with Kendra their business had concluded. He said, a questioning look on his face, “Ethan, a pleasant but surprise to see you here. What can I do for you?” He wondered if maybe this was finally a confrontation over his rejection of their offer.

Ethan stepped into the room, the greying elder had a sealed niranium cask of cacelle in his right hand along with two glasses. “I actually came by thinking that maybe you could use a drink. Maybe talk a little about something?” The noticeably taller Paecifican Norian walked over to the small leather couch and sat down, then set the cask and glasses down on the table. It was obvious that as elective as the conversation appeared to be, that he was there to stay no matter what Sorin said.

“Yeah? I could use a break anyway...” Sorin said, he hesitated briefly as Ethan popped the top on the cask and began to pour the sweet red bubbling wine from the cask. “I take it there is something specific you had in mind? If it is about my decision to let Adrin have Kendra, you're wasting your -.” he paused as the elder lifted his right hand and indicated for him to stop talking.

Ethan shook his head and lowered his hand, he proceeded to finish pouring their drinks, “I'm not going to lecture you, Angelica and I were disappointed, but we're not angry with you. We can understand that you have your own plans in life without having marriage forced on you. Adrin seems like a capable young man and we're respectful of your decision. That isn't why I came by...” Ethan paused and took a sip of his cacelle and then sat back on the sofa, his right ankle braced upon his right knee in a relaxed position. “I was more thinking about your future in another way. As you know, my people manage production in the fleets. We have a War Phoenix that is nearing completion that needs someone capable at its command. We've looked at the rest of the candidates the council forwarded from the Military Sphere, but we were thinking you would be the best suited for the job.” Ethan held up his hand again, as it seemed that Sorin was about to speak, then continued to explain, “I know it is nothing like what you did here, but your father said you were getting frustrated with things, tired of been glued down to a base instead of being out in the field. You were too young, for this anyway. You deserve to have your freedom and be able to go out there and find adventure among the stars...This War isn't going to last forever, they never do. You deserve more than this Sorin. We'd be willing to give you full autonomy, you choose the missions and we will take care of any concerns the council has.” Ethan reached for his glass and took another ship, to indicate to the young man that it was alright to speak now, that he was finished.

Sorin sighed as he paused for a taste of his own drink, he thought about what it was that Ethan offered. He couldn't help but think this was a way for the Orinas to further extend their influence and get into even better terms with his father. A War Phoenix was a hell of a ship to be offered, but the entire situation felt like this was yet another push from his own Ysi and theirs to fill whatever it was they believed was his destiny. “Is this something I need to decide on now? Can I have some time? I was just relieved of office and I need to collect my thoughts,” he bowed his head slightly in respect towards Ethan. “I just...I need some time.” He polished off the rest of the glass and then walked to the door, “See yourself out when you're done Ethan, I will have someone come by and pick up the boxes.” He didn't wait for a reply, he just walked out and the door sealed behind him.

Ethan sighed heavily and grumbled to himself as the young man left, “Stubborn...Damn Eitan..” he said to himself.


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Sorin sighed as he tossed his uniform jacket onto the back of his leather sofa, most of his quarters were in boxes. He flopped into his armchair and leaned back in it with his eyes closed. Something about the offer from Orinas, felt like a bribe, it felt like having a second set of parents meddling into the future of his career, the very thing he tried to prevent when he turned down Kendra's hand in marriage. He pulled up a section of the daily reports and began to read them over, then paused as the list of casualties and fatalities scrolled on the screen. He shook his head, “I need to get out there, but on my own terms...” he said to himself as he mulled over the recent turn of events. The Surrune Solution was no solution at all, it was why he refused to be relocated to a colony regardless of the reason for it, to him it was just more of the same. They gained an inch on the Craethel and they responded in turn to take a mile. Yet for some reason that seemed minor in comparison to the games of power their own Imperials played, a constant passive-aggressive struggle between the Orinas, Lunari, and Eitans seemed the same as it always was, just unified by a common enemy and a need to survive. As good as peace was, these plays of marriage-based power allocations was not how he wanted to live, nor would he end up a throne-bound symbol. He shut off the projection and leaned back into the couch again.

Sorin couldn't help but wonder what his counterpart in this universe was like, how he lived or how he became the man he was. It almost seemed like that young man, Varaan had worshipped him in sorts. It couldn't have been from living a life of decisions forced by politics, and Ysi. If it was, he would never be that man, he'd never amount to that. The names of the lost, the length of that scrolling list haunted the back of his eyelids as he slipped towards sleep, it was not long before the names started to change into ones he knew. Sleep finally came.

2 Hours Later


Sorin stirred, he blinked several times as his eyes focused in the darkness of his quarters, the mindhive had already turned out the lights when it detected he was asleep. Why was there someone in his quarters? He could make out the form of someone seated on the arm of the chair beside him. “What? Lights!” he ordered, but the mindhive didn't respond, the room remained dark. He felt as if he was weighed down, he couldn't move, something unseen had a hold of him. “Who are you? How did you get in here?” he questioned, scared as he struggled to move under the power which held him at bay.

“Be calm, Sorin...be calm and I will release you,” the words were smooth, whispered so that he could make out the voice. When she turned though he immediately recognized her. It was Ji, the wife of Arakan. “Everything will be okay, I promise...” she whispered as she got closer to him. He could move again, he went to get up but he felt her palm against his chest to push him back again, her weight shifted as she straddled him. “I don't think...” he tried to speak but her finger fell over his lips, she was warm, unnaturally so, but it was inviting and she smelled of magnolias. How could this be happening? Why was she there? His lips met hers and she kissed against him warmly. Unya's form within the vessel of Ji, stirred as their lips met in a lustful embrace.

Seduced, entranced, their bodies clashed together, as the remains of his uniform and the silk covering her form were shredded away. To what end was this? Surely he would be put to shame for such a thing, she was married to his superior, to a member of his own Ysi. Something was different about her, he couldn't stop himself and it was not long before he was in control of the situation, pushing it further. Driving them towards pleasure. Was this a test? If it was he had just failed it miserably. Locked in passion, they shared every moment together as Unya's energy enveloped his form, making him stronger, changing him. The builder's weave shifted and locked into a formation and within moments they were no longer in his quarters. The air had changed, he could feel it, every molecule around him he was suddenly aware of it, he could feel it's energy and feel the weave from which it flowed all centered around her. He understood everything in a single moment, who Ji really was, the fact he had just joined with a builder.

On Bastion, the warning light at the security alcove flashed and the duty officer got up and raced towards Sorin's quarters. He entered his override code and grabbed the fire extinguisher and barged into the room. Flames flared from the leather armchair where Sorin had been seated and the Prince was nowhere in sight. “Sorin! Xal'Sae!” the officer yelled into the smoke as the mindhive engaged the internal fire suppression system to finish smothering the blaze.


Later, after interrogation the duty officer sat with her supervisor, and filled out the communication to Surrune and to Tianlong, he reported that while sensors had previously detected both Ji and Sorin in his quarters, that neither of them was present on the Citadel or anywhere within the mindhive network once the blaze had registered. The two of them had been listed as missing in action, and currently, there were hundreds of soldiers devoted to an investigation to reveal their whereabouts. There was no explanation for the fire, or for their disappearance.


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Residential Dome – Surrune Colony

Ayenee Prime

Rin grumbled as the sound of the equipment outside vibrated the window of their room. She had barely slept, the meeting she had with Sorin had weighed heavy on her mind. It was on his and his family's grace that she had not been turned over to the Minatu Government for interrogation and execution, a punishment she seen as unjust, and driven by the ambition of the woman who had taken Tetsuya away from her. Another grumble, a feline-like stretch and she turned over onto her back and pushed herself up a bit so she leaned against the pillow and headboard. Vraan was still asleep, at least he was able to get some. She didn't tell him what Sorin had said yet, he had been rather wrapped up in the understanding of everything that had happened, and who these people were. She couldn't help but wonder if there was another Rin running around somewhere, after all there seemed to be a Caeyorian counterpart for each of them.

She looked over at Vraan, he was curled up against Ania like she was his security. The Caeyorians had limited space until the colony ships arrived, so these shared accommodation were the best they could offer, not that Rin expected much. Haeun slept on a sofa, Nox on the floor. Rin pushed the blankets down, still in her boy-shorts and undershirt she slipped out of bed and headed towards the small kitchen. Someone had left the feed stream on one of the consoles in the kitchen, and one of the headlines caught her eye. 'Prince Sorin Eitan declared Missing along with Tal'Aest Ji Eitan.' Rin tilted her head, she blinked as she looked at the headline again, then read the scrolling information that followed. Letting them sleep was now no longer a priority, “Vraan!” she hollered, “Vraan wake up! They're saying Sorin is missing. We need to talk to Caecyan and find out what is going on.” She hoped Vraan would wake up.


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The trio of friends had got quite the emotional shock and while answers to their questions were adamantly demanded, they were required to be patient for all would be revealed in time. They only needed to know that they were among allies and needed to fear nothing. Vraan resisted at first but a firm yet calming hand from Ania told him to believe in Unya, she had a plan. He begrudgingly accepted their current situation. For now. He was not visited by the builder in his younger days as often as Ania but even he could tell, space felt different on this ship. Like an anomaly, he couldn't explain. It was their great grandfather in front of them, but at the same time, it was not. When all was finally said and explained, it gave them quite a headache to digest. One more purr from Rin and he was tame. He barely knew her yet she had this effect on him. The princess squinted her eyes a little, she didn't know whether she felt suspicious or jealous that she had this much influence on her brother. As for the retinue, Nax remained silent during the whole exchanged though agreeing with his Liege. But it was not his place to partake in royal discussions.

After the initial shock, they were sent to a single quarter to rest. They sat in pure silence, their eyes unfocused, lost. A single window allowed them to view the cosmic sea outside, a terrible affliction gripping their hearts; they were homesick. Terribly. They missed their planet, their home, their people. All the little details that punctuated the Norian way and their culture, they truly missed them all. How many had died to this awful war? How many remained alive possibly cursing the very name of Eitan for being this incompetent in protecting their own? Always unable to bring peace and always bringing more trouble. It never ended. Tears were shed as they silently mourn all that was lost.

Always the man of the situation, Nax snapped out of it first. A few sniffles to clear his nose and a hand to remove the stains, he called out to them.

- Alright, you guys time for bed. We rarely get opportunities to sleep with added protection, let's take advantage of it and recover our strength while we can. We don't know when next we will be able to do so.

Ania could only agree, she was beat. However, she made her way to the small kitchen area.

- Not until we fill our stomach first. I would hate to sleep on an empty one. Sounding exhausted, she grabbed some rations for them to eat and then came back to sit.

They mostly ate in silence. The lack of energy made it hard to do otherwise. It had been only stress since their birth, but even more so since their evacuation. Once finished with their meager meal, they settled down for sleep; Ania and Vraan sharing a bed, Nax took the floor. He could have taken the other bed or even the sofa but, he preferred to leave them to the ladies that would sooner or later come crashing down as well. When they finally crept in, being a light sleeper, Nax acknowledged their arrival then closed his eye once more. His other, however, remained open and autonomous, safely watching and recording their surrounding. Of course, it was not a natural eye but a prosthetic replacement he got after an accident in their junior years. Damn Vraan and his ideas. Eventually, he upgraded the thing to become practical and more useful than simple sight restoration.

Time went by and all that remained were the light snoring of everyone. Slumber being all they needed at the moment. Despite the inviting darkness, one was restless. The eye guard followed her movements, prompting awake the sleeping servant. Yawning, he sat and peeked around. No time to register anything else, a panicked Rin came rushing back from god knows where.

“Vraan!” she hollered, “Vraan wake up! They're saying Sorin is missing. We need to talk to Caecyan and find out what is going on.” She hoped Vraan would wake up. Nax snickered.

- Oi, royal assness, the lady demands you wake- Vraan didn't budge. A vein popped on Nax's forehead. He walked toward the bed while cracking his knuckles.

- WAKE THE FUCK UP DAMN IT!!! He jumped on his master, elbow first in glorified nacho libre fashion, earning an EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK from a disheveled Ania and a painful grunt from Vraan who pushed Nax off the bed who landed with a thud. All Rin could see was the thumb up from Nax rising from the other side of the aforementioned bed.

- WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?? Roared the Prince before being grabbed by Rin bringing his attention to her. The fear stricken face told him to shut up and listen quite instantly.


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"Are you two guys about done?" Rin had that signature look of annoyance on her face, she was anything but pleased.

She folded her arms just under her bust and rolled her eyes. "I spoke with Sorin before they brought us here. The Minatu Empire has a price on my head, and they've asked their allies to hand me over. Except, Sorin convinced his government to grant me asylum. Now Sorin has disappeared, I would say we have very good reason to be concerned," she looked Vraan right in the eyes. "What if his disappearance leads to them having a change of heart? I have Heun with me, meaning they could not only turn me over but her as well." It was obvious that Rin was worried about her and her daughter's safety.

Rin looked out the tinted pane, the lush green Surrune Veldt spammed the distance to the horizon. "Sorin helped me, we should get Caecyan to assign us to help him. At least make ourselves useful," she suggested, "I leave that decision up to you Vraan, you're our leader."

Artemesia Eitan

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Drip Drip specka speck drip

It was the sound of rain hitting the curved glass of their view out of the dome. It was rain, but not mundane for it was as black as the ebony night from which the empty voids which had proceeded creation.

It was rain. It was black.

The air in the room where this Eitan Prince and his followers gathered seemed to come alive like the hot distortion of heat rising off asphalt after a downpour when the son had returned. The wind roared like a banshee, the clapping thunder followed the pounding beat of a war drum. What was this? This energy that stirred around them in such supernatural tones, strum strum upon the chords of death, boom boom clashed the cymbals which signalled the war cry of ten thousand or more strong. The breath in they would be there in their protective dome, the breath out they would find themselves amid the clash of eternal war, the howl of norian-kind pushed to the brink and savage for the kill that meant survival.

From the blood soaked clay and the bramble of twisted vines and limbs the war faded into two interconnected weaves of mist. Apparitions of proud Norian champions first on horseback and then on mighty machines would pass by them, eternal soldiers in a dream of unending war and the honor of castes devoted to it's art. The black rain soaked into the soggy ground and the comfort of their rooms faded for the last and final time.

She is War

The unreal winds whispered her names, the binding of her codex as the great Espra revealed herself to Vraan and his party.

Ahmya Ahmya The Black Rain is War

Taught celestial woven fabric, glistening engraved plates of a forge never seen by mortals clung to the coil of a being bred of what some cultures would call Angels. The child of the builder, the governor of war and her highest General stood next to the tattered banners of Noria with her chin elevated ever so slightly that her eyes gazed towards the sky to the sigil of Unya before they levelled to the Prince.

Two of the ghost soldiers remained, they whispered to each other and their Mistress.

They seek Sorin. Looking for Sorin and for answers.”

Ebony hair bound in the twine of niranium thorns and roses drifted back from the slender war-borne form of the Espra of War as she walked towards the ones that had been pulled. “Vraan son of Tetsuya. Heir of Noria. Is it true? Do you seek Sorin?”


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The Imperial Heir listened with the utmost attention to her despaired plea. Her savior, Sorin, has disappeared. Nobody knew where, how and why. But, it spelled doom on her head. What came to surprise him is her mention of the Minatu being behind the target on her back. So my parents are involved in this huh, he thought bitterly. It's not that he had a bad relationship with his father and mother, it's just they were never really there. From his perspective, including his sister's, they were birthed than planted there, near the imperial throne. That was it. They were mostly raised by other family members and the community itself; friends, teachers, servants, etc. He had heard rumors and stories regarding his birth parents. What was true or a lie remained generally unknown to them. This was not going to be a great start to get to know them...

Brushing aside a few iridescent white-ish strands out of her face, Ania gently nudged her brother - So what now?. The dark-haired counterpart exhaled out of his body some of the buildup anxiety than returned his gaze on Rin.

- We need to find Sorin. We may be their kids but our voice will have no impact on their decision. He turned his head to Nax who was now standing near Heun, arms crossed and waiting for his next set of orders also. The servant nodded to his master. Of course, Vraan didn't have to ask him, He would put Rin and her daughter under his protection anyway. They needed allies, strong and loyal ones, and these two were the closest to that ideal.

- Are we sure we can really trust these alternates? Asked Nax to them all with an unconvinced tone, nodding his head toward the door.

However, none were able to reply as a barrage of mirages bombarded their senses. Imageries of glorious days and heroes, sounds of war, pain, and victory. Ancient history was unfolding like a torrent of water, rushing through them. Ania praised Unya, her eyes watering at the marvel before her. Now stood before the small Norian group a celestial cousin to their mortal race: The Espra. A rare sight indeed. Old scriptures mention the Espra as beings created specifically by the builder to help Regent creation and help protect it. They are her Sword, they are her Shield, they are her Will.

-Vraan son of Tetsuya. Heir of Noria. Is it true? Do you seek Sorin?” It spoke with might and power, the aura bringing down Ania and even Nax to their knees. It commanded respect without even expressing for it. Vraan beheld the gaze of the Espra of War without flinching, mirroring it with his own Pride and Burden of responsibilities.

- Yes, I seek Sorin. He replied firmly.
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