Rushing the Castle. (Closed)


Pan's past within Ayenee.
(These events happened in 2002)

The City of Doors, a place where Pan had not set foot upon since his very creation. Now he stands there within the abode of his long time friend Sara Tear, an astral being that had seen not only his creation but his brothers as well. With a few simple waves of her hand she created a wormhole like portal that spun around, twisting the very reality, swirling with clouds of mist surrounding it, and connecting it to a place of which Pan not knows where. Pan stood before Sara, not sure of the few moments that had led up to this but he knew, without a doubt that he was in good hands with her around. His eyes befell upon Sara for a moment before reaching his hand out to grasp hers, bringing her hand up to his lips and kissing the top of her hand respectfully. Thank you for your help, Sara. He said, nodding his head in acceptance of her bringing him here. Pan knew it must’ve been her that brought him to this place. Sara had smiled at Pan, and without a word, gave him a gentle push through the portal that she had opened. She knew it was where he was meant to be and made sure that he wouldn’t miss that opportunity. Pan stumbled, falling back through the portal which had warped him through the planes and back into the prime material plane. Just before he disappeared from Sigil, Sara had managed to connect telepathically, linking with his mind she sent him a message.

Pan… Pandemonium… Tu Apocrypha uterque unum sint, et consertae. Una anima, corpus, perpetuum definietur. Animus olim conspuere duo perpetim residere in te. Futura est, i ponam Te moderante. cum Airiena vivit filias vestras, quibus non opus tectionis? Quapropter observa te sine mora iter non erraverunt. "

Spoken in an ancient language, her voice sounded hallow, echoing through the room. This language was used no longer by most, the last part was almost lost before the portal had shut completely, severing the link between them once Pan had fallen into the material world. Pan’s eyes opened to his surroundings, taking them in like a fish to water, he was in the courtyard of Castle Ayenee. 'This is where I’m meant to be?’ he thought to himself, as he stood up to his feet. Pan knew where he was, he could feel it nagging at the back of his mind. His eyes had fixated upon the large doors that lead into the main hall and further into the throne room where the Blade of Ayenee lay in wait. Having heard that the Overlord of Ayenee, Varsinax, had been dealt a critical blow, Pan thought taking the Blade of Ayenee for himself, would be like taking candy from a child, since it was just sitting there in the pedestal next to the throne.

Pan felt entirely complete with this matrix within him, like two entities being whole, he felt as if his life had a new purpose, a new meaning. He breathed in slowly, taking in the air that surrounds him, yet just a moment later he heard a startle near the great gate of the castle. An explosion, the gate had been obliterated with a lot of screaming and yelling that could be heard behind the sound of the blast. Quickly Pan had stepped into the shadows of the courtyard, not being seen by any guard or invader that was breaking in. Cloaked within the night, the darkness that shrouded his body, his attention then was brought to the cluster of people that flooded the courtyard, killing guards and townsfolk. Pan noticed one member standing out in front, Josh, Astral Josh. Leading a revolution of such magnitude. Impossible Pan had muttered under his breath and immediately thought that Josh wanted the blade for himself, to become a ruler over the entire land, nay, the realm of Ayenee itself. Pan could not allow this to happen, if the land should come under such tyrannical rule of one such as Astral Josh, the entire realm itself would fall into a state of decay, eating itself alive and inevitably implode inwards, leaving nothing left but a hole in the universe. Though why should he care? This place was not his home of course although having spend an abundant amount of time within this realm, it sure felt like it. The least Pan could do was to help, this fight certainly wasn’t his to enter into. Pan moved quickly, through the shadows of the courtyard, unseen by all.

Not a moment sooner did Pan reach the open main door when a voice within the crowd of radicals had called him out PANDEMONIUM! This deep voice yelled, drowning out the noise of rebels. Pan had stopped where he was, the moonlight cast upon him, now visible to all within the vicinity. Pan’s eyes fixated on the crowd when a figure jumped out into the sky with great speed, his eyes would follow the figure as he seemingly flew, seeing a quick shimmer of light that was a reflection of the moon upon a weapon this person wielded. Quickly Pan’s arms crossed over and stuck out, letting the weapon strike across his vambraces to protect him, sparks flew with the clash of steel and plate. The force itself had pushed Pan back through the doors into the main hall. The main hall was decorated in the flags and colours of the nation, of the king. Large stone statues stand in each alcove along the walls, signifying heroes of Ayenee and great kings that once ruled the land. As Pan had been knocked back, a glare of light from the moon shone upon his attackers face, Evan Dionex Pan had said in a low, threatening voice, naming his attacker. I see you’ve sided with Josh the Summoner. Not a wise choice. Pan had muttered just enough for Dionex to hear before the echo of the radicals filled the main hall. Pan held out his arm to the side at the same moment Dionex had charged at him again with his sword out ready to swing. Pan’s face lit up with a smirk.

In a low voice Pan spoke, Death... The ARQ activated, tapping deep into the matrix from within to bring forth the abyssal's wake. The hammer look like it had been strung together from the fabric of reality, just as it had appeared Pan’s hand gripped the hilt and swung it forwards with impressive strength. His muscles clenching tight as Dionex’s weapon had clashed against his, the force pushing Pan back only a few steps, but he certainly held his own. Pan’s legs, torso and arms tightened quickly as the dual muscle layer kicked in. Before Dionex knew, his own weight would be tossed like a rag doll with one gigantic push of force. This sent Dionex back out the door and down the steps before it. It wasn’t long before the radicals that had followed Josh had overwhelmed the castle, quickly Pan had looked back to the throne in the distance of the main hall. The sword was gone, though he did not see anyone enter the castle and thief it for themselves. Pan’s eyes shot out towards the courtyard where Astral Josh stood, campaigning his insurgency, and proclaiming his dominance over the land of Ayenee, though he didn’t have the sword. As long as the sword wasn’t in the hands of darkness, regardless if the land was controlled by it, the realm itself would still remain safe. Pan had taken a sigh of relief for the moment and had closed his eyes for but a second, when he had opened them, Dionex was already racing towards him again.

Pan’s focus and attention had been let down just slightly before he knew that Dionex was on his feet and charging back at him once more, this time there was a lot of force in his steps, arms and strength itself when Dionex swung his sword at Pan’s chest. There was almost nothing Pan could do, his guard was down and he was left open, though Pan moved his left foot back and forced himself to lean backwards, putting his weight on the leg he had placed behind him. Just the tip of Dionex’s sword had struck him, slicing through the fabric of Pan’s tunic and into his flesh. Pan had felt the pain, cringing and holding back. He let the Hammer go, disintegrating into what looked like tiny orbs of light as the ARQ had engulfed it back within it's dimension. Pan's leg buckled under his weight and he fell towards the marble floor of the castle. All wasn’t lost, the matrix had drawn power from within and created a swirling vortex upon the floor. Pan didn’t know where it may lead but he let himself fall into it, engulfing him in mist, the portal consumed him just as Dionex had taken advantage of Pan's falling, bringing his sword down, as if to plunge the tip straight to his heart.

It wasn’t meant to be, the portal closed around the sword, cutting it in half, leaving Dionex, Josh, And Ayenee all together.
Upon the other side of the portal, Space, The void. Pan laughed, letting out the oxygen within his lungs as he relaxed. The ARQ pulled power from its dimensional pocket and his armor expanded itself around him in what seemed like an energy based coffin. This had protected Pan from the vacuum of space and left him dormant, floating. The ARQ then siphoned Pan’s power, causing him to sleep due to the lack of energy, something that he normally doesn’t do. This is where Pan would remain, for the next 10,000 years.
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