Promises of the West

Eseer Darkthorne

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Ayenee suffered from a disease. The rampant abuse of time magic and magic itself had left scars across the world. Rifts as some called them, in other places the land had simply folded up and disappeared. In the South before the crisis, a leader stole away many of the Southern lands and transported them away to aid him in defeating some unseen threat.

It was a taste of things to come as kingdoms began to disintegrate as its ties to the ley lines of Ayenee's magic were severed. As if to answer Ayenee's cries a comet came, the great Yahell. It finished off an era and left much of the world a wasteland. Entire kingdoms became barren desert landscapes or zombie filled nightmares. A wasting sickness spread across the land some new it as radiation, others simply as death. The great powers that once protected Ayenee either left or died to try to fight back the hands of time.

Years passed, those that survived started to adapt to the new world. Here and there, warlords rose up trying to take the scraps left on the table for themselves. The great capital of Ayenee in the central lands still survived. It was here that a temporal mage broke the seal on a worn parchment and in doing so brought back the city of time in the west. It also freed the prisoners of time, the only one that remained was Eseer Darkthorne.

Eseer was forced to kill his brother, altered, and given a destiny by an evil being called the Dark Effigy. He was created to destroy Reese Blackthorne. Eseer danced like a puppet, but he came to hate this role. He found a way to escape destiny, one that required a great deal power that he readily sought. He left the South just as it was hidden behind the veil. He took command of the Darkthornes on this side of the veil and lead them alongside many other armies against Ayenee City.

Eseer helped take the capital and then handed it over to Varsinax. Eseer then departed to the city of time where he became trapped for over four hundred years. In that time Ayenee changed. Now it was time for him to find a new destiny in a new world. The words of his enemy, his mirror image, Reese Blackthorne echoed in his head, "If you don't want to be his puppet then don't be the monster he made you be."

"I am the master of my own destiny!" Eseer said as he waded through the sandy dunes, his feet finally found some stability. He knelt down and brushed away the sand. He laughed madly as cloth wrapped hands shook over the green bricks. "The jade road. Pathway to the city of time. I'll leave this forsaken land to go back to my own time, take the throne from Varsinax and rule central Ayenee myself!"

Eseer looked up and could see in the distance a ruin. Something in his chest sank. He stumbled running towards the shimmering ruin in the distance. As he got closer that thing sank once more. "NOOOOO", he cried out falling to his knees on the jade road. He began to laugh hysterically. The symbol of a black backward "s" marked one of the walls of the city of time. Everything was destroyed or looted, it looked as though it had been here for over millennia.

Eseer sat there in the ruins of the city for many hours contemplating his next move. "It's hard to not be a monster when everything is so hard. There is nothing left for me in this damnable land!" Eseer summoned forth a necrotic bolt of energy and threw it at the symbol on the wall. He enjoyed watching the wall decay and turn to sand. "Whoever is responsible for this will pay." He could see the ghosts of his past laughing at his failure. Jarkeld, Diago, even his own daughter Merlindria. He stalked off back into the desert heading further West.

Days passed as he made his way. The desert faded giving way to a rocky landscape, which in turn gave way to hills of flowing green grass and in the distance lush trees. Eseer stopped at a small pool of water to replenish his canteen. As he looked along the shore he saw a pair of tracks. "Who might you be?" He said as he moved his hand over the tracks. Females, not very old, the two seemed to be by themselves. Maybe they knew of the symbol on every ruin he crossed. Eseer hated being alone with himself, his own inner demons threatened to tear him apart. He needed a diversion.
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