Pre-Mission Eleven: On The Aftermath Of Falls


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YSS Kaiyo...


It was a rather quiet afternoon aboard the Kaiyo, which was docked at Fort Miller whilst the crew enjoyed their free time. For Gravity, this meant flying through the air with her inertia control and exploring their new home.

Today, the azure pilot had decided to explore the lucious forests near the city.

At 47 mph.

It went about as well as you'd expect.

So there Gravity was, limping slowly through the corridor, clutching her torso. Beneath her shirt the skin around her chest and ribs was horribly bruised. Some of her ribs were probably broken. She had a large knot on her head, and several scrapes from rough tree bark brushing past her at 20 mph- so hey, at least she'd managed to slow down a bit before impact!

"Agh, fuck! So stupid!" she hissed at herself as a sudden pain shot through her chest. She'd managed to get aboard without being seen. She didn't want Hoshi or Eden reprimanding her for her antics, and that meant she would need to get healed up as fast as possible. There was only one person aboard who could help with that, and the prospect of seeing her scared Gravity even more.

Slowly, Gravity poked her head around the door frame of the medbay. Her hair was frazzled, and filled with leaves and other debris, and her face was covered with dirt and the aforementioned scrapes and bumps. She didn't see the tsundere serpent anywhere, so for a moment she thought she might be able to just get in and grab some painkillers, then sneak out before anyone was the wiser and heal up in her room. It might take longer, but it would mean avoiding the knife-loving medic.

Like a cat, Gravity slowly padded into the room, moving for the medicine cabinet, making naught a sound.

Sacre for her part was working around the corner in the medbay. The medical scanner she wore told her that someone had come in. She slid around the corner to see Gravity sneaking towards the cabinet. Sacre frowned, it was her job to dispense the medicines. That and Sacre could see that she had done, something foolish.

So, instead of announcing her presence, she slid forward quietly up behind the Neko. "What foolishness brings you here?" She asked once she was standing directly behind Gravity.

"EEP!" the blue Neko squeaked with a massive jump. But the sudden movement came at a cost. Clutching herself and groaning, she sank to the floor, resting on one knee and gritting her teeth.

"Hey-ow!-Sacre! I'm uh... in a bit of a predicament!" Gravity greeted the medic through pained breathing and forcing a friendly, innocent smile onto her face. "I was... reading! Then... uh... um..."

She paused, and winced, trying to come up with a good excuse that wouldn't make her look like an idiot.

"...A wizard showed up and used his magic to... uh... hurl me into a tree! Yeah! I barely escaped with my life! Could you help me out and maybe not tell Hoshi or Eden? Please? Oh, by the way I love your hair today! Did you do something different with it?" She blabbered, just trying to get her heals and dip before any serious questions could be asked.

Sacre listened to Gravity as she squirmed under her gaze. "I'm sure that's exactly what happened." She said in a tone that said she didn't believe a word of it. "I'm sure whatever magical faries that whipped you so hard, didn't happen to leave a name?"

"If they did, I was flying too fast to hear it when I smacked into the- I mean, when I was hurled into the tree! Look, will you help me out? Please?" Gravity asked in exasperation, having almost given away her already-bullshit story. "If you keep it a secret, I'll do anything you want!"

Sacre didn't really acknolege Gravity's comment directly. "Your overeager self isn't going to be leaving my sickbay in that condition, I can assure you." She said, motioning for Gravity to follow her to one of the nearby beds.

"...Thanks, Sacre." Gravity finally muttered with a small blush as she trudged to the bed. It was a little difficult but she managed to pull herself up on the edge.

Sacre scanned Gravity with the scanner. She rarely smiled, but she looked up at Gravity with a grin. "Oh dear, it looks like you got hurt pretty bad in the ambush. Looks like we might have to do Surgery!" She said entirely too enthusiastically. Moving off to grab some of the things she would need to start patching Gravity up.

"WHAT?!" Gravity nearly shrieked from her seat on the bed. She laughed nervously and waved her hands dismissively. Letting the separa'shan near a knife was never a good idea. She needed to get out of here, pronto!

"Oh, no! No! That won't be necessary, really! I think I just took a hard bump when I flew into the tree so I''ljustbegoingbye!" Gravity stammered urgently and began shifting to try and get off the bed and out the door as fast as she could. She didn't make much progress at all, as she really was hurt.

Sacre caught her before she made it far. "Oh. No you don't. You are entirely overeager about getting out of here." Sacre wrapped her long muscular tail around the neko. Smooth skin with very strong muscle undeneath. However, the grip was suprisingly gentle, if firm and unyielding. She deposited Gravity back on the bed. "Now stay there."

"...Yes ma'am!" Gravity squeaked in a low voice. The medic's firm grip made her blush just a bit more. So strong, she thought, and so gentle, with skin that felt like satin. For a moment, Gravity's mind wandered to some impure thoughts about what that grip would feel like in the late hours of the night in front of a roaring fireplace with- nope! Stopping that thought right there! Sacre might have had mind-reading capabilities, so the reckless pilot couldn't be too careful!

Gravity sighed. She could be such a useless lesbian sometimes. But none the less she remained on the bed and began silently praying that Sacre wouldn't gut her like a fish.

Sacre laid the supplies next to Gravity, she poured a bowl of hot water and put a small rag in it. "I'll need you to take off your shirt so I can get a closer look at the bruising." She said gently, but firmly. Gravity nodded and reached down to grasp the hem of the garment, then began the ordeal of lifting it over her head. She hissed a little as the tender areas on her torso flared up at the exertion, but none the less the shirt was on the floor. Next came her sports bra. Once she was completely topless, she leaned backwards slightly and proped herself up on her hands to allow Sacre an unhindered view.

It was a sight that Sacre had seen many times before. You didn't become a medic in the Star Army without being familiar with the bodies of Neko. Sacre took the rag and started to gently run it over Gravity's skin, cleaning it so she could get a better look at the scrapes and bruises. It wasn't nessicaraly plesent when she went over bruised flesh. On the other hand, Sacre seemed to be careful to not put any more pressure then was nessicary to do her job. When she wasn't touching bruised flesh, being hand washed with warm water was kinda pleasent. She wiped the dirt and grime off of Gravity's face.

Throughout the procedure, Gravity did her best to keep still, but occasionaly Sacre would touch a particularly sore spot and make her stiffen and sharply inhale. But yes, having her face cleaned was definitely pleasant. She laughed a little, trying to break the silence.

"You have such gentle hands. I knew under that shell you were just a big softie." she teased.

"Well, I knew when I first laid eyes on you that you'd come crying to me after hurting yourself in some over eager stunt that you pulled." Sacre said acerbically. She touched the cut on Gravity's cheek and started to use a dermal regenerator on it to close it up.

"Well, I hardly cried!" Gravity pouted in defense. "And I was just the right amount of eager, thank you very much!"

"You got yourself hurt." Sacre pointed out coldly, as she continued to regenerate the scrapes and bruises.

"Tis but a scratch!" Gravity retorted haughtily.

"It's quite a bit more then a scratch. You have extensive bruising, two broken ribs, and cuts that I was nearly going to have to sitch up. Next time, it could be worse and I might not be able to fix it. Even with Surgery!" Sacre said, a bit enthusiastically as she picked up a scalpel, there was a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"Nah, that wouldn't happen. You're too good!" Said the pilot sweetly as she nervously eyed the cutting instrument, having flashbacks of Ralt.

Sacre put the knife down, for a moment she looked deflated and the walls that she put up so much melted away. "No, I'm not that good. I'm not nearly good enough."

This caused Gravity to bit her lip anxiously. She now felt guilty for the separa'shan's sudden downturn in mood. What secrets did this other woman have? Who had hurt her?

"...Don't say that!" Gravity pleaded softly. "You're a very talented medic. They wouldn't have put you here if you weren't... but... I'm sorry. I'll be more careful in the future."

Sacre shoook her head sadly, "It's not your fault." She said as she grabbed a syringe filled with something. She took a breath, composing herself and putting her walls back up before sticking it into Gravity. The sudden prick elicited a noise of surprise from the pilot, who looked at Sacre wearily.

"...Sacre? What was in that needle?" she asked slowly.

"Poison." Sacre said nonchalantly. Any other day, Gravity would have actually believed her, given the medic's icy disposition, but instead, she just rolled with it.

"Oh, thank the creator for that," the Neko sighed sarcastically. "For a moment there I thought you were actually going to try healing me."

"Nope, I figured if I knocked you off, I'd be saving myself a lot of trouble down the road." Sacre said, reaching for a small bottle of pills. "These are pain killers for the bruising and such. With the bone healing accelerate, you should be fine in a day or two."

"You'd miss me too much if you did that. You'd be out of work." Gravity snickered, accepting the pills.

"The only reason I'd miss you is if I hadn't kept up with my target practice." Sacre suggested.

"Love you too, babe." shot back the Neko with a little roll of her eyes. She gently slid off the bed, and limped to the door. Before she left, she looked back at Sacre and winked.

"I'Il be back soon!" Gravity called with a little wave.

Sacre gave Gravity a deathglare, "Please don't, but when you get your overeager self hurt again I'll be here with my surgical knives!" Sacre said entirely too enthusiastically about the idea of surgury.
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