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These are older posts, dating prior to the forum that I managed to find.

Wars have plagued the Chrystalis Unvorsum for centuries, from the Umarian invasions to the Void Wars, the conflict has been a nightmare of reality to many of the factions. In the past, the factions involved have had the same universe origin. The Craethel represent a new kind of extra-universal enemy that threatens to destroy the lives of all factions in the Chrystalis universe regardless of their alignment.

In Season One we explored the initial conflicts and the leading edge of the Craethel invasion. With the worst conflicts in Chrystalis history still to come, many are reminded that no established power base is adequate or capable of launching a full-fledged defensive effort against this new horrific enemy. The factions will have to set aside centuries of political and personal issues along with ambition either to face the impossible task of pushing what has come to destroy them all from the universe.

Mini Short

Bastion Citadel, New Noria

Rin looked at the datapad Sorin handed her, “I see...So what does this mean? That I fought this far, and now you people are going to hand me over to the Minatu so I can be executed?” She looked down and closed her eyes. After everything, after all they had been through Tetsuya had turned against her, and personally signed her death warrant. “This isn't fair,” she said quietly as she hit her fist against the table as she stood up and turned to look out the viewport. “I did what I had to do, if they wanted to keep that tyrant of a son of theirs alive, they should of kept him on a shorter damn leash! He slaughtered millions, and just because the wave was coming didn't change what he did!” She was angry, and there was no hesitation in her expression.

Sorin stood up from the other side of the interrogation table, “They asked, all their allies including my father, to hand you over if you are found.” He took a deep breath and stood just behind her, “If this was New Eden, Laeyria, or any other faction that is exactly what you would be looking at too.” He motioned back to her chair, “Sit. I will tell you what is going to happen, how we're going to save your life...” He took a step to the side and waited for her to take her seat again.

“Wait...What? You mean you're not going to hand me over?” she asked, a puzzled expression held her features. She paused, and looked at him and then walked back over to her chair and sat down. “Alright, I am listening.”

Sorin sat back down across from her, “We don't make a habit of just handing people over for execution, we also have no formal treaty with the Minatu, and as far as we're concerned all they have done is made a request that if we locate you, that we hand you over.” He scrolled through a few screens on his pad, “All nations have their secrets, and you are a smart woman so I am going to be straight forward with you. If there was not help against the Craethel coming from the Minatu, we wouldn't have even considered it. However, there are things about our society and structure that we've been less than forth coming about, our timeline as we discussed early proceeded very differently than yours, and with it has come variation and there are elements in my government who have sympathy for people in your position, more specifically for you in general.” Sorin folded his arms and leaned back in his chair.

Sorin paused to read the expression on her face, he grinned, “The collision is not our first contact with people from your universe. Many years before the collision an incursion was made into our universe. A visitor from this universe who came to ours, our family and our intelligence division kept this information a closely guarded secret until after the fall of our Noria when it no longer mattered of any consequence.” Sorin adjusted his posture, “This visitor gained our trust, and over time became part of us but one thing they taught us was the danger in which people in your universe pose. The dangerous powers your nations meddle with, without any thought as to the dangers of doing so. It was something we observed through temporal rifts before this collision of our universes even occurred.”

Rin's eyes narrowed, “Who? Who came to you?” She questioned in her mind who would have mercy on her. She had no idea since even now Tetsuya had forsaken her.

Sorin motioned towards the door, “Go and find out, Rin. Find out the truth, just remember once you open that door you can never leave us. Never change your mind and go back to your home and never face the Minatu for your crimes.” He stood up and waited for her decision.

Rin walked to the doorway with caution, she reached for the release and then looked back towards Sorin. She said quietly, “I have your assurance that Prince Kiso and Prince Vraan will not be harmed and that you will protect them as you have protected me?” She waited for him to nod, before she twisted the handle and opened the door.

Rin nearly fell to the floor when she opened the door, tears welled in her eyes and she gasped in shock and placed a hand over her own chest as her mouth dropped open in disbelief. “Cheol...?” she questioned, she had seen his specter several times and had believed him as everyone else did to be dead. There he stood, white paneled uniform and trimmed blue hair as clear and as alive as any of the rest of them. “You're..” she couldn't get the rest out.

Cheol smiled, “...a ghost, I know, technology is a fascinating thing.” He walked over and gave Rin a firm hug, “I am glad you, Vraan, your daughter and my son are now safe.” He released her but left his hands on her shoulders. “We have so much to talk about, but so much to accomplish. There was no way, I was going to just let you or anyone else I care about to be executed like a criminal.” He gave a nod to Sorin, and Sorin gave a slight bow forwards and closed the door behind him.
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Mini Short #2 - Command & Authority

MES Trarback
Meaghan's Star

Admiral Selaeya set down the datapad she held onto the desk, it had almost been a week since they returned from Ayem'vu. The Trarback had been in the dock, between repairs and recommended retrofits by the Toyotomi Engineers there was little to do, and leave was just not in the cards for her. A sigh fled her lips as she poured some tea from the antique-style pot into her cup and set it back down on the corner of her desk, at least it was her desk again. The General's departure was not as sweet as she could have asked, he had a conflicted approach of growing on people and the extra rank echelon on her collar didn't hurt her paycheck either, not that money mattered much.

“Admiral, you have a visitor from the surface...” the comm interrupted the quiet, and caused a low grumble as she pulled the steaming cup from her lips, “Whoever it is, tell them to come back later,” she replied to the duty officer. The officer said awkwardly in response, “I can't ma' is The...” the officer's words were cut off when the door to her office opened, the groomed appearance of Emperor Tetsuya crossed the threshold, she nearly dropped the cup before she set it down on her desk and straightened to attention, “I..didn't know you would have been coming aboard, Sir.” There was little that surprised her, but to see him there on her ship again was not something she had expected.

A slight upturn of the edges of his lips, he adjusted the very civilian-looking black jacket he had on over the finely tailored mandarin-style dress shirt. His gold eyes met hers briefly and he said, “It was a last minute thing Admiral, at ease, there is no reason for me to disrupt your tea.” Tetsuya sat down on the sofa on the opposite side of the office from her desk, and he looked around briefly, “Repairs are going as scheduled, I hope. If there is anything you or your crew need, please don't hesitate to ask...” His offer ended with a motion of his hand, “... and if you have a second cup, I will have one. We can discuss why I have come, in comfort.” he folded his hands in his lap, his slender pointed ears twitched briefly through his dark hair.

The Admiral crooked a brow, his visit was strange and his manner was informal. She poured a second cup of tea and carried it over to him, her own clutched within the opposite hand. Once he took his tea, he motioned for her to sit and she did so in compliance, “Well welcome aboard the Trarback, Sire. You do have me curious as to what brings the Emperor of the Minatu Empire, back into space after everything...”She went quiet, she watched the expression on his face and studied his movement. This was a rare opportunity, any chance to speak to the Imperials was just that, and they had worked together longer than just the current flag they both represented.

Tetsuya set the mug of tea down onto the table in front of him, he turned his attention back to the Admiral with a subtle nod, “Admiral, as you know, I have overseen the construction of this ship and it's sisters and the next generation currently under construction here. I designed these Shadow Leviathans to help keep our homeland safe and I've committed myself entirely to that cause.” Tetsuya looked towards the viewport, “In wars past, I have been on the front-lines but with the situation at hand my place is here at home, heir on the way. It means that I have to trust in my military leaders to be able to handle the kind of missions I would have personally attended to while in the field, without question, and with the same conviction I would hold myself to in faith and action.” He could tell he had her attention, there was little question in that.

The Emperor handed the Admiral a datapad, “It is why I am sending the Trarback on a mission with a rather special profile, and I am granting you the special authority to ensure it is completed to its fullness even if it requires you taking action outside of our government's official scope of action.” Tetsuya then reached for the mug of tea and drank it completely. “I trust you Selaeya, and I think you know that. Follow my orders and I will see to it you are rewarded. I have arranged for some help, expect the transfer of some of my loyalists in your next rotation.” The Emperor stood up, and set the now empty cup down, “Any record of my visit today will be expunged from the records. Congratulations General, and if anyone asks, I was never here.” Tetsuya left through the same door he had come, which left a puzzled look on the new General's face as the door closed behind him.

Selaeya looked down at the datapad and pressed her finger to give authentication, the screen flashed and the details of this new secret mission unfolded in front of her eyes. Her gaze widened as she read the screens, from one to the next. The final screen had the image of a planet, and several long-range scans, the colors of the projection glistened in her narrowed apertures as she whispered quietly to herself, “Yes, sir.”

The Following Day
MES Trarback
Meaghan's Star – Black Dust Zone

General Selaeya signed off on the last of the personnel transfers from the cluster, there had been a significant change in their roster since the Emperor had given her their secret mission. Even her first officer had been assigned to a new ship, for now, though everything was by the book exactly as it should be. The ship had been undergone refit, they were loaded and the last of the logistics transports had already left their dock. “Switch over to internal power, and begin pre-launch checklist,” she ordered as she reached for her insulated mug with the ship's logo embossed on the side of it. An ordered ring of replies crossed the bridge as stations reported to their duty officers and operators on the bridge as the restored Shadow Leviathan prepared to leave its homeport for the first time in almost a month. The docking clamps disengaged and the ship's thrusters compensated in station keeping as the sub-light drives kicked in and they left the dock. “Once we are clear, 0.3c to the edge of the clearance zone and prepare for FTL,” she commanded, it was good to feel the Leviathan's vibrations of powering up once more, it was good to be in space and port behind them. The Leviathan swept along the outer arms of the circumorbital structures and then turned towards open space.

“Coordinates plotted in, ma'am,” the Navcom officer reported, with a nod in her direction. She nodded back in confirmation and the Trarback lurched forwards as the slipstream opened up and appeared to almost grab the ship into its chromatic storm. Once they were in FTL, she gave the order, “Cut our connection to The ATHENA network, disable transponders and initiate cloak.” She monitored from her side consoles and a series of volumetric projection screens which she idly swept to the side once the ship rippled away into obscurity and into cloak. The ship was now operating under a black condition, clearances were updated and the final rotation of crew changes took their places. “Adjust course, the first stop is Scorpia Cloud, before we will be making our way to the Shoishuggo system,” she updated the bridge crew as the last details of their orders emerged from the lockout.

A masculine clearing of the throat came from her right, as the console at the first officer's station swiveled outwards. “I always knew you had it in you, to achieve greatness.” She turned her head, and the familiar face of General Venaeus greeted her. His tattooed bald scalp seemed to glisten in the hue of the bridge lighting. “I couldn't see myself serving the second chair to anyone else,” he said, in an admission that he was not there to usurp her command, in fact, he was there to serve her on the mission.
Nipples and New Assignments

VIS Maenelok
Point Vesta

Cassius packed the rest of his and his wife's belongings, he was not going to miss the military assignment and he could not wait to get back to what he did best. For him there was not even a choice involved in the decision to cut the Maenelok's mission from the AO, he, after all, was never a military man and the entire universe was at war now. Another would be sent to command the Maenelok, hopefully, someone with some command experience and a little brass to weigh down the shoulders. As Secretary-General and an Academy Teacher he and his family had been deemed essential civilian personnel and had been transferred to the new Surrune Colony on Ayenee, the joint venture with the Caeyorian government that had the leadership of the Lunari Ysi behind it. Cassius knew it was a gold colored storm cloud, it meant the war was going badly and important people were being moved out of the AO. The Craethel had invaded more than just a handful of systems, they were sprawled out as the unwelcome benefactors of almost half of the habitable regions of the Unvorsum. Those poor people was the thought that lingered, and not one of them likely understood or deserved the fate that had been pushed on them. That was the difference between he and his military counterparts and the leaders of the other factions, he had a heart for the common person, and for the countless families that had been ravaged by the conflict.

The Colonies on Ayenee were just the beginning, New Aegia was the other, but the almost twenty-five year trip to one of the outermost spirals was a trip for the young, the healthy and those who would have the drive to parent a new generation driven so far from the front lines that the struggle would be more about cultural identity than anything else. The truth was something not easily digested and the governments made lots of fancy pamphlets and hypercom commercials that spun the entire situation into expansion dreams, the bitter end was that they had the people on the run.

Docking Port

Cassius looked around the empty terminal alcove, usually, there was a security detail posted. “Hello? I am ready to board the Colony ship,” he called out. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt the dainty hand fall on his shoulder. He turned around and came face to face with Grand Admiral Yao, the Ayeneean who had grown on him since their deployment. “Amy, you scared the life out of me,” he said with a step back and a smile. He noticed her attire and crooked his right brow, “Vacation, Admiral?” he questioned.

The Grand Admiral smiled, “No, transfer back home. You aren't rid of me yet Cassius.”

Cassius nodded, he shrugged and motioned towards the airlock, “I was never anxious to be rid of you, after all, your adherence to military code kept me from making a complete ass out of myself.” He hesitated a second, and asked, “What happens to get a Grand Admiral sent home at the time of war?” Hopefully, he did not just open a can of worms.

She chuckled as she leads the way down the airlock towards the Colony ship, “Officially I am accepting a position offered at the new Joint Forces Command in Surrune. Unofficially, I have a daughter at home and she has no qualifying guardian now, which makes me a victim of some new military law that says as a single parent I am not expendable personnel. Red tape, there is no shortage of it Cassius, and you have not unbound of it yourself I see.” Neither of them turned around to look back, they just leisurely strolled towards the Colony ship.

“Anymore red tape and I will be presented as a present at the festival,” he gave a dry laugh and was in complete agreement with her. “Any plans for when you get home? More often than not I know you military type hate planetary life. I, on the other hand, can't wait to get to normal gravity and the feeling of something other than an air scrubber blowing against my face,” he said, he was honestly tired of space.

Amy shook her head, “You know not all us military types as you label us are the same. I plan to spend the weekends at our lake house with a good book and take my daughter sailing. This reassignment is what it is, I might as well make the best of it.”

Cassius laughed at her words, “A book about how to put a battle rifle together in ten seconds? Or are you the mushy romantic type? I don't see you reading into some pages describing how some muscle man can sweep you off your feet, or am I wrong?” the door opened into the massive Colony ship's promenade concourse. “Looks like plenty of space to explore, these Caeyorians don't do anything simply do they?” he looked around with amazement.

Amy looked around the massive concourse, “Nothing is simple about them, or your people either for that matter. Your wife ever going to show her face? I think I saw her maybe twice since we left New Eden....and you would be surprised what I read. I have a library of actual books, not electronics at my home.” She tried to familiarize herself with the layout, and like normal the Norian ship was a comfortable notch above frost bite. “I bet they have jackets priced at a premium for those of us who prefer warmer temperatures. I think you Norians are a bunch of perverts who enjoy us off worlders having nipples ready to cut glass,” she shivered and crossed her arms over her chest.

Cassius let a hardy laugh out, “You got us, a bunch of nipple loving perverts. Our whole entry into the space race was just to see all the different nipples the universe had to offer. Our true military directive is that we must stop the Craethel from taking away our nipple show.” He was still in awe over the design of the colony ship. “I hope Surrune is just as amazing,” he said, before he answered her first inquiry, “As for my wife she hates space, she probably has already locked herself in our lodging quarters and has read the escape pod manual a few times. I am proud she lasted on the Maelenok as long as she did. I think she's happy we're returning to a planet, and don't care much where it is.” He gave a bit of a nod in the Admiral's direction, “Speaking of which, I should go check out our rooms. Have fun finding yourself a jacket, Admiral Perky.” He walked away from her snickering at his own joke.

Amy clenched her face and muttered, “Asshole.” She did need to find a jacket though, she raised her voice and said, “Enjoy the trip SG.”
Evacuation of NE-98 Xeleyah System
CSN Unara, CO: Uathotho Kiri

Uathotho gripped the armrests of his command chair as the War Falcon lurched again, “Goddamn it!” he cursed. “Keep us out of their sights. We can't keep taking this beating.” The battle for the Xeleyah System was not going well, they had lost two War Falcons and countless numbers of the New Eden based fleet that had committed to the joint operation. The Craethel Hulks were almost in range of the colony, almost ready to vaporize the two million civilians that had yet to be evacuated. They never expected to hold the system, this was about slowing the Craethel down, about buying time for the escape of these people.

“Sir, The Aries is out of torpedoes and their Captain is suggesting they go back to New Noria for resupply, they can't hold their position.” The comm officer reported, just before they watched the very ship she had given update on explode in front of them.

“Fuck, we're not going to hold on much longer ourselves,” Uathotho stated as he switched through the projections of the damage control reports. “Two more Craethel Hulks have entered the system. The New Eden Fleet is scattering.” It was only a matter of time, a matter of consequence, the system was falling and there was nothing more but to cut their losses and run. “Comm, get me an update on the evacuation of the colony,” he ordered.

The communications officer worked for a few moments, and then updated the Captain, “Still over a million to go, they are asking for more time.”

Uathotho sighed, “Helm, get us into defensive range of the transports. We will hold on the best we can.” He knew what that order meant, and so did his crew. It likely was going to end with their deaths and still it was his order, their mission to defend these people as if they were their own.

“Sir, I got another contact. Allied Transponder that just emerged from FTL. Confirming ID...” the tactical officer interrupted. “I can't believe this...It is the War Phoenix Aestrel and her escorts. Sir, The Pacifican Flagship is requesting we coordinate with their escorts to assist them in defending the escorts while they take care of the Hulks.” Uathotho nodded and responded, “Do as they have requested.”

The War Phoenix dwarfed the smaller War Falcons, it's menacing bird-like hull passed over the formation of transports and raced towards the Craethel Hulks. Beam cannons tore through space, like cleavers they ripped through the Craethel Hulk armor, and peeled gashes in the massive hulks into which they released massive volleys of transphasic torpedoes. The War Pheonix's mighty power unleashed, and the lead Craethel ship had been cleaved in half, it's two sections tearing apart in a chain of explosions. The shield barriers around the Pacifician Flagship flared blue as it's powerful engines pushed them on towards the other two Hulks.
His crew was focused on the task at hand, but Uathotho kept watch over their massive savior as the War Phoenix laid a beating onto the Craethel which had them change their course away from the Colony. A sigh of relief left him, they got to live another day and continue to fight. He couldn't help but wonder how the War Phoenix had become operational so quickly, whoever was in it's chair he owed a great debt.

'Encrypted> Hypercomm CSN Unara – CSN Aestrel :: Thank you, whoever you are. This is a great day for all the Caeyorian people including the Pacificans.' Uathotho sent the text only message over an encrypted channel for the command of the Aestrel's eyes only.

“Cap, incoming communication projection from the Aestrel. The Commander of the Flagship wishes to speak to you.” The communications officer, confirmed that the Aestrel wanted to speak face to face, not over text.

The blue haired Pacifican female's image materialized just forward of the command chair, she wore a Caeyorian Admiral's uniform and traditional cage-like ear ornamentation on the slender tips of her ears. “Alliance means we help each other, we're all one now. One nation under the stars of this strange universe that we've chosen to protect because we failed to stop the Craethel before. You're welcome to come dock with the Aestrel for repairs and join me for a discussion once we're done chasing these bastards the rest of the way out of the system. Once New Eden is finished, I will inform their government that this is now Caeyorian space, and no longer theirs. I almost forgot, how rude of me, Admiral Teal Lunari is my name. See you soon Captain.” The projection disappeared as the message ended.

“I would be honoured...” Uathotho said quietly as the communication ended. “Help the Aestrel's escorts with any cleanup of enemy fighters left behind by their base ships,” he gave their orders and then sent a quick communication to command to update them on the status of their mission.
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