Post-Mission Eleven: Cloning Blues


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YSS Kaiyō II

Sacre carefully checked the patients who were in sickbay. Who knew that getting such a simple fruit would leave what seemed like half the ship in sickbay. That was perhaps an exaggeration, but it was how it felt. Most of the time, sickbay was quiet and Sacre could get her reading in about Surgury in. Shasse had been transferred from the Fort's sickbay to the Kaiyo. Sacre settled in next to the unconscious Neko and cracked open her book.

Shasse had no memory after entering the tube, she'd been completely unconscious the whole time so there was no chance of interference during the regeneration time and had barely noticed when she was transfered to the Kaiyo for the final stage of recovery. Once again her mind had started before her body and she was trapped with her thoughts, she wondered how much time had passed and if she was still in the tube at all. Slowly her eyes opened and her thoughts were met with senses as both sides of her brain connected and consciousness was restored, for the most part at least.

Shasse blinked several times as the blinding white slowly changed into fuzzy blobs and then became the defined outline of the Kaiyo's medbay, her head was still fuzzy and she decided to lie still while she got her wits about her. Twin crimson eyes slowly shifting she noticed Sacre sitting beside her and she wondered how long she had been like that. "Uh..." she croaked barely able to make a sound louder than a whisper.

Sacre looked up from her book to see that the Neko was awake. "Hush, I'll get you some water. You've had a rough day." She said, sliding outside for a moment and returning with a glass of water that she handed to Shasse. "Seems like over-eagerness got you into some trouble." Sacre observed, saying 'overeager' like it was a bad thing.

The little neko moved to sit up and inadvertently placed weight onto the arm which had been injured, she let out a small automatic squeak expecting the pain to flood back but felt nothing more than a slight tingle from the newly regenerated limb. Stunned she looked down and saw it as though nothing had ever happened, now in a sitting position she stretched out her arm and looked it over slowly, "Thanks." she managed to whisper as her small hands clasped the glass and she took a small sip letting it soothe her throat.

Sacre nodded in acknowledgement, "If you need anything, you can ask me. If the pain is bothering you, then I can get some pain killers."

The blue neko looked into the glass and her reflection stared back from the shifting surface of the water, she hadn't spent much time with Sacre and didn't know her all that well so she felt a little awkward to ask her for anything. "Well, I don't think I need anything right now, but could you tell me how long it's been?"

"It's been a couple of hours. After we brought you in, we had to operate to make sure everything went back to the right place. I wasn't sure we would get you back when I saw you in the forest. I generally just get to clean up other people's messes. What do you remember happening?" Sacre asked.

She closed her eyes trying to picture the forest and the events passed, memories came to her in disjointed segments and she scrunched up he small face in concentration. "I remember, flying and then... My helmet was off and I crashed into the tree, I think I fell badly too." Shasse looked down at her arm again still coming to terms with the absence of the agony that she'd experienced earlier.

Sacre nodded, "Crashed into the tree and then fell, hitting some of the branches along the way unless I miss my guess." She added.

"Yea that sounds about right, I don't really remember anything after that though." Her brow furrowed slightly as she tried to remember the events but she quickly made a defeated look and let out a sigh. "Sacre." The little neko spoke after a pause. "So just checking but, this is still my original body right, I didn't get killed and dumped somewhere and now living in a clone body?" She seemed to be quite concerned by the thought and was shaking slightly on the bed.

Sacre gave her a quizzical look. That question haunted her own memory now that she knew about Ven. "Why?"

"I just, it's unsettling thinking that I might not be the original and just some clone with the same memories. I guess that's also ironic considering I was never even born to begin with, just some piece of engineered meat they gave a name and number to." She smiled slightly thinking about her past and how little of it there actually was.

Sacre sat down, thinking about Shasse's question. Sacre had at least two clones that she knew of and she had the feeling the bastard had made more. "I don't know, having a childhood isn't all it's cracked up to be." She said as a filler while she thought of a good response.

Shasse looked over at the medic and wondered what kind of experiences she'd had to be able to so easily dismiss it, or perhaps she didn't want to remember something in her past. "If you don't want to talk about it I understand, I've met some others who have also mentioned childhood wasn't their favourite time of life." She thought back to her time surrounded by all the others of her batch and instinctively raised a finger to brush her crimson tears mark.

"My childhood was pretty boring and I think the worst part about it was that I was constantly surrounded by children. I left soon as I could. That's when things went wrong. Currently, I've got at least two other clones of myself out there, and one of them is a murderous psychopath." She paused for a moment to consider what to say next. "If it's just memory, then I'm not on the hook for what my clone does. But I sense that I am. That by being separated, the three of us are all broken in someway."

"Two others out there huh, I thought the one I left back home was bad enough but to have two and on top of that one is a psycho. I'm sorry I didn't realise what it was like for you, guess I don't come to the medbay often enough heh." Shasse didn't laugh at her slightly darker joke although she wondered how many people the medic actually got out and talked to being in the medbay most of the time between missions. "Do you, not like being around others Sacre?"

Sacre avoided the question, "I don't hate the rest of the crew, no. Their a bunch of bungling monkeys with no self preservation instinct, but I don't hate them."

Shasse scoffed and tried to suppress a laugh at the depiction of her crew mates she just heard, "Well hopefully this hasn't added me to the list I'd hate for someone to think of me a reckless little monkey." She laughed again knowing full well that's exactly what she was, "Well I am glad to know you don't hate us always coming down here to get bandaids, but I don't think I've seen you out of this place much, why not come and hang out with the rest of us?"

Sacre considered for a moment, "Last time ended with people fleeing in tears. I don't think my 'sparkling' personality is suited for it."

Shasse couldn't hide her intrigue but decided not to ask about it and instead posed a different question, "Well if groups aren't your style what about just me? I know i'm a little crazy sometimes, well most of the time but I wouldn't mind hanging out with you for a bit. I don't like seeing people by themselves while everyone else is having fun and laughing together just ask Miles next time he's down here." She lay back in her bed but rolled over to look at the medic giving her a hopeful smile.

"I bearly know you, and you should probably know enough about me to know it's a bad idea. I should probably tell Star Army Medical to add crazy enough to hang out with me to the list of things they should screen for, but I don't think I'd like how they would test for it." Sacre said, objecting, but not outright rejecting the proposal.

Shasse's grin only got wider after hearing this, she had noticed the absence of an outright rejection and continued to push on. "Well from what you've told me they wouldn't need to screen for it cause it's just me that has it. Now, where should we go, I heard there is a lovely forest nearby and they say you feel like the best thing in the world while you're there." She was of course referring to the forest where she crashed, still tying to get the medic to lighten up a little.

There was a small chime from the front of the medbay, indicating that someone had come in. Sacre stood, "perhaps." She said, sliding out of the curtained area. Before she left, she turned to Shasse. "And yes, it is your original body and I worked damn hard to keep it that way, so try not to run it into trees so much."

Shasse rolled onto her back and let out a long sigh of relief knowing she wasn't a clone just yet, "Will do mum, avoid trees got it." she called after Sacre as she moved to see who had entered, the blue neko closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep while she had nothing better to do.

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