Old people?


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I was just talking to a few other old Ayenee RP'ers over dinner the other night about how we do kinda miss the old school chatroom based rp. some people a few of us have kept in contact with over the years and others.. I have no clue what happened, if they are still around.

Like is Kyp of the white robes still about? Mr B from Canada?

What about Geryck from CA (I think that was it?)

Josh the Typist?

Jason? PoisonChild?

Psychic Brett?

I still miss writing stories with Jas / The Rat from the UK.

I could go on and on. But anyone still around? Doing anything?

If lucky, I might sneak in an RP once or twice a week. Its usually on WoW.


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I see a few of those names around, though for the time being it's not mu ch on this site. Glad you stopped by to check on them, though. And, by all means, throw an RP post in somewhere.


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Some remain, Rhysis has been stirring the pot attempting to revive some of the shades , feel free to join in E.


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Gotcha. I hope everyone is doing great then. I might join in on some rp. Most of my RP now a days is done on WOW/blogs. Even that has declined drastically as I count down the days until my youngest daughter decides she wants to be out in the world. :)


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Right now I just resubbed to wow last night. Actually my husband did for me. I think he's tired of me ordering craft supplies off eBay and Amazon!

He said rp is a cheaper hobby!

So as for numbers no idea. A few unsubed before I and most of my friends list shows people asofflune for 1 or 2 months to a year plus!
....-remembers the title a core group of us had back on yahoo and snickers.- The Sleepless Elite. Writing for hour on end day after day. If we got three hours of sleep we were damn lucky and we all woke early as hell in order to sneak in a few more posts before we got on with our days. Rapid fire fights to let out mid day frustrations and what not. I wish I knew if any were still around. I have kept to myself for many years now. Ever since leaving Yahoo what feels like a lifetime ago. Atra.. Raven found me and brought me back and here I am. Whether I'm remembered or not is debatable, but most knew me as Nemesis.. some few remember me as SoulBlade, and yes for those of you who do remember me. Atra can attest it is really me. I'm not dead nor was I ever.

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My initial response to this one, was priceless. The shock alone, memorable, and still ripples the mind and every thought.

The past. The sleepless nights was well worth it. I remember sitting literally on the edge of my seat waiting for responses- just to see reactions and the occasional slap in private messages, or dragged into some justicars office. It was never the same when the Yahoo rooms were taken from us, and we filtered to either/or foreign forums. The memories are still fresh, as if they were yesterday; and oft I wished that it was. Perhaps it is a frivolous thing to some people, to hang onto fiction, roleplay... but to some of us, it was the only light we had in quite a dark life. It pulled me through many dark times in my childhood and my teen years. It was my sanctuary, my outlet and inner peace. Friendships that have lasted over half my lifetime, among other sentiments.

I certainly can attest it is him. Unless aliens abducted him and extracted every roleplay and life memory in order for world domination. LoL! <3
-checks self for strange scars or other forms of alien abduction.- hmmm nope it would appear Nem is in one peace. No little grey or green men for me, and you were not alone in that need to escape a hard life through RP Atra, as you very well know, and those memories and those times will always be a sanctuary for those whom were there, and perhaps we will build more memories and sanctuaries in the future... but yes.. no abductions. Nem no want the anal probes Q.Q.......... <3

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I know plenty that would sign up just for the anal probes. XD I am sure many of us used writing and the outlet of roleplay to soothe bruises and scars. Here is to the laughs, the memories, and lover's united, the surprises, the pwns (we can never forget the pwns, haha- or as many sometimes typo'd "prawns"), the wars, and everyone who just gathered in aid to build something that would still be memorable for all these years. All of us, are accomplished writers' in my opinion. Not many can say, they have built what we all did in the novel sense... and it 'still' be remembered.
Ha! Too true there were some odd ducklings we came across. That is what made roleplay what it was, and why it was so special. For so many of us we wished it were our reality and in part. It did become our reality. We weren't ourselves until we were with each other writing. Real life responsibilities became this annoying grind of blehness until we could get back to writing. That kind of passion is rare to find now but it still exists. Even if some of us haven't wrote like that in a life time, and now never forget the pwns!
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