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"Ayenee System in ten karns..."

Cheol looked up from the data he had been going over with General Aphelion. "Thank you. Slow us and prepare for conduit egress. Prepare for real space," he said before he returned his attention to the General. "We can continue this later. I will have you summoned," he said as he dismissed the General and adjusted his posture in the command throne. He closed his eyes briefly as he sorted the interactive vesper with the Leviathan's primary mindhive so he could transmit the fleet formation for void conduit egress for the entire Task Force. The Aurora-Class RASCs (Rapid Assault Stealth Cruisers) that escorted the Oaru, one of the few Chrystalis War Leviathans, to survive the war pulled ahead in the formation as they could proceed the flagship from VCS. General Aphelion nodded and glanced briefly around the bridge, Thank you, Admiral."

"Void Transit Engine stability at ninety-two percent, egress particle fountain ready for engagement charged and awaiting designated womb breach," the bridge pilot reported as they neared the designated conduit point. "Inertia-less and conventional drive systems at standby and post-diagnostic status."

Ayenee System​

0600 SCT (Standard Chrystalian Time)

Twenty-two Aurora-Class RASCs emerged from VT. The powerful gravity from the system's star and its gas giants made their entry into Ayenee's system space even more rapid, it took a moment for the conventional and inertia-less drives to engage at which time there was a mere moment where it appeared as if the twenty-two vessels had been frozen in space, shedding the exotic particles from their hulls and dismissively dispelling the possibly harmful effects from voidspace. The flickered-like movements of inertia-lessly driven vessels through the system became even more distorted as they made a habit out of their usual movements in and out of void manubrium manipulative cloak (VMC); a final technological perfection from the mind of Tetsuya before he had made his departure and the end of the Umbrax project, that had dominated the end of the war. However gentle the egress was for those smaller twenty-two ships, the tempest followed as volumetric images of Crixa were projected visibly into space by some of the uncloaked craft.

The VCS breach created by the Oaru was massive, real-space rippled like a pond that a boulder that fell from a mountain had struck. For a mere moment, it would have been as if the system had another star brighter than the one at the system's epicenter. The War Leviathan's mindhive's had to ensure perfect calculations as the vessel's bow plowed from the rapid flood of dark matter which breached the edge of the rift, while fields shifted to ensure nothing else followed them out from the overnight, such incidents were tragic and barbaric. The protective bulkheads over the viewports remained void sealed as the ship continued to emerge kilometer by kilometer. Studded with void-sealed asune turrets and spiral v.9 ordinance launchers, the massive ship displayed its prowess, the ancient being protected its inhabitants and inner-workings as it had made the transit through what would have normally driven them to insanity and back again. Elongated beak-like bow, the brow of mighty arched wings with carved glyphs upon their surfaces caught the blaze of the system's sun and reflected back a glimmering whitish-blue as the process completed and the viewports opened, tinted viewports giving the first view of space since their departure from New Noria.

"Contact our embassy in the ACC and tell them that Admiral Cheol Eitan of the Second Imperial Fleet sends his regards and that our Task Force is in the system," the blue-haired Norian said from the command throne, the visual projections of the image scanners became active and joined the flood of information presented by the mindhives both on the screens and through the vesper links with the crew.

The lateral hangars of the Leviathan opened, secure fields active as to hold atmosphere during the launch of the first FuryHawks from the bays for patrol and point-defense assignments. The inward push of the ships slowed to a more tranquil pace as they resumed standard procedures. Cheol overseen the fleet's return to real-space with a bit of excitement. It was his first time to the Ayenee System, unlike Adrin or Nira who had been there a million times. The veteran Admiral had come a long way since his days as a civilian politician, but then again, the war had produced many heroes from unlikely places.

"Well then, I have some things to finish up with the General regarding her troops, let me know when Ambassador Rivaen replies; once we have settled in, I will update command. You have your bridge back, Captain Decha," he announced.
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