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Just thought I'd share something with everyone. Didn't really seem right putting it in the peanut gallery. So here goes.

You control your attitude. You control what you can accomplish. Stop making excuses for yourself! Don't believe me?

Nick Vujicic was born with no arms and no legs. He swims, fishes, golfs, boats, plays soccer and is the head of a huge international outreach. is a good place to find out more about him and what he does.

A personal friend of mine named Randall Wallace went blind at eight years old. Not only did he have to learn how to read and write all over again with braille, but he learned how to play ten different instruments well enough to start a band in which he performs with other blind friends.

Leonardo Da Vinci was the bastard son of a peasant woman. He's considered by many to be the epitome of a renaissance man. He was a world famous painter, sculptor, inventor, cartographer, botanist, writer, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, and geologist. He's still considered today to be one of the most brilliant people ever to have lived.

Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Buzz Aldrin, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh, Beethoven, and Isaac Newton all had major mental disorders of either schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depression. Look what they did for our history.

So like I said. Stop making excuses for your life. Your circumstances don't dictate what you will become. They don't control the way you feel. You are in control of your attitude. So put it in the right place, get up, dust yourself off, and get moving forward.

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I agree with that...However, there are times or some situations that you are stuck in, no move you make will fix the problem and you can't remove yourself from it...Instead, you need to put on your big girl/boy panties, keep your head above the water line and stand your ground...
I thank everyone who has ever listened to me bitch and vent, sometimes just telling someone else wtf is going on, helps in a big way. You all know how hard it is for me to get to the boiling point of mad, but once there...Remain calm and get out of the way! lol I'm one of those people who needs to vent, once done, I know what I have to do and with a clearer, not to mention calmer head, I push onward.
Thank you for great friends!

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ah, Rhysis. Your post almost puts a smile on my face.

--You control your own reality, both mentally and physically. Mental awareness, calm comprehension, and reason are key when it comes to a trial or tribulation. Playing the hand you are dealt is a major roadblock for many people, as easy as it may seem to overcome to some, may be impossible for others in their current state of mind. It's all locked away in your mind.

Conjoining your mental power with your physical power is how any man or woman had made it through just about any hardship, no matter the difficulty or scenario. Big or small, wide or tall, any obstacle has been overcome by a mental evaluation, or a physical action, or a combination of both. You might ask yourself, to what degree was either field exercised? Given any scenario, there was a combination or a polarity.

Now, you would wonder what tools might be used? What exactly do you do when you have a problem in front of you? A task? A goal? A daunting obstacle so massive that you doubt yourself to the point of making excuses, trying to find a way around, or ignoring it all together. I have your answer.

Use ALL your tools. You are completely capable as an intelligent, self-aware creature with heightened senses which you can engage. You have the greatest tool of all; conscious. Whether it is physical or mental, whatever your requirement or hardship may be, you can overcome anything. This is my theory:

Mind -- Patience / Understanding / Analogy / Awareness / Archiving / Meditation / Debate / Drive

Body -- Physical strength / Dexterity / Flexibility / Coordination / Endurance

Hone this whole skill set. Every day, every second. Be so aware of your surroundings and where you place yourself. Study facial expressions of every person you can, when you can. I watch humans, and if there's something I've noticed, it's that we ponder constantly. Hardly do you see a stranger staring off into the distance, thinking of nothing. Hardly do you see people droning off [unless theyre playing with a smartphone, and even then, theyre exercising some sort of part of the brain]. Centering yourself and who you are, relating it to your current place in time and space, reading body language, all of these subtle things we do daily subconsciously -- make them conscious decisions. Pay attention to the way you walk, the rate of breath you take. Analyze every single detail of everything around you; relate numbers and letters to objects or phrases, record every detail in your every day life. Your brain is a mega-computer, and your body is a miracle of nature. You can become strong, healthy, mentally astonishing to the most prestigious professors. Make your footsteps lighter, map your area out in your head. Your movements more deliberate and smoother. You'd be surprised how well you blend in, unnoticed to the unsuspecting. Little do those around you know you train your body and mind at constant rates.

All of this, can come from the desire to better yourself. Thats all you need; a desire to be better. If you have done this throughout the past weeks or months before said trial or tribulation rears it's head; you would have seen it coming miles away before it occurs.

When such challenge rears it's head, you will smile, inhale, and have total mental and physical focus. You will know exactly what to do. Your mental clarity will shine like a beacon!

Like water off a duck's back, this will pass in such a fashion that you will arise on the other side with the least amount of damage, and the most happiness applicable to the situation. You will realize that -every day- is a trial. Every day is a challenge, and the quicker you realize what you are and your capabilities, the quicker you will be defeating opposition with the least amount of effort. PATIENCE.

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