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Just recently my old MP3 player of 7 years was just recently placed on life-support. It's cracked screen, missing battery cover, missing volume - button, and messed up reverse button, withstanding -20 and 117+ degree temperatures, surviving multiple drops including from a second story floor, spilled soda, minor emp pulse, melting case, and many minor accidents and misfortunes throughout the years and it survived it all.

It is the one portable music device that I've owned throughout my life that has survived the longest and with worse damage and misfortunes happening to them.

I decided to finally get a new MP3 player to replace it before it decided to fully die tragically on me, retiring it once and for all and let the rest of its days rest upon my dresser.

I looked around and found a very good MP3 player for $40, being a ZVue MP3 player. I don't need an IPod or any of those fancy music players. A simple player is good for me. Well I'm happy with my new player and now even more happy after it gave me a good surprise. The case, book, and website all stated that the ZVue MP3 player that I own is supposed to be 512mb, but instead my player happens to be 1gb. WOHOO!!!! SCORE!!!!!

Ok, now I'll shut-up and stop my rambling once again.

R.I.P my old 128mb MP3 player.
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