Mith: Daranem Osenay: The Tormented Warrior


Idea Man
Falls of Trennon Matoure, a famous set of waterfalls on the western cliffs. It had been four days that Daranem Osenay had been meditating at them contemplating the return of the darkness. His light blue eyes closed tightly fighting back the waves of sorrow and fear. Trying to push off these horrible emotions and thoughts they kept coming back as if they were all he knew.

He knew what was coming, he had seen it first hand. His homeland burned to ash under the forces that followed the darkness. Children and women butchered and piled to the sky and burned. He could still smell the atrocious scent of flesh and hair burning. He had fought the invaders but his unit was pushed back. Those who attacked seemed to have a ferocity unheard of in battle. It was as if they cared not if they lived or died as long as the carnage continued. All the weapons of Sem Etay were turned on the attackers yet seemed to only drive the enemy harder at their walls. Blood of all kinds fell to a bloody mud that only those attacking seemed unconcerned with. Even the citys' mages and smiths were unable to force the enemy back. The only group that seemed to have survived were those of the priestly orders.

Rousing himself he stood he clicked his tongue angrily " Why will these memories not fade away " Turning his gaze to the east he knew he would have to find others that knew of the impending war. All that he knew of this enemy was simply that they served the Darkness for that name was in the battle chants of his enemies. Gathering his belongings he prepared for his journey east.
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