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It is a pivotal time to be able to write this and I and my family thank you for reading my proposal. I am known as Nathish Wen ((OOC: Alias for Aashi Nath Werner)), a mother and wife that has recently come upon your world along with the colonists at Nightwalker Station.

We are looking for work of, really, many kinds. I know very little of what to do here. Despite that, my husband ((OOC: Ulysses Werner)) and myself both have the abilities to be useful in any trade or profession that could be needed of us.

Thank you for your consideration,
Nathish Wen


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I wish to add onto what my wife has already stated. We are skilled in a number of things ranging from many forms of combat, to how to run a ship. I've also spent a long time of my life in the military.

I am a father and a husband, trying to find my way in this new place we find ourselves in.

Thank you as well
-S. Wen (Alias for Ulysses S Werner)
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