Looking for a few good assassins and mercenary types.

Eseer Darkthorne

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A blur, swift moving, like the shadow of death. There upon the posting wall a tattered piece of paper flaps in the wind. It was not there mere seconds ago. The people nearby look around as though unnerved by something.

The tattered scrap reads.

"Darkthorne had returned, we need a few skilled assassins and mercenary types."
"A new era will be born by your hands and our blueprints. If you are faint of heart, or unwilling to do what it takes to finish a job, then do not apply."
"We want assassins that can bring us the heads of the current world leaders and those most note worthy types."
"We need mercenaries to fill the ranks that will eventually set light to the capitals of the world and usher in chaos."
"Money is no issue, join us, with our mission and the reward, you will be able to make yourself a king in the new world we create."
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