Kingdom of Falconrose


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The Kingdom of Falconrose is a breath taking , magical and enchanting land ...Rolling hills of emerald green surrounded by lush jade forests.
A land that was built by the sea, stone by stone , by the blood, sweat, tears and dreams of 5 generations past. But, behind such magnificent beauty , there lies shadows of tragedies, betrayal's and forbidden love that looms and haunts through every corner and corridor. Grounds soaked with the blood of many brave men from battles fought under the crest of a rose clutched in the talons of a falcon. Battles born of greed, jealousies and hate. As of this time, King Torrin Falconrose is away aiding the allied Kingdom of Drotha, leaving his daughter to rule till his return.
With Falconrose being built by the windy expanse of the Stonedeen Sea, is a cause of several changes in weather...some days these changes can be swift...some days bright and beautiful with a light breeze, while other days can be foggy, rain or raging storms.
Down a long narrow road, that splits through the dense forest of Falconrose..trees that line along the roadside with branches of emerald and jade leaves that stretches over the road forming a shady canopy. On certain summer evenings, fireflies gather, lighting up the trees as the flit about the branches giving the appearance of stars amongst the leaves.
There are sapphire blue lakes, and sparkling crystal streams which seems muscical as the water flows over the stones...Near one creek is a gypsy camp site, Rivarshi's as they like to be known. A clan that sticks to their own, bothering no one but welcomes all...At night their music flows through the forest, sounds of mandolin, fiddle and Lyre..sometimes accompanied with singing.
The castle itself is not only magnificent, but strategically built. Walls that surrounds are thirty-six feet high and fifteen feet thick, making it virtually difficult to manage enemy ladders and withstand most beatings. The only things that may weaken the structures would be the possibilities of catapult's, battering rams, cannons, and yes...dragons.
Battlement rows for archers and cannonmen, and catapult's along with hot pots. Then there are the towers that towers above all. Fourteen broad round towers linked with small bridges and are connected by lower narrow walls. Elegant windows around the walls in seemingly perfect symmentry along with small holes for archer's and other artillery. Atop the tower turrets supports the banners with the Falconrose crest. Then there is the entrance, double sided guard towers with a moderate gate and massive iron doors. It's not the only way in but it will be your best shot if you wish to conquer this castle.
Beyond the castle walls is a stretch of fields on all sides of the castle which allows to see people coming far before they pose a possible threat.
This castle has clearly stood the test of time...The rocks of the walls are aged with conquering vines, but this castle will last for more ages to come.
A road sprawls a distance of a mile before reaching the interior courtyard gardens filled with flowers and shrubbery, pathways of mosaic stones that winds around a rather large fountain. Statues of King Jarek Falconrose, the First, and past kings who reined over the land, Serving reminders of the past litters throughout a shrubbed labyrinth.
There is also lush fields and crops surrounding the exterior of the castle's outside back walls that provides food all year.
A handful of waterfalls flows into variouis rivers, then into streams and creeks to provide precious farm fields outside with needed water, and underground springs for wells.
Inside the castle, swords and shields and battle armor litters the walls..painful reminders of past wars. Then there are the tapestries and paintings of ancestors and battle histories.
There is a bustling city of the Kingdom consisting of taverns and Inns, Apothecary offices, blacksmiths and their stables..stone masons with master builders. Also a bazaar where peddlers sets up tents or wagons to sell their wares of food items, clothing and pottery.
The form of a young woman stands to the seaside cliffs, staring across the water's horizon as the deafening sound of the waves crashes viciously against the jagged rocks below , sending cool gusts of a breeze lightly laced with sea mists to swoop up the treacherous sides of the cliff, gusts so strong she had to hold fast to her cloak that flapped wildly about her small form. She stares the distance in hopes to see the King's ships returning..It has been five months he has been away along with fifteen hundred Falconrose soldiers within three ships, three ships more carried their horses, all bearing the Falconrose crests.
Not one message has reached out to her. She could still hear the battle cries from the soldiers after the King gave his speech to them, a way of pumping them up for the battle ahead .
" We fight as one ! "
They all repeated after the King.
" Let's teach them how it's done ! " said one.
" Let them taste our blades ! " shouted another.
Sadly she turns away to head back to her horse which was grazing on some of the tall grass just twenty feet from her.
Just as she reached for the reins she heard the sound of horse hooves. As the rider dismounts and approaches quickly, a boy of eighteen breathlessly gave a small bow to her..
" Your highness, ." exhales -inhales deeply...." I have been searching everywhere for you.."
He takes another deep breath. " The morning's assembly has gathered, according to his lordship Cyricus, are late your highness.."
The princess gasped. " The assembly ! I've totally the throne room full ? " Something she hoped not..she thinks sh could handle a small gathering over a large today. With the King away..the session's of hearing the townfolk is now placed upon her shoulders. The messenger assisted the princess to her horse then mounted to his own to escort her back to the castle. Upon entering, Cyricus, dressed in his dark red chancellor robes appeared at the double door entrance to the anti-chamber to the throne room waving a frantic hand to her.
" Your first request will be from a sheep hearder, it seems a dozen counted from his flocks has been found slaughtered..he claims it had to be something huge to slaughter so many the poor beasts in such a way..they werent just eaten, they were ripped apart..he insists that this is not the usual type of killing one would see from wolves.."
Princess Tarah looked at him with a raised brow, " I think it best to hear his request for audience to be held privately..we dont want a panic when it could be just a clan of wolves. What else could it possibly be ? "
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In the waning light of day, Rahvin was journeying back home from his daring adventures abroad, his mind still brimming with tales of distant lands. As he rode along the winding road, his steed, Coal, carried him steadily forward. Yet, his path was soon interrupted by an unexpected sight—a post board standing proudly along the roadside.

Curiosity piqued, Rahvin gently tugged at the reins, bringing Coal to a halt. The horse obediently approached the post board, allowing Rahvin to reach out and retrieve a scrap of cloth fastened to it. Upon closer inspection, he found a heartfelt plea for aid—a cry for help from someone whose livelihood had been shattered by the hand of a merciless beast.

With a solemn nod, Rahvin secured the cloth into his gauntlet, a reminder of the urgency and responsibility he bore as a seasoned adventurer. Spurring Coal into motion once more, he faced a pivotal crossroads where he weighed his options carefully.

To his right lay the familiar road leading homeward, where his heart yearned to return after his time away. Yet, to his left beckoned the kingdom of Falconrose, a realm where knowledge and answers might be found to address the call for aid. The decision was not an easy one, but Rahvin's sense of duty compelled him to veer leftward and seek answers in the heart of Falconrose.

As he rode closer to the bustling city, Rahvin chanced upon a chance encounter—a sheep herder conversing with another, engrossed in a discussion of the troubled state of affairs. Their words hinted at the presence of a fearsome beast, possibly a wolf or a savage pack roaming the countryside. The herder and his companion spoke of bringing their concerns to the assembly, seeking aid from the princess herself.

Rahvin acknowledged the passersby with a nod as he rode past them, absorbing their words. A familiar determination stirred within him, urging him to lend his expertise to this plight. Perhaps this very assembly could be a platform for him to offer his services and make a difference in the face of impending danger.

Yet, as he contemplated this quest, memories of a distant past loomed in the recesses of his mind. Images of a malevolent creature, possibly supernatural in nature, surfaced—the very same beast that had taken his beloved mother's life long ago. Though Rahvin had tirelessly scoured the countryside back home, the elusive creature had evaded him, leaving a wound that still throbbed with unresolved pain.

With resolute purpose, Rahvin pushed these haunting memories aside, focusing on the present and the opportunity before him. He knew he must act, not just for the sake of others, but also to confront the shadows of his own past. Thus, he set forth, determined to seek the assembly, offer his assistance, and, if fate allowed, uncover the truth about the creature that had haunted him for so long.


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A towering throne made from the rich wood from the Shadow Oaks of the Twilsay forest covered with a labyrinth of emblems and a crest of Falconrose sits upon a dias in front of a wall at the end of a carpeted eisle. Behind the throne is a huge tapesty of Castle Falconrose.
Seated on the throne is her majesty, Queen Tarah of Falconrose. She is listening to the captain of guards from the city who had requested audience with her.
He addressed to her of a message seeing a stranger riding into the city. He told that he would like to proceed to the gentleman and question him.
The Queen shook her head.
" No, that isnt necessary. As of what you have brought to my attention he doesnt seem to pose any threat. There is no law against anyone riding into the city. But as his presence seems to alarm you, then you can watch from a distance."
The captain of guards bowed his head and stepped away. As the guard begain heading to the door, the court advisor stepped passed him, only slowed to cast a glimpse of the captain, then proceeded to the throne. The guard stood for a brief moment and glanced behind him. He saw the court advisor bow to Queen Tarah, then they began speaking. He was too far to know what was being said. The court advisor had noticed the captain of guard still there and gave a raised brow of a questioning look.
" Good Captain, is there something further you wish to bring before her majesty ?"
Tarah too had turned her attention to the captain.
" No sire, I..I'm sorry. I was just leaving."
As the door closed behind the captain, the advisor turned all attention to the Queen.
" Is there something I should know about your highness ?"
" I was just informed of a stranger entering the city, I dont think its anything to be alarmed, we need to discuss this matter of the Twilsay Clan before morning assembly arrives."

The captain soon arrives back to the city, he advised a few of the other city guardsmen to keep a watchful eye on the stranger.
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Rahvin had dreamed in a somnolescent trance, a prison of the subconscious for years. He and many others had been trapped within the realm of dreams and nightmares. The dreams were so real that even now he had to question if he were awake or still dreaming.

He had ducked into an alleyway and donned a hooded cloak. The former knight made his way towards the castle proper. The clamor of daily activities swarmed the heart of the city. It was heartwarming, hearing the daily routines of normal lives. He wanted to simply stand and listen, bask in the realness, but he needed to tend to business.

He watched the castle gates; the people being let in and those guarding it. Rahvin waited for the most opportune time to blend into the throng of people entering the castle. Rahvin found a guard inside the castle and explained to him that he was here to lend his aid but had gotten lost in the halls of the castle. He asked if the guard could give him directions or lead him to the throne room. The guard seemed to measure Rahvin and found him honest and compelling enough to point him in the direction.

Rahvin made his way to the throne room doors, showing his sigil to the guards and explaining to them the same; he entered. Rahvin approached and, with a courteous bow, presented himself.

"Your Highness, I come in response to the plea for aid. I've heard troubling tales of a vicious beast wreaking havoc in the countryside. My name is Rahvin Pendragon; I've crossed many miles to come by your kingdom. If it pleases you, I offer my services to help rid Falconrose of this menace." The echoes of his earnest words hung in the air, awaiting the queen's response.


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The conversation between the Queen and her advisor was broken with the sound of the door opening and entering the throne room a man they had not seen before, nor was he announced firstly to them. This shown a slight irritation to the advisor, Cyricus. who approached the one who addressed himself before them. Before Cyricus could speak, the Queen spoke,
"Cyricus, it's alright, " The Queen approached Rahvin Pendragon. The name seemed slightly familiar.
" You may rise Rahvin Pendragon."
Cyricus eyed this Pendragon studiously. Tarah noticing the way Cyricus was showing high unspoken suspicions.
" Cyricus, things are alright here, why not go and address the guard who allowed someone in the throne room unaccompanied. "
Cyricus bowed to his Queen and turned to leave, but as he came to pass Pendragon his steps had slowed, and stared at him with a slight narrowed gaze. Cyricus soon then made his way out of the throne room, but before the closing of the door, several guardsmen had entered taking posts at the door.
Tarah grasped to the side of her richly emerald gown to lift ever so to allow a much freer movement. She moved so full of grace that it seemed she floated instead of walked over to the seatings that were set up earlier for the morning assembly. Tarah waved a hand towards one of the chairs. After taking a seat to one herself, resting her hands upon her lap.
" Please, sit." After a few short moments she continued. " Your services Rahvin Pendragon will be hightly appreciated."
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Rahvin's eyes, tinged with the weariness of a 200-year slumber, studied Cyricus as the advisor slowed his pace to acknowledge his presence. The courtly decorum, once familiar, had become distant and strange to Rahvin. He had traversed a landscape of dreams and emptiness, and now, in the waking world, he grappled with the nuances of courtly etiquette.

With a casual yet respectful demeanor, Rahvin addressed the queen, acknowledging the potential repercussions of his unorthodox arrival. "I wouldn't be too harsh on the guards. I will take the burden of any punishments. I was told that you would be here, and I knew I had to chance offering my aid directly. There is more to it than simply that though."

As they moved towards the chairs, Rahvin took a seat, finding a certain comfort in the physicality of the moment. The queen's realm, Falconrose, spread its beauty before him, reminiscent of a home that was nothing, but a dream now. The familiarity stirred both nostalgia and a sense of duty in him.

"I must say your kingdom is beautiful. I've been traveling through it for close to a week. It reminds me a lot of home," Rahvin remarked, his gaze momentarily drifting to the room that they were within. The subtle play of emotions crossed his features—a blend of appreciation and a hint of melancholy.

The rumors he had heard along the road, shared by passersby and shepherds, echoed in his thoughts. A beast, elusive and fearsome, was said to be haunting the lands. Rahvin, seasoned by the trials of his own past, knew the unsettling nature of such rumors. Yet, he also knew that the truth could be more complex.

"I've dealt with more strange beasts than I'd like to admit, but I've been hunting one in particular. I'm not sure if this beast plaguing your lands is one in the same. Perhaps you could share with me what you know about the beast?" Rahvin inquired, his tone carrying a mix of genuine concern and a readiness to act.


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It was as the doors to the throne room had closed as Cyricus had left that Queen Tarah turned a focused attention to this Rahvin Pendragon. It was at this time that she had found a weariness from his said travels. She also had taken notice the manner of glancing around the room. She noticed the manner in which he had done so, it was a look not like most who had entered, being taken back by the richly furnishings and architecture of the castle, his seemed ..rather..she couldn't at that moment find the word till he had mentioned 'home'..that's it, homesick
Upon his compliment on the kingdom, she gave a small smile,
"Thank you, "
She had waved over one of the guards standing by,
" Have some tea brought in to the dining hall, and also that a meal be prepared for Pendragon."
The guard bowed,
" As you wish your highness." followed with leaving out to the grand hall.
" You seem quite weary of your travels would you accept my invitation to the dining hall ? We can discuss further of this creature, and I may have some questions of my own.

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"You don't have to. I've survived on mostly trail rations most of my life while back home. I am quite weary though, but I believe that has more to do with my previous predicament. I had spent some time in Velusia leading over a thousand troops in defense of our allies the Blackthorne. The land was beset by nightmarish creatures, living nightmares, and the land was being torn apart. Reality was becoming a dream, and a sickness was spreading across the land. I watched as my men fell into deep sleeps. Some died in their sleep, some awoke mad and attacked friends. Others just slept, and nothing could wake them."

Rahvin trembled slightly, rubbing the worn riding glove on his right hand. The bags beneath his eyes seemed to become even more accentuated by the reliving of his traumatic experience. His voice shook for a moment, "I don't know when it happened, but I too fell under this spell. I awoke months later in an infirmary, Lady Kiante, a friend and aid to the lady of the lake, at my side."

Apparently she had found some sort of cure to awaken the sleepers. Which was thankful. I was trapped in a nightmare, this beast, the one I've hunted all my life. I was a child only nine years of age, when it attacked our home. It was just me and my mother, my father had died in the war a few years back. This beast took her. I was forced to relive this moment for what seemed ages while some nightmare entity tried to barter my sanity for service to its Nightmare Lord. I was the only knight of Pendragon to not break." He shook his head with disdain. The memory of all those men and women that had fought beside him. They were friends and family to me. He had hoped to avenge them, but by the time he awoke the war with this Nightmare Lord was coming to an end.

"I believe I've slept enough, so pardon my weariness your majesty. Sleeping is not so easy these days. Though I have no dreams, maybe a byproduct of Lady Kiante's cure, but a blessing none the less." He stood to accompany the queen to the dinning room. The idea of a nice warm tea did pique his interest."
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