Kingdom of Falconrose


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The Kingdom of Falconrose is a breath taking , magical and enchanting land ...Rolling hills of emerald green surrounded by lush jade forests.
A land that was built by the sea, stone by stone , by the blood, sweat, tears and dreams of 5 generations past. But, behind such magnificent beauty , there lies shadows of tragedies, betrayal's and forbidden love that looms and haunts through every corner and corridor. Grounds soaked with the blood of many brave men from battles fought under the crest of a rose clutched in the talons of a falcon. Battles born of greed, jealousies and hate. As of this time, King Torrin Falconrose is away aiding the allied Kingdom of Drotha, leaving his daughter to rule till his return.
With Falconrose being built by the windy expanse of the Stonedeen Sea, is a cause of several changes in weather...some days these changes can be swift...some days bright and beautiful with a light breeze, while other days can be foggy, rain or raging storms.
Down a long narrow road, that splits through the dense forest of Falconrose..trees that line along the roadside with branches of emerald and jade leaves that stretches over the road forming a shady canopy. On certain summer evenings, fireflies gather, lighting up the trees as the flit about the branches giving the appearance of stars amongst the leaves.
There are sapphire blue lakes, and sparkling crystal streams which seems muscical as the water flows over the stones...Near one creek is a gypsy camp site, Rivarshi's as they like to be known. A clan that sticks to their own, bothering no one but welcomes all...At night their music flows through the forest, sounds of mandolin, fiddle and Lyre..sometimes accompanied with singing.
The castle itself is not only magnificent, but strategically built. Walls that surrounds are thirty-six feet high and fifteen feet thick, making it virtually difficult to manage enemy ladders and withstand most beatings. The only things that may weaken the structures would be the possibilities of catapult's, battering rams, cannons, and yes...dragons.
Battlement rows for archers and cannonmen, and catapult's along with hot pots. Then there are the towers that towers above all. Fourteen broad round towers linked with small bridges and are connected by lower narrow walls. Elegant windows around the walls in seemingly perfect symmentry along with small holes for archer's and other artillery. Atop the tower turrets supports the banners with the Falconrose crest. Then there is the entrance, double sided guard towers with a moderate gate and massive iron doors. It's not the only way in but it will be your best shot if you wish to conquer this castle.
Beyond the castle walls is a stretch of fields on all sides of the castle which allows to see people coming far before they pose a possible threat.
This castle has clearly stood the test of time...The rocks of the walls are aged with conquering vines, but this castle will last for more ages to come.
A road sprawls a distance of a mile before reaching the interior courtyard gardens filled with flowers and shrubbery, pathways of mosaic stones that winds around a rather large fountain. Statues of King Jarek Falconrose, the First, and past kings who reined over the land, Serving reminders of the past litters throughout a shrubbed labyrinth.
There is also lush fields and crops surrounding the exterior of the castle's outside back walls that provides food all year.
A handful of waterfalls flows into variouis rivers, then into streams and creeks to provide precious farm fields outside with needed water, and underground springs for wells.
Inside the castle, swords and shields and battle armor litters the walls..painful reminders of past wars. Then there are the tapestries and paintings of ancestors and battle histories.
There is a bustling city of the Kingdom consisting of taverns and Inns, Apothecary offices, blacksmiths and their stables..stone masons with master builders. Also a bazaar where peddlers sets up tents or wagons to sell their wares of food items, clothing and pottery.
The form of a young woman stands to the seaside cliffs, staring across the water's horizon as the deafening sound of the waves crashes viciously against the jagged rocks below , sending cool gusts of a breeze lightly laced with sea mists to swoop up the treacherous sides of the cliff, gusts so strong she had to hold fast to her cloak that flapped wildly about her small form. She stares the distance in hopes to see the King's ships returning..It has been five months he has been away along with fifteen hundred Falconrose soldiers within three ships, three ships more carried their horses, all bearing the Falconrose crests.
Not one message has reached out to her. She could still hear the battle cries from the soldiers after the King gave his speech to them, a way of pumping them up for the battle ahead .
" We fight as one ! "
They all repeated after the King.
" Let's teach them how it's done ! " said one.
" Let them taste our blades ! " shouted another.
Sadly she turns away to head back to her horse which was grazing on some of the tall grass just twenty feet from her.
Just as she reached for the reins she heard the sound of horse hooves. As the rider dismounts and approaches quickly, a boy of eighteen breathlessly gave a small bow to her..
" Your highness, ." exhales -inhales deeply...." I have been searching everywhere for you.."
He takes another deep breath. " The morning's assembly has gathered, according to his lordship Cyricus, are late your highness.."
The princess gasped. " The assembly ! I've totally the throne room full ? " Something she hoped not..she thinks sh could handle a small gathering over a large today. With the King away..the session's of hearing the townfolk is now placed upon her shoulders. The messenger assisted the princess to her horse then mounted to his own to escort her back to the castle. Upon entering, Cyricus, dressed in his dark red chancellor robes appeared at the double door entrance to the anti-chamber to the throne room waving a frantic hand to her.
" Your first request will be from a sheep hearder, it seems a dozen counted from his flocks has been found slaughtered..he claims it had to be something huge to slaughter so many the poor beasts in such a way..they werent just eaten, they were ripped apart..he insists that this is not the usual type of killing one would see from wolves.."
Princess Tarah looked at him with a raised brow, " I think it best to hear his request for audience to be held privately..we dont want a panic when it could be just a clan of wolves. What else could it possibly be ? "
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