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Hello, my name is Steve and I was once the handler of the Stonebrim family the members of which I will list below. I started in Yahoo in 98ish and played into the near end of Yahoo's private chat. My primary was also able to cross realms so he also spent some time in Rhydin (AOL). Recently, my wife and I discovered a very beta, very poorly put together game called Ever, Jane. The game was basically a TBRPG layered over a really basic 3d Game (it was at least nicer looking than Furcadia). After having a taste of that again, I find myself craving a return to something more open. Ever, Jane is set in the Regency era and it has a very limited number of directions for a story to go since they want to maintain historical accuracy.

I will most likely be lurking here for a while or peppering into discussions periodically until I decide what I want to do with a character here. Anyway, thank you for your time and please find below the list of my characters and characters I was engaged with in longer stories:

My Chars -
Alexander Stonebrim (Currently Deceased)
William Stonebrim (Whereabouts unknown, believed dead)
Navi Nicole Stonebrim (Whereabouts unknown, dimensionally disjuncted)
Xavier Stonebrim (Son of Wolfina) (Alive, currently residing in a Secure Pocket Dimension in the Forgotten Realms.)
Abram Nerenhauk (Alive, trapped outside of time in home, unable to create deliberate re-connections to the time stream)

Roleplaying Partners from History that I can remember:
avianda (screen name unremembered)
wolfina (screen name lost to a hack from years ago)
callisto (Not sure on spelling)
feisty_female_slave (I think that was it)


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Welcome Steve, the refreshments are on the right, the rp is on the left, and the shuffleboard was last seen in the company of Vlad.


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I feel like I recognize the handle feisty_female_slave, lol.
Feisty's Tavern was one of the most popular taverns in my era of playing. I think the handler got out of the game not long after our story and sort of burnt out. I discovered in a google search that apparently the character was killed.

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Well I see you rped with my characters sister and the person I had helping me co-run my guild. I have no idea if that is a good thing or a bad thing. At times she liked me, and then other times she was saying things that got her banned from the group. I miss her sometimes, but then I am happy to have a drama free life these days. Welcome back lol.


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I did indeed. Her handler was actually one of the most impactful players on my personal life. Even now I wish I could directly express my thanks.

I met Reese at one point with Alex. Him and *groans* Vincent. I seriously wish he and I would have fought. Alex wanted so badly to kill him, but Rebecca wouldn't let him.

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I remember we had someone new playing Vincent after the divide between members. Orianna, Vincent, Rebecca all went one way. Adrian, Desmond, and I went the other way. I'm guessing Vincent was annoying or something? I know they went to rp on their forums and then when yahoo dropped the user chats they stayed on that forum or the rp died off. I never saw any of their members migrate to .com or .org.

It would probably be hard to believe, but when I met Rebecca she was on a character called Raine Jensen. We were both fairly new to ychat and were one lining our way around it. Her character was half saiyan. She had the character become romantically involved with Reese and then killed it off and made the Rebecca persona. We started expanding our responses around that time. Then we decided to form a group with the Vincent player of that time. I made a separate persona of Desmond to act as the other brother. Then I asked my friend Saiyan Skye to play Desmond, she gave him a sort of Vegeta personality. And that's how the Blackthornes were made lol.

We started recruiting anyone that wanted to join. I made a website and at one point I was counting the names I was adding. I had over 150 Blackthorne members on there, that was about 2001.

I'm pretty sure I could find a way to contact her if you actually want to thank her. I just hope the caustic relationship we had has dissolved.
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Vincent and I instantly were at odds were each other from the moment I met him. I am not sure about which handler he had, but he seemed rather arrogant both in and out of character. However, it is the internet and false bravado was a common thing to encounter. It was moving towards a serious fight. I wish I would have kept slightly better logs back then, but I believe we were both expecting it to happen until my personal life got in the way.

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You might be thinking about Desmond then. He was the one that had the asshole attitude. I gave the character that flaw, then handed to Skye and she expanded upon it. He seriously was like the Blackthorne version of Vegeta and an emo angsty teen.

Vincent was played by Dan and then Maury a friend of Orianna's.


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No, it was definitely Vincent, maybe it was just something specific between he and I. I don't recall having ever met any of the rest of the Blackthornes. Alex's run with Rebecca was only a few months though.
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