[Invite Only] The New Face of Noria


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Ayenee Capital City (ACC)
Yirune Square - Diplomatic Sector
Site #459-Ayenee-C01 | Construction of The Embassy of the Caeyorian Astral Supremacy

Construction cranes and other heavy equipment were busy already constructing the beginning foundations and frame for the new Embassy in the ACC. Ordered by Xyr'Aest Teal Lunari in conjunction with the Colony Plans for Surrune. It was decided it was important for the Norian people to have a face and representative of their government in the world's busy Capital. The decision to build was heavily influenced by the ruling Imperial Bloc, especially the Eitan Ysi that had holdings on the Ayenee World in their own universe before the crossing. The building would mimic the Embassy found there, a large pyramid-style structure with reflective exterior tinted glass with a Paecifican inspired dome in front of it. The Dome, aka "Lorenz Pavillion", would house public access areas, which included Citizen Services, Immigration and other government agencies that required representation. The space around those offices would house a public garden, which would include rare plants native to Noria and other Norian worlds. The Pyramid, aka "Crixa Pavillion", would house command and control areas, military offices, residences for diplomats and visiting Imperial personnel and their families and would be equipped with launch capabilities in case a planetary evacuation was required.

For the first time in almost three centuries, the Norian people would have representation on Ayenee. The survivors and descendants of the original expeditions who remained in the ACC would finally have a piece of the home they had left behind. The plans called for the square plot of land to be divided in half diagonally, the CAS Embassy would be marked off with decorative blue bricks that marked the beginning and end of the sovereign territory. The plan was that the other half of the square would be offered to the Minatu Imperial Government in hopes that they would have a place to hold meetings and conventions since the Minatu homeworld was off-limits to outsiders.


"There is a face I didn't expect to see down here..." said the foreman, and Chief Engineer on the project, he was a husky Paecifican with jet black short hair, Aelarc Kaes, as he walked towards the incoming party which stood out from the workers due to their white and blue paneled Caeyorian uniforms. He was greeted by the half-smile of the obvious leader of the group of eight, they wore white supervisor hats which looked out of place with their spotless uniforms. Prince Aeryn (p. Severce), the third eldest son of Xian (p.Caecyan) and Aurora Eitan, was known as "The Owl of Caeyoria", a nickname he had received and had immortalized by the white and black molted owl feathers which were braided into the right side of his shoulder-length black hair. The Prince was somewhat of a topic of interest for the media; the feminine, fashion-minded, and unorthodox Prince had been the featured talk of scandal since his relationship with Vaelan Orinas had been made public knowledge. Severce was a man of political power, he had been the public face of the Eitan Ysi in the civilian and diplomatic sectors for most of his life, it was no surprise that he would be the first Imperial on-site of the new embassy. He ceremonially crossed his right arm over his chest, his fist touched his left shoulder as he came face to face with Chief Kaes.

"You should have seen it coming to Kaes. This project is important to my father and it is important to me. After all, you're building what will be under my assigned sphere. How is it going?" he asked as he and the party of officers and VIPs came to a stop in front of the foreman.

Chief Kaes nodded respectfully, and replied, "It is an honor to have you here, my Prince..." he motioned to the construction site in front of them, he spoke up so he could get a word in over the humm of heavy equipment, "It has been a little slow going, I guess one of our modules for the Crixa Pavillion's foundation got a nice hole in it from one of the fire exchanges the Craethel had with one of our Arc's. Outside of that, I think everyone is happy and working hard to meet the deadlines your Ysi has mandated..." he motioned towards one of the large custom-forged slabs that were in the grips of one of the cranes over one of the delivered cargo pods, that had a noticeable scarred hole in the middle of it. "...well, why don't we get you boys inside? It will be a bit quieter and we can talk over a cup of tea," the Chief suggested, then pointed towards the Construction Command Trailer that was a few hundred meters away, in the direction of the mid-line bricks that were being laid to mark the boundary before the Caeyorian and planned Minatu Embassy.

Aeryn looked at the damaged slab, he tilted his head to the right, then said "It might be easier to just contact one of the factory ships and get a new one fabricated, I think repairing that would take too much time. Not to mention, it has to handle the stress of a possible evacuation take-off. If you need help getting it bumped up in the priority list, let my secretary know." Aeyrn shook his head as he looked away from the slab, that was an unfortunate accident, but it was something which could be resolved. He followed the Chief's point towards the Trailer, "Yeah, sure. I could use a rest and I want to get a look at the blueprints, sometimes engineers like to sneak in changes after it passes my desk," the Prince said as he followed the Chief towards the trailer, his entourage walked a short distance behind, save for Vaelan, who walked at his love's side.
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