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As the afternoon sun was slowly going lower over the mountains, the people on the streets of Orange Avenue were heading inside their houses to prepare for an evening at home. A royal blue 2004 Dodge Neon pulled up beside the Teal Apartments building sign and the engine came to a halt.

Stepping outside of her car, Alliana looked around the familiar street, her new neighborhood and the people who still remained outside, coming to rest on the address number 4510.

With a small sigh, she opened the back door on the drivers side of the car and pulled out a heavy, medium sized cardboard box. Kicking the door closed expertly with her foot, she called to the young boy who stood waiting at the passenger side of the car.

"Okay Isaac," She told her son, "Grab one of the other boxes. The one closest to you should be light enough. And make sure that you remember to clock the door behind you. We don't need our stuff getting stolen."

"Kay Mom," The boy replied as he heaved the nearest box labeled 'Misc Stuff' into his short arms, locked and closed the door behind him. He then followed his mother into the apartment lobby. "Hey Mom, where're my toys?" he questioned casually as they stood in the elevator and waited for the door to close.

"Isaac press the number two." She instructed her son, ignoring his question. "Our apartment is on the second floor."

"Mom!" Isaac said again in exasperation, "Where are my toys?"

"You can play with your toys after we finish unloading the car and eat dinner." Came Alliana's stern voice, which left him no room for argument. She stepped out of the elevator as it reached the second floor and the doors opened, and her son followed her, gracing her back with a pout, which she never saw, but could feel. Not taking offense to this though, she just smirked patiently and cooly while saying "I guess if you really want to play, I guess I'll just have to eat pizza by myself."

"Pizza?! We're having pizza?" He said rhetorically. "YAY!" With that, he yelled excitedly and dropped the box he was carrying onto the floor accidentally.

"Be Careful!" Alliana chastized him, even though there was nothing fragile in that box which could have broken.

"Sorry Mom..." Isaac said guiltily as he picked the box back up. "Do I still get to have pizza?" He inquired.

Alliana grinned. "I thought you wanted to play." She teased her son.

"No, I changed my mind," He declared. "Pizza first, then play."

"Ah, okay." She said, nodding her head as if it made perfect sense. She then pulled out her key as they reached apartment 209, unlocked the door and pushed it open. A stuff air rushed out to greet them and the first think she did after putting down the box in her arms was open the windows in the living room. The sounds of the busy street below filled the cozy apartment within moments.

She placed the order for a large supreme pizza, then set off to grab the remaining boxes from the car while waiting for dinner to be delivered.

After the normal 40 minute waiting period, the pizza arrived and she said down with Isaac to watch some TV while they ate. She finally realized the show they were watching, some coverage on the mating habits of squirrels, was quite boring so she looked for the remote before acknowledging that it had not yet been unpacked.

"Isaac," She called, "do you remember which box I put the TV remote in?"

With a sigh of child-like exasperation, Isaac walked over to the box he had carried in, opened it and pulled out the black device, handing it to his mother.

"Thank you, honey." She said to him as she channel surfed a few moments before finally deciding on The Simpsons.

A few hours later, Alliana had sent Isaac off to bed, cleaned up their dinner mess and continued with the arduous task of unpacking. She didn't realize however, exactly how much junk they'd acquired over the past few years, many of it belonging to her husband David, and many of which, weren't exactly 'junk' so to speak, but weapons available to him so that he could do his job.

She rifled through each box as she unpacked, every so often coming across a photo or memory that would make her smile wistfully, or bite her lip to hold back tears. She found a picture of her, David and Isaac, when he was just a baby, standing together in front of their old house. She decided to place that one on the shelf beside the TV.

Sneaking a peak at the clock, she saw that it was 3:00 am and she knew she had to get to sleep in order to be awake to take Isaac to school the next day.

***** Next Morning, 6:00 am. *****

The alarm clock, dependable as always, woke her up with a start, making her reach over, unplug it and send it on a suicide mission to the wall furthest from her. It connected with the intended target and dropped unceremoniously to the ground with a dying THUD.

"Ugh... do not want.." Came the groggy, half-asleep voice which emanated from the lump on the bed. At precisely 6:25am, twenty-five minutes after the mass-machine suicide success, the lump rolled her butt out of bed in order to start her day.

She throttled her way through breakfast and even managed to get Isaac off to his first day at a new school. Then deciding to kill the day in order to avoid looking at the piles of boxes which awaited her at home, she wandered the downtown core of Capital City.
Such wanderings would bring untold truth's to Alliana this day.

That, and other things she was undoubtedly unprepared for.

Wandering through the streets of the capital city, she couldn't help but notice a woman in garb strikingly out-of-place for the setting/oddly peculiar/in current fashion*. Mostly in tones of white, with dark hair flowing down the length of her back that is held in place by an ornate thread-thin webwork of silver.

That, and Alliana couldn't help but notice the woman was looking directly at her. A smile pasted across her face - a smile of hope, trust, and filled with potential revelations.

And with that smile, she beckons Alliana over to the park bench she sits upon...
A new meeting

Alliana turned around, feeling eyes upon her, and her gaze focussed on the form of the lady seeming to sit alone amongst the bustle of the people around her rushing back and forth.

On her guard, she raised an eyebrow skeptically and made sure that she was still within the view of the public around her for safety reasons, before making her way forward.

"Do I know you?" She asked the lady, forming her keys in her hand protectively between her knuckles in case she needed to defend herself. One could never be to sure these days. Especially given Alli's past.
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