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I'm Victoria, otherwise known as tormooch, moonseeka, vamp_elf_chel and darkmoon_shadowrose and novalei, galaxy_maiden_2001..

I'm thrilled to see this site is stirring, about time!

I've roleplayed since 98, off and on, and spent the last two years rping fairly steadily on an AOL spinoff site set in Rhy'Din.

I play everything from urban fantasy, outlaw wild west, to good old fantasy. I am used to mixed genre, freeform, that is where I am comfortable.

I am all for helping this site take off. If in anyway I can, I'm there!

One thing I'll say... PLEASE don't let this site become what Eden Era did, if anyone recalls? The Roleplay Library is an offshoot of that site's decline and it's filled with some miserables.

I think this site has potential to be a base for old world rpgers. This can be what Kenosha never ended up being (Lord_Darr attempted to reunite all of us in The Golden Age) but this didn't work out.

A pleasure ta meet ya all.

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Welcome Bluebelle! New rp blood is most needed and your excitment is wonderful!
I'm Madi, co-mod of this forum and the Peanut Gallery, any questions you have...Ask away!
And as soon as I have more then 15mins. of down time/comp time I plan on posting in the Tavern you've created!
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