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Post (Masamune) Wave Timeline


✧Tetsuya rescued by the Falcon's Star

✧✧✧The Knight Vixen Leviathan crashes into Ayemvu
✧✧✧Sinith arrives on the Falcon's Star
✧✧✧Sinith executes Xal'Aester Aria Eitan I
✧✧✧Falcon's Star retreats from known space to the Veil Homestead/New Eden

✧Treaty of the Seven Stars

✧✧✧Treaty of the Seven Stars is signed at Homestead by Sinith, Tetsuya, Koshiro and Cassius Wraithen.
✧✧✧2 years of Humanitarian Aide and security is granted by the Wraithen Synod to the Norian Continuum.
✧✧✧Vraan and Ania Eitan are named as heirs to the Norian Continuum.
✧✧✧The Ayem'vu Exclusion Zone is given to the Kiri Chaebol and the Celeste City Colony is established.

✧Celeste City Colony Establishment on Ayem'vu

✧✧✧8.5 million colonists transferred from Norian Refugee Camps to Celeste City including Vraan and Ania Eitan to relieve monarchs from the humanitarian crisis on the homeworlds.
✧✧✧Sinith and Tetsuya make a diplomatic visit to Celeste City.

✧✧✧✧Press conference announcement of Tetsuya's resignation from the Eitan Ysi and his renewed commitment to Sinith's Minatu Empire.
✧✧✧✧Prince Jun reunited with parents, the truth about Seojun's murder is revealed.

✧✧✧Caecyan's conflict with Koshiro and Tetsuya regarding the infractions of burying Eitans off-world.
✧✧✧Mysterious attacks on Ayem'vu Empires by unknown source; Koshiro requests the assistance of the Eitan Ysi.

✧The First Gifts
✧✧✧ The Emperor and Empress of the Minatu Empire retire to the House of Sanguine Rains a Minatu Empire diplomatic refuge in Celeste City
✧✧✧✧ More about Sinith's pregnancy is revealed, Tetsuya is worried about her security.
✧✧✧✧ Tetsuya reveals the MES Umbrax and the legions he has built for her

✧The United Soggotha Confederation Rises
✧✧✧ Koshiro declares Independence of his Ysi and Colonies to form the USC
✧✧✧ USC Forces engage the MES Umbrax and MES Trarback in Combat
✧✧✧ USC Forces are issued orders to capture members of the Minatu Empire's Imperial family
✧✧✧✧ Varaan, Ania, and Caecyan Falcon try to escape Celeste City with the help of Rin and her daughter Heaun
✧✧✧✧Cassius Wraithen and the Forces of New Eden Arrive in the middle of the conflict
✧✧✧ Destruction of the Maternal Chonyosa War Leviathan - Heart of The UAR.

✧Lithia and Nira reach the Minatu Empire's Capital
✧✧✧ Nira begins the long journey towards recovery in Lithia's care.

✧The Second Battle of Ayem'vu
✧✧✧ All Allied Forces Escape Celeste City
✧✧✧ A cooperative effort of the Minatu Empire, Norian Continuum and the mysterious Caeyorians bring a temporary victory.
✧✧✧ The force behind the USC is revealed to be the Craethel

✧ Aftermath
✧✧✧ Interrogation of Minjun Kiri
✧✧✧ Reveal the Caeyorians are Norians from another timeline where the Craethel have already conquered Noria
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