[Episode 2.5] Reprise


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Rhea ineffectually flailed her way into not drowning in an imaginary landscape, looking around and blinking hard. Was she dreaming? She'd had dreams where she drowned before. Though she couldn't help but look down and frown when she realized she didn't have her bag of candy. Drat. Slowly, very slowly, she stood up, observing the world around her, briefly listening to the conversation, before tearing her eyes away from the overseer, and staring in all directions, looking for any sort of landmark.

As she thought about what exactly this place is, she supposed this would probably be the best, private space to talk about... whatever it is she wanted to talk about. Why WAS she so mad exactly, though...? No... no, as she thought about it, she remembered their... first encounter. That made sense. Any she got beat up last time from, what she knew so, she would probably be grumpy too.

Eventually, rhea raised her hand, a bit hesitant. "Uhhm... Can you, show me around the place, maybe?"


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The VR Zone

Romulus gasped as he woke up, the water splashing on his face as he shook it off, as to not ruin his suit, before realizing it's not exactly real. Looking around the surprisingly blank interior, the Biker got his bearings and started to try and ask questions.

Reaching for his gun, he was surprised to not find it on his person, nor any of the keys he had collected. He was just himself in here, without any of the fancy technology he had made along the course of working in Amperia. Question is, what exactly did he need to know here to make more sense of that last little bit of notes.

What caused the beast to awaken in the first place?


Reman's awakening was... Different.

A moment of black was cut short by a brief vision. A crack in the hole of space and time, opening up to a fraction of a world surrounded by nothing. It was a park, with winds blowing fiercely through mint green trees, with a lone bench to sit on straight in the middle. Right before he woke up the winds became deafening, the winds increasing in speed until he gave his first signs of life.

Reman slowly got up from the ground, felling submerged in water, but coming out dry. Bizarre, but kind of nice. It definitely was a lot to take in, just vanishing into a blank plane with barely anyone inside, but this would mean that he'd finally live up to his promise eventually, so that was nice! Unfortunately, he didn't really get a lot of the software side of things too well.

"So... Where exactly do we start?"


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Epsilon's Way of Saying Hello

The entire space. It was something else entirely.

She hadn't woken up due to the water -- although that did help get her fully awake. Every last bit of the room, every last atom felt like it was speaking. Whispering to one another, to her. Constantly monitoring, constantly watching, constantly updating one another on what she was doing. The noise was...logical? Mechanical? She focused in on the pattern one part of the room was unfolding in, and she saw it for a glimpse. A string of words, of instructions, from one place to another.

Full-dive. Or at least that was the first term people called it. Full-dive virtual reality. A rare experience she got to enjoy, as normally the machines were all taken up by rows and rows of students, but sometimes she got to sit in one, and not so much enjoy its scenery as she got to enjoy being absolutely immersed in how the barebones of the machine functioned. Full-dive always managed to tear her away from what she was focusing on -- even if it was just for a second.

Right. Right, the library. She began to read the signals, trying to determine exactly what caused this library to activate. Unwittingly, to the outsider, she was standing there looking into the abyss.


The Great Library of Arcandria?
The Part Where She Kills Us

Keith spent a few quiet moments longer than the rest of the crew in contemplation, floating peacefully at the simulated water's surface with his eyes closed. It seemed he had dealt with the hardest part of the trip through meditation, trying to achieve a measure of wholeness in what now felt like an empty body. In truth, he had also caught himself thinking about those documents Marie had requested of him---and something else he had managed to find, something much more useful to her situation than the PhD-grade essay would ever be. He was in a little bit too deep. Whatever it was those mad scientists were messing about with seemed way too close for comfort to what was happening to the crew's mechanic, but now was not the time nor the place to talk about it.

The informant properly came to his senses when the water was replaced by solid ground, grass all around him cushioning him into an almost natural bed. His poncho was gently billowed around by the artificial wind as Keith pulled himself up, standing to better examine his new surroundings... or lack thereof, finding only void as far as his eyes could see and the Downrider crew rendered as trichrome avatars. Well, that was disappointing.

"What now, Overseer?"


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It's like SAO but not shitty and also has a purpose

Aradia took a few moments to... Orient herself. Seems the Overseer had been busy...
Minus the details, she looked about normal. That was a good start, though the magician-pilot stillhad no idea what was going on. She just waited though, given that other people had asked the same question she was about to.
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