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I'm sorry for those of you waiting on a post from me. I wont lie. I lost the oomph for this plot due to several factors. I still like the idea but I am at a loss as to where to go at this point. No opposition = no fun and one char opposing us three is just not enough. Please message me if you have any ideas because I am all out of them unfortunately. *sighs*


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Nobody wants to be the antagonist because they are supposed to lose. Why not have each player make a 'protagonist' and an equal and opposite 'antagonist' character. That way everyone shares the duty of losing.


I can assist you. Contact me asap, and I will throw some ideas at you. I love to assist people, and am known for pulling crap out of my ass to rp on/with.


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Sounds like fun to me. I'd rather discuss things over some kind of messenger or something if its possible. colvin_arenios for Yahoo Messenger here. If not, I will be sure to message you soon. Oh and as for Zeth's idea, I agree with you. I was just throwing out ideas. Of course, my character himself is technically an antagonist despite the fact that the major antagonist are the people that are attempting to keep them all there in the first place *shrugs* We might get this thing going after all.
Umm guys, I'd love to play the antagonist.. and lose... and I'm sure I can oppose you guys.. I use to role with the E-jin and the Tanshihana long ago ^_^.. whatever that means.. anyways.. one of you guys private message me and let me know what exactly it is you need me to do... I may be new here, but I'd love to help out anyone who needs help with my little creative mind!
-Eric N. Simon


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I don't know how bad you want or need anyone else to or how enthusiastic yuou'd be about me joining the plot line, given that I don't post often, but I'd be willing to do something.
does this plot still need help....i would love to try and help...If your interested please message (Yahell) at Emerld_Firegold to discuss

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