[Companion Cinematic to Resurgence EP1 - Colonial Investment] The Elysium Run


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The Elysium Run
Laeyria-Calaris System “Ancient's GATE System – Unyain-Elysium Spiral GATE”
Caeyorian Colony Fleet – Surrune's Call

Arc One

The former New Eden Admiral stepped up to the command table when the Caeyorian Admiral was rushed to medbay, her blood still smeared across the console. “Two more...That makes Eight Craethel Titans Total, They are trying to prevent us from using the GATE.” Amy Yao said over the comm to the Aestral, one of the Caeyorian War Phoenixes that had remained with the fleet after the Xyr'Aest had gone ahead to Ayenee. The sublight drives of the eight Caeyorian Colony ships, carrying nearly 40 million souls each, burned across the expanse of space, their enemy arriving all around them, which made it hard for the defending War Phoenixes and War Falcons to provide cover for the ships as they burned towards the GATE structure in the inner system.

“We're doing what we can out here, who the hell is this anyway?” Admiral Carin responded to the communication, he didn't recognize the woman's voice, not to mention the fact the computer was translating from common to Norian was a matter of confusion for him. “Admiral, this is Admiral Amy Yao, I'm a former Admiral of Veil who is part of Cassius Wraithen's delegation. Admiral Essen has been injured and has had to be taken to the med bay. There was no one up here, so I stepped in.” Amy glanced across the table towards Cassius, who had his arms folded over his chest as he looked down at the volumetric screen. The colony ships had defenses, but nothing that could handle a full-on assault from a Craethel Hulk. He shook his head and gave a nod of confidence in her direction. Amy sighed, “With all due respect Admiral Carin, we don't have time for pleasantries...Colonial Fleet is going to need time to get through the GATE, and you're going to have to buy us at that time...We have too many people over here to try and make a stand.” Amy said, hoping that the other Admiral would be less concerned about a defector in charge of one of their colony ships than the fact there was at least someone alive to talk to him at all.

“I understand.” Admiral Carin responded, “Try to get the Colony ships as secure as you can Amy, work on the open channel with the rest of the fleet and get those people in their holds. Things are going to get messy out here. We're outgunned, but my people are good and they will do whatever they can to buy you time to get the fleet through the GATE.” Amy looked at Cassius, who was still standing there, studying the map. While Cassius was not military, he was probably the smartest man she knew. If anyone could get them out of this, it was him. Amy looked upwards and took a deep breath, “Arc One confirms and understands. Arc Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven and Eight, this is Acting Admiral Amy Yao onboard Arc One, form up with us and push your engines to spec. We have to get these people the hell out of here, everyone wakes up tomorrow with Ayenee outside their view-port...” She addressed the rest of the colony ships. Her attention then turned to the one ensign who was uninjured still on the bridge, “I hope to hell you can shoot, get those point defense turrets fired up....we're going to need every one of them firing,” she stated as she wiped away the splash of blood from the top of the projection table.

“Hey School Teacher!” she shouted at Cassius, “You got to get your hands dirty here, get that dead pilot the hell out of that Navcon chair and get your ass in it. We need to get control of this boat, right the fuck now or the only thing we're going to be is names on a scrolling list of unfortunate losses to those fucking giants.” She knew he was focused on the map, but she needed him focused on what would keep them alive. Cassius looked at her, a confused look on his face, he was exactly that, regardless of what his position in the Veil government had been. He looked towards the charred body of the pilot and then back at her. It was not like he had a choice, he nodded, “As you wish...” he said as he moved to the pilot and shoved the body out of the chair and sat down at the controls. He was thankful he at least had some experience at the helm, well at a shuttle helm, not a colony ship. Cassius jolted slightly, not used to the neural link as his hands curled around the two illuminated joystick-like controls. The projected local star map focused in front of him as he briefly let go of one stick, to check the sub-light drive settings before he returned to it. A panicked look held on Cassius's face as the massive Colony ship vibrated as the thrust increased.

Amy watched the displays, it is not like they could maneuver much. These were Colony ships, not battleships. The Craethel had already taken out several War Falcons and they were running short on escorts. The point-defense turrets spewed rounds, creating fields of fire merely to suppress incoming torpedoes and missiles. Amy watched the sensors, the last thing they needed was another hulk showing up to join the party. “Twenty Minutes to the GATE.,” she said quietly to herself. A Blip flashed across the scanners, then disappeared, she said before the comm, “Uh...Amy to Aestral, there is something else out there...I hope it isn't one of those new ships Curunir encountered,” she glanced back down at the screen after she briefly checked again, another blip flashed across the display, several of them. It appeared they might not have had the chance she thought they had. “Aestral to Arc One, we see them too, some kind of background radiation maybe? I don't know what to make of it. Nothing like the readings Curunir or Arakan sent in.” he said in reply to her message, his own tactical officer debated the meaning of the readings.

The Admiral moved to the back of Cassius's position, she stared up at the main projection in hope to get a better view of whatever was out of there. Then suddenly, she saw it, space rippled and the black-hulled vessel dove out of what appeared to be nothing, missiles launched in a unison swarm as only the forward section of the ship remained visible as it faded back into the twilight, the missiles slammed into the central section of one of the Craethel hulks, it sent a series of explosions right down the hulks spine. Within moments there was more of them, she couldn't count how many ships or estimate how big or small they were but they were appearing and disappearing so fast it was likely the Craethel had no idea what was on them either. “Holy shit, keep that throttle jammed,” she said to Cassius as she watched in awe.

The MES Almeida, one of the Minatu Empire's prized Aquitaine-Class Heavy Cruisers decloaked and made a cross flyby of the Arc before it turned back towards the Craethel ships, it's beam cannons fired in a sweep across the same ship it had hit on the first run, like a knife through butter it cleaved the end of the bow right off the hulk before it disappeared from view yet again. A text-only message flashed across the screen, “In the name of the Minatu Empire, we're here to assist. Get your civies safe, and your escorts through the GATE. We'll mop up the rest. ~Captain Draven Rui” The entire 3rd Imperial MIAN fleet was there, two Umbrax-Class Leviathans fresh out of Meaghan's Star rippled into view flanking either side of the cruiser as they turned on the Craethel like a nightmare out of the shadows sent to extinguish their light. Floods of Armors and Fighter craft launched from the underbelly of the larger Leviathans, shifting in and out of cloak they hid their swarm's numbers until they were right on top of the enemy. It was only the beginning as destroyers and other cruisers were still arriving from the stream, some of them seemed to fire before they had even fully emerged from the conduits. Just a proceeding wall of destructive arsenal sent in barrage after barrage towards the hulks.

The two Leviathans projected images into space, the images of their Imperial leaders burned in the brilliant expanse as omens to the Craethel of their mistake in this encounter. Invisible fields spread across the system as mobile mind-hive platforms created anti-FTL fields, it was like the gate of a mouse trap coming down, the Craethel hulks were unable to engage their drives under the power of the distortion fields, they were slowed like sitting ducks as the Minatu ships dove, and retreated into the blackness, sending crippling destruction tearing down their hulks.

MES Almeida

Captain Draven watched his displays, he waited until the last Arc was through the GATE. “Commander Hyphia, as much as I want to be here when those two Leviathan's bring their main's to the show, get us the hell out of here.” He could already see it, the two Leviathans had completely decloaked, and the forward firing chamber on the ships was being energized to unleash the fury of their Umbral Buster Cannons. The Almeida flashed across the battlefield. They moved past the moon of the third planet and took refuge behind the massive array build for the GATE complex. The Captain watched as two flashes streaked across the system, which pushed the speed of light itself. The cascade of the Umbral Breach Cannons tore through the fabric of space, working as uncontrolled dimensional taps similar to the design of their new reactors. The flashes almost appeared to bounce from Titan to Titan, One minute the Craethel ships seemed intact, the next they were torn apart into the darkness and their fragments, for the most part, vaporized within the blinding wavefront.

Arc One

“Admiral Yao to Aestral, everyone is through in one piece. We got lucky back there, someone better send Tetsuya and his family a big fucking box of chocolates. Whenever you can spare someone, I...would not mind being relieved, this isn't my ship after all.” Amy said over the comm after they had cleared the other side of the GATE, the glistening blue oceans of Ayenee laid ahead of them in a swirling planetary display she never thought she would be so happy to see.

After a few minutes, Admiral Carin responded, “You did pretty good yourself, why don't you get comfortable over there. I'll have a Marine bring you over a uniform....consider yourself recruited, we will work out the rest with command once we get these people tucked in. Aestral Out.” There was relief in his voice too, it was likely the entire fleet had that same moment of gratefulness that they had survived that.

“You can let go of the throttle now, dingbat....” Admiral Yao said as she reached down to remove Cassius' trembling hands from the controls of the helm. “You look like you need a drink, or a change of pants...maybe both,” she laughed at him as he shook.
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