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What We Become

Season II- Chrystalis Unvorsum: Legacy
Minatu Homeworld
Imperial Palace

Joint Post Session Authors: Andrew and Saeriel

Home, it was quiet and there was nothing wrong with that. Snow-capped peaks loomed in the distance outside of the massive windows which were the main aperture of light during the day into his office. The stories those dark stone walls could tell, the furniture too. It was ornate, dark, of a gothic style and worn just enough to validate its place in antiquity. The twin volumetric drafting tables were among the modern technologies Tetsuya had built into his space, a place where he could work on his ship designs without interruption. His office was a place he could tinker, think and reflect and for the most part, it was respected. There were exceptions to everything, his and Sin's family being the only ones. Anything else was a meeting, an audience kept to a parlor or the throne room. The battle at Ayem'vu had been a live fire test of his genius, and they had learned plenty from it and proved their superiority over other factions, sure they took a beating, but they took a beating and survived. The month since their return home, had been spent preparing for the new child, and for a new generation that would follow the Umbrax and Trarback and the other ships of the line into this conflict that they had been pulled into. To bring their first biological child into a universe at war was a tragedy, and he had no reservations in explaining that to those who acted as if the conflict was some kind of business that it was anything short of being just that.

From one side of the volumetric drafting table to the other, he focused in on the new drive equations and had ATHENA compile the data and run it through simulations. A deep breath of frustration and Tetsuya turned to the line of panes with schematics that towered in front of the ceiling high bookcases on the other side of the room. “Right, plasma manifold failure...How the hell do you cool a sublight engine, without venting it into space or using a bulky cooling system?” He raked his fingers back through his dark strands and reached for his coffee mug. “How do they overcome this?” He looked at the datapad with the recovered scanner information from the Trarback recorded at Ayem'vu. The emissions of the Caeyorian War Falcons was pretty much non-existent. “What if...” He grinned to himself, “ATHENA, theoretically, what if the dimensional siphon was worked two ways if the conduit we pull power from was also used to funnel energy from the heat sinks and capacitors back into the dimensional pool? Run the simulation again, using that theoretical model,” he instructed and headed back over to the drafting projection. 'Theoretical Model is Processing...Stability of simulation 98.73%' He snapped his fingers, “There we go. Almost no emissions, that combined with the cloak. I wonder if we can use that to achieve null emission status, with a little more work? ATHENA, transfer model and simulation information to the Think Tank in Black Dust on encrypted Imperial channel.”

Tetsuya grinned, he walked back to his actual desk on the other side of the office. He glanced at the volumetric image of their heir's medical imaging scans he had on his work surface for a moment, “Progress, my boy...progress.” he said as if the image of his unborn child could hear him. “They will never see us coming...maybe.” He leaned back in his chair and swiveled towards the window, “ATHENA, if Sinith is awake, tell her she should come down here and we can go for dinner.” He looked out once more towards the snow-covered mountains, he took a deep breath and grinned to himself over his accomplishment for the day.

Imperial Quarters

A relaxing sun glazed morning bloomed into an evening, quiet through slumber as the Maiden took every chance she got to keep herself stress-free. Being six months pregnant took a heavier toll then she remembered, usually her lower back ached and the draining energy continuously kept her hungry however like clockwork the sleeping Maiden stirred from her rest. Lengthy thick lashes batted over honeydew hues only a few moments before her alarm went off, it was dinner time and a meal with her love spread a blissful smile into her ample lips.

With a stretch across the bed, Sinith let out a faint yawn before sitting up slowly. Her dainty hands clasped lightly over her firm stomach as gentle words called out. " Thank you for letting me sleep a full few hours this time little one. " A soft chuckle slipped over her tongue just as ATHENA, informed her of Tetsuya's invitation which caused her to wiggle out of her sheets. " ATHENA, let Tetsuya know I will be ready in a few minutes and I shall meet him in the dining room. " Moving towards her closet, Sinith searched for a fitting gown. Luckily she had just ordered new attire for her figure, being as her old clothes no longer fit. " Oh! " The Maiden pulled out a classy black and ruby lined dress, one that certainly would match her jewels as her scale ridden tail latched through the loops of ebony tinted heels.

After a few minutes, the Maiden was ready although just before she reached the door her elongated ears flicked upon the chime of her phone. A sigh hummed in slight annoyance as she yet again moved towards her nightstand, she had forgotten her phone but perhaps that would have been best as the message waiting for her made a single thin slick brow raise inquisitively however she quickly slipped it into the shadowed mass that peeled open in front of her. " That will have to wait until later. " With that Sinith's delicate digits turned the handle upon her door as she would be on her way through the halls.
ATHENA alerted Tetsuya to the slight deviation in plans, Sinith would meet him n the Dining Hall, after all, it was easier than having her go all the way to his workspace and then all of the ways back. Tetsuya acknowledged the change of plans and grabbed his G-pad off of his desk and headed towards the door. He paused briefly, looked into the scanner and ATHENA activated the internal security system to protect his office. "Have yourself a good evening.." he said to the sentry that stood outside of the door, "Just going for dinner, so need for an escort, just finish your shift out down here." It was probably unusual for an Emperor to speak so casually, but it was how Tetsuya worked, the crown had never been able to deter his sense of comradery with his men.

Tetsuya made his way through the dark, gothic, cathedral-style corridors to meet Sinith. The kitchens had been alerted hours before, and it was likely that their chefs prepared dishes fit to serve a hundred over the humble candlelight dinner that Tetsuya had in mind, it was part of how things were. The palace was a meld of the very old, ancient fascinating artifacts and a careful integration of technology and convenience, often hidden behind well-disguised panels and other embellishments to keep them subtle. As Tetsuya turned the corner in one of the hallways, he got the view he had been hoping to catch when he left immediately upon ATHENA's cue. The Emperor quickened his pace, coming up behind the strides of his wife. "I thought I might catch you, on your way," he said, to get her attention. Tetsuya's arm slipped under hers and curled around it. "I hope that I didn't interrupt anything too important, I just missed your presence. How are you feeling, love?" he asked, he glanced at the dress she was wearing and added quietly, "You look lovely..." and she did, even with the slightest change pregnancy had brought to her form, as far as he was concerned it just added to her beauty.

Despite her slow pace, she was sure her husband was either on his way or just closing his research books so she felt no need to rush. And such proved to be a good thing as with his voice calling out her smile returned to her lips and curled into her prominent cheeks. " No matter what I was doing you would never be considered an interruption my love. " As his arms wrapped upon her figure she paused in her steps and returned the hold with her arms lapping over his own. " I was simply sleeping anyways, as the days pass I seem to be getting more tired with each one. Otherwise..I'm feeling better then I was yesterday, our little one is content and still. " Her gaze peered back slightly over her ball pointed shoulder to look over her mate, his compliment forced her smile to brighten more. " How are you? Any luck with your studies? " With one hand tracing along with his own, she wrapped her digits with his and lightly directed him alongside her so they could continue their way to the dining room.

Tetsuya smiled, he leaned forwards slightly and patted her tummy slightly. "Content and still? Surely he can't be related to either of us then," he said, joking obviously. He leads her into the dining room, the soldiers that stood on either side of the massive carved doors held them open as they entered the dining room. The Hall was big enough to seat hundreds, polished and prepped, it was only set for two at the table that stretched along the front of the hall.
Tetsuya looked around briefly and took a deep breath, he tried to guess what the chef had prepared but he could only guess. "I am alright, it is moving..it won't be long until I have a full zero-emission system worked out. I was thinking if you felt up to it, we could make a trip to Meaghan's Star next week, maybe meet with some of the engineers and think tanks so we can give input for the third generation of Shadow Leviathans." It was a subtle way he had about it, saying he wouldn't go without her in so many words. Tetsuya had kept his promise, even when it was frustrating, to remain behind as their men and women working towards the effort to fight the Craethel. He squeezed his digits slightly, as they were interlaced with hers. He took her directly to her seat, released his hand from hers to pull out the high-backed padded chair for her at her place beside him at the table.

As they moved into the dining room, Sinith had taken a quick glance at their security almost as though she was wary of them but it simply was a quick method to calm her mind as she took her seat. Her head then nodded to her love in thanks for pulling out her chair before she spoke out. " Zero- emission would put us much further ahead then the others, you would be the man to get it done my dear and you know I would happily join you on a trip. I've been feeling a bit cooped up lately. I'm not used to staying out of the action it seems. " A soft chuckle danced off her lips. " Do you know what we will be having for dinner tonight? I won't lie I'm a bit hungry, your son to have an appetite as large as a grown man. " With a smile painted across her lips, her glance peered over where her view caught the outside through the windows. " Hm..looks like we might have a snow storm on its way. "

It didn't take long for the large double doors of the kitchen beside them to creek open were two rows of waiters lined up behind two culinary chefs, each carrying dishes served on a silver plater. With the waiters moving now, one row went to her husband as the other moved towards Sinith just as the chef to the left spoke out. " I made sure tonight your meals were up to par, I hope you enjoy our fine steak tip filets alongside with seasoned green beans and mushroom soup. "

Tetsuya shrugged as she asked if he knew the menu. Already he had grown used to a cuisine that was very different from that of his homeworld. Whatever it was, it likely included meat, if only his father could see that. He glanced out the window, he paused for a moment as his golden eyes scanned the snow that drifted off the towering peaks of the mountains. The wind had picked up, and a tempest was brewing the dark looming clouds that had been to move in from the north. "I hope so, it reminds me of Lorenz, I often missed these views on Ayem'vu, that world was too warm, uncomfortably warm." Tetsuya sat down in his chair and watched as the chefs and waiters lined up to present their evening meal. The pomp and circumstance almost reminded him of the reasons he wanted a smaller kitchen built into their suites, he missed cooking. Tetsuya had spent years on his people's ships and was often caught slipping into the galley to make a snack or surprise a member of his crew with something he'd made up.

Steak Tips. There it was, the meat. He forced a nervous smile and nodded as the chef presented the rest of the menu, at least the rest was a little more digestible. This would be a good chance to see if the enzyme mixture that their son had made him worked, maybe it would save him the discomfort of digesting that meat. "It sounds delicious gentleman, if you could serve us through and be on your way, I would like no more disruptions as we enjoy our meal. I can serve our drinks, and tend to things myself..." he didn't feel like the waiters constantly moving around the table. There were some parts of the royal life that Tetsuya had never accepted, even when he leads Lorenz.

As the waiters served their food, he waited until they had finished and left the room. He looked over at Sininth and said, "I'm sorry, it just gets so tedious with these people swarming around us all the time, I hope you don't mind if I want you all to myself for a little while."

With the waiters and chefs clearing out, Sinith took her loves words a step further thus with a wave of her hand and a firm glance to their security the small group of guards stepped back and left the room. Only then did her gaze return to her love as her hand had reached out for the glass before her. " I don't blame you dear..to be honest before you came along I only had a few staff in the empire altogether. Our army, of course, was on the premises with Gem training them though other than that I enjoyed my privacy, especially if I could share it with you. "
Sinith quietly took a sip of her drink before placing it down then reaching out for her utensils before she started to cut into her rather bright scarlet colored steak. Despite her kind, she rather enjoyed a nearly rare steak, the chefs all knew of her odd tastes and clearly made sure to stick to them although now that they fed more than just the Empires herself they made sure each meal was cooked to their guest's specific orders.

" I know you aren't a fan of the menu we have here... I hope the cook at least prepared your meal to your liking love? "

Tetsuya smiled, picked up his knife and fork and cut off a small piece of steak and took a bite, he chewed politely and then smiled towards her. "It was my request to eat what you ate, we have plenty of Norian chefs, but I'm not here for them. I am here for you, I will eat what you do." He ate another piece and then looked towards her. "I sent the orders we talked about, our fleet scored a win at Laeyria-Calaris, I think the Caeyorians were just as surprised as the Craethel were." He didn't keep things from her, it was something unusual because he'd always been so solitary.

He didn't want to make the dinner entirely about business, but he knew that she had spent most of the day sleeping, he didn't expect she would be too happy if he kept her in the dark on things. "It looks like our Caeyorian friends are planning to make a move on Ayem'vu, we should probably think about sending Gemetzel and Lao'Taun to represent us in some talks. What do you think?" It was hard to sit back and let other people do the work, but they had other ways to contribute, at least until their son was born.

Hearing of her loves choice for his meal, set an awe expression into her angular face. Sometimes he was sweeter then she would expect. " Well I hope you like it an at least a little bit, I know your tastes are far different than my own. " Sinith continued to quietly eat another piece before her head nodded in agreement to his idea. " I'm glad we actually got a win under our belt with our new found enemies..as for Gem and Lao...I do hope they can keep things professional without hacking someone up who just happens to disagree with them. " A soft chuckle left her lips.

Sinith placed her fork down momentarily to reach out for her glass however before she had a hold on it she seemed to flinch and her arm instantly retracted to place a warm touch upon her stomach. Slight discomfort caught her off guard and it was easy to tell, especially as her brows pulled inwards. Only a moment passed before she tried to regain a calm demeanor, hoping her husband hadn't caught onto such.

Tetsuya smiled, "I do like it, it is fine.." Hopefully, the enzymes would work, so he could still feel that way later. "We will support whatever it is they decide to do, but until we understand these Caeyorians better...it is best we keep things friendly. I'm trying to understand their..." he paused noticing her sudden sense of discomfort, "Are you alright, love?" he questioned, he could see her reach down to touch her stomach.

With a lengthy breath pulled in softly, she nodded slowly before exhaling in a means to relax. " I believe so.." Before commenting back fully she took a moment to ensure that was all to come were during such she mentally checked her heart rate, the child, and to see if any pain radiated further. There was only a lingering sharp pinch that concerned her but hopefully, it was just a sore muscle that had been kicked. " He likes to kick alot.I'm, sure he just lodge his foot into the wrong area. Lately, he's been more active...so much for content and still huh? " Her eyes glanced down for a moment as she yet again made sure everything was all right before she peered back up to her love, a smile returning softly onto her ample lips. " To continue my love, I'm okay. "

Tetsuya listened as she explained her discomfort, he couldn't help but be amused that this confession followed her previous comment of 'content and still'. "Maybe he likes the steak too," he said, after a quick taste of the soup. There was a lot about child rearing Tetsuya knew nothing about, after all, several of his children were produced in facilities closer to the way one ordered cloned soldiers or other biosynthetic products. "I'm amazed he has not started to communicate yet, have you felt him in your mind?" When it came to babies, norians began to communicate long before they left the womb, vespers in the telepathic mind were formed early, the language was nearly developed within a year of birth and before that, it was signals and emotions. For some reason, where he had been in conversation before had taken a backseat, he was far more interested in their heir, than in the political status of their Empire with the Caeyorians.

" Well my stomach doesn't feel nauseous so I will assume he approves. " A gentle laugh slipped her lips. " I have noticed spurs of moments where emotion is shared, I think he's starting to develop that trait you explain earlier this month. " With her hand still on her stomach and the pain still focusing into her upper right hip her hand traced calmly up and down as her other hand now reached for her glass once more to take a sip. Once placing her drink back onto the ebony wood table before her, Sinith tilted her head a bit curiously. " Have you been a bit nervous as well my dear? Lately, I've had a mix of excitement and worry..being that our child will be born during a war..Ive been a bit frantic. "

A sigh left Tetsuya as he placed his fork and knife back down to rest on his plate, "We're at war, about to bring a child into the universe in the middle of that. We've both been nervous, frantic," he said to confirm what she had asked. "I can't say I am excited to be dealing with these Caeyorians either, while they've done nothing to show they aren't our allies..." he paused, and considered his words, "...I guess I am just tense dealing with Norians, especially ones showing up claiming to be from another universe with so much new technology and ability." It put him on track for what he had been saying before, "I want to understand their tech, so I can help our engineers ensure we're on top of it. I guess, with Lorenz and Noria in shambles I didn't expect to see my people on the other end of a communications stream for a while." Sure the things he said, were what was on his mind, but what bothered him was still to come.

Tetsuya closed his eyes for a moment, another sigh, he then looked to Sinith. "I think I am a little concerned that my own counterpart, if I have one, from their universe has yet to reveal himself. I don't like the idea of there being another...me...out there." At least this proved to be a moment he could discuss what was actually on his mind.

Sinith could only nod in agreement, everything her love had mentioned was something that had crossed her mind, in fact, everything about the situation had puzzled and even bothered her as well. " I can't blame you on those views, dearie. If there is another counterpart you that's hidden in the shadows it begs the question why he hasn't revealed himself..I've heard the counterpart for myself is with Xian..which is our Caecyan..that is a little odd. At least I think so but to be fair this entire situation just doesn't feel right. " The Maiden would quietly go back to her meal for a few moments before she once more spoke up. " Our homeworld is still hidden to them correctly? "

The Emperor felt relieved, his wife understood his concerns and had her own, he reached for his glass and took a thoughtful, long sip, then set his glass back down on the table. "I think they reveal what they want us to see, which is why we need to be open but cautious to whatever it is they have planned," he said, his right hand slipped over top of hers on the table as he leaned back into the padded back of the chair, then continued, "They don't know where our homeworld is, the factions see the Black Dust Zone and little else when it comes to our spacial realms. I plan to keep it that way, while I am happy to commit resources to stop the Craethel, I'm not opening our borders up so whoever the latest opportunistic Norian faction is can wander in and take control." Tetsuya had long left the ideologies of the Norian way, after all after so many years of leading the norians in their own universe, he had chosen Sinith's people over his own. Tetsuya however realized, they had a massive population of Norian immigrants that had followed in his footsteps after the Masamune Wave.

"I don't trust them, and maybe that is because I'm not out there. I think we should stick to the plan of sending Gemetzel and Lao'Taun, plus it might be a good idea to get a good look at what they are doing on the Elysium side of the gate. That was a lot of people they moved through that GATE in those colony ships, they must be trying to recolonize Ayenee." Tetsuya knew his people's history, after all, he was born on Ayenee during he first Expeditions from Lorenz to that world.
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Part II - Authorization for Annihilation
  • Minatu Empire, Homeworld

  • Imperial Palace
Tetsuya let out a sigh as he stretched, he wore the standard issue black shorts and a black sleeveless shirt with the MIAN logo over the right side of the chest. The snow continued to fall but the glass-dome structure of the arboretum was protected from the elements. The gardens made an ideal place to exercise, relax, or read. The Emperor used the space frequently for his own training in the morning, it was unusual for him to be there in the afternoon. The loose rock path stretched in a meandering loop through the trees, the call of exotic birds sung in the clusters of leaf covered branches as the melody to the background ripple of the artificial stream that was melted from the glacier outside the palace walls. Another stretch of his legs and he looked over towards Lao'Taun who had joined him for the afternoon run, “I thought this might be a bit better than my office, hope you don't mind,” he said, the honey color of his eyes luminous in the shade cast from the towering trees.

“No, it is quite alright, it gives us a chance to meet without the bravado of formality.” the Emissary responded. Lao didn't mind a good work out, the slender Asian-looking man stretched a few times himself before he started to jog beside Tetsuya down the path. “So, I take it you want to talk about the Caeyorian invitation?” he asked as he kept pace beside his friend and comrade. Lao had adjusted well to the Astral Raquamothla's merge into the MIAN, after-all it was his mother's dying wish. Of all the people in the universe, these were the only people he would have even considered giving it up for.

Tetsuya kept jogging, he actually picked up the speed a bit. “Yeah, what do you think? Do you think it is worth sending a fleet to facilitate their attack on Ayem'vu? I trust your judgment, our other Generals have given their opinions but they don't know anything about that place, or our history with it.” He grinned as Lao kept up to pace with him, the two wove through the trees along the gravel path which eventually became a boardwalk which followed the flow of the stream.

Lao thought for a moment, he had read the intelligence that the Caeyorians had sent, along with the independent data gathered by the MIAN's own Intel division. “I think the plan is sound, it is about time we hit these bastards where it hurts. I can't speak for all of the soldiers, but I know at least our divisions with a UAR origin are hungry to take a bite to avenge the Chonyosa,” he said, then slowed down a little when they got onto the boardwalk, then came to a stop as they turned the bend by one of the waterfalls. “The Craethel and the USC have gotten confident, regardless of our latest win. They think they're invincible if we can bring down their stronghold at Ayem'vu. It might be enough to make them think twice before they continue to push into the Black Dust Zone,” Lao said as both he and Tetsuya stopped. He pulled the towel from around his neck and wiped the sweat from his forehead as he added, “Plus, we could use this opportunity to exterminate some pests and get a bit of revenge of our own. A final solution to the Ayem'vu problem.” The former Liege of the UAR wondered what Tetsuya would think of his suggestion, he continued to towel off as the mist from the waterfall blew over cooling but added more droplets to his tan skin.

“A single war fleet, since the Almeida and the Trarback are already in the vicinity they can join the fleet you assemble. I don't want to leave our own borders undefended, plus the Caeyorians have plenty of ships to throw at this, we have a larger territory to cover,” Tetsuya said as he closed his eyes and let the mist work over his face. He continued to speak then, as he held onto the railing, “Four Black Wyvren Stealth Missile Platforms, each with eight planet-busters can be assigned with the fleet. I'll authorize the transfer from Meaghan's Star. If we're going to start talking solutions, we have to be sure it is the final one.” The suggestion suited Tetsuya's agenda just as much as the MIANs. It offered a blow to the Craethel and the USC and hopefully would eliminate the entire plebeian population of a world that had done nothing but brings torment to their lives. "I just wish I was out there, but for now until the baby is born, I have to put that in your hands," Tetsuya said.

Lao smiled halfway as he replied, "You're going stir crazy Tet, just think, you'll be winning a war and changing a baby all at the same time," he was tempted to say more or do more but, this was neither the time or the place. “Enough rest then, once we're done our run I will get the Vixen and head out,” he said. The two men then began to run again, down the boardwalk and back to the path they had started on.
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Part III: Here Comes Your Reckoning

  • Imperial Throne Room
  • Minatu Homeworld

Admiral Krint paused briefly before the throne of Tetsuya, he genuflected upon one knee and then rose with the idle lift of the Emperor's hand. The ribbed silver shoulders of his black MIAN uniform caught the flicker of the ancient torches that still illuminated the Gothic cathedral-like interior of the Minatu Empire's Imperial Seat. The case in his hand had the sigil of the Empire's logo on the outer dull black cover. He flipped the case up and offered it towards Tetsuya, who motioned him forwards. “Proceed, Admiral,” Tetsuya instructed as the Admiral ascended the platform to hold the case directly before Tetsuya. Tetsuya reached for the case, his gloved digits passed over the Imperial seal briefly as he nodded slightly. He then placed his fingers down on either side of the case, the scanner scanned both Tetsuya's DNA and the Quintessence Essence Structure ID of his being to verify his identity, a robotic noise of computation followed by the release of the security locks on the case.

“Sire, you will find the secure interface within, you will have to verify each launch authorization code transfer to Regent Lao'Taun, then give the order to have the missiles loaded onto the eight Black Wyvren Platforms,” the Admiral explained the process as Tetsuya opened the lid, the illumination of the silver and deep purple interface illuminated the complexion of the Emperor and highlighted the distorted liquid honey colour of his eyes.

Tetsuya nodded and his fingers trailed through the streams of volumetric images, interface by interface the process was designed to be tedious. Each of the platforms would receive eight Scarab V Planet-buster Missiles, and each had to have an independent authorization, first to be transferred from the Aspen Armory at Meaghan's Star to the platform, then again to the authorization of Lao'Taun who would control the Platforms when they were deployed. Missile after missile switched from 'red status' to 'yellow status', which would signal the armory to finalize the fuelling process and transfer the weapons. After a few minutes of work, the process was completed and Tetsuya closed the case and the locks engaged again. “Admiral, please deliver this case directly to Lao'Taun, he should already be at Momba Shipyards to oversee preparations for the fleet's departure.

Krint didn't hesitate, he stepped down from the throne platform with the case in his hand. He once more genuflected quickly before Tetsuya and headed out the massive doors and past the elite guard that stood sentry at the entrance to the throne room. He carried the case, and the authorization of the Emperor to use some of their Empire's deadliest weapons to ensure their role in the Third Battle of Ayem'vu would be something the history books would remember, a message to the universe, a message to every living thing in creation.

Once the Admiral left the room, Tetsuya sunk back into the frame of his throne and let out a deep breath. ATHENA brought up the illuminated projection of the drafted battle plans that continued to evolve as the Minatu and their Caeyorian 'allies' exchanged information and strategies. The purpose of the platforms he had distributed had been kept out of the communication, he didn't feel the need to include the Caeyorian leadership in his plans to eliminate the planet even if the Craethel and USC were neutralized.

Tetsuya's eyes narrowed as he gazed towards the projection of the Ayem'vu planet, he whispered quietly, “And here comes your reckoning...” He trusted that Lao'Taun and the Vixen would complete their mission, and their fleets would make the Empire proud. He didn't quite care what the Caeyorian opinion was, no one asked them anyway. Hopefully, Captain Draven Rui would complete his mission to recover General Aphelion before the planet was destroyed.


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What We Become : Part IV -The Highest High

Tetsuya closed his eyes as his fingers slid over the transparent part of the tomb encasement. Beneath the likeness of Seojun, frozen in time by the cold grip of death stared upwards towards the force-field enclosed opening in the rock that looked towards the stars. “I'm sorry, I have not made time to come here as often as I promised...” he whispered to his son, “A lot has happened since we got home, brought you home.” The Emperor, well the man that was the Emperor slid down beside the tomb onto the polished temple floor and sat with his back up against the sarcophagus. “Your brother is growing fast, about to emerge into this universe with open eyes...unfortunately to see the war that has been forced on all of us,” he said in a pained voice. “I wish we could have done more, more for both you and Jun, for your brother to be. I wish you could see what it is all about without this endless fighting. This crawl towards destruction we all seem persistent in continuing. “ He laughed lightly as a memory surfaced, he said then, “Your blind father isn't so blind to it all anymore, now is he?”

“I was furious, angry with you when you slaughtered all those slaves from Ayem'vu. Here I am ordering the death of their entire world...” Tetsuya braced his head back and looked upwards at the sky, the occasional snowflake would hit the field which caused it to sizzle and distort. “I would try to justify this, saying I am doing what has to be done to end the Craethel advance, to cease their destructive path through our spirals. I'd be a liar though, I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't admit I want revenge. I want justice for those like you that they've taken from us,” he said in explanation. “Rin may have killed you, but they took you from us long before she ended your life.” He sighed deeply, “I know about your mom's plan, the treaty doesn't stand anymore...meaning we could create you again. Somehow I can't accept in my mind that it will be completely you. I mean, I'm sure it will be, but ...” He wiped a tear that strayed from his right eye. He slid the medical applicator filled with the toxic blend of his favorite voidic vice and addiction, he didn't activate it though, he just held it there against his own skin.

Tetsuya activated the applicator and prepared to dose himself, he anticipated the flood of darkness, the allure of the taint as it would whisper to him from beyond the veil. He braced himself back against the tomb and pressed it against his neck tightly and pressed the interface to deliver the dose. He listened to that familiar gurgle as the black liquid would flood into his veins. Nothing. He activated the applicator again, and nothing again. He looked at the applicator and popped the vial out of the canister, it was empty. He gazed at his hands, nothing was happening. He slid a second applicator from his belt pouch, he checked the vial and confirmed it was full and pressed it to his neck and activated it, again nothing. Had Lao'Taun modified his supply? Why was it not working?

On the verge of panic, he pulled the third and final applicator from his pouch, confirmed the dose and activated it, but this time he did it against his wrist. The injection gurgled as it was poured into his bloodstream, and while the familiar black color of the taint showed briefly, it was replaced and overtaken by the brilliant blue glow of another energy. The raw Chrystalis quintessence burned briefly and the black marks were gone. Tetsuya stood up and brushed the dust from his clothing, he turned and looked towards the transparent pane of the tomb and it was empty. He could not explain it, Seojun's body was gone.
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