RP Chill-Time With ben and the Crew, Part 1


Pure Abyssal Misfortune
Good Times try to come together as Benaires decides to try something entirely DIFFERENT to help the rest of the Team from "The Company" try to unwind, party a bit and to relax. This would be the Future-DAICHON-Prince's perfect opportunity to try to Serenade his betrothed, Ami Mizuno, and to try to patch things up with his estranged son, Kain Mizuno, whom he hasn't seen in many years. What could benny have in his plans? Find out soon readers!!!

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Pure Abyssal Misfortune
He sat in his rather large Bedroom, 210-C now just looking over various paperwork and remaining quite silent this time. People in his lefe came and went, and that was quite okay with him. He had lost yet another love interest, and was simply trying to adjust to how things were going to be without her and the brother, who drank way too much.

Octavia Invectium, who had been missing for quite some time, had finally shown up to the Mansion. He had heard about having some of his own relatives live here, and was quite interested to see if it was true. He had Fire Red highlights in his hair, which was all tied into a ponytail, and dragged along the floor. Octavia did not mind this, as his features were just as they were. He was to pull up a chair next to Ben's large bed, as he noticed Abraxis sleeping next to Graymite as usual. He then pursed his lips to begin speaking to Benaires, as he was in total shock that the DAICHON was not speaking much.

"Ah, still thinking about Erixa eh Benny?" Octavia spake out in a low tone, almost a whisper.
"it's THAT obvious Cousin of mines? Yeah, I kinda SUCK at relationships, even after years of trying. I can't seem to KEEP anyone around long enough to get settled in. I'm never going to get Crowned at this rate!!" He replied, now hopping out of the rather humungous bed to put a few books back on his shelf. He stopped to take a deep breath, only to begin to look for another few books to read up on.

"Sounds like you REALLY WANT to fall in love Benny my boy. Ah, it will work itself out in the true END; no worries. I still cannot believe that your father had this place built from the ground UP. It's had to have costed him an enormous amount of money and time to get this place together."

"Huh? Oh not really Octii; he's had this place pre-fabricated off-site and then assembled here in less than a few months. He had already bought all of this land years ago. Let's see here..."
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