RP Chill-Time With ben and the Crew, Part 1


Pure Abyssal Misfortune
Good Times try to come together as Benaires decides to try something entirely DIFFERENT to help the rest of the Team from "The Company" try to unwind, party a bit and to relax. This would be the Future-DAICHON-Prince's perfect opportunity to try to Serenade his betrothed, Ami Mizuno, and to try to patch things up with his estranged son, Kain Mizuno, whom he hasn't seen in many years. What could benny have in his plans? Find out soon readers!!!

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He sat in his rather large Bedroom, 210-C now just looking over various paperwork and remaining quite silent this time. People in his lefe came and went, and that was quite okay with him. He had lost yet another love interest, and was simply trying to adjust to how things were going to be without her and the brother, who drank way too much.

Octavia Invectium, who had been missing for quite some time, had finally shown up to the Mansion. He had heard about having some of his own relatives live here, and was quite interested to see if it was true. He had Fire Red highlights in his hair, which was all tied into a ponytail, and dragged along the floor. Octavia did not mind this, as his features were just as they were. He was to pull up a chair next to Ben's large bed, as he noticed Abraxis sleeping next to Graymite as usual. He then pursed his lips to begin speaking to Benaires, as he was in total shock that the DAICHON was not speaking much.

"Ah, still thinking about Erixa eh Benny?" Octavia spake out in a low tone, almost a whisper.
"it's THAT obvious Cousin of mines? Yeah, I kinda SUCK at relationships, even after years of trying. I can't seem to KEEP anyone around long enough to get settled in. I'm never going to get Crowned at this rate!!" He replied, now hopping out of the rather humungous bed to put a few books back on his shelf. He stopped to take a deep breath, only to begin to look for another few books to read up on.

"Sounds like you REALLY WANT to fall in love Benny my boy. Ah, it will work itself out in the true END; no worries. I still cannot believe that your father had this place built from the ground UP. It's had to have costed him an enormous amount of money and time to get this place together."

"Huh? Oh not really Octii; he's had this place pre-fabricated off-site and then assembled here in less than a few months. He had already bought all of this land years ago. Let's see here..."

"I see...Well, what about Miss Ami then? Don't you have something WITH her or not Benaires?" Octavia asked, now placing a few covers over Abraxis and Graymite while they rested.

"Ahehehe....Uhm, that girl is something else. We hardly get to spend any QUALITY time together since she's always out on Patrol and handling DAICHONS matters for me. I don't know WHY the Elder Council appointed her with yet so many duties these days. She's probably out somewhere running errands for the Council as usual. She's pretty hard to read these days. I can't even aske her out to dinner since she's always busy and Mom has ME studying these stupid Tomes all week. I think my mind is going to turn into goo if I keep reading about all of these Spells and Incantations to be quite honest. I wonder where Serenity is right now. I need for her to DO something for me today. Let's see if I can summon her then..." Ben replied to Octavia, now turning on his heels towards his bedroom door. He placed his fingers under his tongue and let out a very LOUD Whistle!!

"Hey Serenity? You around somewhere in the shadows? It's Benny. I need you to do something for me sweetheart!!"
The Shadows always hid evil things; some forms were insidious and others were surely up to no good. But THIS one seemed to be the delegated Princess of the Darkness, and for her new master, THAT would play a crucial role in the upcoming months. Elongated hair that dragged to the very floor; wet curls that swayed to and fro, Serenity would suddenly appear from the shadows of the room, now slowly approaching her master. Her slender and very tall frame made it intimidating for many people to try a conversation with her, but Serenity was not a threat; only in battle was she to glorify tearing one asunder or bathing in a person's blood for entertainment. She was a Tulpa after all. She was to take to a knee, lowering her head in respect before she spoke.

"You called for me Mighty Benaires? Is there something that I can help you with Master? Just give the command sire." She said, now in humble submission. Ben only sighed; he hated when she was submissive like that.

"Come on Serenity get up; You've known me long enough to NOT do that. I know that you have the highest respect for me, but you don't have to be SO formal you know. Come, show me those Silver and black eyes of yours sweetie, hehehehe."
"I need for you to fetch someone for me dear. Can you do it?" Ben asked, while guiding her tall frame to sit on his rather large bed to speak with her. (Ben's Bed is custom-made to withstand up to 13 tons; it can fit up 20 PEOPLE or 5 Large DAICHONS!!)

"But of course my Lord. Oh, thanks for guiding me over. I HATE the light you know. Who is it that you wish for me to find Sire?" She kindly asked, while nodding to Octavia in respect.

"I need for you to fetch someone by the name of Ronald T. Vixxenne of Third World Enterprises. I want to talk to him about a few things that Goudiz the first mentioned in a very long email that he sent to me last week. You can find him in New Las Vegas Nevada. I want for you to go and take him this letter. It has the Royal DAICHON Seal on it. He will know whom you are. Do you understand?"

"Of course my Master. This is nothing but a short Errand for a person with my skills and repertoire. When shall I leave sire?" She pondered, now brushing her very long hair to the side. "OH dear, why can't anyone DO something about this cursed hair of mines. Master, can you do something about this? I am not good with Cosmetology Skills; I'm a fighter."

"Sure thing; Cotton!! Will you come and do something with Serenity's hair please? She's going to get LOST under it at this rate!!"
Cotton would be seen running from the KITCHEN, as her appetite was rather ravenous for a 16-year old. She KNEW to slow down and not run!!! her manners were for the finest, as she steadied her pace to walking, now holding her head up HIGH as many lower-classed DACIHONS were to helpt guide her.

She checked on her dress; she was always trying to IMPRESS her father; the one who had met her and she had fallen in LOVE with.

"Dammit Cotton, why can Father just love me sometimes? He is sooo busy with matters that I cannot gather enough information to find out when he has time to loaf around with his OWN daughter. Oh my, WHERE is Teacher? She is always busy running around and doing repetitive things for the Council of Elders. I hope this dress impresses Father. I don't' know WHY my mother did not TELL me that he was SUCH a FLIRTATIOUS BEING!!"
Ben's cell phone suddenly rang loudly; it was someone he hadn't heard from in quite some time.

"Uhm, hello?" Ben chirped out in wonder.

"Grades are still falling behind eh benaires? It's ME: Luna Kai!!! Dr. Kai's Daughter from Third World, remember?" Said the cheerful voice on the other end of the line.

"Of course Lady Luna; how could I forget you? How is your insane Mom doing these days?" He replied, while noticing Cotton kindly walking over TO him. He placed his Index finger upon his daughter's lips, to gesture that he was talking on his phone with an old friend from High School> Cotton nodded and remained very quiet.

"Mom injected someone with the wrong Vaccine and now she's talking to the Disciplinary Board and Investors. She'll beat the case like she ALWAYS does. Mom is just tooo high spirited to be punished. I wanted to update you on what's going on in School since you hardly ever attend. Let's get together for lunch or something today. What about it benaires?" She asked. Ben paused for a few seconds while Cotton was trying to gesture for him to look at her rather expensive dress that she was wearing.
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