The Elocator
Alright here goes.

Character Name: Kel'han Sargith'lin
Handle: kelhan_dark_elf

I created Kel'han in February of 1997. His first emergence brought him out of the Underdark and onto the surface world of Ayenee after House Sargith'lin fell when the greater Houses declared that it's Matron Mother had lost the favor of The Spider-Queen, Lloth.

The truth, however, was that House Sargith'lin held a power that the clergy of Lloth could not understand...Psionics.

Kel'han, along with a few of his brethren fought their way through both drow and goblinkin alike and eventually made their way into the wilds of the Underdark.

Ill-prepared for an environment that seemed to want them dead just as much as the ruling Houses had, the survivors of House Sargith'lin began to fall one by one. Some taken by dark denizens that called the wilds home while others were driven mad either by the lack of sustenance or the fear of Lloth's servants both demonic and drow.

Before long, just Kel'han and his brother Ryl'tar remained. The two struggled for what seemed an eternity before finally reaching the surface world through the mouth of a vine-covered cave.

Fast forward a bit….

Kel'han's blood-line power had awakened during a particularly desperate battle and from that point forward, the drow was only interested in improving his prowess. Engagement after bloody engagement honed his psychokinetic powers, which he used in his quest to rid Ayenee of his surface-dwelling cousins, the elves. This was an ancient hatred that would satiate the drow’s bloodlust until he could return to the Underdark and bring the Matriarch to its knees.

Kel'han cut a bloody swath through Ayenee, making dark alliances and breeding new enemies as he did so. It was during this time that Kel'han reunited with his brother Ryl'tar and soon after, Kananga, another lone male drow, was brought into the fold. Together, the three began systematically slaughtering surface elves and any other creature that stood in their path.

It was during this time that Kel'han formed a clan of power-hungry killers that would be known as the 7th legion and The Order of the Ebon Hand before taking his family’s namesake, House Sargith'lin.
Among those recruited were the very few Kel'han trusted and about the closest thing “friends” that a drow could know. Magus, a powerful sorcerer, and the Necromancer, Lasandir.

I wish there was more to tell. Honestly, it was one fight after another with this character. I was pretty hated in Ayenee. The character has a lot more to him now though, 21 years of rping him will do that. Anyway, I'm sure I'm missing plenty, but this what I definitely remember from back then.
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