[CASNN] The Minatu Make a Grand Enterance at Laeyria-Calaris, Surrune's Call Fleet Arrives Safely at Ayenee


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April 10th 2 PWC

After months of experts wondering if the Minatu Empire was onboard with War against the Craethel, especially with the Craethel conquest of the Veil Homestead, they have their answers. Last night while the Colony Arcs and their escorts were attempting to cross the Elysium GATE to access Ayenee, they encountered heavy resistance from 8 Craethel Hulks. The escorts from the 1st Star Navy Fleet responded bravely even when up against a larger more powerful hostile force. Their sacrifices and bravery bring honor to our beloved nations.

The Minatu Empire's 1st Imperial Fleet arrived in Laeyria-Calaris, with a mighty display of force and dedication. Their fleet destroyed all eight Craethel Hulks utilizing their advanced stealth and anti-FTL capabilities to make an escape from their wrath impossible. The bravery of this ally bought the time needed for her Majesty's Colonial Fleet to make its way through the GATE to Ayenee without a single fatality. The Minatu Empire, for the most part, is a mystery, aside from the fact their Emperor Tetsuya Sadist is indeed of Norian decent, not much is known about them other than they have a highly advanced stealth systems that cannot be penetrated, and no one is sure of the location of their homeworld.

Her Majesty, Teal Lunari's, Colonial Arcs reached Surrune successfully and the unpacking, building and allocating of colonial residents, some 320 Million brave souls who have made the trip from New Noria and other Imperial Colonies to embark on this brave adventure to restore life to a frontier which had been abandoned by the Norian people for centuries.

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