Benny's Here!! ^_^


Pure Abyssal Misfortune
I'm not sure if anyone knows me from, but I'm still there, though the site seems to be under maintenance or something. Then I remembered .org recently and decided to introduce myself.

Bring Doggy treats for me, lol.

Name: Sean
Nickname: Ben, Benny, Benny boy, etc.
Style of RP: Science-Fiction, Horror, ect.
Main Power or Ability: Anti-Magic, Dark Terror (Shadow Of The Soul), The Circle Of Wandering, ect.

Home For RP:,, ect.

Hope to RP it up on here!! ^_^
Hey what's up man! Guess we can bypass the "standard" greetings. Alien at Home may be to your liking. Otherwise go ahead and start something.
Welcome, welcome...I know who you are lol.
Like Rhysis suggested, Alien at Home might be to your liking and we could use a seasioned player!
*Offers a cookie*..Sorry, no dog treats handy
Benny! Hey it's Ken Pyro. I don't know if you or anyone will remember me from Ayenee since I joined a lot,later than some of them. But it's good to see you man.
Drystan, I don't suppose you had an alternate name you went by that we might recognize?

I was part of Ayenee from nearly the beginning (usually avoiding the limelight) but I managed to stick around for most of its lifespan.
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