Basic Assumptions about Ayenee


I think it's more accurate to say that some of Ayenee's population was weird about tech-based RP, and the way that you worded that post specifically makes me think that you were part of that crowd. I say that because you're describing the time frame in which FEISAR was getting off the ground, and was a pretty well-respected by everyone they interacted with — including the people trying to kill us. That's also the time some friends and I were running around playing Maverick Hunters from the Mega Man X series and getting into more than our fair share of trouble.

The more accounts I read and the more I think back on my time as an admin of .org, the more I feel that a definitive history of Ayenee is completely impossible to assemble. The entire community was divided into cliques that refused to interact with one another, meaning that every account is going to flat-out contradict every other account.
Not necessarily a part of that crowd but at the time I wasn’t a fan of sci-fi lol. Each to their own. Certainly preferred the more dark age/fantasy/horror genres. But scenarios change, people change and writing styles change. Matured. I welcome anything that’s enjoyable to read.
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