Bad Month


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This month hasn't been the best. First, my sister has had 3 scans of her brain, and 1 body scan. They found 2 tumors located on both temporal sides. A friend of mine's daughter and boyfriend was struck by a car yesterday, the daughter has 2 broke ribs, broken pelvis, and her shoulder is broken. The boyfriend is touch and go right now. Just need prayers .


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Jesus, that's awful. I'm sorry to hear that and I hope the medical treatments work out in both cases. I know it's gonna be a tough road for both.


Owner of the Blackbird Tavern
Thank you Wes. That's so very kind of you. My sister is being admitted to the hospital in the morning. Her surgery is Tuesday. As for my friend's daughter and her boyfriend. They are going to be alright. Just a long recovery. Her daughter has begun her therapy treatments. The daughter's boyfriend is now awake.
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