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To discuss minor details not posted, to explain abscences and what not. Please feel free to use this thread for all OOC needs concerning Ayenee:The Re-Awakening.
Then to make the forums cleaner do we need anything from the other ooc thread ? if so I can transfer it over, but if not I can gladly delete that thread.
*Tosses Tifferzzz a bag of cookies*...You know the drill..Stuff n' drag, if ya have to!

Ty Mith, I'll delete the other thread, my mess, I should clean it up, besides, Deleting gives me a warped kinda thrill !!! lmao
Madi - LBD showed me where all the oldies are hanging out. LIVE CHAT! YES! thevampiretavern.com

Working on a post too btw.
Been trying to, but he's still in the old quick-RP mode, and this form is too slow for him. I understand - I had the same problem when Yahoo Chat closed down. I am working on a post now (since I was mainly waiting on him.) Sorry for the delay guys.
Mith is up to bat.....
I understand too.(I miss cchat and godd damn it I miss yahoo chat!!) I tried to enroll in the forum you posted the link to, but so far no one has approved me to post.
Your last line on the new post confuses me :p
Are we doing turn-based? With the amount of chars currently involved, that might be impossible. I would say - whomever's on, as long as they're not in a current conversation, go ahead and post.
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Well having a order would help keep it straight but at the moment honestly I would say screw order and just go as we will. It might be messy but it works same as random tavern interaction Rp.
I say we give players 2 days to post, if they don't then use the "Fading" on their char. an the next person up go.
Sound ok with you guys?
(Yes, it is unfair, but they will have to drag my dusty corpse from this place before I'll leave!!)
Ok, skip Puddle for now...use the "Fade out" flicker thing to explain them not responding if you want, or something to that effect so when the person returns they have an sn excuse to explain none movement/none response...
Sound Alright?
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