The Raven of Dispersion

Atra'Lamia Darkbane

Ayenee Canon RP| Gore x Fantasy x Horror x Erotica-- Original Ayenee 1997-2017.

Tʜᴇ Wᴀʏ Tᴏ Hᴏʟɪɴᴇss Is Tʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ Tʜᴇ Fʟᴇsʜ...

. |‡| . MINUTIAE . |‡|

Known Name: Atra'Lamia.
Primary Title(s): Imperatrix of Western Ayenee, Grand Sorceress of Aoyn & Rhydin- Mythrill/Blackheilm.
Secondary Title(s): Morte Deam (Ayenee), Monarch of Darkbane.
Previous Title(s): Sovereign of the NightSide. Imperatrix of Blackheilm.
Class Status: Imperial Ayenee| Imperial Rhydin| Imperial Eden| Imperial Tenaria| Imperial Mythrill.
Pseudonyme(s): The Battle-Raven.
Visible Age: 20 years old.
Date of Birth: [unknown].
Gender: Female.
Visible Ethnicity: Romanesque|Old World [Eastern Humanesque].
Affiliation: Cinderbane, Darkbane, Pendragon, Eitan, Nesentra, Chytovil.
Religion: NeRe'Andil| The Shadowed Ones.
Common Language(s): Xaldae|Saatthan| Ske'kell-stha| Ayenian.
Nature: Vindictive, Cunning, Manipulative & Seductive.
Periodic Timeframe: Dark Ages- Advanced Medieval.


Biological Race: Black Phoenix/Voidic.
Class: Voidic Weaver [2nd Generation].
Status: Immortal lvl 4-5 [Deific/In habitat].


Inamorata: Single.
Family Status: Darkbane.


Height: 5'9.
Weight: 105 lbs approx.
Aperture Hue: Sanguine|Rubicund.
Eye Hue: Pearlescent overtures of crystalline asphodel unless hyperdilated (reflectionless|black).
Hair Colour: Madrepearl.
Hair Length: Mid-thigh.
Skin Colour: Immaculate moonstone|rose-water with hints of rouged highlights to cheekbones.
Vocal Tone: Lower raspy/husky with a seductive & sultry cadence.
Incisors & Canines: Ivories protract when required. Extremely sharp to the precision though curve slightly at the tiers. Both eyeteeth experience rapid growth at will, typically for exsanguinations or attack.
Notable Features: A petite, athletic woman of soft chiseled features. Atra has long achromatic hair and jade crystalline eyes, combined with her white skin to present a monochromatic beauty. Her delicate hands seem ill-suited to wielding a knife, much less a sword, but her unnatural strength gives her a deceptive power that many have underestimated at their own peril. Favoring-- leather, black furs and black spider silk [web gossamer]. Often carrying her father's sword, belted to the right side of her waist in ceremonial dress.
Distinguishing Marks: Shadow Phoenix Imperial glyph's.

T.H.E.W.E.A.V.E.R|D.E.A.T.H.S.P.I.N.N.E.R: Is associated with the threading|severing of the 'strands' of essence and existence into nooses, considered also as advanced forms of cord and knot manipulations within the continuum, the ensnaring of the shadows of the living, and murder through hanging and strangulation. Among the countless shadows and spirits that serve her, consisting of murder victims, murderers and suicides that have died by the strangler's cord or the noose. This 'plethoric' aspect of the 'Weaver'-- to tie off and strangle the supply of life force to the enemy and thus, in a very slow and painful fashion, take his/her life, redirecting it towards the ever hungry and gaping jaws of oblivion.


Symbol|Sigil: 'Shas Eisalodai'- Phoenix Binding [represents the strands of life and death] The black Phoenix in the middle.
Status: Sovereign of NightSide/Blackheilm| Phoenix of the Seven Black Stars.
Colors: Silver and Black.
Tributes Death- Entropy|Necrosis|Inducement|Necromancy.
Tributes [II] Oblivion- Creation|Destruction|Banishment.
Tributes [III] Shadow Walker- Opiate Raptures|Regeneration|Void Walker.
Voice: The Harbinger and The Siren [Oracle].
Special Immunities: Immunity to 'some' sonic|kinetic|potential energies|all 'known' poisons/and those she has been 'exposed' to|unaffected by void/time/warp.
Tribute Status: Synergetic. Oracle.
Symbol: The Phoenix Eye of Oblivion: The Black Moon & Virulence.
Temples: Templum de Ater'Vela|Temple of the Shades.

. |‡| . STATISTICS . |‡| .


][Strength– Enhanced Strength ][Absorption|Resistance
][Intelligence– Dedicated Scholar ][Alchemy|Political|Occultic
][Charisma– Expert
][Perception– Highly Attuned ][Oracular|Clairvoyant|Precognition
][Magick– True Black Adept aka Transcendance ][Necromancy|The Dark Arts|Black Phoenix Weaver|Sciomancy|Illusions
][Melee–True Adept ][Realistic|Unrealistic|Martial Arts (Sebek-Kha)
][Physical Speed– Excellent ][Acrobatics|Agility|Rapid Celerity|ShadowStep
][Stealth– Developed ][Unnatural Silence|Covert|Cunning|Weightlessness
][Durability– Developed ][Fortitude|High Pain Tolerance|Endurance|Adaptability|Survival|Toxic Immunity
][Resilience– Excellent ][Metaphyiscal|Elemental|Epitome--Egregore
][Mental Shielding– Excellent ][Iron Will|Psionic


●Metamorphic Transformation (shape & flesh alteration).
●Death Weaver (the ensnaring of the shadows of the living or that of essence through strangulation. Able to tie off and strangle the supply of life force/essence and in a very slow and painful fashion, take that essence, redirecting it towards the ever hungry, gaping jaws of Oblivion).
●Black Silken Threads (weaver- embrace of the ‘Dark Web’. A web substance of shadow/void matter that entwines and mummifies the victim trapped inside to later become re-animated as one of her legions aka ‘Webs of the Black Moon’).
●The Chalice of Mortuus (essence of the black moon and poison/blood which can bestow a metaphysical death to the soul/or physical form causing 'rapid' necrotic erosion).
●Ophiphagous Kiss (ophitic venom) x Neurotoxin/Atraxotoxin (Phoenix).
●Call of the Shadows (the 'Song of Oblivion'/'The Keys of Creation'-- Virulent'/Nightcry/DeathSong).
●Dance of the Dark Spiral (manipulate and control void energies, dark matter and anti-matter).
●Search the Strands (shadow weaver- able to locate the strands of life, life-force or essence of victim/target).
●Strands of the Puppet (weaver ability- manipulation).
●Self-Alteration (fleshcraft/bonecraft).
●Sciomancy (divination and weaving of shadows).
●Black Flame (anti-cosmic/pulse of the primal chaos, death and the void).

Necromancy (affects the flesh): The ability to command the forces of Death. [Death Magic] Summoning, commanding, controlling and coercing the Dead to do ones bidding. It can be both the summoning of a persons spirit form or the actual reanimation of the body. Generally 'The Dead' have good resistances to 'positive/negative' magic, cold/ice, negative energy, and psionic damage as well as resistant to sleep, incite fear and disorientation spells/toxins. Cannibalism is often associated with necromancy because often the rituals involve the consumption of the dead. Manipulators of both 'Life' and 'Death'.

Shadowmancy |Voidic|: Sciomancers are psionic manifesters that channel psychic energy to draw upon the power of the 'Plane of Shadow'/The Void/. Delving deep into the mysteries of the shadow, standing just on the edge between total darkness and light. Known to be 'Masters of Deception'.

Sciomancy |Voidic|: A branch of 'rare' theurgic magic generally employed by certain types of Mages/Mediums, sometimes also considered a form of Necromancy. The divination by conference with the shadows/manes/souls of dead men/ghosts/spirits. Manipulation of shadow and aspects of Voidic energies. Prophetic. Harnessing the raw fury of the elements Air, Earth, and Shadow into a destructive force. Difference between it and Necromancy is, the manes/spirits do not have to be summoned as it is a 'natural' ability and not a 'learned trait/skill/talent'.

Nethermancy (Affects the mind): [the arcane of darkness/or netherworlds, its powers involves magnifying fears, creating and manipulating darkness, and forming it into monstrous forms]. The Nethermancer taps directly into the energies of the plane of death and fuses those energies with their own life force. Able to directly warp (or even shatter) reality and use it as a weapon (The Nether defies reality. If it gets into our world it causes a warp of reality). When one perishes in the Nether, all consciousness is lost for eternity. The soul dies. Period. No returns.


Plague: Dea Mors
Xyrgothia's Caress: The penultimate use of blood as a weapon, transmuting the blood into a virulent ichor that can dissolve|destroy most organic matter, living, undead or physical manifestation of flesh. The licking of blade, slicing open her tongue and lubricating weapon with this foul secretion. Mostly used to augment any bladed weapon; from poisoned knives/daggers/swords to tainted fingernails and claws.

Xyrgothia's Kiss: An elevated/mutated innate of 'Caress'. Allows her to spit caustic blood at her target. The blood coughed forth with this power has the capacity to burn flesh, dissolve metal (mithril, titanium, Niranium) sentient erosion, and corrode bone. Death Mages and Shadow Lords, who have previously used this innate ability to vomit voluminous streams of vitae that reduced victims to heaps of sludge.

Caustic Blood [Sluga''t Wuna]: Highly corrosive blood. [Flesh, bone, most 'known' metals [if sentient, the caustic blood strips resilience (even if magickal)]. Necrotic components produced within capillary glands, it breaks down living tissue within seconds to a coffee-like liquid, the only solid that can possibly remain is 'brittle' bone hulls. [no 'known' immunity (unless one has been exposed to this particular venom before.)


Atra may alter|infuse her blood into a metaphysical substance that will cause others who drink it to walk the path of honor. Anyone, either mortal or immortal who imbibes it 'willingly' must act honorably, towards her. Those who do not comply, must suffer either a mental torment or derangement that normally comes with breaking one's vow. This effect only lasts for a short duration of approx 24 hours, unless it has been drunk on three separate occasions, in which case a Blood Bond develops and the honor effect becomes permanent. This is often applied during business negotiations, even on mortals|immortals ignorant of their positions within UAR society. It is not hard convincing businessmen to honor this "simple orient 'warrior' custom" to their knowledge or not of their knowledge. In this circumstance, the sharing of a drop of blood (or a drop concealed in food or drink) it is still willfully consumed. This ensures that she is never cheated in business dealings, or if she is, the cheaters suffer for their dishonor.


Voidic Strands: The control over darkness [Darkness Manipulation], creating prehensile tentacles that emerge from patches of dim lighting. tentacles may grasp, restrain and constrict foes. All tentacles do not need to emanate from the same source- so long as there is multiple patches of darkness. The only mind able to control the tentacles is the person who activated them. The tentacles may also not appear as ominous, in fact they may appear at first as harmless illusion based tricks or benign apparitions before lashing out to snare.

Death's Hand: One may literally use their own energies to tangle the thread of time into webs, gaining a second chance to undo mistakes or prevent the actions of others. However, unless different actions from those previously taken are not changed then the exact same things will happen as before with the exact same results- this is a true resetting of time, and the memories of the subject are reset with it. Can also be used with Ophitic| Necromancy| Shadow magicks & Weaving- to sever strands or mend strands- the way of the 'Great Weaver.

Tire'Fereshte Kiss: This allows one to reach into the past and summon events, objects or individuals. This is the power to bypass the flow of time and bring something or someone forward into the present. Sometimes used to observe history as it occurred, to find assistance or to retrieve long-lost possessions or comrades from the clutches of time and death.

The Court of Shadows: May alter the subjective passage of time within an enclosed space, allowing an entire night pass in mere moments or slowing down the time process in which to hold the process of time completely or a phase of time i.e: night or day. Slowing down the process of time within a noted radius while time proceeds as normal on the outside (quote common in the dimensional spirals).


¬ Hylacterium ab Atra’Cruor (Amulet of 'The Darkblood') Created and forged with the dark powers of spirits, wraiths and lesser Daemons to aid the wearer with the protection of dark spirits and darkness; created in 1998 and given to only two people besides Atra’Lamia.

The amulet itself was ornamented with Nightside/Darkside/ShadowLands diamonds that had been given to Atra by Raven_Reborn a Shadowland Lord. Into these precious stones was infused and Shadow-Weaved the essences of darkness, then empowered within the Shadowlands by a Deathlord bestowing the powers of summoning and instilled with a Wraith servitor whom was not forced but offered its services, submission upon its own part.

However to use this amulet, or if over used it will drain energy from its wearer to regain its own strength; it possesses its own intelligence and may communicate with the wearer via telepathic or psychic means. If willpower depletes the Amulet may literally feed of its wearer draining him/her completely of energy and life source granting the ability for the infused wraith to take over, and in some cases may take over completely or those close to the wearer (lamiae abilities).

Souls may also be stored in the pendant by a simple activation word or phrase, and be activated automatically by the same method. However, this phrase or word should be kept secret at all times and encoded via telepathic methods. The necklace also cannot be worn by anyone else other than who it was given to, for the simple fact it has a magickal signature etched into the back to which rests upon the skin of the owner. After a short amount of time, the amulet becomes accustomed to its owner’s skin properties and texture. Thus, when the amulet is worn by another it simply vanishes and returns to its original owner automatically. Subsequently, the person who steals or places it around their neck may suffer damage by the wraith contained within or the spirits identified with the amulet, it is also possible the perpetrator may be pulled into the stone and hence is lost forever, soul and body and then absorbed by the very poisons of darkness and the creatures that remain unseen to the naked eye.

If used this item cannot be considered as using a magickal power or ability for it has an intelligence of its own and acts accordingly to that of a separate entity.

Clax ab Umbra (Ring: Stone of Shadows- right hand ring finger) Negin az Târik’La’Nat (Ring: Signet of Darkbane [given by The Nameless]- left hand ‘marriage’ finger)- crafted from crimson Lapis Smaragdina and black silver. Plus her silver finger armor adornments and other assorted rare items worn on her hands. The Amulet of Darkbane.


¬|Magick Imbued|

The Sword of Ayenee/Sword of Ayen [Relic of Varsinax & the DarkFire Empire.]


Machaera Vomica Vulcanus-

Also known as the sword of Balefire, except this weapon poses a significant difference to most already in circa. The difference being, this weapon is empowered with balefire in its most unholy and natural state, that of a sickly blue-green flame when summoned. The blade is fashioned solidified Umbra Ignis also more commonly known as Shadow Fire to those who are not of Daemonic/Seraphim origins.

The sword blade is approximately the same size as a claymore except serrated and embossed with Daemon runes and tormented figures seemingly reaching out from the blade matter. The Daemonic runes are the indications that it is a runic activated weapon that requires a brief incantation. The apex of the sword glistens with a slight balefire hue signifying its potential. The hilt was created from forged Mithril though smoldered black and etched with Daemonic glyphs and power runes. The hilt and pommel crafted into the shape of the Vesper Cross, the arms outstretched like bat wings. It is a truly magnificent weapon to behold and to wield.

It is a rather heavy sword in weight, and only suitable for one who has the stamina and strength to handle without taking a penalty. However, the sword is highly intelligent and can not only communicate to who wields it but also the intended target. When the Balefire is summoned it mostly communicates by shrieks and howl. When a hit occurs the sword only causes minimal when not summoned, however, when summoned the aggravated damage increases,capable to pierce even the most resilient of armors and cause severe wounds to infernal beings, celestial beings or other immortal creatures. The sword literally feeds of the wounded target as each hit occurs and has been known to 'blood frenzy' which causes the sword to increase to another level of power altogether and to frightening abilities which include Daemonic Reaper & Soul Reaper ....{Soul/Essence Eater}... {BaleFire}... {Blood Frenzy}... {Pestilence}... |only one in existence|


Left Hand Forged and extending from her own arm, solidified by the enforced structure of plated bone and petrified muscular fortification that turns her arm and hand into a brutal and merciless weapon, that is simply activated by means of will and thought. This weapon drains not only the victims blood supply but also liquefies the internal and vital organs into a manageable fluid to digest, pinning the victim within its deadly prongs as they slowly wither away to nothing but empty skin. On the outer edge of her gauntlet are vicious spikes and jagged blades all infused with the poison she produces making it near impossible for any to physically grab her arm without running the risk of being sliced and thus infected not to mention impaled to suffer her pleasurable fetishes of torture and excruciating agony. It has no magickal properties other than being an innate weapon designed to vivisect and eradicate victims from existence to extinction.

'Metamorphic transformation from flesh to arcane Gauntlet- flesh peeling away as the sharp turrets protruded from muscle and bone; shining with a heinous grin...muscle and tendon parting only to entwine around the bare skeletal formation before that shimmering gleam of black metallic-like substance. Damnation borne from that single limb that could decapitate or disembowel with a single flick of finger- serrated prongs like Wamphyric incisors though far longer and elongated to curl and twist, blades designed to ensnare deep into the pits of prey rendering them skewed and impaled, tempered by the prime evil which now flowed through her veins. An instrument designed to engorge, not only feasting on the soul but also liquify the insides into sludge before being drawn back for consumption.' |unique: gift|


• Twin Shadow-Damascene Scimitars
• Tire Fout Shamshir (Katana)
• Whip/Chain Sword


...even as a child Atra had an unnerving fetish for torture and blood. An insatiable madness that inspired her interest in the dark arts of thaumaturgy and genetic alterations; to alter the living & undead creatures into ghastly abominations using her potent abilities of magickal prowess and knowledge and use her ‘pets’ against the legions of her father and mother. She was a dangerous sorceress even then but she began to crave something more, a far darker purpose in her existence… destruction. Not just for her parents but also everything above, below and within. The complete obliteration of hell, void, earth and heaven… and it was this thirst which aided her in the means of breaking from the underworld and entering the world, known as Ayenee.

It was then that she aroused the attention of the ‘Eternal Goddess’, Pandora who ran a cult of death fanatics, murderers and rouges who had been exiled from other clans due to their ferocity and lust for blood. Earning her right to be inducted by gruelling initiations involving fighting other members to the death, no exceptions but for the souls of the weak and fallen. This involved beatings and task and after many tasks all to gain favor in the eyes of Pandora. Triumphing over all adversaries and gaining favour in the eyes of the Goddess having been seen as fit to become the consort to one of the male members now known as Nos; an accolade for the winnings of his deeds and not her own merits. At least this was the initial plan, but all plans are subject to failure, for as time passed Atra now known as Atra’Lamia fought her way through the ranks, a grunt at first but soon rising from the ashes as the Arch-Priestess of Darkbane and not long after that, 2nd in command below Pandora herself. Taking the reins of the cult, elevating the name of Darkbane to one that was feared throughout the mortal world known as Ayenee; a terrible and formidable force that carved infamy throughout the trembling lands.

Names arose from the piles of defiled corpses, amongst the most feared of all Pandora’s children, a wraith pulled from the darkness… a name soon known as Malice; the ravenous appetites of his obsidian maws never knew satisfaction, carving through life like a plague of Death itself. All forms of life to feed his gluttonous appetites not only for death but the entire essence of his victims bringing him from something spectral to a creature tangible to possess. Atra's 'dark' love. For years they prospered, scourging the land and raping it of life and destroying any hope in the human race of survival. Atra’Lamia only a warrior sorceress with her chapter of iniquitous servants and conjured creatures became an even more formidable force with Malice by her side. It was such a shame that even evil has its perils. A great unrest swept through the ranks, talk of dissension whispered amongst those loyal only to Atra’Lamia with plots of Pandora’s assassination- it had been here that their destiny was first fated to crumble, fail due to their own hands and indecisions' of command and readiness to act on those commands sworn by their own declarations that the blood was thicker than water. Many spoke with treacherous lips.

Her and Nos/Atrox Cruentus, had been a deadly team but one that rarely saw eye to eye and when he had given his life to Pandora it left a bitter taste in Atra’s mouth. One that forced her to turn him away and ultimately his son many years later and conceal the birth of their daughter Malistique whom she left experience the world by her own accord and desire, erasing the memory of her, as her birth mother and returning many years later to ultimately save her from a fate similiar to that of her own. Years later, after keeping Malistique from the clucthes of the clan, Atra called a secret meeting with Pandora and a few of those most loyal to her within Pandora’s temple, Atra’Lamia slaughtered them all by her own means with her own two hands except for Pandora, but leaving the temple to crumble and shatter, bringing it down on those remaining who had escaped the death of her voracious weapons and soul-starved fiends. Rallying the remaining Darkbane’s to gather troops and forces to prepare for cull of the weaker species, Atra’Lamia left on the very eve of the battle, simply vanishing from the detection of even the most adept of scrying eyes. Leaving no explanation as to why and still to this day any excuse has never been given. Whispers of the ‘Darkbane Reborn’ under Malice had filtered to her ears, enraging her beyond belief since no word had officially been sent, not even a call… just nothing.

During her absence Malice and Atrox had found a way to kill Pandora, or so the whispers trickled through the remaining members of Darkbane, how wrong they were. For some years after her disappearance Malice & Atrox had prospered until a falling out occurred and things turned sour amongst brothers. Years turned into centuries, cold long years of following her own endeavours to be something more than just this ‘discarded’ Darkbane abomination amongst greater beings more deserving of her exquisite nefarious graces. Darkbane would not survive without her, however, with the wars of the infernalists and Retribution, Atra could hardly say no… at least back then. Serving the wars and later returning at the call of an old friend, bringing her back to the mortal shores of Ayenee. Once again Atra’Lamia returned to Darkbane, having a new temple resurrected, overlooking the citizens of Ayenee beholding fear in their eyes as the massive obsidian spires were revivified. Again, Malice returned to her side and with his might and her cunning mind, they re-established their sinful wicked reputations controlling Ayenee as their personal killing field until parting ways again.

Atra had been requested to attend the court of Aoyn by request of the Overlord, and given the title ‘Sorceress of Aoyn’ by his decree, with the aid of a few scattered men and Uriel, Atra established her reign in Eden, being the true Queen of Eden by birth and having conquered the Calorian legions and taking the seat of power by force. Rebuilding the city was an easy task; The Nameless had provided many of his soldiers who worked night and day to build something spectacular and worthy of their ‘Queen’. Eden thrived, the land nourished and Atra maintained her position for many years after. Wars came and were lost, all successful campaigns mastered by herself and the Wamphyri Lords known as Malagen and Radu, their monstrous Warbeasts and the others who swore their allegiance to Atra’Lamia. The war against Brunner and his armies had been won. Alas, the interest in Eden waned and marching her forces out of Eden began her campaign to attack and control Tenaria. It was after her takeover of Tenaria that Atra and Malice’s paths crossed again, though short and brief- it seemed their reunions were never permitted by some benign force. Perhaps it was the devilesque bonds separating her from the tenebrous arms of this Dark Lord?

Inspired by the urge to obtain more omnipotent power of a different nature began to study the mechanisms of obscure races and their superlative attributes having studied Radu and Malagen only to imbibe their essence and infiltrate their strange and unusual gifts and attributes. Atra’Lamia wanting something more and less of emotion trapped between her being, wishing for the later and not the lesser- using this as a new focus for climatic transformation albeit. With aid from The Nameless, the Dimmu, then the Darkbane avatar that had long replaced the spirit, Morirorogl. This monster of the void thrived to correct this glitch of her charisma, deciding to run the gauntlet of the void and extract the blood of fallen clans from her veins along with that of ‘feeling’ and ‘emotion’. Extracting all means of fear, pain and tolerance from her being… a feat that near killed her as she dragged her body slowly upwards, not cowering upon the ground like a kicked puppy, instead rising as a proud, undefeated warrior… an Advent to the Voidic Dimmu. A new world presented to her on a gilded platter, one rife with new blood and rich resources for the plucking. Besides the ascension of her uprising status in the pantheon of deities, the underworld and Ayenee.

Gathering the legions presented by the Dimmu, her majesty then claiming the feigned heritage of the Wamphyri and representative of the advent of the Dimmu… being born in a new image of death and carnage by her fangs and gauntlet; drinking and reaping through the masses swiftly and rapidly. For those who remained alive in the great siege of her invasion were captured and placed in the vats to be forged and fashioned into hideous beasts of war, chitin-armoured warrior, flyers and other ghoulish creations to serve her demands and will. Others were used to create, siphon and fortify her aerie that was built high in the mountains of Naethyrn and named ’Mortuus Lacrimae’. No longer was this land in the shadow of Varloorni , the Dark Mother had fallen to the hordes of Atra, nicknamed the ‘Inferi Corax’, and did not survive the blood-battle. Even the King of Pendragon fell to the demise of her gauntlet, imbibing all his dragon-innate abilities and powers. Becoming something far more diabolical than just her birthright with the ability to diatribe others powers and special ‘gifts’. Bringing these powers into her reservoir of endless talents before journeying to Sharvani and taking down the Wamphyri Lord, Thibor- destroying his power source and essence to never return back to existence, his clones, spores and vats all destroyed.

Her beloved Nicolai also fell to the wicked betrayals of Atra’Lamia, twice. Once to the seal of the underworld and the second when she trod on his heart, again sending his back to the underworld to reconsider his weaknesses. Thus became her symbolism, the Crow. It became the focal emblem upon Atra’s crest crafted from black Damascus and mithril, bearing the arcane inscriptions of ‘Anathema' for that was the closest personification in regards to Atra. Now residing in Nach'Prytania, preferring her solitude and not wishing for the company of disloyal serpents. Preferring the company of her own killer instincts and unleashing her enraged passion on those who dare infect her territory with their uninvited disgraceful souls. Days had been long drenched in the passions of sanguine rapture; death comes all too easy to this ‘Dark Nemesis', harvested souls like diadems at her feet.

"There will be neither empathy or leniency; nor amity, reconciliation nor comfort--
for those who embrace the shadows, yet still do not believe."


° [Merits]
• Code of honor
• Gall
• Loyalty

° [Flaws]
• Intolerance
• Masochist/Sadist
• Territorial
• Vengeance
• Ulterior Motive


° [Merits]
• Clear Sighted [not fooled by illusions or hallucinations]
• Concentration [nothing can break her focus once made]
• Eidetic Memory
• Supreme Will [iron willpower]
• Supreme Force & Focus


° [Merits]
• Acute Senses
• Nightsight/Median/Reflector
• Placement/Otherworldly Sense [knowing the positions of all present]


° [Merits]
• Sexual/Animal Magnetism
• Ambidextrous
• Graceful
• Natural Linguist
• Seduction


° [Merits]
• Beast/Arachnid/Insect Affinity
• Burning aura [aura is unusually brilliant; even people who can't read auras will be inexplicably drawn]
• Charmed Existence
• Danger Sense
• Void Blood
• Seraphim Affinity
• Honeyed tongue
• Medium/Oracle
• Natural Channel
• Precognition
• Prophetic Ability
• Unaging
• True Faith [Dark]
• Shapechanger

° [Flaws]
• Oracle's Tongue
• Otherworldly Taint [causes extreme uneasiness to mortals]


° [Merit]
• Reputation
• Bond Link [Disengaged]

° [Flaws]
• Notoriety
• Twisted Upbringing


° [Merits]
• Catlike Balance
• Double-jointed
• Poison Resistance
• Magick Resistance
• Weaver's Resonance


° [Merits]
• Avatar Companion
• Echoes [supernatural effects can happen in her presence/planar and dimensional]

I do not acknowledge technology/temporal manipulations, or those whom mess with timelines for their own benefits. and agenda.
- Dark Ages/Medieval only -

No part of this biography may be collected as a source for metagaming or 'collecting' information on my character for the purpose of 'study' or 'data collecting'. This is copyrighted material and may not be used in part or full reference without my consent, except for the purpose of content/wikipedia.

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