Anna's "morning after"

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The flames in the fireplace flickered wildly, causing shadows to dance about the richly adorned room. Alistair stood just inside the door, patiently waiting for his mistress to vent her rage. Naked bodies, covered in blood, were strewn across the huge four-post bed in the middle of the chamber. For a moment the quivering light made it seem as though one of the young women could be alive, but then the huge demon looked at the place where her neck used to be and realized that couldn't be possible.

In the very center of the tumble of bodies stood his mistress, soaked in blood and fury. Her long black hair was covered in blood and the gossamer nightrobe she had worn to bed now clung wetly to her pale curves. The gentle sound of scarlet droplets falling from her hair onto the nearest body was the only noise to be heard in the room. At least now it was. A few minutes ago all that could be heard was Anna's violent rage piercing the morning calm, followed by the screams and gurgling noises of the young women being torn into and bled.

Anna was perhaps angrier than Alistair had ever seen her. The nine foot tall demon had served her for countless years now, through all manner of adventures and mishaps, and though he remained stoic and silent as ever, he thought that perhaps this time she would indeed lose all control of her temper and destroy everything in sight. The thought had barely registered in his own mind when Anna's eyes flashed red again, and she turned her widened gaze on him.

"I am still in control. Do not dare to suggest otherwise!", she practically growled the words at him. "I cannot even contact Daelan. My own husband! What do you propose we do about that?" Alistair didn't respond even mentally, which angered the vampiress even more. "So then it would seem you wish to remain, trapped upon this world like animals, with the rest of the vermin? Well I do not. I will not!", she was beginning to yell again.

The hellhound in the corner raised his head at Anna's last words, and let out an indignant whine. She looked to the corner, seeming to notice her favoured pet for the first time since waking to the bad news, and finally some of the rage seemed to disappear from her eyes. "Pravus, you are no mere animal, my friend. No offense was meant." The large black dog let out a yelp in reply, and cracked what one might think was a grin. At that Anna sighed and shook her head. Her shoulders slumped and Alistair moved immediately to her side, offering for support a red-scaled arm the size of a small tree trunk. "Yes, we will indeed enjoy ourselves while waiting to find a way out of here. Even if it does take years, Pravus."

Anna stepped neatly over the twisted bodies to the edge of the bed, and then down onto the floor beside the demon bodyguard. "I will need a bath. And then we shall visit with Traven at the Bronze Zombie and see what others are doing about this situation." She spared a glance towards one of the human females on the bed, staring into the girl's dead brown eyes for a moment. "I shall have to be more careful in the future. That one could have been a good breeder, and we will need to keep a stock of them safe and sound." She turned away, and Alistair grinned, pleased to see his mistress return to her usual conniving self. He escorted her to the door.

Anna stopped just before exiting, and looked at Pravus. "They are yours now. Bon appetit." The dog jumped at that command, bounding over to the bed with a puppy's glee; a flesh-rending, bone-crunching, blood-drinking puppy's glee. Anna and Alistair exited the room together, to the familiar noises of Pravus having breakfast.
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