AI Art Generators for Character Pics?


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Has anyone else been getting into artificial intelligence GANs for making pics for characters? I've been making faces on Artbreeder and Waifulabs for a while and backgrounds on Nightcafe, but recently some really cool tools have come out like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion where you can describe the character in text and it'll spit out an image. I think this is pretty huge for the roleplaying community as we can now make NPCs on the fly as needed.

Here's some of the art I made with Midjourney:



And here's some I made with Stable Diffusion:

1663726374599-1479066500-a portrait of a female naval officer, expressing pleasure, upper half...png


Basically these are made with fancy math by AIs that have been trained on large amounts of data to figure out what things look like, so like if you say "robot" it tries to produce something that looks like what it thinks people think robots look like. Or if I say nurse it thinks of someone in scrubs with a tube hanging around her neck lol. And if I say cyberpunk it is like "SUNGLASSES and ALL THE NEON LIGHTS."

If there's interest, I could go into detail about where to find some resources for making your own.


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I have not played with them though I have been curious about them for some time. Share info my dude!
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