After 10 years...


And what long and strange journey it has been...

Greetings to all the RPers here. I've been playing since... Oh about 1998 in Yahoo Chat, in the old Entertainment & Arts section, as well as Roleplaying Games which I believe was called Jacmus Prime... Or Eden-Era... I can't remember which.

Either way. I started there.

I've used a plethora of screen names, though most notably, one's that I was in Viperia with... Omega_Destroyer_of_Viperia and Darkside_of_Viperia.

Around 2000. I started hanging out with people like General_Shadow777 and Chaos____X... And developed a character called Pandemonium_Manifestation.

The rest is history, so to say...


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I remember seeing you around, at least. Never really did a whole lot of interacting, as I can recall. But, as it stands, welcome to Ayenee.

Thankfully, I can say that this is not all there is. More is coming, so by all means, stick around and join in.

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I recall you as well, though admittedly, it was indeed quite some time ago. Regardless of your travels, as we all have walked many different roads in the roleplay-verse over the years. Welcome back to Ayenee.


I was on this forum way back when there was a guy named T Virus Licker... Which if I'm correct is now Dark Scorpion?


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Yup, I'm one and the same. I don't think it took much to figure out cause I only did a name change instead of creating an entire new account. :p So all the original T-Virus Licker posts changed to my Scorpion name afterwards. :p

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El oh el oh el oh el oh el oh el I remember T-Virus LIcker el oh el oh el oh el. I remember a lot of things about a lot of forums. People talking and never coming through with their promises. A lot of my posts in t1's that go without responses after the first accepted round...I remember a lot of things of so called great roleplayers....More so than most would. Then again most aren't an icon either.

Sure is funny how stars remember the vacuum of empty spaces left behind in their wake.

P.S. *Smiles*
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Josh, I guess you also forgot that when you issued a challenge years ago, I stepped up and then you ran to other threads whilst ignoring the accepted challenge. You ended up not following through, again. I still remember our first encounter in Yahoo, I put your Sting Chameleon out of commission. My suggestion, don't issue challenges which you yourself won't follow through on.


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Hey man! I remember General_Shadow777 we used to play PSO and I, too, remember Chaos____X. Wasn't your name Zack or something? I can't recall it exactly.
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