Its been real, guys. I'm officially resigning my post as Head-Techie for the site, and I will no longer be an active member.

I'll still be available via yahoo messenger as SJ_the_Bartender, for anyone who wants to talk at me.

Best of luck to all of you.

Sinful Feline

New Member
Site wise- Thanks for the tons of help you've done of the years for this site and Ayenee in general.
In general- Thanks for the talks, the arguments and your opinion on topic's in the PG and the Reflection Pool.
Personal- You're an AssHole SJ, and you know I mean that in the most loving of ways!! Don't bother to ever change lol.Your always welcome to kick my email if your bored, or call me while you're driving home from work.
P.s. The Minion says " It's been real..."
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